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A Return(My Return to PMT)

The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 00:53
General Harstfield reclined quietly in his chair, dreaming of old days. Days of rolling in the grass, of playing with the birds, of enjoying life. The old days, where the Horde lived in the worlds only democracy, and where life was good. He remembered an age of peace, as the world was in chaos. Days when there was no military, only a national militia. His father took him fishing, where they crossed into Crakkaland waters, and were greeted as friends. Crakkaland had been a island, once part of the Horde, but who had peacefully seceeded.

Good times indeed.

He also remembered being led into the Vaults, of his sister losing her eyesight by looking into that shining mushroom cloud. The fear he felt as he watched his father be vaporized, not being allowed inside due to him being disabled. He remembered the anger when his sister was forced to breed, to save Vault 11's population. He was always reminded of the raids upon Outsiders, the Vault being opened only long enough for the mutants to be harassed. All of the atrocities in the name of survival.

His drafting into the military, on the eve of the Vault Wars. He served in the Psychological Operations of the Army, and was in charge of propaganda. He knew that he would become so powerful? Who could envision his merger of National-Bolshevism and Coalitionsim? Who could imagine the Horde rising again?

"Supreme Consul, the parade is about to begin." Marcy, his assisstant, and more frequently his lover, always made sure to remind him of everything." General Harstfield fixed his beret, checked his party uniform over, and nodded.
"Well then Marcy, shall we become alive once again?" The Supreme Consul walked towards the balcony, and peered down to Road 1. Here, in a new Vault, was the parade to begin. People from every Vault in the land had amassed to witness the celebration, and it was being broadcasted everywhere.

He waved, signaling the parade to begin. With a cheer from the crowd, the national anthem ( began to play. The troops ( goosestepped down the road, being followed by tanks, trucks and missles. Truly a glourious day.

A new era had begun, as the Horde prepared to search for resources and land beyond her radioactive wastes. Once again Hordians everywhere could settle in a green place, without checking the water first. It was time for a new age, the Age of the Horde.

The national flag waved in the air, proudly marching with the troops (
The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 01:26
"We are on the lookout for any new forming nations." The intelligence officer had finally wrapped up his evalution is one simply sentence. It had taken 4 hours, but at least he finally got to the point. Harstfield nodded and set aside some papers, awaiting the next officer. She was of asian descent, and had long, flowing black hair. Her uniform was crisp and well ironed. She spoke in a soft feminine voice.

"All Vaults have been able to gather around 500 tons of biological weapons. Sadly, only 2,000 Nuclear weapons have been salvaged. As you know, most of the Hordes nukes were used either on The Day or during the Vault Wars. Most new nations have no defenses capable of stopping us. However, many larger nations defend the smaller ones. So, any invasion could result in a huge force being allied aginst us. Most nations refer to this as dogpiling."

"I see. Perhaps we can attack a Fascistic regime?"

"If we could find one. They are ever more rare nowadays. But as you will it, we shall look for them, Supreme Consul." Harstfield nodded. The commitee went on to other things.

"The report on the state of the world, as per your instructions. The Kraven Corporation is no longer under the will of AI. Automagfreek did invade, but was rather late in doing it. Four Corners was a major battlefield for some group called...the Corporate Alliance...anywho, the Alliance was defeated. Yugoslavia is still socialist, and growing more powerful each day." Harstfield muttered a curse. He himself was part Croat. "And.....Pythogria is still dead."

The name put a chill in the air. How long long had it been since Pythogria had help install the worst dictator in the history of long since 75% of the nation had been "purged" by his police? Everyone still had memories of their grandfathers telling horrible stories about The Site, and the horrible monument to the "Limited Democracy" of Pythogria. Still, the past was the past. The Horde had to move on.

"I want troops on full alert, and I want our sateillites up and running! I know their still up there!" The meeting was closed, and the officers went to work.
12-07-2006, 02:01
(I hope you don't mind)
SSu Mikoyan,Leader of Usea was in a staff meating when a alert on the SN(State Network) Blared.It Stated,"Movement in Nuclear waistland,Country formed."After that message,he ended the meating and called a Intel gathering.After a few hours,the report that came back suprised the Leader."I want a line to them.Now!"

--Message to Hoard of Doom--

We of the Nation of Usea congraduate you on the restoration of your composer as a nation.We of the Union of Usean Societ States Wish to further communications with you.We also like to inply a trade agreement?If you have further intrest,Please Respond.
Supreme Soviet Unifyed,Jason Mikoyan.Leader of the Union of Usean Soviet States.
The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 02:11
OOC: Not at all
"A communication? From who?"
"The Union of Usean Soviet States..." Soviets were not seen as bad in the Horde. In fact, the real mindset of the CCCP, not the false marxism, was praised in the Horde. The message was printed out, and rushed to the Supreme Consul.

