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Happiness Before The Coming Storm (FT/ ATTN: Neo Zeta)

The Humankind Abh
12-07-2006, 03:15
It was the calm before the storm as many would say. Perhaps this time of rest and peace would best be described as the eye of the storm where the waters were calm and the light shined down. However, off in every direction dark menacing clouds surrounded them all as they steadily encroached.

In one couple's mind though, this brief happiness outshone even the darkest of storms. The spousal system known as marriage was merely something the Abh studied as part of the human culture. However, a wedding was not entirely unheard of within the Abh Empire. In particular, on Abriel princess married a Count from the Hyde System. That marriage was over twenty-one years ago.

Doron, the product of that union, stood in the a vacant wing of the orbitting capital of Lakfakallae as he oversaw some of the final decorations. His little sister Katsumi, who was now thirteen, had found an encyclopedia reference to wedding ceremonies and decorations. Some of the pictures had churches with stain glass windows but he preferred the windows of the capital over looking the stars and all their multitude. A wedding cake had also been prepared which was something he had never heard of before. Nor had he ever tasted cake.

Katsumi ran back and forth barking out orders to the decoraters as she tried to follow the plans in the encyclopedia. He crossed his arms with a smirk on his face. She'll make a good Empress one day. The rare force user of the Abh Empire was dressed formally in decorative robes instead of his typical dark cloak and twin lightsabers. His long hair had been cut neatly close behind his pointed ears and he wore a royal tiarra for the first time in years with emeralds dangling off the end.

Pews were lined up in colums to form an aisle down the middle. Different varieties of flowers from all over the empire and some imported as well lined the room. Now he stood waiting for his wife-to-be to finish her preparations and for the ceremony to begin. Doron had proposed to Kanna the day after Richard had won the Dark Tournament which shot a more suitable ruler to the throne. Now their relationship had come to its pinnacle. When they first met, he had wanted to kill her for being Seymour's daughter. Now, he was in love with her and preparing to marry her.

Kanna had her own wing of quarters to prepare with her bride's maids and dress herself. Doron on the other hand was off to find the Father Abbot to lead the ceremony.
Neo Zeta
12-07-2006, 03:41
Kanna was paceing back and forth worried. She was dressed in a white silk wedding dress. Her long silver hair fixed up in a bun. She was worried that somthing would happen as somthing always did seem to happen in her life. Her relationship with doron had come along way indeed. She first met him when she came to meet him and other Abh leaders to show them a vission of the future of what would happen should they stay Yevons puppets as her father did. She even attempted to kill doron once be releaseing Greed from his seal but in the end she fell for doron head over heels.

As Doron walked down the hall he would notice a face he would rather not see smirking at him. " Yo Doron my student been awhile ya?" It was Tyraany in one of his many forms. He was currently staying in the form of a long dead Sith who died at age 14 and since his dna was part of Tyraany he could take his form easy tho it made him act more like a teenager.

" So you're getting married i couldnt bealive it when i heard but hey when you can get her in the sack every night i guess it would be the right thing to do yeah?" A man in a dark cloak next to him made didnt seem to like that last comment

" Oh yeah i needed to introduce my friend here to you. He has a very good reasion to be here for this wedding ofcourse. But befor that i have a message for you."

Tyraany pulled out a holo padd a pushed the button. The face of Jakotsu popped up tears running down his face " Doron how could you!! I thought we had a connection between us. Oh i will not forget this doron! You here me mr i wont forget this!!" The message ended with Jakotsu useing his sword to slice his holo recorder in half.
The Humankind Abh
13-07-2006, 13:15
Doron's head dropped when he saw the young boy standing in the hall. "You have remarkablly bad timing. It seems your body fits your state of mind though. Not a bad match. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find the Father Abbot to proceed with our wedding. I wouldn't recommend getting in the way of this one Tyranny. The devil hath no furry like a woman's scorn."
Neo Zeta
13-07-2006, 19:20
Tyraany sighed " Doron i'm hurt i am not here to get in your way. I maybe a darkside user but i am not heartless i may not approve of how you use your training but it seems spending time with Ramaaj has made me more understanding. I am just here to wish you luck and to introduce you to a long lost family member of Kanna."

The man next to tyraany took his hood down showing his face looking much like Seymour expect silver hair. " My name is Xemnas it is good to meet you."
The Humankind Abh
15-07-2006, 02:32
Doron sighed at Tyranny's statement. "Maybe you are right. Perhaps I am too judgemental on you."

Before he could ask about Ramaaj, the hooded figure revealed himself. "Nice to meet you as well. Tyranny said you had a reason for being here. What's yours?"
Neo Zeta
15-07-2006, 02:53
" I am the brother of her father Seymour. I thought it would be best for me to be here. She has never met me as me and my brother had a falling out long befor she was born. However i think she should have atleast one family member here for her wedding" Xemnas said coldly.

