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Persecution and Hatred
28-07-2006, 05:01
Statistics and Earth V historic (modern era) timeline.

Full national title: The Boer Republik ( In this Earth the british lost the two critical battles in the early 20th century which culiminated in the Boers winning their little playground dispute with britain and thus achieved independence in 1901)

Population: 115,800,000 (approx)

Federal Capitals: Cape town (administrative), Pretoria (political), Bloemfontein (cultural)

(Blue colour denotes autonomous state, Red denotes motherland, Green denotes protectorate or affliliate of the union)

Botswana: State capital: Gaborone
South Angola State capital: South Luanda
Lesotho: State capital: Meseuru
Glorioso Islands
Namibia (incorporated into union after 1991 annexation)state Capital: Windhoek
South Africa State capital: Pretoria
South African Antartic territory (formally French Antartic territory)
Swaziland State capital: Mbabane
ZimbabweState capital: Harare
MozambiqueState capital: Maputo
ZamibiaState capital: Lusaka
The Protectorates of Cabinda and North Angola: State capital: North Luanda.
Landmass (In sq km)

South Africa Landmass: 1,221,037 sq km (Largest and most populated state in Union)

Angola Landmass (North and South Angola+Cabinda): 1,300,000 sq km (estimation)

Lesotho Landmass: 30,000 sq km

Namibia Landmass:825,418 sq km (least populated state in Union)

Botswana Landmass: 600,370 sq km

swaziland Landmass: 18,000 sq km

Zimbabwe Landmass: 390,757sq km

Zambia Landmass: 762, 618sq km

Mozambique Landmass:801,590sq km

Glorioso Landmass: 5sq km

South African Antartic territory: 7,780 sq km

Total land: 5,949,995 sq km.

Political Persuasion: Democratic Union of Autonomous states.

each state in the Union retains their individual identity and Government. The federal government in Cape town controls the Armed forces and international affairs aswell as the national economy.

Head of State: The Rt honourable Tsalo Tutu (president elect since 1999, third term.) federal president.

Prime minister of South Africa: Jacob De fries.

Prime minister of Namibia: James Okvongo

Prime minister of Botswana: Tali Bobkale

Prime minister of Lesotho: Micheal Shesase

Prime minister of Swaziland: Shalop Duda

Prime minister of Zimbabwe: Jimmy Smitz

Prime minister of Mozambique: Micheal Bika

Prime minister of South Angola: Jose Carare

Prime minister of Zambia: Samuel Bongo

Governor of Kerguelen Island (french antartic territory.): Hans Cronje

Principle cities:

Cape Town






South Luanda








Armed forces of the union (wikipedia source, with additional personnelle allocated for member states)

Total military personelle: 2,120,000

Total Logistical personelle: 10,345,900


South African Armoured Corps
1 Special Service Battalion
1 South African Tank Regiment
South African Infantry Corps
Special Forces Brigade
44 Parachute Regiment
1 Infantry Battalion
2 Infantry Battalion
3 Infantry Battalion Training Depot
4 Infantry Battalion
5 Infantry Battalion
6 Infantry Battalion
7 Infantry Battalion
8 Infantry Battalion
9 Infantry Battalion
10 Infantry Battalion
14 Infantry Battalion
21 Infantry Battalion
51 Infantry Battalion
52 Infantry Battalion
53 Infantry Battalion
54 Infantry Battalion
121 Infantry Battalion
61 Mechanised Infantry Battalion Group
121 Infantry Battalion
South African Artillery
Namibian Artillery
Botswanan Artillery
Zimbabwe Artillery.
Mozambique Artillery
Zambian Artillery
South Angolan Artillery
6 Artillery Regiment
10 Air Defence Regiment
South African Engineers
Namibian Engineers
South Angolan Engineers
4 Field Engineer Regiment
20 Engineer Regiment
40 Engineer Support Regiment
3 Construction Engineer Regiment
1 Military Printing Regiment
7 Survey and Mapping Regiment

