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The German Imperial Military Forces Reveiw

ARMY (Heer)
The German Army, or Heer, in German, is an extremely efficient force. Its structure includes a universal mass conscription policy for short-term military service followed by a longer period in reserves. The German Army places a great emphasis on high quality training and maintains a large number of experienced senior officers.

Planning and operational control is conducted by the General Staff. The Kaiser is the official Commander-in-Chief, but the Army chief of staff, Freidrik von Mommsen is the effective leader in the field. The Army is organized into four Armies, the American Army, the European Army, the African Army, and the Asian Army. Each commands all ground operations in their areas of operation in the world. The European Army is commanded from Hanover, the African Army from Windhoek, the American Army from Caracas, and the Asian Army from Madang.

The German Army currently is comprised of four divisions of roughly ten-thousand men each, including armored support and mechanized elements. There is a single division assigned to each of the four German Army groups. The 1st Mechanized Infantry Division is assigned to the African Army, the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Division to the American Army, the 3rd Armored Division to the European Army, and the 4th Special Mission Division to the Asian Army. In addition to these men, for every one man in the field, there are six men behind him, serving in logistical positions throughout the Empire. Supporting the well-trained and professional army is a reserve force made up of army veterans. This force can contain anywhere from seven hundred thousand to one million combat troops at any one time. They are well armed, but have no dedicated armored vehicle support, and exist only as a light infantry force. The Army command is centralized in Hanover, while the Reserves are commanded through a series of Command Posts throughout the Empire, with no serious centralized command.

Here is an expample of an Armored, Speical Mission, Infantry and Mechanized Infantry division, the three large-scale operational units of the German Army. The division is usually the smallest operational unit deployed by the German Empire, and most are equipped properly enough to handle a range of threats. Following the divisional breakdown is a list of the equipment used by the Imperial Forces both internally and overseas. Most of the technology there is also used by the reserves, although it is possible that they may be using less advanced weapons.

3rd Armoured Division (Panzer Abteilung)
-HQ Company
-Signal Regiment
-Armored Regiment
---Armored Battalion
---Armored Battalion
---Mechnaized Infantry Battalion
---Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
-Armored Regiment
---Armored Battalion
---Armored Battalion
---Mechanized Infantry Battalion
---Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
-Artillery Regiment
---Artillery Reconnaissance Battalion
---Artillery Rocket Battalion
---Mechanized Artillery Battalion
-Air Defence Regiment
---Air Defense Artillery Battalion
---Air Defense Missile Battalion
-Engineer Regiment
---Heavy Engineer Battalion
---Armoured Engineer Battalion
---NBC Battalion

The Panzers are the Armored Fist of the Kaiser. They are the cutting edge of the mighty spear that has often been rammed through enemy lines during war. The Panzers form experienced Panzerkompaien whose crews are very highly trained. Germany does not believe in sending ill-trained troops into battle in the valuable Panzers and so German Panzer crews receive many many months of intensive training. The results of this can be seen on the battlefield. Intelligence estimates that at least six enemy tanks can be destroyed for every German vehicle lost; often the retio is much higher.

The leathality of the Panzerkompanie is assisted by the quality of our Panzers Germany's latest designes are some of the most advanced in the world and strike fear into the hearts of enemy tank crews. Even the older German designs are as efficient as many of the enemies latest vehicles. It is only the larger number of enemy tanks available that is of concern to the Panzer crews; for every one that would be knocked out seems to be replaced by three more. This is of no matter though; this just gives the Panzer crews more enemy vehicles to knock out.

2nd Infantry Division (Grenadier Abteilung)
-HQ Company
-Signal Regiment
-Infantry Regiment
---Reconnaissance Battalion
---Infantry Battalion
---Infantry Battalion
---Armored Cavalry Battalion
-Artillery Regiment
---Artillery Reconnaissance Battalion
---Artillery Rocket Battalion
---Field Artillery Battalion
-Air Defence Regiment
---Air Defense Artillery Battalion
---Air Defense Missile Battalion
-Engineer Regiment
---Heavy Engineer Battalion
---Armoured Engineer Battalion
---NBC Battalion

The fooslogging Grenadierkompanien are much more common than the motorized Panzergrenadierkompanien. The German Grenadier is a tough and self-reliant warrior. You cannot speak highly enough of them. They have fought and gained victories for the Fatherland in the trenches and fields of the past, and will continue to do so in the future. It seems they are unstoppable.

