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Radical Accusations Made on Talk Show

11-07-2006, 21:40
AP-Round Two in the Battle against LifeWyze Inc. involved a evening talk show in Aqua Anu, with Princess Subaru and a guest pannel, and an open hotline. A LifeWyze Rep called into the hotline to defend against Princess Subaru's personal belifes regarding the company.

Subaru who has been known to be an out spoken critic of the company, constantly regarded LifeWyze as a Terrorist organization. Of course thoes on the otherside say LifeWyze is just a business, and is trying to make money. At the top of the hour towards the show's conclusion, one more call was patched through, by a caller identifying her self as Izabell Monotoya, a.k.a. EXP6587325, who claimed LifeWyze turned her into a half-human species.

LifeWyze dismissed the accusation stating: "It's not physically possible, and LifeWyze posses no technology to do these things."

Monotya strongly disagrees and states they are lying. This isn't the first time she's come with these accusations. She's testified to numerous courts, and even the Aqua Anu Royal Parliment.

"I was enfused with TCX61," Says Monotoya which I know was an experimental drug, created by them."

As for the fact LifeWyze sells no weapons she told AP: "They have discontinued production of it, because it's either too powerful, or they are moving on to other things."

LifeWyze has threatend Legal Action, Monotya's response to that was: "Bring them on."

Again LifeWyze states they have no technology to do this, and even Monotya agrees.

"I don't belive they are continuing such research, it's very costly, it's very time consuming, there really isn't much benifite out of it. It was designed to create super soldiers, but I don't think it can. Still I want justice."

Ms. Motoya's attorney David Kemphar states, he will fight for her every step of the way.

As for LifeWyze's legal action, that is still pending. If they do prosocute it could be for thousands and thousands of dollars.

These accusations come at a rough time, with the Recent Murder of the previous LW Bio and Chem Warfare Rep. It isn't known if any parties will try to settle, or appeal. David Kemphar would like to see it go to the International Court, for Violation of Human Rights.

"LifeWyze will try to assert they are the prosocuters in this case," Says Kemphar but they will become the defendents, and us the prosocution." A bit cockey maybe, by some law standards, but we can't deny he is confident.

For the offical transcript of the the hearing with Monotya visit page six- (
11-07-2006, 21:58
Cont. from page 1-Izabell Montoya mentiond in teh cover story, has agreed if LW takes legal action against her, she will go forth and fight it. Ofically she would be sued for slander, and/or liable, but she plans to bring up her accusations if the court will premit.