Reserve Units
Light Horse Regiment
Harare Mounted Rifles
Natal Mounted Rifles
Umvoti Mounted Rifles
Lusaka Mounted Rifles
Maputo Regiment
Pretoria Regiment
Regiment Mooirivier
Regiment Oranjerivier
Regiment President Steyn
South Luanda Regiment.
Cape Town Highlanders
Cape Town Rifles
Durban Light Infantry
Durban Regiment
Gaborone light Infantry
Gaborone Regiment
Harare Regiment
Johannesburg Regiment
Kaffrarian Rifles
Kimberley Regiment
Maputo Regiment
Natal Carbineers
Prince Alfred's Guard
Rand Light Infantry
Regiment Bloemspruit
Regiment Boland
Regiment Skoonspruit
Regiment Westelike Provinsie
South African Irish Regiment
Swaziland Kings Regiment
South Angolan Portuguese Regiment
South Angolan national Regiment
Transvaal Scottish
Witwatersrand Rifles
Windhoek Regiment
Zimbabwean state guardsmen.

Botswana Field Artillery
Bulawayo Regiment
Cape Field Artillery
Natal Field Artillery
North Namibian Field Artillery
Transvaal Horse Artillery
Regiment Potchefstroom Universiteit
South Namibian Filed Artillery
Transvaalse Staatsartillerie
Vrystaatse Artillerie Regiment
Lusaka Field artillery
Copperbelt Regiment
Pretoria Highlanders
6 Light AA Regiment
Cape Garrison Artillery
Regiment Oos Transvaal
Regiment Vaalriver
Harare Regiment
South Luanda Field Artillery
Central South Angolan regiment.
Maputo Regiment
(Swazilands and Lesothos Artillery units are incorporated into Traansvaals)

6 Field Engineer Regiment
10 Field Engineer Regiment
35 Field Engineer Regiment

Star 9 mm automatic pistol (being replaced with the Vector Z88 (licence-built Beretta) and/or the Vector SP1)
Vektor R4 5.56 mm assault rifle replaced the R1 (license-built FN FAL) 7.62 mm assault rifle.
Vektor R5 and R6 assault rifles (shortened barrel R4)
Uzi 9 mm light-weight submachine gunSMG and HMC has been phased out in the SA Army, except for SFR.
Vektor SS-77 5.56 mm general purpose lightweight machine gun replaced the 7.62 mm FN MAG
Milkor MGL Mk-1 six round 40 mm grenade launcher
A new lightweight Anti-tank guided missile launcher replacing the RPG-7

Combat vehicles
Olifant 1A/1B series main battle tank (250)
Rooikat 76 wheeled armoured fighting vehicle (160) replaced the Eland 60/90 series wheeled reconnaissance vehicle (1,100)
Ratel 20/60/90 family of infantry fighting vehicles (1200)

GV6 155 mm self-propelled howitzer (20)
GV5 155 mm howitzer (75) replaced the G4 155 mm gun and the G2 140 mm gun
G7 105 mm gun replaced the G1 88 mm gun
Bateleur 127 mm 40 tube multiple rocket launcher
Valkiri-22 24 tube self-propelled multiple rocket launcher

Non-combat vehicles
Mamba and RG-32 Nyala Mine protected vehicles replacing 1,500 Buffels and Casspirs.
SAMIL 20 an (upgraded Magirus Deutz 130M7FAL) 4x4 truck
SAMIL 50 an (upgraded Magirus Deutz 192D12AL) 4x4 truck
SAMIL 100 an (upgraded Magirus Deutz 320D22AL) 6x6 truck