The Grenadierkompanie is a vital component of the army and the Grenadiere will be seen preforming great and heroic deeds for Germany when both attacking and defending. But bravery alone is not enough. The Grenadierkompanie is supported by a large array of heavy weapons, enough to handle almost any situation. The Grenadiere rely on their feet to move themselves into battle, and many still use horses to move their equipment. There are few luxuries like trucks to be found in the infantry--another reason for their toughness.

But the real reason for the success of the Grenadierkompanie is the superior basic training of the Grenadier, which emphasizes teamwork, personal initiative, and self-reliance. Not to mention the inherent superiority of the average German over other peoples.

1st Mechanized Infantry Division (Panzergrenadier Abteilung)
-HQ Company
-Signal Regiment
-Mechanized Infantry Regiment
---Armored Battalion
---Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
---Mechanized Infantry Battalion
---Mechanized Infantry Battalion
-Mechanized Infantry Regiment
---Armored Battalion
---Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
---Mechanized Infantry Battalion
---Mechanized Infantry Battalion
-Artillery Regiment
---Artillery Reconnaissance Battalion
---Artillery Rocket Battalion
---Mechanized Artillery Battalion
-Air Defence Regiment
---Air Defense Artillery Battalion
---Air Defense Missile Battalion
-Engineer Regiment
---Heavy Engineer Battalion
---Armoured Engineer Battalion
---NBC Battalion

The Panzergrenadiere back up the armor. They combine the mobility of the Panzers with the tenacity and staying power of the infantry. The cooperation between tanks and infantry has enabled larger enemy enemy forces to be crushed again and again. The Pansergrenadiere are very well equipped and supremely confident in their abilities. Rarely does an enemy force come off best in a clash with a Panzergrenadier company.

Panzergrenadiere speed to the heart of the battle in trucks then dismount to fight. Their mobility allows the Panzergrenadiere to strike the enemy hard before they even know that they are nearby. Some more fortunate Panzergrenadier ride in armored carrier vehicles or armored half-tracks. These are expensive and the Panzergrenadierkompanien commander that gets all his knocked out may get an angry phone call from High Command, so the armored vehicles will usually stay back from the fighting and support the Panzergrenadiere with machinegun fire. Some commanders do not care though; they say, 'You cannot make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.'

4th Special Mission Division (Ubergrenadier Abteilung)
-HQ Company
-Signal Regiment
-Air Assault Regiment
---Aviation Reconnaissance Battalion
---Attack Helicopter Battalion
---Parachute Infantry Battalion
---Parachute Infantry Battalion
-Armored Regiment
---Armored Battalion
---Armored Battalion
---Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
-Mountain Regiment
---Mountain Reconnaissance Battalion
---Mountain Infantry Battalion
---Mountain Infantry Battalion
---Mountain Engineer Battalion
-Artillery Regiment
---Artillery Reconnaissance Battalion
---Artillery Rocket Battalion
-Air Defence Regiment
---Air Defense Artillery Battalion
---Air Defense Missile Battalion
-Engineer Regiment
---Heavy Engineer Battalion
---Armoured Engineer Battalion
---NBC Battalion

Small Arms:
Assault Rifle: G36 5.56mm assault rifle
Compact Rifle: G36K 5.56mm assault rifle
Marksman Rifle: MSG 90 7.72mm semiautomatic sniper rifle
Sniper Rifle: PSG1 7.62mm semiautomatic sniper rifle
Anti-Material Rifle: M82A1 "Light Fifty" .50 caliber semiautomatic antimaterial rifle
Shotgun: HK512 12-gauge semiautomatic shotgun
LMG: MG26 5.56mm light machine gun
MMG: MG3 7.62mm general-purpose machine gun
HMG: M2HB .50 BMG heavy machine gun
Anti-Armour Rocket: Kornet-E
Under-barrel grenade launcher: AG36 40mm single-shot grenade launcher
Sidearm: USP Tactical .45 ACP double-action autoloader pistol

