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31-07-2006, 20:02
Hello everyone, and welcome to Military Might. This is a thread where NSnations or corporations can post the size and power of their military. If you can, try to post pictures of your military equipment and any wars that you are fighting.

Neo-Erusean Military Decal
Neo-Erusean Coat of Arms

Neo-Erusean Republican Army

4,260 Black Eagle tanks (
1,100 BMP-3s (
700 FROG-7 launchers (
290 SA-10 launchers (
400 Sa-15 aunchers (
600 Tunguska ADVs (
260 M110 Artillery guns (
130 M270 MLRS batteries (
1.7 Million Active Duty, 2 million reserve - FN F2000 (

Neo-Erusean Republican Air Force

16 An-22 'Cock' (
4 A-50 'Mainstays' (
6 Il-78 'Midas' (
9 Il-76 'Candids' (
3 M-17 'Mystics' (
45 MiG-23 'Floggers' (
300 MiG-29 'Fulcrums' (
140 MiG-31 'Foxhound' (
140 Su-25 Frogfoots (
531 X-02 Wyverns (
50 Mi-8 'Hips' (
120 Mi-28 'Havocs' (
200 Ka-50 'Hokums (
24 Tu-95 'Bears' (
40 Tu-22M-3 'Backfires' (
6 Tu-160 'Blackjacks' (
1 Gleipner Digital Optical Stealth bomber (

Neo-Erusean Navy

23 ZUBR Landing Hovercrafts (
6 Yedinorog-class Large Landing Ships (
9 Udalay-class destroyers (
1 Iowa-class battleship (
24 Neustrashimyy-class frigates (
2 Kuznetsov-class carriers (
4 Tango-class diesel Subs (
8 Akula II-class SSN (
2 Oscar II-class submarines (
1 Typhoon-class SSBN (
22 Ka-27 'Helix' ASW helicopters (

Well, this is the stats for Neo-Erusea's military. You can use this as an example. My military recieves 20% of my budget (or so says NSEconomy), so its kinda big.
The Germanian Empire
01-08-2006, 03:28
My military recieves 20% of my budget (or so says NSEconomy), so its kinda big.

OOC: It's not big, don't worry.
01-08-2006, 04:17
Well, this is the stats for Neo-Erusea's military. You can use this as an example. My military recieves 20% of my budget (or so says NSEconomy), so its kinda big.

Hey, my defence gets 44%. You're not alone ^^
Rotten bacon
01-08-2006, 05:34
well for mine it is not so much tech or size but training. first the millitary gets half the budget.

on their 5 birthday all children are taken from their homes and are trained at millitary statndards for 13 years and on their 18 birthday they take a test to find their placement in the country

0-25% is domestic jobs
26-49% is police
50-100% is millitary

but are millitary is only about 5%of the population but that is active. we have a large army reserve.
01-08-2006, 05:43
I would post, but I have zero pics for my military
01-08-2006, 05:56
pretty much all russian and former soviet bloc equipment.....but cant give statistics as i am still retooling my armed forces. hey neo i am suprised you dont have any kirov battlecruisers ( seeing you have mosly russian ships.

got some german, american, a custom carrier (not mine but bought) and a custom stealth destroyer design.....but the VAST majority is russian.

main battle tanks include T-72s (note M2 moderna) (, T-80 (note MU "bars" model) (,T-90s (
The Phoenix Milita
01-08-2006, 06:31
Although not finished, click here ( for an OOC report on The military of The Phoenix Milita.

For pics of TPM's equipment, see the Phoenix Dynamix Catalog (

Check HERE ( for details about OMG-A, the rapid response unit active around the clock.
01-08-2006, 06:57
Equipment: All indigenous except for one battleship (design purchased from QAE) and one of several types of assault rifle (the AK-103).

Numbers: About 8 million active duty personnel including logistics, of which around 4-5 million are in the Army, 1-2 million in the Air Force, and 1-2 million in the Navy. Reserves are estimated around 15 million; total military forces will never exceed about 0.01% of the population.

