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One Nation Under Fire [MT, Intro, Civil War, Open]

12-06-2006, 02:06
"...situation in the capital is out of control. We don't know how many have died in this war, but the best estimate is somewhere near six hundred thousand to a million. If we don't get the supplies and food we need, that estimate might rise to nearly two million over the winter. We've been living as best we can on what we can we can buy from the countryside, and what we can steal from the enemy, but we don't have much time left.
"Our attacks on their supply trains haven't been as successful recently as they once were, and our ammunition is running dangerously low. I haven't seen an anti-tank weapon less than thirty years old for about a year, and what few foreign suppliers we have are beginning to pull out.
"The Coms haven't been able to cut us off completely from the free farms, mostly because they don't have the manpower, but there aren't many left who'll give anything to us just out of kindness. Again, this is Iirich Tovildan, Leader of the Ansurian Resistance... In the name of humanity, help."

OOC: Cut off from the outside world by their political captors, the peaceful government of Ansuria was overthrown in a violent coup by it's well-armed Communist (Com, Coms) minority. For almost sixteen months, the population has tried to survive in any way possible. All international communications were stopped almost overnight, creating a political 'blind spot'.
Participants are welcome to intervene with prejudice, spies, strike teams, anything, and on either side. I'd personally prefer the resistance to come out on top, and I imagine that they eventually will, but don't let that sway you.
Terrain is relatively flat, with rolling green hills stretching off into the distance. The worst winter in living memory provides a hell for any urban combat that might happen, and also for road-bound supplies.
Anyway, here goes.
12-06-2006, 02:29
General Grimm leader of The Holy Republic of Bloodbank sat he was reading a reaport of what was happing in Ansuria. He know what was going on and had know for some time. He throw the paper away and looked at his staff "ok time for us to get help these 'poor' people 'in their time of need'." one of the man raised his hand "sir who our we helping?" the General leaned backed in his chair "Why we're going to help ourselfs to this ripe prize and libert this land into the The Holy Republic of Bloodbank and other my rule as well. Make it look like we Helping the Goverment get back control but when the time comes stirke and end it quickly." the men stood up and held their right hand in a fist over thier hearts "Yes General"
From:General Grimm
I'm sorry to here what is happing in you contry. We can't have these filthy Reds running around in charge. I'll do everything in my power to help you get back control.
12-06-2006, 02:51
From intelligence headquarters, black mountain city, No_State_At_All:
"Sir, are we going to do anything about the situation in Ansuria? Civilians seem to be dying in large numbers"
"I'd love to tell you yes, but we simply dont have the spare forces. Deploy a team of you-know-whos if any other nations deploy troops though. Orders to try to smash any foreign units that deploy there."
"I suppose thats fair. I'll get on it"

OOC: the "you-know-whos" are commandos, just to warn anyone who gets involved, you might want to be watching out for your supplies. not that you have any IC reasons to do so yet, mind. nobody has RPed putting in spies in my nation yet, so they dont have any...
12-06-2006, 02:53
From : Administrator <>
To :
Subject : Assistance

I can't thank you enough, General, for offering to assist us. What we are desperately in need of is food, medical supplies and prefab housing for the population. A disproportionate number of people in the cities have been left homeless by the war, and they need help to survive the winter.
If you can provide any military assistance in the form of armaments and materiel, I'll send you coordinates for a drop zone outside the city of Dothmir. The pad is an old military base from before the war, which we've held since it began.

Iirich Tovildan
Leader of the Ansurian Resistance
12-06-2006, 02:55
nobody has RPed putting in spies in my nation yet, so they dont have any...

OOC: Incorrect. A single spy is too small a thing to have a full rp for, and it is assumed that all nations have spies in all others, unless directly stated otherwise.
12-06-2006, 03:02
Jonathan Wales sat rather comfortably at his chair and waited for the Wheelchair Warriors to signal anything interesting over Ansuria. The nation that bordered Al-Bama on three sides. If Ansuria fell into the hole so did Al-Bama.

A voice sounded in his earpiece.

"This is Fly Six over Dothmir City, I'm picking up some heavy street fighting near the Jolonar Pillar. Coms pressing towards the Natty bases. I think John's got some extra MREs, requesting permission to drop supplies on Nattys."

"Permission denied, besides Fly Twelve is currently doing a jungle patrol near Kebira."

"Oh bullshit Kebira is the safest place in Al-Bama and the militia there doesn't even need supplies. They've got enough juice to keep 'em in the clear for like a year."

"You say one more thing and you're going offline. Now finish the goddamn route and return to base."

"You're one barid fucker."

"What was that? That's the last time you mouth off at me. I don't care if you're a cripple I'll beat the hell out of your dead below the neck ass."

"This is Fly Twelve, I agree with Ahk Jean on this. I've got leftover food. Let me drop it on the Nattys."

"Command says to go through with it. Fly Twelve will lead a supply along with Wall Six."

"An entire Wall?"

"Yep, apparently Emir Qu likes the Mandalorians."


Phrases you may not know.

"Fly" Refers to a Wheelchair Warrior pilot.

"Wall" A squadron of Wheelchair Warrior pilots. IE Fly on the Wall.

"Barid" Arabic for Cold.

"Wheelchair Warriors" Cripples who've had their nervous system linked up to different types of aircraft, allowing them to experience freedom while serving their nation.

And I spoke with Ansuria over MSN to decide some of the things in my post such as city names, landmarks, and the like.
12-06-2006, 03:05
this is at ansuria, if you cant guess

OOC: not so much... you can have basic spies around, but they wont be of any use at all, because they dont have IDs and thus cant go anywhere important, use any kind of transport, or in fact buy anything legal... its the way my nation is set up... ICly, you know nothing of what my intelligence division (which, by the way, doesnt use spys if it can help it, and has none deployed at the moment) does, or get near enough to the place the "you-know-who"'s (they do have a name... but you wont hear it for a while yet) are based to see them start an op...
Hurtful Thoughts
12-06-2006, 03:09
OOC: I'm tired, but I'll try and keep this coherent...

New Roanoke Intellegence Center, PROHT (People's Republic Of Hutrful Thoughts)
Over the antique teletype a corrospondent read as it was coming off. A very interesting read. He then patently waited past 3 paper jams then when it finally finished printing he pulled it out and reported it to his supiriors.

"A monor uprising, a few f them are well armed, a 3rd party military intervention is likley to "liberate" them, but it doesn't look nearly as bade as the Chitzeland case."

"Well, we don't want to storm in and see a repeat of the Alidor fiasco, send them a standard letter."

"Yes Sir." [Salutes, pivots, walks away]

To: Iirich Tovildan, Leader of the Ansurian Resistance
From: The People's Republic Of Hurtful Thoughts

We are willing to help restore your government to power, for a small price. But first we shall issue you with winter gear, Anti-tank Weapons, and enough mines to set up a defensive perimiter for the winter. Followed shortly after by direct intervention of PROHT Marines. By the way, what kind of tanks are you up against?
12-06-2006, 03:22
From : Administrator <>
To : nricsec@gov.prht
Subject : Supplies

I can't make any promises regarding payment, but if we ever manage to re-establish an elected government then we'll be in a better position to pay for anything.
I won't allow the use of mines in my homeland, though any other weaponry or equipment you can provide would be gratefully recieved. As far as we can tell, the Coms mostly use T-72 Main Battle Tanks, and a number of unknown Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Armoured Personnel Carriers. I can't help you any more than that, as our spotting expertise is very limited.