Fully Tracked Tanks and Self Propelled Artillery:
Main Battle Tank: Panther II E (135mm electro-thermal cannon)
Heavy Battle Tank: Tiger II G (135mm electro-thermal cannon)
Flame Battle Tank: Flammpanzer VI (heavy flame-thrower)
Vertical Launch AA Missile Vehicle: Mica II (12 pod missile bank)
Self-Propelled Medium Howitzer: Wespe II (105mm howitzer)
Self-Propelled Heavy Howitzer: Hummel IV (155mm howitzer)
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun: Hornisse III (125mm gun)

Half-Tracked Armored Vehicles and Self Propelled Artillery:
Armed Recce Vehicle: Sd Kfz 431 (20mm autocannon)
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle: Sd Kfz 450 (6 missile pods)
Anti-Aircraft Vehicle: Sd Kfz 20/15 (88mm autocannon)
Armored Transport: Sd Kfz 433 (75mm autocannon)
Armored Personnel Carrier: Sd Kfz 451/IC (35mm autocannon)
Infantry Urban Support Vehicle: Sd Kfz 451/18C (2 light flame-throwers)
Armored Mortar Carrier: Sd Kfz 451/2C (80mm mortar)

Stationary Artillery Peices:
Anti-Aircraft Gun: 88mm gun
Anti-Tank Gun: 105mm multi-purpose gun/howitzer
Light Field Howitzer: 105mm multi-purpose gun/howitzer
Medium Field Howitzer: 155mm multi-purpose gun/howitzer
Heavy Field Howitzer: 280mm howitzer
Coastal Atrillery: 340mm gun
Railroad Howitzer: 800mm howitzer

Support Vehicles:
Command Jeep: Schwimmwagen II
Transport Truck: Opel Blitz B
3-ton Truck: Opel Blitz C
Half-Tracked Recovery Vehicle: Sd Kfz 49

Rotary Wing Aviation:
Attack Helicopter: Tiger Attack Helicopter
Anti-Tank Helicopter: Tiger Anti-Tank Helicopter
Recce Helicopter: Tiger Armed Recce Helicopter
Light Utility Helicopter: Panther

NAVY (Kaiserliche Marine)Until the late 1990s Germany relied on his large and well trained German Army for defense. However, in 1997, Germany's new head of the Imperial German Navy, Admiral James von Tirpitz, a descendant of the legendary Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, advised the Kaiser Fredrik IV that the country needed a large modern navy. Before that, the navy had consisted only of nineteen fifties era support ships and a single out-dated battlecruiser. This new Tirpitz, like his legendary ancestor, argued that this new navy would help protect Germany's growing overseas empire and its northern coastline from enemy attack. In 1999 the German Navy Laws once again authorized the massive expansion of the country's navy.

By 2006 the German Imperial Navy (German: Kaiserliche Marine) had expanded more than four-fold. This included 7 modern dreadnoughts, 5 aircraft carriers, 8 battlecruisers, 35 cruisers, sixty escorts, and 20 battleships. Germany also has 40 nuclear-powered submarines (with 10 more under construction). The Kaisers navy was growing to become a major world player. The German Navy is divided into three different fleets, the North Sea Fleet, based in Stettin, the Atlantic Fleet, based in Luderitz in the state of South-West Africa (German: Deutsch-Sudwestafrika), and the Far Eastern Fleet, commanded by the Crownprince Leopold, based out of the German-Chinese city of Tsingtao. German Naval Headquarters is located in Stettin, alongside the command of the North Sea Fleet.