2 Sqn,
2 Sqn, Louis Trichardt, Atlas Cheetah C/D.
15 Sqn, Durban, Atlas Oryx, BK117.
15 Sqn - C Flight, Port Elizabeth, BK117.
16 Sqn, AFB Bloemspruit, Rooivalk.
17 Sqn, Swartkop, Atlas Oryx, Alouette III.
19 Sqn, AFB Hoedspruit, Atlas Oryx, Alouette III.
19 Sqn, AFB Windhoek, Atlas Oryx, Alouette III.
21 Sqn, AFB Waterkloof, Boeing BBJ, Cessna Citation 550, Cessna Citation 551, Falcon 50, Falcon 900A.
22 Sqn, AFB Ysterplaat, Atlas Oryx, Alouette III.
28 Sqn, Gaborone, C-130B/BZ/F Hercules.
35 Sqn, Ysterplaat, C-47TP.
41 Sqn, Waterkloof, Cessna 208 Caravan, Pilatus PC-12, King Air 200/300.
44 Sqn, Waterkloof, CASA 212-200/-300, CN235, Cessna 185.
60 Sqn, Waterkloof, Boeing 707.

South African Navy

Valour class Frigates (MEKO A-200SAN) (FSG):
SAS Amatola (F145) (Commissioned)
SAS Isandlwana (F146) (Commissioned)
SAS Kwazulu (F146) (Commissioned)
SAS Bloemfontein (F146) (Commissioned)
SAS Spoinkop (F147) (Commissioned)
SAS Mendi (F 148) (Commissioned)

Fast Attack Craft
• Warrior (ex Minister) class Fast Attack Craft (Missile) (FAC (M)): Modified (Saar 4) (Israeli design)
SAS Adam Kok
SAS Isaac Dyobha
SAS Galeshewe
SAS Job Maseko
SAS Makhanda

Mine Counter Measure Vessel

SAS Umkomaas
SAS Umhloti [1]

Type 209/T.1400 class Submarines (SSK):
SAS Manthatisi (S101)
SAS Capstadt (S102)
SAS Namibia (S102)
SAS Rhodesia (S102)

Auxiliary vessels:
SAS Drakensberg (A301) Fleet Replenishment Ship (AOR) )
Hecla class survey ship (AGS):

Brief History of South Africa in Earth V

The Boer Republik since achieving independance had been an anarchronism in colonial Africa. A former colony that achieved independence in 1901 from britain (after Prolonged fighting and an eventual compromise.)

Yet the country still adhered to its former colonies values and traditions. The new government was in a moral predicament. to adapt to her new national demographic (which included different ethnicities ranging from the Indentured Indian dock worker to the vociferous warrior tribes around the nation) or to retain her previous Imperial pretentions of "white rule" to the minority who controlled every fawcett of the state.

In 1902 the Young Boer state almost collapsed in on itself with ethnic infighting between the White Afrikaaner farmers and the Indigenous peoples around the main provinces of the country.

In order to maintain economic and political stability the new boer government under the leadership of Cees Vanderhoeven established a minority ruled state. (albeit rather subtely, other ethnicities had partial representation in parliament and limited voting rights, it was just that the overwhelming proportion of members of parliament where white and the white populations individual vote counted as 9 and a half votes to any other ethnicities vote.)

(Im still working on the history, bear with me. or by the way whoever plays britain in this earth do you consent to my alternative history of the Former colony of South Africa?)

This seemed to mollify the White population for the next three decades however this provoked strong international condemnation. South Africas counter to this was to play on the "hypocrital and contradictory nature of the Empires of the world" special emphasis was on Britain and America.

However by 1920 there was a strong communist insurgency in Natal and cape province. which was met with widespread appeal with the nations other ethnicites. The mantra "freedom for all" was very appealing to the rest of the population.

The ruling white minority was terrified by the potential of this insurgency to their way of life and enormous pressure was put on President Vanderhoeven to "rectify" this situation.

Vanderhoeven immediatly issued a state of emergency and put the entire country under marshall law. The military was effective and brutal in their (what other nations at the time called, Heavy handed) approach to quell the Insurgency. By 1922 the South African Bolshevik Revolutionary front was crushed and the key instigators of the uprising were either apprehended or executed.

This did not end the resistance movement. rather to the contrary it strengthened it. President Cees Vanderhoeven was so popular after the Insurgenency the Congress and the "people" unanaimously voted the president to power for a fifth consecutive term.

