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terror in Kamasha

16-07-2006, 20:31
The Holy Empire of Kamasha have for many years been fighting against the terrorist group "people for a socialist Kamasha" (psk). In the recent election the capitalist party got around 65% of the votes, the catholic political party got 30% and the socialist got 5% of the total votes. Some of the more extreme Socialist call the election a bluff and decided to force Kamasha into a socialist state through destroying vital political instruments such as the parliament and the supreme court. the safety of The Emperor of Kamasha his highness Oreol has also on several occasions been threatened, by espesally car bombs. Kamasha military reports estimate the number of people connected to the terror network to be no more then 5000 and no less then 2500 persons. The military forces of Kamasha is far to small and unstable to protect the people of Kamasha.

This has been a growing problem in the Kamasha and many politicians and people working with politics are now to afraid to do there work. Democracy has always been important in Kamasha and now it is being destroyed by terrorists. Therefor we ask the international community to help us. This is the most important jobs that needs to be done:

1) Protection of the Emperor, the Empress and there two children.
2) Protection of vital political instruments such as the parliament, the supreme court
3) Protection of different parts of the media (radio, television and newspapers)
4) Finding and bringing the terrorists to justice
5) medical help to wounded and injured
6) rebuilding destroyed/damaged buildings and rodes
7) money

The Holy Empire of Kamash