7 Bismark-Class Dreadnoughts
-SMS Bismark
-SMS Tirpitz
-SMS Wilhelm
-SMS Fredrik
-SMS Leopold
-SMS Ludendorff
-SMS Hindenburg

16 Kaiser Barbarossa-Class Battleships
-SMS Kaiser Barbarossa
-SMS Gneisenau
-SMS Scharnhorst
-SMS Deutschland
-SMS Lützow
-SMS Admiral Scheer
-SMS Admiral Graf Spee
-SMS Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm
-SMS Brandenburg
-SMS Weißenburg
-SMS Wörth
-SMS Kaiser Friedrich III
-SMS Kaiser Wilhelm der Große
-SMS Kaiser Karl der Große
-SMS Wittelsbach
-SMS Wolfburg

6 Wettin-Class Pocket Battleships
-SMS Wettin
-SMS Zähringen
-SMS Schwaben
-SMS Mecklenburg
-SMS Braunschweig
-SMS Kurzbach

5 Nürnberg-Class Aircraft Carriers
-SMS Nürnberg
-SMS Königsberg
-SMS Berlin
-SMS Stettin
-SMS Holstien

3 Hanover-Class Light Aircraft Carriers
-SMS Hanover
-SMS Posen
-SMS Silesia

11 Königsberg-Class Battlecruisers
-SMS Königsberg
-SMS Admiral Hipper
-SMS Blücher
-SMS Prinz Eugen
-SMS Seydlitz
-SMS Karlsruhe
-SMS Köln
-SMS Leipzig
-SMS Seidlitz
-SMS Blücher II
-SMS Iltis
-SMS Luchs

21 Kaiser-Class Cruisers
-SMS Kaiser
-SMS Preußen
-SMS Friedrich der Große
-SMS Großer Kurfürst
-SMS Sachsen
-SMS Bayern
-SMS Württemberg
-SMS Baden
-SMS König Wilhelm
-SMS Kaiserin Augusta
-SMS Victoria Louise
-SMS Hertha
-SMS Freya
-SMS Vineta
-SMS Hansa
-SMS Löwe
-SMS Fuchs
-SMS Marder
-SMS Weihe
-SMS Kranich
-SMS Storch

15 Prinz Heinrich-Class Cruisers
-SMS Prinz Heinrich
-SMS Prinz Adalbert
-SMS Friedrich Carl
-SMS Roon
-SMS Yorck
-SMS Kolberg
-SMS Bussard
-SMS Seeadler
-SMS Gefion
-SMS Hela
-SMS Gazelle
-SMS Niobe
-SMS Nymphe
-SMS Häher
-SMS Elster

12 Thetis-Class Light Cruisers
-SMS Thetis
-SMS Ariadne
-SMS Amazone
-SMS Medusa
-SMS Frauenlob
-SMS Arcona
-SMS Undine
-SMS Pelikan
-SMS Alk
-SMS Pinguin
-SMS Dommel
-SMS Reiher

45 Bremen-Class Destroyers
-SMS Bremen
-SMS Hamburg
-SMS Lübeck
-SMS München
-SMS Leipzig
-SMS Danzig
-SMS Stuttgart
-SMS Dresden
-SMS Mainz
-SMS Prinz Eugen
-SMS Emden
-SMS Lützow
-SMS Lindau
-SMS Cöln
-SMS Augsburg
-SMS Magdeburg
-SMS Breslau
-SMS Regensburg
-SMS Pillau
-SMS Elbing
-SMS Wiesbaden
-SMS Frankfurt
-SMS Königsberg II
-SMS Karlsruhe
-SMS Emden II
-SMS Nürnberg II
-SMS Cöln II
-SMS Dresden II
-SMS Nautilus
-SMS Albatross
-SMS Brummer
-SMS Bremse
-SMS Prinz Leopold
-SMS Orion
-SMS Atlantis
-SMS Widder
-SMS Kondor
-SMS Greif
-SMS Falke
-SMS Geier
-SMS Bussard
-SMS Habicht
-SMS Sperber
-SMS Kormoran
-SMS Zobel

21 Thor-Class Destroyers
-SMS Thor
-SMS Pinguin
-SMS Stier
-SMS Komet
-SMS Kormoran
-SMS Michel
-SMS Coronel
-SMS Hansa
-SMS Wiesel
-SMS Dachs
-SMS Nerz
-SMS Gepard
-SMS Frettchen
-SMS Ozelot
-SMS Hermelin
-SMS Hyäne
-SMS Puma
-SMS Silbermöwe
-SMS Sturmmöwe
-SMS Eismöwe
-SMS Raubmöwe