"Outspoken" M.P. Jakob Meyer who wanted reconciliation with the majority ethnicities mysteriously dissapeared off the coast near the proximity of the city of Durban. People at the time believed the government propaganda. that it was just a co incidence that he dissappeared of the coast at the time of the presidents purges of the parliament of State "dissidents"

By 1927 the South african ruling people had become complacent and arrogant. The economy was expanding and diversifying due to South Africas diamond and Gold exports which caused a view countries to overlook the countries "social difficulties" and the militarys dilligance resulted in the brutal crushing of several small scale and sporadic uprisings in Zululand.

Cees imperous attitude and belligerance proved to be the end for him. He was assasinated by a single snipers bullet to the head while he was travelling in his presidential motercade travelling to Johannesburg 1n july 1928 he was 67 years old. he inisisted that the resistance was so weakened that they lacked the resources and logistics to attack his motorcade so he did not want a bullet proof vehicle.....

The international community was worried about the governments retribution to the perpitrating resistance group and its repercussions to South Africas other peoples.

Relative moderate president Frans smit realised this and intelligently allowed a international team of human rights inspectors into the country. at the key locations they visited improved educational and medical facilities miracously emerged for other ethnic groups. The teams were sceptical and unconvinced about South Africas motives but had not proof to incriminate the government.

However the disadvantage of South Africas policies extended to giving all the resistance movements a large degree of solidarity (a common goal despite conflicting Ideologies .that was to overthrow the Beurgeois Tyranical and facist government of South Africa.) The communists have re emerged under new leadership and with serious help from foreign powers abroad. The government was in serious danger.

It escalated in 1940 when The Freedom movement (The main black African liberation group) and the new communist movement lay siege to the capital Cape Town. The actions took the Government by total surprise by the Audacity of such a move. Intially government troops were overwhemed and the President and Other key members of parliament had to flee the Capital by Naval ship. The resistance movements held the city for a good 3 days. in that time The white populace (fearing retribution) were terrified about retalitory atrocoties and many tried to flee the city.

Certain factions of the groups did commit serious crime in the city. but they were reeled back as the resistance leaders Telek Bibi( South African freedom movement) and Hansel Rasmussen (South African Red Army) both agreed that retribution would make the groups image as bad as the governments. Instead they overan the State broadcasting network for radio and transmitted an international plea for help.... this however failed as before the city was taken the South African security forces blew up the radio station. (thus preventing an international embarressment for the government.)

Eventually government forces retook the city with brutal effiency and the retribution inflicted on the resistance (the communist group in particular) was bloody. Security forces embarrassed about getting routed by inferior peoples open fired on all resisting and surrended resistance forces. It was the bloodiest day in the nations history. and a message got through to the international world about the atrocity and this brought around huge international condemnation.

However the Government remained complacent and sentenced Tilik Bibi and Hansel Rasmussen to three consecutive terms to life in prison pon the notorious internment prison, Robbins island.

The implications of this potential coup were huge. by 1950 the white minority were (for the first time) losing faith in the Government and its military for defending their ideology and principles. and Frans smit lost a landslide election to hardline president Jan van hoosen whom promply refused a compromise between White and Black.

For the next two decades South Africas economy stagnated (due to economic sanctions incurred internationally and the enormous economic toll the resistance movements were putting on the Armed forces.)

During the next 25 years The government held on to power tenously and the entire nation was Internationally ostricised for her barbaric policies. Isolation was getting to the the ruling minority. All national sporting teams from the nation were banned from playing overseas because of ethnic based team selection.

by 1987 The nation was in a deadlock. half of the whites now wanted a compromise and other conservative hardliners wanted to keep things as they
were. Then president Jack Little released Talik bibi from his Life sentence on Robbens Island to a secure minimum security prison on the outskirts of Capetown. The president knew there would be a Catastrophic battle of dominance between white and black and a compromise had to made before it was too late.....