Iirich Tovildan
Leader of the Ansurian Resistance

OOC, No State At All: Meh.
12-06-2006, 03:30
OOC: Tag for later post.
Hurtful Thoughts
12-06-2006, 03:50
New Roanoke Island Military base, PROHT
The PROHT 101st Airborne Division (Army) prepared a flight of 3 C-17s refueled by a 3 C-130s. Inside the C-17s where piles of PROHT weaponry:

25 CC-5 5" field guns
1700 rounds
50 MC-5 Heavy Mortars (5" smoothbore)
3500 rounds
50 CC-35C 35 mm Anti-Material Rifles
1000 rounds
50 RPG-7
250 rounds
Winter clothes for 5000 people (reversable camo)
5 HT-101 AFVs with Mark 1B turrets and crew (Basic 11 ton armor scheme).
Crew consists of 15 men and 50 passengers (thogh the tanks can carry 40 each internally).

Upon landing, the tank crews loaded the stowage boxes with dirt, gravel and sand for better protection against anti tank weapons (and raised the tank's wieght to 21 tons each) until the next wave could air-drop ceramic inserts and bolt on armor.

A vetern of aid missions into hostile territory, Cpl Rick Sawyer reconoitered the surrounding area.

Minor consideration: PROHT troops never wear rank/unit insignia during politically sensitive operations. Although country of orgin would be pretty blatant.
12-06-2006, 03:53
OOC: just making a point... and this could hurt... thank god those guys dont wear insignia.
oh, and HT, that first post has a few typos you might want to look at tommorrow morning. not that they're a problem.
12-06-2006, 04:17
Untouched among the shattered city of Dothmir, Jolonar's Pillar stood tall amongst the town's less permenant buildings, as it had for nearly seven hundred years. In the year 1326, in the War of the Founding, the Empire had been forged. By blood and by steel and by fire, Rethric Jolonar had gathered an army large enough to destroy the neighbouring Barons and petty princes, gathering the lands under his banner. A granite pillar over five hundred feet high, encased in obsidian and engraved with the names of Jolonar and those who had marched with him, it was a stark reminder of those violent days. Now, violence had come again to the green hills of Ansuria. The few opressed the many, their weapons, vehicles and training superior.

'Watch your left!' yelled Iirich Tovildan. He fired a couple of controlled bursts as dark shapes darted from cover to cover. The Coms were well-funded, and fought hard for a philosophy they believed in, but no man could outrun a bullet. The soldier screamed as he fell, his right wrist and knee shattered into bloody fragments. His rifle clattered on the floor, discharging another round into his groin as it hit the ground butt-first.
Tovildan's squad had been spotted whilst they moved through a ruined building, and now they paid the price for their carelessness. Two of his men were dead, and another wounded.

'Take cover!' ordered Tovildan, and his remaining five men hid themselves as the surviving Coms sprayed their position with automatic fire. The wounded Com still whimpered into his gloves, his left arm gripped around his head. The sound carried over Jolonar's Square, providing a grim reminder of the human cost of the war...

OOC: Iirich Tovildan is pinned down in an urban scrap, and is unable to comment for a while. I'm going to bed, talk to you guys later.
12-06-2006, 04:34
Master General Andrew Vega was sitting at his desk when 2 Intelligence Officers barged into his office with a suitcase, and a letter.

"What the hell?" he said very loudly.

"Sir, we are here by order of The President of Asgarnieu. You are to read this letter, then open the briefcase," one of the Intelligence Officers said.

"And?" he inquired blankly.

"Mr. President said you would know what to do," the Officer replied.


He took the letter in his hands as the officers left. He reached for the gold-plated letter-opener on his desk. He opened the letter and read it aloud:


The situation in Ansuria is escalating. A letter was sent out to many governments, and we were one of the recipients. The resistance fighters are sorely in need of supplies, and the government is more than willing to send aid in any form, but we need your approval. Thank you.

"S**t..." he said quietly to himself.

Vega opened the briefcase and saw his old Asgarnian Special Forces uniform. He knew what to do.


TO: Ansuria
FROM: Master General Andrew H. Vega

Greetings. We are aware of the resistance fighter's grim situation. Asgarnieu is sending modern assault rifles, anti-tank weaponry, and ammunition to the fighters. Asgarnieu has also mobilized 15 divisions of Asgarnian Special Forces to help in the fight. They will arrive within 24 hours. The soldiers will meet up with you at a pre-designated location chosen by you, and will deliver the supplies. The ASF soldiers will fight along side the resistance fighters, and will recieve fresh supplies every week. We ask no monitary reimbersement for this action. Thank you, and good luck.


Andrew H. Vega
Master General of Asgarnian Collective Armed Forces
The PeoplesFreedom
12-06-2006, 09:31
To: Ansuria
From: The Peoples Freedom

The Peoples Freedom is prepared to send whatever money, troops, and supplies needed to deal with this Coup. A Marine Reactionary force is currently standing by, 30,000 Marines with full support, just give the word.
12-06-2006, 14:45
"Sir, it appears that many nations are stepping in. All on the side of the rebels"
"Hmm. Then it seems our unit will not be needed. Cancel their deployment."
The Blood Kult
12-06-2006, 16:18
Ansuria, Border Territory

The Blood Lord ran his fingers through the dirt, his crude armoured glove let the fine grains of sand run through his fingers, he imagined them to be the souls of those he’d murdered in the glory of Khorne, the stench of battle had brought him and his roaming war band to these lands, he could hear the call of War and he came… standing up the Blood Lord was around two meters tall, clad in crude, blood stained armour which was adorned with horrific trophies taken from those he killed, the skulls of the once living, they hung from chains, or were thrust upon large black spikes that covered one section of the armour…

In his hand he held a large, crude looking sword, its edges were jagged, stale blood could be seen all along the long blade, his armoured hand clenched it tighter as he turned to his war band, they numbered around one hundred each carrying axes, AK 47’s and other weaponry, mainly Soviet era, others with pistols and maces, each crude in construction, and every soldiers armour blood stained and adorned with horrific trophies of the dead and slain, one had a human face stretched across a section of the armour, its life less empty eyes staring outwards towards the world…

The Warriors bayed each other on, pushing one another and chanting the name of their god Khorne, each one getting into a more and more frenzied rage…

The Blood Lord turned towards them, his eyes obscured by the helmet he bore…

“My brothers, the smell of battle has brought us here and Master Khorne will be pleased with our offering, thousands of skulls for the taking, his rivers will swell with the blood we bring to him, and Khorne this day will look up on us with favour… Fight well and fight strong, for today is our day… for today is the Day of Blood, with it shall rain from the sky…” The Blood Lord paused for a moment, raising his sword into the air and bellowing aloud so that the weak gods of man could hear… “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!”

And his warriors responded in kind…

12-06-2006, 18:31
OOC: All offers accepted, all landing zones are near but not in the city of Dothmir, which boasts the most Coms.
Kult - Whoo! Khornate! Go do that funky skull thang.
12-06-2006, 19:31
In a small control room in the middle of a space station the young king of Elvendor sat watching video feeds. Suddenly one of the feeds cought his attention.

