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Prussia Factbook [European War]

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The Prussian Empire of 1800

Current Monarch: King Dietrich, nephew of Friedrich Wilhelm.

Royal Family: King Dietrich, Queen Wilhemina, Prince Kaiser Dietrich.

Current States: Prussia; Hamburg; Rhineland; Bavaria; United Poland.

Current Income per Annum: 43

Current Treaties;

Prussian-Scandinavian Trading Pact 1800-1805
Prussian-North African Trading Pact 1800-1805
Franco-Prussian Non-Aggression Pact 1800-1803
Anglo-Prussian Trading Pact 1800-1806
Eastern European Alliance 1800-1810

Credit Reserves: 13
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Prussian Military

Infantry & Cavalry

Schwarzer Mantel
Polish Conscripts

Polish Lancers

Trim Colours

Prussia: Gold
Hamburg: Silver
Rhineland: White
Bavaria: Crimson
Poland: Pale Blue


Schwarzer Mantel Battalion

Consisting of 1,000 soldiers, the Schwarzer Mantel Battalions (Black Coats) are the mainstay infantry units of Prussia. Since the rise of King Dietrich, the Prussian military has undergone reform in an effort to regain its former glory. Part of the reform was to introduce the Scwarzer Mantel uniform consisting of white pantaloons, black jacket, black boots and black cap with a trim dependant upon area of origin.

They have since adopted the British method of a firing line, involving two lines as opposed to three due to the greater area of coverage offered and the lowered chance of the front line being hit by the rear. Each soldier is equipped with a musket, pistol and bayonet. Every battalion has a single 12 pound cannon.

Grenadier Battalion

A British innovation, the grenadiers once carried grenades, however in recent warfare they have simply become elite shock troops. Highly trained, even by Prussian standards, the grenadiers represent the best available troops taken from the ranks of the Schwarzer Mantel battalions. They are dressed very similarly to the Schwarzer Mantel troops, however, their uniforms bear a lit match.

Grenadiers are equipped much as the Schwarzer Mantel battalions, having a musket, bayonet and pistol. However, grenadier battalions do not make use of cannons and are equipped with a sword for more effective close-quarters fighting.

Eisenschutz Battalion

The Eisenschutz (Iron Guard) are a unique development, devised by King Dietrich in the year 1796. These troops specialize in defensive warfare, capable of withstanding almost any siege due to their increased levels of fire power and ballistics training. Currently there are very few Eisenschutz battalions for multiple reasons; each battalion makes use of two cannons, contains engineers and higher numbers of artillery officers. Uniforms are identical to those of the Schwarzer Mantel, however each uniform bears an Iron Cross.

Equipment of the Eisenschutz is standard, with the only abnormality being that each battalion has two 12 pound cannons.

Königlicherschutz Battalion

Primarily ceremonial, Königlicherschutz translates as Royal Guard. At any one time there are only two thousand soldiers in the Königlicherschutz who, despite high levels of training, have never seen actual combat. Their dress is all black with the Prussian coat of arms on the left breast.

Armament and armour consists of a halberd, a sword and a cuirass.

Polish Conscripts

After the division of Poland between Prussia and Russia, King Dietrich conscripted part of the Polish population to act as a home guard. Whilst they do not comprise the whole of the Polish forces, they are easy to raise and maintain. Training for the conscripts is highly limited and conscripted forces are yet to be involved in combat; leadership amongst the conscripts is also sub-par at best. The primary purpose behind the conscripts is to look like a large force. Their garb is pale blue jackets with grey pantaloons, caps and black boots.

As befits people who are conscripted, they are only minimally equipped, carrying a musket with a bayonet.


Cuirassier Regiment

Renowned across Europe, the cuirassiers of Prussia are elite cavalry, capable of cutting swathes through enemy positions. Until recently the heavy breastplate for which they are named was not part of their equipment, however this has since been reverted by King Dietrich. Each cuirassier wears black boots, black pantaloons, a black enamelled cuirass and a silver helmet with a plume matching their trim.

Each cuirassier is armed with a cuirass, saber and pistol. Despite the fact that other swords, such as those utilized by French cavalry, are more efficient for killing due to their piercing ability, the damage wrought by the slashing weapon is preferred for the terror it can inflict on enemy infantry.

Dragoon Regiment

Consisting of 500 men, dragoon regiments are infantrymen trained to ride horses. Whilst they are capable of fighting on horseback, they are foot soldiers who use their mounts to position themselves. They are named after their weapon, a short-range musket known as the dragon. As with the Schwarzer Mantle, they dress in black coat, cap and boots with white pantaloons. Each one has a horse emblazoned onto their left breast.

Equipment of the dragoons includes horses, swords, pistols, dragon muskets and bayonets.

Hussar Regiment

Light cavalry, the hussars are primarily scouts with ambushing capabilities. Their primary role, aside from scouting out enemy positions, is to maneuver behind enemy lines to assault commanding officers and artillery. They are dressed from head to toe in black with no markings aside from the standard trim. Unlike other cavalry regiments, a hussar regiment consists of only 250 men.

Each hussar cavalryman is equipped with a sword and pistol.

Polish Lancers

Standard cavalry units recently conscripted into the Prussian army, these troops use lengthy lances to break enemy formations. Their garb consists of grey pantaloons and cap, black riding boots and a pale blue jacket.

Equipment for Polish Lancers consists of two eight foot lances, a pistol and a sword.

Current Deployment


2x Königlicherschutz Battalions
48x Schwarzer Mantel Battalions
1 Cuirassier Regiment


105x Schwarzer Mantel Battalions
25x Eisenschutz Battalions
2x Dragoon Regiments
30x Ships of the Line


235x Schwarzer Mantel Battalions
15x Grenadier Battalions
8x Dragoon Regiments
2x Cuirassier Regiments
1x Hussar Regiment


310x Schwarzer Mantle Battalions
25x Grenadier Battalions
25x Eisenschutz Battalions
10x Dragoon Regiments
4x Cuirassier Regiments
2x Hussar Regiment


110x Polish Conscripts
50x Schwarzer Mantel Battalions
2x Polish Lancers
1x Dragoon Regiment

Total Forces

Infantry: 800,000 Soldiers
Cavalry: 20,000 Cavalrymen
Artillery: 1,000 12 Pound Cannons
Navy: 30 Ships of the Line