From this point I am going to R.p. the series of events that culimates in civil war and eventual democracy and freedom for all peoples....

Continuation R.P. emancipation and annexations thread
Persecution and Hatred
29-07-2006, 06:51
Diplomatic relations with the Union.


:D We like you

:) Realively amiable terms with your country.

:( You upset us.

:mad: We dislike you.


Aliff Laam Imim (allied)
The Great Sixth Reich (allied)
Warta Endor(allied)
H town tejas
Great Romeo (russia)
Phillipines Protectorate
TUARCA (Samtonia)
The Empire of Rethan
The Brazilian federation (Braska)
The Empire of Vineyard (Allied)
The Gaelic federation
The Candastani West African Alliance. (allied)


Embassies in The Union.

Kopperbergs: Capetown.

The Great Sixth Reich: Capetown.

Alif Laam Miim: Capetown

Warta Endor: Windhoek

Phillipines protectorate (Brinkman Isle) Johannesburg

Rethan: Harare


TUARCA (Samtonia) Johannesburg

CWAA (candistan) Cape town

Union Embassies overseas.

Warta Endor Singapore city

Kindom of Kopperbergs: Tel aviv, Isreal

The Great Sixth Reich: Heinkel city, Germany?

Phillipines protectorate: Manila

Rethan: Tallin

TUARCA (Samtonia) Tashkent

CWAA (Candistan) Bamako

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The Angolan Frontier.

A lion rests his main.


FOAM Alliance

Member states:

Warta Endor
Union of South Africa (2nd boer republik)

The Africa Pact

Member States

Alif Laam Imim
Union of South Africa (2nd boer republik)
CWAA (Candistani West African Alliance)
The Republic of Guinea and Senegal (?)
Warta Endor
30-07-2006, 23:12
The Federal Socialist Republic of Warta Endor wishes to strengthen Diplomatic Relations with your country. We invite your head of state to visit our Capital of Singapore and maybe the rest of the country. A Trade Deal and possibly an Alliance may be discussed.

Marshall Kung Hao, Leadre of the Federal Socialist Republic of Warta Endor
Persecution and Hatred
30-07-2006, 23:31
South Africa cordially accepts. please specify the date and time. :)
The Great Sixth Reich
31-07-2006, 20:10
The Great Sixth Reich wishs to further diplomatic and economic relations with your most esteemed nation.

Please consider the following:

Constructing new or improving existing airports in South Africa through our government-affliated aviation contractor, Luft Industries. (Contact Herr Ottokar Luft for more details.)
Negotiating service to South African airports through German carriers Lufthansa or jetRed. (Contact Herr Ottokar Luft for more details.)
Negotiating space for South African airlines at airports in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Iceland, the Maldives, East Timor, or the Midway Islands. (Contact Herr Ottokar Luft for more details.)
Purchasing military equipment through the Büro des Kriegs. (Contact Herr Ludo Hienkel for more details.)
Opening of a South African embassy or multiple consulates in any territory in the Great Sixth Reich. (Contact me for more details.)
Opening of a Great Sixth Reich embassy or multiple consulates in South Africa. (Contact me for more details.)
Conducting trade with the Great Sixth Reich. (Contact me for more details.)

Adolf Göring
Oberster Offizier der Auslandangelegenheiten
Die Republikanische Monokratie vom das Hervorragend Sechste Reich
Alif Laam Miim
31-07-2006, 20:47
The Emirate of Alif Laam Miim would like to open negotiations to assume friendly diplomatic relations between our two countries. Our primary concern involves the protection of the rights of Muslims in your country, as our Emirate has decided to take a more proactive stance on the humanitarian aspects of our followers. While we don't expect it to be of great importance, our Emirate offers all citizens and legal visitors all rights vested in the law, and we do not discriminate against people who follow different faiths - except in that we convict ourselves to follow the preachings of Muhammad, and thus will show religious preference to Muslims , but not in any other way. As this is our primar concern, we open the table to you, concerning any trade discussion, military and political support, or the establishment of closer ties by social contacts [foreign exchanges, state visits, etc].