We of the Nation of Usea congraduate you on the restoration of your composer as a nation.We of the Union of Usean Societ States Wish to further communications with you.We also like to inply a trade agreement?If you have further intrest,Please Respond.
Supreme Soviet Unifyed,Jason Mikoyan.Leader of the Union of Usean Soviet States.

Trade? What did the Horde have to trade? Sand perhaps...depleted Uranium might actually be worth something. Still, the contact could be useful. The Supreme Consul fiddled with his handlebar mustache, and thought deeply. He had intended his first step into the world to be one of firepower and death, to show the Horde's resolve....not petty merchents! Still.....Harstfield sturggled with the question. Finally, he made his descision.

"Put the missles on full alert. I want our military to be fully prepared. Lock the Vaults."

"Yes, Supreme One."

The Nazbol Coaltionist People's of the Horde of Doom thank you mfor being the first to recognize our return to power. Sadly, at this time the Horde would only be able to trade depleated uranium and/or weapons. If you are still interested, please respond.
12-07-2006, 02:54
The Message Came back,"Wha? Well,Thay must not take us seriously.hmmm...".As a multitude of thoughts roled in the SSu's head,another leader was about to make SSu Mikoyan Pay.Two messages from the SSu were receved by the hoard.

--Responce From SSu Mikoyan #1--
We understand your cansern and accept that you have yet to get your footing recentlly.I still want to keep lines open with your nation.

--Responce From SSu Mikoyan #2--
We are greatlly angered at your refusal of our offer.We will not be secondguessed by some backwords ingrates!

The problem is,who really sent the message?
(ooc-Indeed,this may turn into a battle after all.)
The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 03:18
"Insult us! Dammit, do they not see we're nothing but a wasteland?"
"A response?"
"Give them nothing....but steel."

High, high in the sky, a sateillite buzzed. It had been fixed on the position of the ships, and merely awaited a signal to unleash hell. Affixed to the satellite was a 5 huge tugsten rods. Built during the days of The Site, it hadn't been used for years. But it could still fire. The satellite was prepared, needing only a press of a button to let go.

We find your secondary response to be repulsive. Leave Hordian waters at once, or suffer the consequences. That is all.
12-07-2006, 03:49
"Perfect..."Said the CEO,"This is going as planed.Soon those damn Comies will be dead!"
"WHAT!!!!!!!"Yelled the SSu,"What second Responce?I only sent one!" as he scrambled about to find out what happened.

(ooc-I'm going to sleep.Sorry for the short post.)
The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 20:48
"Give them a chance to leave comrades...then blast them to hell!"
The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 21:14
Satisfied with the ships, Hartsfield returned to his office. He had much to do: Allocating resources, overseeing food production, checking pebblebed reactors, breaking trade unions, keeping the populace in line, and prepping the Hordian War Machine.

"Lieutenant Zofia (!" he called into his computer screen. Instantly a live image appeared.
"Yes Surpeme Consul?"
"I want a full read out on the propaganda output."
"Yes Comrade. Recent polls indicate a 96% approval rating from the populace, although Vault 82 has been a hold out for various democratists. Nonetheless, the Squadrista have snuffed out most opposition." Harstfield paused. Under Coalitionism, freedom of speech was neccessary. Hadn't he written that. No Harstfield! The only freedom of speech you need is that for approval, the Labor Party, and the Corporate party! "Supreme Consul....are you alright?"
"Yes. please go on."
"Yes Supreme Consul. Youths from ages 10 to 18 were polled and 87% hoped to die in battle. 90% of parents wish their sons to be soldiers, and 99% also wish them to be colonists."
"In other news, Supreme Consul, Vault 51 has once again lost power. Rails have been unable to reach it."
"Well then, I want a full revamp of their reactor! I can't conquer new lands if my own people lack power!"
"Yes Supreme Consul. Oh one last thing....does 11:00 pm work for you?"
"Yes...but leave on your uniform..."
12-07-2006, 21:18
OOC: If you're looking for someone to invade, Kologk is a possibility. Just be forwarned, they've been fighting each other for centuries, and they've gotten pretty damned good at it.
The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 21:21
OOC: No, this is just me fleshing out my country and it's leaders. When I go to war, you'll know it. You can however establish diplomacy if you wish.
12-07-2006, 21:27
OOC: Hmm... Well, someone will. Just for the record, Pyth put that dictator in power, I took him out. (Not with this country, but still...)

From: High Archbishop in the Kologkian Church Jacob Tennant of The Holy and Righteous Coalition for the Religious and Moral Advancement of Kologk
Welcome back to the world. If it was not for my people's current rather
desperate condition, due to the heathen jackals that would steal our country
from us, I would send an aid package. As it is, I wish you the best of luck.
The Horde Of Doom
12-07-2006, 21:38
"Send a reply Supreme Consul?"
"No...I want silence. The key to our success will be if we attack when no one knows it."
This is Mondoth Mining Team 1839-A3. Sorry for the false alarm. This island is currently a Mondothian protectorate and our main mining base. Once again, sorry for the false alarm.