"What's this?" He asked as he pulled up the feed to watch it more carefully.

The feed was that of the battles going on in Ansuria. As the king watched the people fight he made a quick scan of the Communication channels. Catching the distress call from the resistance the yound king found himself in a very hard spot. On one hand he could make quite a bit of money off of the war. The other side of his brain the one he rarely listened to told him that if he were to help these people that it would be quite possibly a more profitable deal. With a firm nod he made his decision. He would help these poor people out with their little problem. With that he composed a letter and sent it to the resistance.

To: The Resistance forces of Ansuria
From: Lord Able Night King of Elvendor

I have noticed your plight and I wish to help you. Please give coordinates where I might be able to deploy troops and supplies to aid you in your endevours. I can drop five thousand men where ever you need them just keep me informed.

Lord Able Night.

After sending the letter the king sent a message down to the barraks to get five thousand men ready for heavy city fighting and to get as many supplies as the could. He then started to prep the launch pods for deployment.

"Lord let me be doing the right thing here" He said quitely as he waited for the coordinates.
The PeoplesFreedom
12-06-2006, 19:36
OCC: To Clairfy, i am fighting against the commies.

Camp Hayes, The Peoples Freedom

Lieutenant General Jacoub "Mad" Kealsey oversaw the loading of his 30,000 Marines. Despite the countinuing unrest in TPF, he knew they still had an obligation to help other nations of the world. He was just the man for the job. He was well known for taking crae of situations fast, and was the Commandants own personal firefighter. He had numerous operations under his belt, most recently the famous Marine attack on Uubur, which was a city in the Southwset that was a fortress of insurgents. His job was now to go to this country, and help the government defeat the Communist Rebels. He didnt think it would be to much of a promblem, but he knew and idea is impossible to kill. He learned that from the Former United State's "intervention" in old Vietnam. He figuered that once he had killed the majorty of the rebels, he would switch to counter-insurgency, and then start the propaganda machine to show how much Communisim sucked. He also had an intel officer to help with that, Major Beckham, who had experience in a number of these operations. He also had the experience needed to turn the war into what the brass liked to call a 'Switch and Bait' in effect, The Peoples Freedom Marines would use the same tatics against them. Or, they would do the standard counter-insurgency, it all mattered on the Commies and how dedicated they were.

"Sir, all Marines are now aborad the transports"
" Very good" said Kealsey, "have them reday my transport and well be on our way"

" Yessir"

About 20 minutes later, a gaggle of C-17s and C-130s took off and headed to their latest war.
The Blood Kult
12-06-2006, 20:44
A huge flare was let loose, it rose high into the air, the blood red flame burst across the sky and signalled to the rest of the war band some miles away camped out in a desolate village that fresh blood had been found.

Warriors signalled the charge to battle, led by The Blood Lord himself, who strode across the border towards a small village in the distance, a horn crafted from human bone was blown casting a call to battle across the lands, its low roll carried far and wide and with it the blood chilling call of the Blood Kult…

“Blood for the Blood God!”

Swords and weapons were clashed against armour and crude shields, as the unholy war band descended into the lands below… their charge was thunderous, sounding like laughter of the gods as the one hundred strong war band charged…

Meanwhile a few miles back, the rest of the war band, numbering at two thousand five hundred strong rose to their feet, chanting and clashing weapons together, they drank alcohol mixed with the blood of the slain, and cheered to the glory of Khorne, while the war band mustered random shots were fired into the air and in some places blood frenzied warriors scuffled and fought amongst themselves, eager for battle…

Today it would be The Reign of Blood…
12-06-2006, 21:24

Captain Fielding was just leaving the AC-5 (Asgarnian C-5 Galaxy) when a rather young Private ran up to him. In his haste, he forgot to salute. The Captain immediately slapped him with his rifle, and the Private fell to the ground. This time, he got it right. He drew his left hand to his left temple, and extended his arm.

"What is it that you want?" Captain Fielding inquired.

"Sir, Balkan City Command gave us the coordinates from the AS-9's. We are to head east to meet up with resistance forces."

"Aye, ready the men, we leave in five minutes."

The order was given via a hand-held bull horn. The men all stood up, activated their Land Warrior units, and boarded vehicles. Some men got in large transport trucks, others had motorcycles, many had SandRails. The Captain and 5 other men boarded a heavy tank, The M1-A2/A. It was provided with extra armoring. The remainder of men, about 7,000, started walking. The group moved across the land, slowly, but surely. Asgarnian Royal Parlimentary Guard AAH-1, AAH-6, AAH-64, and ARAH-66 helicopters flew past them to soften the path. Asgarnian Marine M3 CFV's roared along side the men. Speical Forces M55A1 Recon Tanks were just ahead of the convoy, to spot and destroy enemy targets. Within the next few hours, they would be embattled with a force they didn't even know...
The PeoplesFreedom
12-06-2006, 23:04
The massive fleet of aircraft transports were at the edge of Ansurian airspace. The flight, while long had gone smoothly. However, The Marines were itchy to get on the ground and stretch out.

Colonel James Hether was in charge of the flight, and he now radioded permission to land.

" This is The Peoples Freedom force, requesting permission to land, over"

James sat back and awaitied for a response, he hoped it came soon, the Marines were getting quite rowdy.
Hurtful Thoughts
12-06-2006, 23:39
New Roanoke Island Military base, PROHT
The PROHT 101st Airborne Division (Army) prepared a flight of 3 C-17s refueled by a 3 C-130s. Inside the C-17s where piles of PROHT weaponry:

25 CC-5 5" field guns
1700 rounds
50 MC-5 Heavy Mortars (5" smoothbore)
3500 rounds
50 CC-35C 35 mm Anti-Material Rifles
1000 rounds
50 RPG-7
250 rounds
Winter clothes for 5000 people (reversable camo)
5 HT-101 AFVs with Mark 1B turrets and crew (Basic 11 ton armor scheme).
Crew consists of 15 men and 50 passengers (thogh the tanks can carry 40 each internally).

Upon landing, the tank crews loaded the stowage boxes with dirt, gravel and sand for better protection against anti tank weapons (and raised the tank's wieght to 21 tons each) until the next wave could air-drop ceramic inserts and bolt on armor.

A vetern of aid missions into hostile territory, Cpl Rick Sawyer reconoitered the surrounding area.

Minor consideration: PROHT troops never wear rank/unit insignia during politically sensitive operations. Although country of orgin would be pretty blatant.

Assuming all this is happening at night...

Random Free Farm, 25 miles away from Dothmir
The 5 HT-101s set up a 'wagon fort' to protect the ever important supplies until the 2nd drop, which would provide the trucks necessay to move them. The weather was fairly cold, Corpral Sawyer could see his breath as he trudged through the frosty green hills, on his back he held a CC35C Anti-Material rifle.

It wasn't hard for him to find columns of soldiers in the area, what was hrd was keeping their attention away from everybody else.