Tyraany put his arm around doron " You dont know the trouble i went threw to find him you should be thankful maybe you can thank me by following my teachings agian?" He laughed " Just kidding i promised Ramaaj i would be good today."
The Humankind Abh
16-07-2006, 21:57
Doron's attitude toward Tyranny at the moment was a mild tolerance. His attention was more towards this new character. "Well since you are the closest thing to a parent she has, why don't you see her? Perhaps you could even walk her down the aisle."
Neo Zeta
16-07-2006, 22:03
" You are right it would be the right thing to do. It would be a start to make up for lost time. I hope she can understand tho why i left, I never was a fan of Yevon and that made me a enemy to many people." Xemnas said walking off. Tyraany also nodded at Doron leaving to get ready himself.
The Humankind Abh
16-07-2006, 22:22
Doron eventually found Father Abbot Fiou Bouraiy and walked him through the room and going over ceremonial procedures. The mummified up reaching hand that had been the Abellican trademark of late, rested at the alter surrouned by candles and flowers.

A red carpet was rolled out through the aisle for Kanna to walk down while Katsumi ran out to find Kahlan and Cypher to go over their roles in the wedding. Cypher was something called a ringbearer and Doron was supposed to give the wedding band over to him. No idea why but it was apparently part of the ceremony according to Katsumi.

Things had been according to schedule though Katsumi was still running frantic. It was a good day for the Abriel and a rare smile graced his face.
Neo Zeta
16-07-2006, 22:43
A knock came on Kanna's doorn as she was getting her makeup on " Doron that better not be you trying to get a look at the bride befor the cermony its bad luck you know." She said laughing. The door opened and at first glance of the man she dropped her lipstick " F-father?" she said

The many shook his head " No my name is Xemnas brother of Seymour i am your long lost Uncle." He explained to her why he had left and had come to return to this part of the Galaxy a false story all of it but very sound and convinceing.

Tyraany was sitting on a bench after changeing into a more suitable outfit. He wasnt sure if Ramaaj would be here tho he held out hope. It had been a few months since he and seen her in person. He was very busy being a high ranking member of the G.F.F.A Order and she too seemed to have many affairs to tend to. And with the clouds of war growing over Neo Zeta and the Abh Empire this might be the last chance to see one another for sometime.
The Humankind Abh
17-07-2006, 02:54
Guests began filing into the pews with some stopping by to shake Doron's hand while others looked around in curiousty at the setup. Doron's grandmother, Commander Lexshue, walked up with a smile. "Well Doron, today is the big day. You seem to have grown faster than your mother and father. It took them several years before they approached this stage. Are you sure you are ready for this?"

His chest rose and fell with a heavy sigh. "I believe so. I know we are both young but we've also shared adventures together like my mother and father."

"True enough. However, don't let such things dictate your decisions." The woman walked off to find a pew to wait for the ceremony to begin.
Neo Zeta
19-07-2006, 03:16
Kanna was ready atlast she agreed to let Xemnas walk her down when the time came.

Luciferwatched the last moment preperations go forth. He too had never seen a wedding. Being a Sith Lord didnt leave much time for such events but he now felt he had been missing out.
The Humankind Abh
23-07-2006, 20:38
Ramaaj along with several other ex-emperors entered the large hall and took their respective seats though she choose to set off to the side in a vacant pew.

Enough guests had arrived to begin with the ceremony though it was a shame that Doron's parents couldn't be here to see this moment. Still, he knew they were happy and accepted Kanna into the family gladly. Katsumi had found a sound clip from an archived wedding ceremony and set musicians to playing it, giving Kanna the signal to begin her walk down the aisle.
Neo Zeta
25-07-2006, 14:54
Lucifer took his seat next to Ramaaj just in time as the music started to play. Kanna started her slow walk down the aisle with Xemnas at her side escorting her. She was glowing with joy as she took her steps closer to the rest of her life she took her last step and was atlast standing at dorons side. Xemnas stepped aside takeing his place as well.
The Humankind Abh
26-07-2006, 01:15
Behind Doron stood Richard while his son walked down the aisle bearing both rings for the engaged. Father Abbot Biouray picked them both up and held them aloft in his palm as he began the ceremonies by giving thanks to God and asking his guidance for these two as they walk together from now on until the end of their days.

His speech was long winded and involved several stories of his own centered around two key people he knew back at home that not a soul here would know of but was still amusing in context. Then he finally reached the climax with posing the question to each of them if they would stay be each other's side no matter the circumstance for as long as they both live. The Father Abbot looked at the Abriel first. Doron nodded his head. "I do."

Biouray turned to Kanna with the same question and waited her response.

Ramaaj scooted over the give Lucifer some room. "A fine surprise to see you here at a wedding such as theirs."
Neo Zeta
26-07-2006, 02:05
Kanna nodded her head " I do" Her heat was beating faster and faster this was indeed the happyest moment in her life.

Lucifer let a small chuckle. " Indeed i thought of not comeing but i figured i should attend i raised doron most of his life and in many ways i am a father to him even tho me and him dont see eye to eye on the force besides i was hopeing i would have a chance to see you here aswell." He said smileing
The Humankind Abh
26-07-2006, 03:09
The Father Abbot lead them both back to the beginning of the stairs where stood a large single white candle resting on a golden rod. A spark flew from his hand to unite the candle repressenting their union and that it might last forever. He looked at Doron. "You may now kiss the bride."

Doron wrapped his arm around Kanna's waist and kissed her.

Ramaaj looked over. "Well I'm glad you came. They do make a nice couple."
Neo Zeta
31-07-2006, 05:01
OOC: Post comeing soon been very busy with things as of late.