Organisation: The only formal organisation is in the Czardaian Air Force (divided into six separate air forces of around 6,100 aircrafts each); the other branches just sort of come together when they're needed.
01-08-2006, 07:02
TOTAL FORCES: 95,184,650
ACTIVE: 83,070,000
RESERVE: 12,144,650

Marine Corps ( 75,000,000XR-01 ( w/XR-02 ( 30,000,000
XR-03 ( w/XR-02 ( 15,000,000
XR-04 ( w/XR-06 ( 15,000,000
XR-05 ( w/XR-06 ( 15,000,000
T-500 ( 30,000
WH-01 ( 25,000
WH-02 ( 25,000
WH-03 ( 25,000
WH-04 ( 25,000
AT-01 ( 20,000
Imperial Navy: 400,000
Special Operations ( 7,500,000
SCS Special Operations ( 2,000
Air Force: 105,000
AC-01 ( 30,000
AC-02 ( 25,000
Aerospace Fighters: 63,000
SA-23E ( 15,000
SA-25A ( 12,000
SA-32A ( 12,000

Marine Reserve: 10,000,000
Air National Guard: 1,125,150
Marine Corps of Engineers: 800,000
Coast Guard: 120,000
Recruiters: 69,500

Run by private corporation. Exact numbers are unknown.
01-08-2006, 20:58
I would post, but I have zero pics for my military

You don't need pics, they just let guys who don't know much about military weapons see how the equipment looks.
01-08-2006, 23:16
The Skgorrian military currently numbers at around 15 million standing, with a healthy reserve (I'm using the Swiss system for my military, except the first term is 2 years). I mostly use Soviet Bloc technology, as I RP an ex-Soviet republic in the grip of Nazism.

Army: Ak-107 is the basic rifle, T-95 the standard tank, BMP-3 the standard APC
Air Force: 2 main bomber forces - 8th Air Army and 16th Air Army. Each one has the following:
Tu-22 Backfire: 288
Tu-160 Blackjack: 108
B1-Lancer: 24 (had some left over from an arms deal)

These formations are accompanied by a mix of fighters, divided into various Wings located all over Skgorria and numbering 36 at full operational strength. The main fighter is the Mig-31 Foxhound, though there are several older aircraft such as the Mig-29 and Yak-38 in service.

Storm Squad: The elite of the Skgorrian armed forces, these number roughly 1/5 of the armed forces. They recieve better weapons and training, for example the SS infantry have the Stg-88, a domestically produced assault rifle with a 45 round clip firing 7.62mm ammunition.

Navy: well...some stuff, mostly of the "transport plot device" variety :p
Independent Hitmen
01-08-2006, 23:41
OOC: Im afraid these numbers are about two RL months old but they are the most up to date that I have.

Total Size of Armed Forces (Including all Logistical and Currently Deployed National Guard Units:129,720,906
% of Population: 1.8%
Possible Reservists (National Guard and Reserve Units not currently deployed): 240,987,312
Male to Female Ratio: 19:1

Equipment Details can be found here:
02-08-2006, 02:09
benkoation army

main service weapon ba h 36
size 300 million active training and reserve
main tank unspecified for securaty reasons
were big and pretty

50,000 to the airforce
main fighter su 37
main er b2
main fighter er f 35
Red Tide2
02-08-2006, 02:25
Red Tidean Army:

Total: 24,000,000 men
Division=20,000 men
Brigade=5,000 men
Active Duty:
300 Infantry Divisions(6,000,000 men total)
150 Mechanized-Infantry Divisions(3,000,000 men Total)
80 Armored Divisions(1,600,000 men)
500 Independent Combat Brigades(2,500,000 men)
545 Logistic Divisions(13,100,000 men)
Reserve(in equipment):
Infantry Divisions: 100
Mechanized-Infantry Divisions: 50
Armored Divisions: 25

I havent worked out stats for my Airforce and Navy.
The Xeno
02-08-2006, 02:29
I keep my info in my signature. Storefront lists types and stats for military equipment.

Factbook is government, budget and a master list of my military strength and reserve force.

History is something new I'm doing, where I'm going to write bios for my distinguished military units.
New Ausha
02-08-2006, 02:35
The New Aushan millitary began as 2000 infantry, and 3 tanks. We have grown somewhat...

Infantry: 89 million enlisted, 21 million reserves
Pilots: 4.6 million enlisted, 350,000 reserves

Tanks: 80,000

Armored Vehicles: 2 Million

Arilllery: Over 1 Million Pieces

Sailors: 34 million enlisted, 3 million reserves

Orbital weaponry under experiment.

Over 300 Nuclaer missles, with advanced targetting systems.

(Sorry I dont really have the patience to go THAT into detail.)