Thankfully it never came to making that sort of sactrifivce, as the 2nd wave of planes came overhead, these weren't 3 C-17s, but rather 5 HT-HCTs, large steam powered planes capable of carrying over 100 tons of supplies each, behind these they towed a number of meduium gliders (10), each carrying 10 men and a pair of UL-2000 "Minions". Inside the HT-HCTs were a total of 50 fresh off the production line HT-101s. The new HT-101s were quicly manned and brought to the depot to haul supplies, their passenger compartments stuffed with munitions and cannons strapped to the hull or towed behind them. The rest of the infantry clung on top as they drove towards the military barracks they were briefed about before taking this mission.

Other random fields
A single, silent ghost floated through the skies, and touched down, giving only a soft whistling/crunching sound as warning of what was going on. Followed shortly aftyer by the patter of many jackboots on the plowed fields as they pulled the two UL-2000 aircraft from the glider's cabin, a small squad of 4 men snuck up and stormed the local farmhouse as they slept.

This scene was repeated at every field the gliders landed on, it wouldn't be long until the coms discovered they had been surrounded...

Indiginous Equipment listings (
12-06-2006, 23:48
The Wall scrambled from all parts of Al-Bama, lead by Fly Four (a stay at home mom who'd been paralyzed from the neck down by a beam during a particularly fierce storm) they were low enough to touch the names on Jolonar's Pillar. Though they didn't because then they'd crash and though they wouldn't die because they're bodies were several hundred miles away it'd still suck.

Fly Twelve prepared to empty his cargo bay over a Natty encampment. Automated gears and levers pushed the food to the edge of the bay and then down the door goes and fourteen hundred kilograms worth of MREs fly into the open air. Parachutes flail as the act is echoed by the nineteen other cargo planes. They hope their actions will keep the rebels alive for at least the rest of the winter.

And then a fiery arrow arched up from the ground, then another, another. Four missiles struck Fly Sixteen and down he went. Before he could even get any food out too.

"Goddamn newbs!"

"What happened?"

"Fuckers killed me."

"Shoulda used your flares."


"Ah well, you'll get another plane."

"I know, just takes forever to get really good with a new one."

"True dat."
12-06-2006, 23:49
Iirich Tovildan and his squad huddled down in the basement 'safe house'. Hidden below the street, with a single window facing an alleyway, and a trapdoor as it's only entrance, the room had served as a refuge since the early days of the war. They ate sparingly, without a fire, and got what sleep they could.
Iirich woke to the rumbling noise of heavy vehicles. He'd learnt to recognise the metallic, piercing noise of tank tracks quickly, for the noise meant danger. Their sentry sat beside the stone staircase that led upstairs, nestled inside his cloak for warmth. Their gazes met for a moment, both men unsurprised at the fear that was so obvious in the other's eyes.
For a few minutes the two sat their silent watch over their sleeping comrades, then a voice sounded from outside. It spoke in a foreign language, and Iirich and the sentry exchanged puzzled looks. He held up a finger to his mouth, reinforcing the current silence with an order, before standing and walking to the high window. Iirich pushed, feeling the rusted hinges give, and winced as they squeaked. No voices called, and no shots were fired, so he slowly pushed the window completely open. Cautiously, Iirich glanced out of the small opening to try and see the end of the alley.
Their uniforms were foreign, the markings of their vehicles strange. Foreign soldiers were advancing along the road, with IFVs following behind. He took a risk.

'<HEY!>' yelled Iirich, waving, and slipping slightly on the windowsill as he did. '<Shit. Hey, you! Over here!>'

OOC: The foreign troops are your SF vanguard, Asgarnieu. Iirich is speaking Mando'a, though he speaks English as well. The window is about three metres down a side alley perpendicular to your line of advance.
The Blood Kult
12-06-2006, 23:52
OOC: Any reaction to my Warband crossing into your territory?
12-06-2006, 23:57
OOC: Any reaction to my Warband crossing into your territory?

OOC: The entire resistance movement is located in major urban areas, so if you're rawring around in the countryside, then I can't really respond. I give you free reign, however, to post whatever reaction you believe is suitable.

EDIT: I realise that this may be a little annoying to you, but I honestly have nothing to work with out there. It would just be "OMG THEY R KILL UZ", and then you'd go on to the next village :D
13-06-2006, 00:12
'<What the fuck is that?>'

'<It's... It looks like half a ton of frozen curry.>'

'<Curry? With a parachute? The hell?>'

'<Hey, fuck why, I'm grabbing me some!>'


'This is Military Installation MK-105. Copy that, Peoples Freedom, you are clear to land.'
The Blood Kult
13-06-2006, 00:16
OOC: Excellent... Just what I love to hear...

The War band struck the town like unholy demons, they smashed through small picket fences that ringed the cottages and other small houses, their blood crazed chants filled the air, as they let bursts from their rifles loose into the air, the first to die was a young woman, she’d stepped outside to see what all the noise was as suddenly, a crude metal axe was swung, hitting her on the collar bone and cleaving her apart, travelling through the chest and to the groin, the Warrior bent down and tore her skull free with a gloved hand, he held it aloft and roared the name of his God, Khorne…

Others followed suit, cheering their gods name, clashing their weapons together and causing unholy chaos through out the town, young children fled, only to be cut down by the wild gun fire of frenzied warriors, men tried to fight back, using shot guns, but these crazed warriors took the shots and continued to fight with an uncontrolled fury, the smell of their own blood sending them further down the path of insanity, while a priest from the local religious zone came rushing out, his eyes widened to the scenes of carnage, small children literally being torn apart by the Warriors, men being stabbed through the chest with a crude sword, while several rounds were placed into the chest using a pistol…

Blood covered the walls of buildings, across the windows, grass, leaves, trees, anything where people were stood, blood was spilled, Corpses strewn across the street, as now the War Band continued to build themselves up into a frenzied chaos, each one firing wildly into the air, or fighting another one of the War band... such is the way of a Khorneite

The Carnage continued, Warriors cheering and roaring in triumph, collecting skulls from the slain, bodies littered the roads and pavements, blood ran freely in the streets, pooling in natural undulations on the road…

A man tried to fight back, using an axe, but the Warriors more proficient in armed combat parried the blow, then with one hand grabbed the throat of this wannabe hero, the man was risen into the air, the force of the Warriors hand closing around his neck, until one of the arteries in his neck burst, sending a gout of blood spraying across the warriors exposed face, the Warrior howled in glee as the mans life blood erupted out…

The Other warriors continued, setting fire to buildings and hoisting the corpses of the slain onto great metal spikes, their intestines were pulled out with fish hooks and chains and spread out across the market square, creating a very morbid display, almost like a spider web… Women, Children and Men, the old, the young and the middle of age were not spared from the carnage, each one was held aloft in the glory of Khorne and each one was a horrific display of The Blood Kults devotion to Khorne….

The Priest had a little extra attention paid to him, his body was nailed upside down to the church wall, his intestines were spread out into the shape of the Symbol of Khorne, and his head… his skull was now adorning the trophy rack of The Blood Lord….

Khorne would be pleased this day….
Hurtful Thoughts
13-06-2006, 00:17
You had me going for a moment there (

As I was RPing my march into Dothmir as you RPed the arrival of Asgarnieu's SFs.

Almost posted a reply to that, oh, wait, this is a reply...

Also, Kult's forces would find it wise to stay away from PROHT's troops, especially the remote groups from the gliders, they're armed pretty heavily by any standard.
13-06-2006, 00:27
OOC: Well, seeing as he's offline, you can take it instead.

