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The Webs are Spun ((MT))

Valley of the Giant
27-07-2006, 22:02
((Siap and Red Tide aren't very active, so I'm fluid-timing past. FYI to the both of them, I bought about 1 million weapons from both parties, and the ammo to match, plus a long-term deals from both for weapons. I took up Siap's offer to train portions of the army. I'm tired of waiting guys, no offense. Post what you want for payment in this thread.))
Halgolth Tekken'arret had amassed a lare fortune from favors and deals with the humans. He read all he could about the immediate area and nations overseas and bought fair amounts of property on islands and continents. He had even arranged for a small nuclear power plant to be built in the city, which would get their uranium from the Dwarves, who he had instructed to start mining the ore, as it would be worth a lot of money. He was satisfied with his work. he was now richer than any of the Houses and was the largest landowner in the city. The Drow now controlled a fair amount of land in the region, although none inside Kologk.
News medias all over the world turned their attention to Halgolth's properties as the sky around them turned black. Unusual weatehr patterns could be seen as the areas turned humid and dark, almost as if the Sun had forsaken these areas. Residents began calling to the local Police departments, saying taht mysterious black figures could be found near their homes and giant spiders were appearing all over the place as Halgolth allowed teh various houses to claim these areas as their own. Great structures were raised as the House Wizards and Archmages created buildings for the Lesser and Greater Houses. When construction stopped, only a handful of the lesser houses, a few of the Greater Houses, and the three Major Houses (Melith, Arkenep, and Orlytyl) were still claiming the city as their own.
It was time to show the world the Drow.