26 Bruno Henimann-Class Frigates
-SMS Bruno Heinemann
-SMS Wolfgang Zenker
-SMS Hans Lody
-SMS Bernd von Arnim
-SMS Erich Giese
-SMS Erich Koellner
-SMS Friedrich Ihn
-SMS Erich Steinbrinck
-SMS Friedrich Eckoldt
-SMS Leberecht Maass
-SMS Georg Thiele
-SMS Max Schultz
-SMS Richard Beitzen
-SMS Paul Jacobi
-SMS Theodor Riedel
-SMS Hermann Schoemann
-SMS Wildschwan
-SMS Hugin
-SMS Munin
-SMS Pfeil
-SMS Strahl
-SMS Hai
-SMS Hecht
-SMS Wilhelm Bauer
-SMS Hans Techel
-SMS Friedrich Schürer

50 Attack Submarines
-Unterseeboot 1
-Unterseeboot 2
-Unterseeboot 3
-Unterseeboot 4
-Unterseeboot 5
-Unterseeboot 6
-Unterseeboot 7
-Unterseeboot 8
-Unterseeboot 9
-Unterseeboot 10
-Unterseeboot 11
-Unterseeboot 12
-Unterseeboot 13
-Unterseeboot 14
-Unterseeboot 15
-Unterseeboot 16
-Unterseeboot 17
-Unterseeboot 18
-Unterseeboot 19
-Unterseeboot 20
-Unterseeboot 21
-Unterseeboot 22
-Unterseeboot 23
-Unterseeboot 24
-Unterseeboot 25
-Unterseeboot 26
-Unterseeboot 27
-Unterseeboot 28
-Unterseeboot 29
-Unterseeboot 30
-Unterseeboot 56
-Unterseeboot 57
-Unterseeboot 58
-Unterseeboot 59
-Unterseeboot 60
-Unterseeboot 61
-Unterseeboot 62
-Unterseeboot 63
-Unterseeboot 64
-Unterseeboot 65
-Unterseeboot 66
-Unterseeboot 67
-Unterseeboot 68
-Unterseeboot 69
-Unterseeboot 70
-Unterseeboot 71
-Unterseeboot 72
-Unterseeboot 73
-Unterseeboot 74
-Unterseeboot 75

10 Cruise Missile Submarines
-Unterseeboot 31
-Unterseeboot 32
-Unterseeboot 33
-Unterseeboot 34
-Unterseeboot 35
-Unterseeboot 36
-Unterseeboot 37
-Unterseeboot 38
-Unterseeboot 39
-Unterseeboot 40

15 Patrol Submarines
-Unterseeboot 41
-Unterseeboot 42
-Unterseeboot 43
-Unterseeboot 44
-Unterseeboot 45
-Unterseeboot 46
-Unterseeboot 47
-Unterseeboot 48
-Unterseeboot 49
-Unterseeboot 50
-Unterseeboot 51
-Unterseeboot 52
-Unterseeboot 53
-Unterseeboot 54
-Unterseeboot 55

AIR FORCE (Luftwaffe)The German Air Force, or Luftwaffe, is a large and well-funded organization. Germany has always maintained a large and powerful air force, and the Empire under Kaiser Fredrik IV is no different. The current commander of the Luftwaffe is General Erich von Ritter, under him serve the commanders of the Fighter Arm and the Bomber Arm, General Arnold Comes and General Oberst Knoblauch, respectively. Between them they command over five-thousand aircraft, including large transport aircraft, who answer to General Knoblauch of the Bomber Arm. All helicopter aviation is handled by the German Army Air Services. The Luftwaffe’s primary command center is in the city of Hamburg.

There are four fleets established under each of the two Aviation Arms of the Luftwaffe, each will operate in a single theater of operations in the Empire. There is the South American Air Fleet, the Central European Air Fleet, the South African Air Fleet, and the East Asian Air Fleet. Each has its own command center from which all theater air operations are commanded.