EDIT: Cancelled, as he beat you to it :D
The Blood Kult
13-06-2006, 00:29
You had me going for a moment there (

As I was RPing my march into Dothmir as you RPed the arrival of Asgarnieu's SFs.

Almost posted a reply to that, oh, wait, this is a reply...

Also, Kult's forces would find it wise to stay away from PROHT's troops, especially the remote groups from the gliders, they're armed pretty heavily by any standard.

OOC: More of a reason for me to come after you.. a harder target to kill.. A better trophey for Khorne
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 00:33
The Mark-3 Stealth drone flew high in the sky. They had arrived nearly 3 hours earlier then the air force transports. They were on they're way to the cities. But one of them, on the way to the city, notcied something. A few villages had been ransacked.

" Shit" thought Airman Luke Santos, if no rebels are operating in the area we might be looking at some rougue troops running about.
He picked up the phone and called the OD over.

" you runied my lunch" The major said irritably.
" Sorry Sir, but you should see this."
The Major grunted, but looked at the screen.
" Holy Shit."
" Yes Sir, and look at this... an Altar of some sort."
" Great, ill report this, monitor the situation"
" Yes sir!"
Major Zilzicky quickly called Kealsey.
"Kealsey here"
" Sir, this is Major Zilzicky, one of my boys picked up what looks like to be rougue troops ranscaking small settelements in the countryside.
" Shit, thank you Major"
" Yes sir"

"Shit, Saxon, get up here"
" Sir?" his Aid, Colonel Saxon inquired.
" Some Fucking Idiots decided to cross the border and attack lone settlements. I want one of our Force Recon Platoons to track them down and kill them if they're small.
" Yes Sir!"
One of the C-17's changed course to were the settlements were.

" Roger, we will be landing now, thank you." Hether said.

The Massive fleet was covered by 3,000 Airborne Marines. they scouted out and saw no threat. The transports began to land

OCC: do you happen to have someone who can meet my Commander?
13-06-2006, 00:56
OOC: Major Saul Relacun, CO of MK-105. He's an officer from the regular army before the civil war, and is largely responsible for it's successful defence.
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 00:58
"We over the drop Zone, I repeat we are over the drop zone"

Sergeant Daly shuddered. There it was the green light. The one thing, and really the only thing, he hated about Force Recon were the jumps, they just scared him shitless. Ugh, only five more to go... four... three, shit... two... one....

The open door sent fierce winds into the aircraft and he almost flew out. Then, he jumped. He was sacred now, but soon his training took over and he activated his parachute. In a few minutes he landed. The Force Recon Marines soon spread out and formed into their formations. The Marines moved quietly, so quietly in fact, that animals didnt know they were there. After 30 minutes or so they came upon a scene of carnage so intense, the men would never be the same. Decapiated bodies lay everywhere, random limbs were torn off. On the church the local priest had his organs spread everywhere. The Marines vomited, some sat down, numb and prayed. Little girls lay there half of thier beautiful faces blown off. Daly went into a house and saw they had cut off the head of a two week old baby. Oh My god, he thought, The Fuckers would pay.

When Kealsey saw the images, he vomited numerous times.

He ordered the Marines too track these savages down, and kill them with joy.
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 01:05
The Marines countinued to unload. Already construction of Barracks and fortifactions had begun. Tanks rolled off the open ramps, Dobermen Close Combat IFVs lined up. Gas and ammo depots were set up. Kealsey was in his makeshift office looking at the map, he was already planning thier attack into one of the Major Cities. one of his Headquaters staff announced that the leader of the allied forces had arrived a Major Saul Relacun. He told the Marine to have him enter.
13-06-2006, 01:15
His uniform was torn, patched and tattered. His helmet was non-issue, his rifle was stolen from the enemy, and his magazines were duct-taped together. Major Saul Relacun was a mockery of a soldier, but his eyes were as hard as diamond. Relacun and his men had been fighting almost daily for sixteen months, and their dead numbered in the hundreds.
He had seen his superiors desert, he had seen men ripped in half by shells, he had known men frozen to death during the night, and buried them himself. He was a hard man, in hard times, and now those times showed a possibility of ending.

He saluted General Kealsey, and stood to attention.
13-06-2006, 01:20
The Captain looked out of the vehicle, and spotted a person waving his arms frantically and shouting. He ordered the convoy to stop, and the tanks turned their turrets to the person. a group of ASF soldiers moved to the person, guns pointed. When the subject identified himself as a friendly, and an Ansurian, the soldiers saluted him, and radioed the Captain. The Captain walked over to the subject, and saluted. He told the subject of their equipment, and gave it to the Ansurian soldiers. At that moment, 5 ACH-47 Chinook helicopters touched down, just meters from the ASF soldiers. They were carrying HMMWV's with TOW missile launchers. The ASF soldiers and the Captain wished the Ansurians good luck, and they took off.
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 01:21
Kealsey looked at this soldier in awe. He had seen these men before like this, and knew they were the best soldiers or Marines the wolrd had ever seen.
He returned the Salute with crispness that he hadnt shown in years.
" Hello Major, I am Jacoub 'Mad' Kealsey, commander of the 4th Marine Reactionary Force."
" Please take a seat, im sorry, but as you can see we are still building."
" Cigar?"
Hurtful Thoughts
13-06-2006, 01:40
Each glider landed with:
10 Infantry
2 UL-2000 Minicon CAS
1 Medium glider

4 CM-2
1,000 rounds of .55 cal
5 CM-249
10 CM-16
10 barrel extensions
5,000 5.56 mm "K" High poewered bullets
5 RPG-7
30 rockets
80 Grenades
4 20 lb FAEs

Field: 50 miles east of Dothmir (closest to Blood Kult)
The 4 man squad had finished clearing the house and barn, the residents kneeling and shaking along a wall as one of the troops tried to calm them down. One of the Troops happened to gave out window, and saw the other 6 men go through preflight check as they prepared to make a run against the Coms.

He then looked East, what he saw looked like a repeat of what he had encounted on New Roanoke Island when he was serving under the Republican Gaurd, blood besplattered troops in Medieval garb where marching towards them. Thuis time however, he had the advantage, they lost their surprise, he had a fort (the farm), and instead of fighting with bows and arrows he had sniper rifles and Machine Guns. They where some 15 miles away, but he could see the advance units chasing local villagers tyhrough the streets, their intentions on other matters for the moment.

He told the others with him to look out the window, then darted off to tell the others. It wasn't long to convince the farmers that they would be the lesser of two evils. They where given spare CM-16 5.56 mm sniper rifles.

Each UL-2000 armed with:

1 pilot
2 RPG and 5 rockets each
1 CM-2
250 rounds
1 CM-16 (personal weapon)
150 rounds
20 grenades


8 infantry
2 CM-2 HMG /w/ 1,000 rounds
1 CM-16/RPG-7 combo (10 rockets)
5 CM-249
6 Farmers
6 CM-16
40 grenades
4,700 rounds 5.56 mm
4 20 Lb FAEs (sorry but these'll be used as remote mines)
Assorted cutlery (axes, spliting mauls, pitchforks, pick axes, Military Shovels, Bayonets, Machettes, etc)

Still wondering about what is going to hapen to those 50 HT-101s overloaded with munitions and manned with skelaton crews.
13-06-2006, 01:43
'I don't smoke,' snapped Relacun, refusing to address an outsider, one who had not suffered through the long months of cold and death as they had, as 'sir'. The Ansurian Major remained standing as he kept his gaze riveted upon a spot a foot above Kealsey's head.

