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Contract Available: LifeWyze Announce New Subsidiary

13-07-2006, 01:10

LifeWyze Biological Technology Corporation is to create a logistics subsidiary company after a recent strike by Maraque delivery firm, Transnational Delivery.

In order to establish the logistics company, LifeWyze BioTech Corp. seeks to purchase the following;

8 Cargo planes capable of carrying up to 20 tons of weight and capable of travelling up to 6,000 nautical miles between refuelling
10 Armoured cargo trucks
10 Armoured trucks appropriate for livestock transport
20 Forklift trucks
Fuel deliveries each year to support aircraft

All aspects require contracts with contracts going to the lowest bidder.

Thank you.
13-07-2006, 01:21
Official Helicon Inc. Directory Application

The Helicon Corporation is prepared to fufill these needs in the fullest for the sum of USD $675 Million. The fuel provided to keep the planes maintained will vary based on distance traveled, but the rates will be extremely competitive.

International Transportation Department

(475 was a mistype... 675 is much more accurate.)
13-07-2006, 02:31
Helicon Incorporated Representative,

Your bid for this contract is noted and you will be kept updated as to whether you are outbit.

Yours Faithfully,
Lord Roger,
Finance Division Director,
LifeWyze Biological Technology Corporation.
13-07-2006, 02:49
To: Lord Roger, Lifewyze Biotech
From: Heath L. Heller, Haaj-Frimmel Airworks
Dear sir, we would like to fulfill the part of the contract for the aircraft, although they may be too large for your purpose, but we would still like to offer it, along with the possibility of designing the craft you are looking for. Here is the aircraft's specifications for the transport version (Sorry, no write up for the moment, working on one though)

GS-421 "Titan"
Primary function: Air Transport, Insertion and heavy cargo transporter
Contractor: Haaj Fremel Air works
Crew: (Officers: Pilot, Copilot, Navigator, Load master. Enlisted: 5 Load mates
Power plant: 4 HH-115 @ 115,300 lbs each at sea level
Length: 275 feet, 7 in (84.0m)
Wingspan: 290’ (88.4meters)
Height: 59’ 5” (18.2Meters)
Totally empty: 250.5 tons
Max: 1,322,750 Lbs. (600,000 KG)
Max Payload: 500,000lbs
Speed: 528 mph Max
Ceiling: N/A
Range: 8,850 NM
Systems: Normal H-F Loadout.
Price: 240 Million US

But for you, each would be 220 Million dollars, due to the demilitarization of the aircraft, meaning that the PD systems are removed.

Option2: The aircraft we just designed (Just pulled this one outta my ass)
Type: Light, Long range airlift
Length: 150'
Wingspan: 144'
Propulsion: 4 Have Ho Turbofans Rated @ 25,000lbs thrust each
Empty Weight:35,000 lbs
Normal Weight: 140,000 lbs
Maximum Take-Off Weight:
Normal Payload: 44,000 Lbs
Maximum Payload: 60,000lbs
Normal Fuel Fraction: .46
Max Fuel Fraction: .5
Max range w/ normal Payload: 8,000 NM
Operational Ceiling/Altitude: 40,000 ft
Maximum Altitude:65,000
Cruising Speed: 560 MPH
Maximum Speed: 700 MPH
Rate of Climb: 3,000 fpm
Crew (List): Skeleton Crew of 4: Pilot, Copilot, Loadmaster, Navigator| Room for 2 additional crews
Price: 13 Million
13-07-2006, 02:58
Heath L. Heller,
Haaj-Frimmel Airworks,

Your offer is being considered. Due to the capabilities of such an aircraft we would require only four GS-421 models.

Yours Faithfully,
Lord Roger,
Finance Division Director,
LifeWyze Biological Technology Corporation.
13-07-2006, 03:09
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13-07-2006, 17:22
Space Union
13-07-2006, 18:09
OOC: I would like to enter my SuC-1 Stormbringer into this competition for your cargo lifters. Its huge and meets all your requirements. :)
13-07-2006, 23:13
15-07-2006, 02:19