South American Fighter Arm:
345 Tornado GR 1 interdictor/strike aircraft
405 Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat fighters

South American Bomber Arm:
65 B-1b Lancer intercontinental bombers
95 B-52H Stratofortress heavy bombers

Central European Fighter Arm:
865 Tornado GR 1 interdictor/strike aircraft
950 Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat fighters

Central European Bomber Arm:
215 B-1b Lancer intercontinental bombers
275 B-52H Stratofortress heavy bombers

South African Fighter Arm:
540 Tornado GR 1 interdictor/strike aircraft
575 Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat fighters

South African Bomber Arm:
80 B-1b Lancer intercontinental bombers
160 B-52H Stratofortress heavy bombers

East Asian Fighter Arm:
540 Tornado GR 1 interdictor/strike aircraft
475 Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role combat fighters

East Asian Bomber Arm:
180 B-1b Lancer intercontinental bombers
265 B-52H Stratofortress heavy bombers
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The Germanian Empire
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The Germanian Empire
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My army is very simple:

30,000 Commandos Trained to Jungle War(like Vietnam) armed with:

Main Weapon:HKG36 with AG36 Grenade Launcher

Secondary Weapon:Glock 20 10mmAuto

Each Commando unit has a Level 2 Bulletproof vest,and has a communications unit,with GPS

5,000 UWAGU-UrbanWarfareAntiGuerrillaUnits armed with:

Main Weapon:FN P90 and Steyr AUG

Secondary Weapon:Glock 17 9mm



Main Weapon:HK MSG90&DPMS Panther Lr-308AP4

Secondary Weapon:MP7 PDW


Main Weapon:HK PSG1

Secondary Weapon:MP7 PDW


Main Weapon:HK MP7&Brugger&Thommet MP9

Secondary Weapon:Glock 18C Select Fire Machine Pistol
The Germanian Empire
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OOC: Well then war is very simple, I bomb you into dust with my navy and air force, while denying you ground combat in all my foreign colonies, which all unfortunately happen to be jungles, and fighting only non-committal skirmishes and guerilla combat until you are forced to attack my capital and largest cities in the good ol' fatherland itself. Once there my superior mechanized and armored divisions roll over you.
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[OOC: Nice detail, good effort! Are you an old-bie reincarnated, or a newbie trying to do a good job?]
The Germanian Empire
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[OOC: Nice detail, good effort! Are you an old-bie reincarnated, or a newbie trying to do a good job?]

OOC: I am an "old-bie" who created a puppet to roleplay with becuase my current nation is to limited. The Dominion of Emperor Pudu is a kind of single-minded machine, read their factbook (
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Did your old nation give your new nation this stuff no offence but it seems a bit high for what a July 06 could do. But you did a real good job that is a truly great fact book possibly the best one i ever saw.
The Germanian Empire
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Did your old nation give your new nation this stuff no offence but it seems a bit high for what a July 06 could do. But you did a real good job that is a truly great fact book possibly the best one i ever saw.

OOC: Thank you.

And no, my large nation does not give any aid to this one. I have had roughly twelve puppet nations at one time or another and I never have them come into contact.

And yes, I made this nation today, and so logically I could not support both the navy and most of the air force, but I choose to support it anyway. For these purposes I role-play with a population larger than my own, about two hundred million. I also do not intend to participate in any role-plays where this would come into play anyway.

Speaking of such, would anybody have happen to have a nice open MT RP anywhere?
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OCC actualy i do the Tearing down of Griffencrest/Blackhelm Confediracy the fighting is getting pretty good but its intirupted by alot of bickoring you should take a look. I Like your nation.
The Germanian Empire
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OOC: I am very interested in the Griffencrest RP...
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OCC actualy i do the Tearing down of Griffencrest/Blackhelm Confediracy the fighting is getting pretty good but its intirupted by alot of bickoring you should take a look. I Like your nation.

i know i left and then all of the sudden...action everywere! had to leave because had no time.
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OOC: I don't know if I am going to continue with the Griffencrest RP, I have joined up in the Passing of a Monarch thread, and do not want to strain myself.