'Forgive me,' he said, 'but I would like to return to my men as soon as I can. If we could hurry through whatever formalities must be observed, I would be... grateful.'
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 01:49
Kealsey sighed, little did the Major know that when he was a Captain he had led a company around 200 men. That company was split off from friendly forces and he had to hold out for one month in the bitter cold. 24 of his men had survived.

" Sorry Major, just tell us where you want your new Marines deployed and you can be on your way."
13-06-2006, 02:16
Relacun gave no acknowledgement of Kealsey's rebuttal. 'The resistance's personnel are thinly spread. It will take some time to recall them all, and we'll need a secure staging area until then. Our only option is MK-105 itself, though the Coms will probably attempt to stop us from massing.
'We'll have to defend the complex until then. We'll dig in what tanks we can, and extend the perimiter defences. Once we're assembled, we can strike back at them.'
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 02:22
" How many men does the Reds have? my Marines are attackers not defenders. We dont want to defend for long"
13-06-2006, 02:24
'Dothmir is their base of operations. They have around forty thousand infantry, and perhaps five hundred tanks. Once we pull our fighters out of the rest of the city, they'll begin to converge on us, and we'll have a tougher time of it.'
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 02:27
shit, I didnt realize the reds had that many troops.

"My Marines are perfectly capable of taking Dothmir, with added support from our homeland we wont have a promblem of it. My Marines are specialists in Winter and Urban warfare, how many troops do you have that can launch an offensive?"
13-06-2006, 02:35
'We have around two thousand regular infantry and ex-military personnel, and a little over six thousand volunteers at last count. We train them as best we can, but our sources of equipment and supplies are erratic.'
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 02:40
"Understood, if you require supplies let us know anything you want well get. If you dont have any objections, we will launch an offensive against Dothmir. My Marines can also train your men."
He stood up and Saluted.
13-06-2006, 02:51
'My men don't need training,' said Relacun, 'just the auxiliaries. You do as you will, but we're staying here.'
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 02:52
" Okay, can you handle the defense or shall I call for reinforcement?"
13-06-2006, 02:54
'All I need are weapons. Give me three hundred anti-tank disposables, and enough Kalashnikov rounds to fill a C-130, and I'll hold this place until hell freezes over.'
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 02:57
"Will do, the Ak rounds might take awhile, but we can give you 300 Anvils in a few days, those things can eaisly take out Abrams so I dont think they will have trouble with some T-72's. In addition, Air support will laways be availble. We want to help you not harm you, you have the full backing of The Peoples Freedom Armed Forces."
13-06-2006, 03:20
The ASF Soldiers were just 7 kilometers behind PROHT's Forces. The Attack Helicopters had been out all day destroying Red vehicles and killing Red forces. The ASF Captain decided to set up a re-fueling/re-arming site. The Captain sent out 10 M55A1 Sheridan Recon Tanks and 5 M3's to recon the area ahead of PROHT's forces. A large group of soldiers took off in FAST's (Fast Attack Support Trucks). The trucks had various armaments. Some had TOW's, others had MK19's, and a few had L-22 Large Rockets. The Captain set up a comms center and contacted all friendly forces' leaders. He informed them of ASF vehicle patrols, and his current arsenal. He got a message from the FAST group, stating that they had encountered several Red vehicles, and destroyed them without trouble. After the helicopters and other vehicles were rearmed and refueled, the convoy once again moved out. The FAST's returned, and the Captain caught up with the Recon Tanks and M3's. Within minutes, they would make contact with the PROHT troops.
Hurtful Thoughts
13-06-2006, 03:42
less than 10 miles from MK-105, Dothmir
50 heavily loaded HT-101s towing 25 CC-5 cannons and towing 25 MC-5 mortars, with 25 other mortars on top of some of the APC hulls and skelaton crews of 1 person each. Streamed towards MK-105 at a nice healthy 45 mph over the last grassy knoll...

This group was led by a group of 5 unencumbered HT-101s moving at a reletively zippy 55 mph into the barracks. On top of one of these sat Rick Sawyer, with his CC-35C rifle beside him and a CM-16 rifle slung peacefully behind him.

18 UL-2000 "Minions" flew over Dothmir. In search for some tanks to kill, it wouldn't be long until they found something that looked like a T-72.

It did come as some surprise that 2 UL-2000s were missing, but they could be simply delayed by weather...
Hurtful Thoughts
13-06-2006, 03:59
(continuation, after PROHT forces contact FASTs)
Cpl Sawyer saw what appeared to be a convoy of trucks, he quixckly ordered the convoy stopped as one of the 5 HT-101s moved ahead a ways to identify the group, on that 'tank' (I've still yet to figure out what to catagorize these things) was Sawyer himself, still calm, fairly peaceful, loaded CC-35C right next to him, loaded CM-16 behind him, fully functional HT-101 below him.

After a few meters of this he decided to get off and walk, leaving the CC-35C behind, and the CM-16 still slung behind him in a peaceful manner, HT-101 with its chaingun growling behind him, the other 4 just behind that ruined farm...

He still felt safe, even when he noticed that the trucks all had heavy weapons, and that chances where they didn't know which side each other was on, but that didn't matter so long as nobody shot anybody... He had done this before... On Alidor, as he marched a gas station attendant who though he was being dragged out back to be shot, when all he did was make sure he made it home safely, he had the same feeling now as he did then...

Except now he was the gas station attendant...

Wait, which PROHT group are you behind? the one about to be attacked by Kult or the one marching into MK-105?
13-06-2006, 06:17
The young king having recieved the coordinates for the drop sits sat behind the console once more.

"Commander are your men ready?" He asked into one of the radios that he had lined up infront of him

"Just say the word milord" came the instant response.

"alright we will be out of contact for about 5 minutes and the supplies are going first" Able says into the radio

"Roger that sir" came the reply

Then with everything ready all it took was the station to line up with the coordinates. A timer was counting down until launch.

"...3...2...1 launch" Able said as he pushed the button.

There was a very slight jolt and as Able watched he saw the pods with him men and supplies sailing toward the earth.

"God speed you on your way and may you come back home in one piece" Able prayed silently.

All goes well getting thought the atmosphere. Many of the troops already in the area will see the burn off trails as they clear atmo.

"All pods have landed with accuracy up to 4 centimeters" said a soft computer voice to Able's left.

"excellent" said able as he lounged back in his chair "inform me the instant that com links have been established until then I'm gonna catch a few winks..."
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 19:43
OCC: If you dont mind me asking, Elvendor, what tech are you? because I thought pods were PMT if not early FT
Hurtful Thoughts
13-06-2006, 22:09
Does it really matter, Kult is playing PT. And he thinks his horde has a chance against ten of my men. Even after I start dropping them from over 5 miles away.

Either way, what he is most likely saying is that he'd like to see another PMT nation get involved on the other side (or tone down your involvment or something).

Me, I'd like to see another PT horde run into Kult's so I can lay back and watch.
The Blood Kult
13-06-2006, 22:13
Does it really matter, Kult is playing PT. And he thinks his horde has a chance against ten of my men. Even after I start dropping them from over 5 miles away.