We anxiously await your reply.

Emir Jalal ibn Mahmud Abd-Allah al-Misri
جلالأمهر ابنمحموي عبد اللد العربية
Persecution and Hatred
31-07-2006, 23:51
TG6R: we are willing to accept all of the above. our economy has been ravaged because of our recent civil war (im going to write it soon.) and our national infrastructure (emphasis on the Telecommunications network and major ancillary services that were all but destroyed in the Afrikaan /Zulu civil war.) need particular assistance in terms of monetary aid and perhaps logistacal assitance to help our nation rebuild herself.
any assitance will be met with the gratitude of the South African people.

Where would you like an embassy TG6R? Cape town is lush and has the Imposing table mountains in the background.

ditto to you to aliff. The muslim community in our nation consisted mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Indentured labourers imported by the then Oppressive british colonial government of South Africa. We assure you their civil rights are protected by the democratic constitution of 2001.
01-08-2006, 19:19
To: Persecution and Hatred
From: Åke Stålhandske, Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Kopparbergs

As your nearest at most powerful neighbor we want to establish an Israeli consulate in the Gaza village. We also want to establish an embassy in your capital Cape Town.

Also, we want to inform you that we will patrol along the border to the Gaza Strip 24/7 (as well as the Israeli-Egyptian border), and we will not accept any military personnel or vehicles within 2 km of the border. You can call it the security perimeter, your security cannot be guaranteed if your military forces crosses that line.

Åke Stålhandske
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Kingdom of Kopparbergs

OOC: Don't take this to hard, but we'll have to start somewhere.
Alif Laam Miim
01-08-2006, 21:21
ditto to you to aliff. The muslim community in our nation consisted mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi Indentured labourers imported by the then Oppressive british colonial government of South Africa. We assure you their civil rights are protected by the democratic constitution of 2001.

We would be more than glad to offer any assistance available to our disposal. We have a military engineer batallion that can be converted to a non-combat unit, to help coordinate the reconstruction of your infrastructure - as it will be non-combative, none of the soldiers will bear arms during their tenure.

We would like to establish our embassy in South Africa at Cape Town, principally because of its close and convenient access to the sea. We likewise offer you an embassy in Al Qahirah [Cairo] or Al-Iskandriyah [Alexandria]. We are glad to establish friendly relations with your country, and if need be for the time being, our armed forces can provide nominal support for your forces in Gaza against any incursion.
Persecution and Hatred
01-08-2006, 23:38
Stallberg: we accept both. Gaza is a strategic piece of territory for a nation and most of the territory is a military zone. however there is a small port were you can set up an embassy consulate.

And we have confirmed you embassy in Cape town.

Egypt: we will accept a small amount of help from each individual nation so as not to create an over reliance on one particular nation. but yes we do welcome a battalion of civil engineers.

We have also confirmed an embassy for you in Cape town. (conviently far away from Stallbergs Isreals :D under the assumption you are continuing the regions R.l scenarios)
01-08-2006, 23:56
Stallberg: we accept both. Gaza is a strategic piece of territory for a nation and most of the territory is a military zone. however there is a small port were you can set up an embassy consulate.

And we have confirmed you embassy in Cape town.

OOC: Ignore Stallberg, pretend I'm Kopparbergs as I will switch to that name as soon as I can log in with the right name here...

We're glad you accept the conditions in Gaza.
We offer you to establish an embassy in our capital Tel-Aviv.

We can protect the Gaza Strip from the Egyptian warmongers. Just let us know, and we will have a complete battlegroup there right away. It's in our interest that the area should be well protected, and you'll never know what they'll do.

Åke Stålhandske
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Kingdom of Kopparbergs
Persecution and Hatred
02-08-2006, 01:05
(sorry my bad)

We will gladly have an embassy in Tel aviv. however we remain wary of the use of Gaza as a "Proxy" battleground between your nation and egypt. however our nation hopes an incident between you and Egypt will not happen. :)
The Great Sixth Reich
02-08-2006, 23:32
We will choose Cape Town for our embassy. Does your nation wish for an embassy in Hienkelstadt (capital of the executive branch)?

