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Development of new torture

30-07-2006, 06:48
in these recent weeks, gamers form all around the nation have offered a suggestion to the military for a new torture of captured POWs. POWs are seated in front of a computer and made to play Big rigs: off the road racing. At 1st top military officals just laughed, then decided to at least try the game. Now we're waiting for their therapy to end. The government has decided to use this from of torture but have made a public statement.

"If you have this game destroy it! Burn it melt it, pee on it, I dont care how you do it, but for the love of god, destroy this game if you have it!"

We also advise that any people of a foreign nation destroy any copies they have, not even POWs deserve such misery (but we'll still put thme thorugh it).

OOC: I'm serious, if you own this game burn it. It's by far the worst game currently in existence.
Mer des Ennuis
30-07-2006, 06:51
Yes I know its 2:00 AM EST. Try thundra or Dai-Katana. Those are infinently worse.
30-07-2006, 07:40
Kubra begs to differ, we will send you a copy and show you jsut how bad it is.

OOC: This game seriously lacks. There's no gravity, meaning you can drive up walls. THere's no clipping, meaing you can fall through parts of the map. Hell, the opponent in the race doesn't even move. Plus, if you hold down the the backwards key for 10 minutes, you can go 25 lightyears in 10 seconds. Then to add insult to injury the message for winning is "you're winner". You know, if you go thorugh the game files you'll notice there's no losing screen.
30-07-2006, 07:47
Mondoth suggests the use of Thunderbolt II for purposes of torture. We have already had great success with this method and have found through experimentation that Big Rigs: Off the Road Racing, just cannot compare.
30-07-2006, 08:28
Wait, that brings on another tactical use of crap! We can bomb enimes with ET!