Either way, what he is most likely saying is that he'd like to see another PMT nation get involved on the other side (or tone down your involvment or something).

Me, I'd like to see another PT horde run into Kult's so I can lay back and watch.

OOC: I'm not PT, I'm MT Using Soviet Era weaponry, AK 47's, T-90's and other soviet weaponry, the armour and swords have been chosen because they are the prefered weaponry of Khorne, they have no qualms however of using the tried and tested method of Shooting someone in the face with a large caliber weapon...
Hurtful Thoughts
13-06-2006, 22:21
OOC: I'm not PT, I'm MT Using Soviet Era weaponry, AK 47's, T-90's and other soviet weaponry, the armour and swords have been chosen because they are the prefered weaponry of Khorne, they have no qualms however of using the tried and tested method of Shooting someone in the face with a large caliber weapon...

So it looks like an even game then?

Though in your post you didn't make your people out to be mechanically inclined. Though I doubt wounding your men would do me much good.

Oh well, expect to start losing men at 25 miles from air attacks, and 3 miles from heavy MG fire... 2 miles from everything else except the grenades and RPGs.
The PeoplesFreedom
13-06-2006, 23:42
OCC: I wouldnt underestiamte him, Hurtful.
The Blood Kult
14-06-2006, 00:47
The Border, A Mile from the Ransacked Town

The war band swept on, moving onto another town, the village they had left behind was a scene of utter horror, like a child’s worst nightmare, manifest.

The main portion of the War band, over 2,500 strong rolled over the border, T-90 Main battle tanks rolled at the head of the column, followed in close support by IVF’s, BMP’s and other soviet era vehicles, each one was adorned in gruesome trophies, a child was chained to the front of the lead T-90, his chest cut open, exposing the organs, that were pulled partially out by meat hooks, his head however was still on the child’s body and its lifeless eyes stared out ahead of the tank, as though it was looking for someone to help him out of this perpetual and eternal torment.

All the tanks had tall spikes rising out of the back, each one with more trophies adorning it, entire corpses skewered from the groin upwards, the large black metal spike protruding out of the mouth, with the tanks armour and old Soviet camouflage was covered in blood, stale blood that could be smelt strongly, it mixed with the diesel fumes to create a pungent smell…

Following the tanks were the Infantry, all warriors clad in armour, carrying more crude axes, others with sniper rifles, the bones of a human hand hung from the barrel like a necklace, while the warrior brandishing a Draganov was wearing a human face as a mask, hiding his features behind the young woman’s face, his helmet was splattered with blood, and in thick black ichors the symbol of Khorne was scrawled upon it, the rest of the War band was of similar style, each one baring some form of trophy or carrying some form of weapon, from RPG’s to Assault rifles, man Portable SAM’s and Mortars, the war band, despite its look and general discipline was actually quite well equipped…

But now the War band forged on ahead, looking to meet up with the Blood Lord and his Chosen Knights of Khorne…

However, on approaching the ransacked town, it was apparent that the offerings would not cease this day with the form of what appeared to be a special operations unit, scouting through the down, The Blood Lords lieutenant called for the general charge, and in the noise and chaos, in unison the entire group roared in triumph to the blood god…


And then everyone responded to the call…


As the T-90’s opened fire on the Specops Team, the entire war band charged down the hill, firing wildly into the air and raising great axes and blades into the air, the warriors of Chaos were here and blood shall be spilt…
The PeoplesFreedom
14-06-2006, 01:07
OCC: are you talking about my team? cause they're a day behind you.
14-06-2006, 02:33
OOC: PF, my forces are just behind The PROHT group that is nearest Blood Kult.
Hurtful Thoughts
14-06-2006, 02:57
You mean, between Dothmir and me?

Of all the luck, I'm going to get stuck with 6 farmers in a crossfire between a bunch of hoolagans with soviet junk and some SF guys with American junk.

BTW: that armor Kult is wearing for my benifit, it makes thermobaric weapons ( the more nasty...
My hand grenades are similar to the warheads on the American SMAW-NE, only with the rocket replaced with a 10 second delay fuze. Happy hunting Kult!
[note: that was a single man portable rocket in that video, also note green fuel vapor after explosion]
14-06-2006, 06:06
OOC: What are you talking about with pt Huh? I was thinking more along the lines of HALO Drop pods personally and please let me know if you find anything that I use to be to over powered or "twinky" as I like to say. Also I have a question is anyone around the areas where the inital drop zones were set to be? If so I would like to know if my people get a greeting or not before I proceed.

PS: If anyone is there to meet my men the oldest of the lot looks to be in his late teens. :) Just a small detail.
Hurtful Thoughts
14-06-2006, 07:42
Surounded Farmhouse
The Sgt looked out the window as he saw line after line of tank come to the forefront of the line, the UL-2000s were already in the air, and he could occasoinally see flashes whenever a greande or rocket went off.

He and his men prepared the CM-2 Heavy Machine guns, added barrel extensions, and kept water buckets handy. They then piled sandbags up by the windows and doors, the barbed wire from the fences where reused in a manner more fitting to slowing down troops, layed 20 lb FAEs as landmines at choke points in the fenceline, and then instructed the farmers in basic marksmanship with a CM-16 and basic skills with how to cleave a knight's head off with a battle axe/PROHT military shovel.

The UL-2000s landed, where rearmed and they flew off again, one last time.

As the forces neared, it could be seen that they were after some unlucky Special Forces troopers, they never met each other, but they felt sorry for them. They would soon take their toll on them.

As the Kult forces came within range, one of the grunts started quietly talking to himself:
Hurt them plenty... For New Roanoke Island... for Alidor... for Chitzeland... for Ansuria... and most of all, for ourselves... CROATOAN!
Then he went from laying on his back to a prone position beside the second CM-2 and opened fire with deadly accuracy, with the forces bunched as close together as they were, it was hard to miss...

Air over Kult forces
The two UL-2000s droned low and slow overhead, firing off all 20 rockets at 20 T-90 tanks in less than a minute. they then strafed APCs with their Heavy Machine guns and dropped thermobaric hand grenades wherever the enemy was concentrated, sending bodies flying, they did not know how much damage they were doing, but every little bit counted, they ignored pesky small arms fire, SAMs simply flew past them, the pilots cold almost reach out and spit on each and every one of them, but they doubted it would make much difference...

There were just so many of them...

Ammunition expended:
20 RPG rounds
UL-2000s picked up remaining 10
40 grenades
UL-2000s picked up another 40 from farm
600 Heavy Machine Gun bullets
400 from the UL-2000s, 200 from Farm
UL-2000s picked up last 400 for 2nd sortie

Out of Heavy Machine gun Ammo
Out of Grenades and RPGs
5.56 mm ammo remains untouched
15-06-2006, 02:18

The FAST's caught up with Hurtful Thought's forces, and identified themselves. They prepared for battle.


