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New Region

29-07-2006, 08:19
Due to absorbing their sister nations, The Faceless Apparitions of Vyolynce, The Vicious Bastards of Boudica and the Armed Republic of Foxwoods have come forward to forge diplomatic relations and strengthen the region of the Darkest Corners of the Mind.

The World Factbook describes the region as follows:

"Unlocatable on any geographical atlas, the Darkest Corners of the Mind are said to be a terrifying place. Nightmares, inner demons, and wild gangs of doubts roam freely. Only the strongest of wills can withstand daily exposure to such shadows; many go insane in the attempt."

If you believe your nation would fit in with such a region, please send your delegate to the Embassy to meet Patrician Ingersoll, Empress Katherine I, and President-for-Life Ingersoll. Your citizens only have their sanity to lose.