We will consider financial aid in the future, once the situation is calm in the Pacific area. Our holdings are currently threatened.

Adolf Göring
Oberster Offizier der Auslandangelegenheiten
Die Republikanische Monokratie vom das Hervorragend Sechste Reich
Persecution and Hatred
03-08-2006, 03:44
Yes that will be more than satisfactory.... we have allocated your embassy in cape town. (its an austere 17th century dutch townhouse near the city centre)

we hope we can continue these transactions in the near future.

-Micheal M,boke-

South African diplomatic representative to TG6R
Warta Endor
07-08-2006, 13:23
South Africa cordially accepts. please specify the date and time. :)

You may visit us whenever you like, but if possible as soon as possible. Be aware that Hostilities may erupt in SE Asia. You may establish an Embassy in Singapore if you wish.

Marshall Kung Hao
Alif Laam Miim
11-08-2006, 17:39
[SIZE="4"]Conferation Embassies overseas.

The Emirate did not mention it, but you can choose between Al Qahirah or Al Iskandariyah. For the moment, we have you listed under Al Qahirah.
11-08-2006, 20:09
Presidente Rico would like to know if youu would wish to exchange embassies with the union
Persecution and Hatred
13-08-2006, 23:21
Alif Laam Miim: yes Al qahirah will be satisfactory. (man a afrikaaner trying to pronounce that in english would have a mental breakdown.) :p

Vietnamexico: yes we accept your proposal. we have allocated you an embassy in Johannesburg. we would you like to establish our embassy in your nation?
Military Command
08-09-2006, 04:31
The Government of United Federation of Military Command would like to open talks about the island of Mayotte to be returned to the French Republic. We are willing to pay for the return of this island.

The Government of United Federation of Military Command is annexing the country of Cote d'Ivorie in to the UFMC.
Alif Laam Miim
15-10-2006, 20:26
The Emirate inquires the state of the Boer Republik at the moment.
Persecution and Hatred
16-10-2006, 02:10
ooc on a Nation wide or demographic context? (i am going to elaborate futher on the social conditions in the Boer republic soon.)

I.c. We are now at war with the Iberian Netherlands. we have to make a stand for the African Pact and bring down the Rogue and dangerous elements of this continent. Specifically Iberian Netherlands warmongering ways. Africa will become a Bastion of peace and prosperity once ourselves and our allies have eliminated the Dutch menace on our continent...

-South African propaganda ministry-
Persecution and Hatred
21-10-2006, 11:44
ok we are not a war now. crises resolved yay!!!!!!:)
Asian China
09-01-2007, 08:49
People's Republic of Asian China

People's Republic of Asian China wants to establish an embassy in South Africa, to make it easier to keep a close contact between our two governments. We also think this will increase the trade between Africa and Asia, and it will make it easier for us to import oil from Angola. Should you accept, we want to send Mr. Shao Jiayi to be the Asian Chinese ambassador in South Africa.

[OOC: Is your nation called South Africa or the Boer Republic?]

Zeng Qinghong
Vice President of the People's Republic of Asian China
Member of the ACCP Secretariat and responsible for Foreign Affairs

Rules for Foreign Embassies within The People's Republic of Asian China
All foreign embassies in Asian China are located in the city Hangzhou (population: 3.9 million), the capital of Zhejiang Shěng, 180 km southwest of the Asian China capital Shanghai.
Foreign ambassadors are not allowed to visit Shanghai, they are required to have special permission to enter the capital.
No arms of any kind are allowed at the embassies, there is no need for such, as the crime rate in the diplomatic district of Hangzhou is zero (the Asian Chinese police are prioritizing that area).
A maximum of 100 persons are allowed in each embassy. No helicopters are allowed, only ordinary cars.