For more info on New Ausha:
02-08-2006, 17:34
Simple - Jenrakian Army:
-A whole shitload of fanatics. That's pretty much all you need to know to fight me.
H-Town Tejas
02-08-2006, 18:00
The Tejano Proletariat Army

Total personnel: 22,170,000 (1.5% of the population)

Ground Force: 40%
Navy: 25%
Air Force: 35%

Infantry weapons: Type 56-II (with or without GP-25), RPK LMG, PKM GPMG, SVD sniper, AK-104 carbine, Saiga-12K shotgun, PP-19 SMG, RPG-7V anti-tank grenade launcher, QSZ-92 service pistol
Armor: Type 59H-TT (Type 59 with modernized fire controls, ERA, and an indigenously-produced 120mm smoothbore gun), Standard Type 59, Type 69/79, BTR-60, BMP-1
Helis: Mi-24 gunship, Mi-6 transports, Mi-8 multipurpose helis

(don't really have the time to go into much detail, I'll add more later)
Dweladelfia prime
02-08-2006, 18:02
My military can be found in my fact book:
03-08-2006, 23:54
Emporer Pudu
04-08-2006, 00:18
The Military of the Dominion is a top-secret organization, and no outsider may ever glean any information regarding its structure, although many things can be deduced by observing any Dominion conflict.

The Dominion favors the use of Battleships, most heavily the Granzi-build Roydia class, over their als0 Granzi-build fleet carriers. Their navy is very large and well funded, but is used in more of a support role. Their ships are exclusively purchased from Questers, in the way of the great Hood class, Granzi, in the way of every other combat surface ship, and Isselmere, in the way of their submarining force.

Their air force is also large, but is rarely seen. So far the Strakhen Sokol air superiority fighter, the Barsuk and Kestril bombers, and Coldun electronic warfare planes. Also seen were many thousands of HVC-type gunships and transport helicopters and Peregrine attack helicopters, all of which were purchased from the Soviet Bloc's Dat' Pizdy Armaments Company. Naval helicopters and planes appear to be integrated, along with infantry support helicopters, with the main air force.

The army is the most important arm and a heavily funded one as well. All soldiers, be they navy crewmen, air force pilots, or Guardian Infantrymen on the ground are heavily genetically modified, including apparently major augmentations in sight and toughness, and some improvements in strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance. The most of these ever seen deployed were somewhere near six million soldiers deployed to aid in the conquest of the still-contested Chitzeland territory, where troop levels are now down to near three million men.

Supporting these infantry are at least 30,000 ST-37K1 Mekhev advanced main battle tanks, as well as an undocumented number of GT-6 tanks and SIV-25 infantry fighting vehicles. The Dominion also makes heavy usage of the LV-08 light infantry vehicle. Of these, only the GT-6 is not purchased from Dat' Pizdy, and is in fact, domestically designed and produced.

The artillery of the Dominion is extensive; including at least the GMA-5 self propelled 155mm gun, the GA-8 and GA-10 medium howitzers, of 240mm and 280mm, respectively. Also used is the GMA-4 125mm self-propelled anti-tank guns, although everyone is sure that there is far more.

The Army is organized into 20,000 man divisions, who are usually not deployed alone. Although the service of the three main branches is so segregated, in that only the air force has aircraft, only the navy has ships, and only the army has soldiers, their command appears to be not so strict, with naval and ground officers often being placed in command of a large combined arms force.

Also demonstrating this flexibility is the fourth arm, the Orthae, or what appears to be ‘Stormtroopers’ or special operations soldiers. They maintain their own navy, air force, and ground troops, and even their own special special forces. They are a very elite group.
04-08-2006, 11:48

The Questarian Royal Navy is the largest Navy in the world. The Navy receives 80% of the funding.

Total Royal Navy vessels is numbered at last count, 28,000. The main strike force of this is 18 battlegroups each headed by a vessel with equal or slightly less power to a Hood. 18 Supercapitals, 180 battleships and superdreadnoughts, 144 CVNs, CVs, and LPH are the number of capital ships in the RN. The rest are reserve ships, mostly destroyers and cruisers employed by the RN to patrol oceans, waterways, and colonies.

The Royal Navy Coast Guard [Part of the RN] employs 27,000 vessels. These are from monitors down to boats disguised and fishing boats for anti drug operations. The RNCG also operates the maritime patrol craft.

Royal Air Force

Since the Navy's Fleet Air Arm is the interceptor/fighter bomber heavy part of hte military, the RAF's primary job is nuclear detterent, AWACS, strategic bombing, transport duties, and homeland interception, which is also covered by the navy. Post Juumanistran war the Airforce is made up of some 12,000 interceptors and fighter bombers, half of Tyrandisian origin. It also operates a similar number of bombers and AWACS planes and a similar number of transports.

Can't be bothered to do the Army =p