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An Imperium Divided (Horus Heresy RP Intrest Thread, ATTN Chronosia)

16-07-2006, 04:21
The Imperium of Man has achieved new heights in their Great Crusade to unite the Universe under the Emperor's benevolent rule. But when the young Primarch Horus, favoured as a son by the Emperor, is given the responsibility to continue the Crusade while the Emperor returns to Terra, Horus falls under the temptations of Chaos. Told by demons that the Emperor was evil, and would bring the Imperium to ruin, he sided with them, worshipping them as gods. The Horus Heresy had begun....

(Choose your character, or make your own)

Horus: Chronosia (Don't worry, I know you want this anyway ;))

Ezekyle Abbaddon: Wanderjar

Sangiunius (Primarch of the Blood Ravens):

Peturabo (Primarch of the Imperial Fists, Praetorian Guard, Force Commander of the Imperium of Man during the Heresy)

Leman Russ (Space Wolves Primarch)

Lorgar (Word Bearer's Primarch, first to fall to Chaos)

Corax (Raven Guard Primarch, Covert Operations specialists)

Jaghatai Khan (Primarch of the White Scars)

Angron (Primarch of the World Eaters)

SpaceMarines (Chaos)
(Create your own)

Space Marines (Imperium of Man)
(Create your own)

There are many ways to lead this RP. We'll debate it here. Would you all like to begin at the Battle of Istvaan III, Istvaan V,the Siege of Terra, or before the Heresy? Sign up here as well. If you choose a Primarch, be ready to RP individual soldiers as well. If you're not familiar with the Heresy, read as much about it as you can from here: it has quite literally everything you could want to know, and about all the Primarch's you may select. If you wish to add a Primarch I haven't mentioned, fine, but tell me why.