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One Giant Leap for Man Kind[E2]

Dweladelfia prime
13-07-2006, 04:22
Announcement to the World

Dweldelfia prime is now entering the space age. We are planning on launching 5 Delta III rockets off of Cameroon. These rockets will hold 5 satellites. 2 spy satellite, 1 nuclear interdiction satellite, and 2 Orbital weapons platforms. These satellites are made by the Sundassala Corporation.

Information about the Satellite

Nuclear interdiction satellite

The Nuclear interdiction satellite would fire a Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser, or COIL, invented at Phillips Lab in 1977. The laser's fuel consists of the same chemicals found in hair bleach and Drano - hydrogen peroxide and potassium hydroxide - which are then combined with chlorine gas and water. The laser operates at an infrared wavelength of 1.315 microns, which is invisible to the eye. By recycling chemicals, building with plastics and using a unique cooling process, the COIL team was able to make the laser lighter and more efficient while - at the same time - increasing its power by 400 percent in five years. The orbit of the nuclear interdiction module would be similar in performance and power levels to the multi-hundred kilowatt class COIL Baseline Demonstration Laser (BDL-2) module demonstrated by TRW in August 1996. As its name implies, though, it would be lighter and more compact than the earlier version due to the integration of advanced aerospace materials into the design of critical hardware components. For the operational ABL system, several modules would be linked together in series to achieve ABL's required megawatt-class power level.

Spy Satellite

Examples of reconnaissance satellite missions:

* High resolution photography (IMINT)
* Communications eavesdropping (SIGINT)
* Covert communications (HUMINT)
* Enforcement of nuclear test bans (see National Technical Means)
* Detection of missile launches

Pictures taken by this satellite would be ejected in canisters of photographic film, which would descend to earth and be retrieved in mid-air as they floated down on parachutes.

Orbital Weapons platform

Most information on the orbital weapons platform is classified. But we can release that it can hold a nice sized load of Ballistic missiles.

Plan for launch

The Delta III rockets will be shipped form layatreb Defense exporters in the EOL to the Terinorian Island of Cameroon. The satellite will be loaded onto the rockets on Cameroon. Once the rockets are prepped they will be rolled out to the launch pad. Each rocket will be launched 5 minutes after each other. They will go into orbit and eject there payload.
Dweladelfia prime
13-07-2006, 04:28