The ARAH-66 Attack Helicopters were fueled-up, and rearmed. The first 25 began to lift-off, and head for the battle zone. They were armed with RBG-107 2-Barreled Rotating Cannons in 37mm, 2.75" FFAR with Thermobaric Warheads, GMU-6K Guided Missiles with High Explosive/Fragmentation Warheads, and FBG-3 Fixed-Barrel 40mm Airburst Cannons with Fragmentation Warheads. Their armaments were surely lethal to nearly any enemy target. Asgarnian FAST-R Guided Rocket Trucks lined up to fire their deadly payload. The rockets, designated GRU-5X, for they weren't yet tested in battle, were designed to airburst 16.5" above the ground, or directly hit vehicles, buildings, or anything else. Several batteries of 120mm Artillery Howitzers lined up behind the FAST-R's. The 120's were firing 'Excaliber' ammunition, developed in the United States. The rounds are guided, and designed to airburst. The Blood Kult forces were in trouble, for sure...
15-06-2006, 16:11
In the Al-Bama city of Kebira

"Can you really believe this? Marauders blowing through the Ansurian country side like so many locusts."

"It's really a shame, some Flys have picked up their targets near......what was the name of the town?"

"Kentsing sir."

"Near Kentsing, about a mile or so away from the town of Harrison where one of the massacres have taken place."

"They've killed many?"

"Yes sir. All. We need your authorization to continue the war against them. We have Panavias ready to fly and can have Strikers on the ground in a matter of hours."

"Then do so." A rather toned down chortle could be heard behind the Emir's back.

"Why do you laugh? We may have to do some killing soon."

"The Kultists are pathetic, a horde to be crushed under the mighty Bamanian boot."

"Verd ori'shya beskar'gam. (A warrior is more than his armor)"

"Mando'a proverbs will not prove me wrong Emir, it simply shows you were raised in Ansuria."

"Mhi adenn Bama'se kar'tayli nynir parjir. (We merciless Bamanians know that to strike is to win.)"

"Yes, that's true. Why are we saying this now though?"

"Mhi vore darasuum parjai. (We accept eternal victory)"

"Very poetic my lord but could you stop talking in Mando'a?"

"Nayc (no)"

The Panavias were a motley group, some were Flys some were actual people in the cockpit. They were supported by a squadron or two of F-16 Falcons that would soften the target for them. They came within range of the Horde and the night (assuming it's night) became day.
20-06-2006, 15:13
OOC: Sorry for not posting for a few days. I got dragged off to Devon from thursday 'til monday with very little warning.


A single flare lit the black sky over MK-105 into red haze, illuminating the prone forms of nearly two hundred black-garbed soldiers lying flat in the churned mud and barbed wire of the bese's northern side.

"<OPEN FIRE!>" screamed Major Relacun, and his order was confirmed by the heavy machinegun teams in the defence towers. Their weapons burst into life, spraying the open ground with lethal hails of fire. The rounds found marks, and twenty Com soldiers died within seconds, their backs laid open to the night air, their heads crushed like melons. They screamed as the heavy slugs bit into their fragile bodies. Orders rang out.

"<Forward!>" yelled the Com officers, "<Charge!>"

But the soldiers did not move, and they died where they lay. Eventually, a troop of T-72s fired a volley of shells over the heads of their infantry, sending white-hot fragments in every direction and silencing the machineguns for a few crucial seconds.

"<Back!>" came the cry, and heedless of their officers, the Com infantry sprinted back over the open ground towards their own positions.

OOC: Just a small attack, because I was bored. Come on, let's at least get this over with if you don't feel that up to it.
20-06-2006, 16:46
OOC: Could I ask someone to summarize it for me? I really wanna join on the Rebels side. Thank you.
Hurtful Thoughts
20-06-2006, 18:36
There is a summary of how it started on the first page.

Recent events:
PROHT sends in airborne aid (military hardware and advisors) and lands 10 gliders.

Blood Kult stomps in and commits attrocities for run, and now is somewhere near where one of my gliders landed (apparently on a challenge). A few other countries send in troops to give the Kult horde a good hiding.

The rest go towards Mk 105, a democratic held military stronghold, to offer assistance. This base is oddly placed in close proximity to Drothmir, the communist stronghold (actually a city).

Most of the forces have reached their respective camps for a "big push" of some sort, while PROHT troops have been halted by some sentries on FASTs not far outside the city/base.

Nobody is really RPing the coms...
The PeoplesFreedom
21-06-2006, 04:43
OCC: Is this thread still going? If so, I want to launch my offensive soon.
Hurtful Thoughts
21-06-2006, 05:05
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Surounded Farmhouse
The Sgt again looked out the window as he saw line after line of tank come to the forefront of the line, the UL-2000s were already in the air, and he could occasoinally see flashes whenever a greande or rocket went off.

He then noticed a line of armed trucks pulling up alongside the farmhouse, and they promptly identified temselves as allies, the sgt then gave a brief summary from what the pilots had seen: a massive armored horde with tanks.

Inside the men readied their 2nd line, a tripwire rigged to the four 20 lb FAEs, they would let a portion of the horde pass the zone, plinking a few to keep them enraged, then blow up the charges to break the horde into 2 waves instead of one. The five CM-249 Light machine guns then had their turn, firing a 'beaten zone' into the horde at key points that held the most promising targets. They fired 3,000 rounds of 5.56 mm ammo as the Kult forces crossed the line line of FAE land mines, it was now the turn for the CM-16 snipers, the marines traded the farmers the CM-249s each with 100 rounds and barrel extensions removed for the CM-16 light sniper rifles. They then started plinking at troops highly decorated with skulls thinking this was how they showed 'rank'.

The farmers meanwhile were tasked with making molotov cocktails.

Air over Kult forces
The UL-2000s made their last passes, firing the last 10 RPGs at their targets and loosing their bombload of grenades, and the usual straffing of the APCs with the last HMG bulets, one of the pilots became so frustrated with their seemingly punt effort that he pulled out his CM-16 and fired 30 rounds of 5.56 mm ammo into the horde. Then nosedived and yanked a trooper out of the crowd to combat him in hand to hand at altitude. The wingman in turn pulled out his own CM-16 and 'assisted' the pilot in his fight.

Ammunition expended (mostly by the UL-2000s):
Last 10 RPG rounds
Last 40 grenades
Last 400 HMG bullets
3033 rounds 5.56 mm

PROHT Ammo remaining:
1967 rounds 5.56 mm
27 with UL-2000 wingman
1940 rounds in farm
And a hodgepoge collection of petrol bombs make of almost any glass container inaginable. (about 40 [4 wine bottles, 24 beer bottles and 12 jars of hand canned fruit])

The PROHT supply column rolled inside the compound only to meet confusion, a firefight was going on outside, so 5 of the combat ready HT-101s offered to chase after the enemy if they where willing to provide infantry support of 50 men. In the meantime, the other 50 PROHT marines tried desprately to find crews capable of operating an HT-101 IFV, or at the very least capable of driving a tank (it was alrready assumed the advisors would have to operate the gun turrets for the next few days).

Air over Dothmir
The 18 UL-2000s unleashed their 90 RPG-7s at tanks found in the open, fired 1800 rounds of .55 caliber and 3600 rounds of 5.56 mm ammunition at APCs and open infantry, and they dropped nine 20# FAEs and 180 grenades in major war production facilities and depots.

Oh and People's Freedom: your men where behind their advance troops, but behind their reargaurd. Enjoy playing wih his tanks, I hope I'll fare better...
23-06-2006, 22:07
HT: Dothmir. No 'R'.

Kult: Post, curse you.