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Rebuilding the NSSR

22-05-2006, 19:06
The NSSR has been terrorized by three wars and many terrorist attacks. The people wanted to rebuild the country. I am offering a lot of money to anyone who can help me rebuild my country, mostly Scherbgrad and New Moscow.

Also, I am starting a new alliance, the Socialist Bolchivik Alliance. The Socialist Bolchivik Alliance is a military alliance, and if one nation gets attacked, they all defend. I am starting this up to help defenses in my country. Post if you would like to join.
22-05-2006, 19:11
22-05-2006, 19:12
NSSR Representative,

LifeWyze BioTech wishes to erect four hundred MediCare Facilities within your nation as you no doubt have need of hospitals. In addition, it is also the desire of LifeWyze to construct four EduCare Facilities to train your citizens to become employees for LifeWyze BioTech.

To aid in the rebuilding of the NSSR, LifeWyze BioTech wishes to make a contribution to the nation of $150bn and relief in the form of basic medicines for your people.

Yours Faithfully,
Sir James Irvine,
C.E.O. LifeWyze BioTech.
22-05-2006, 19:17
Thank you, Cruxium. In return, we will open a LifeWyze BioTech building in New Moscow and Scherbgrad.

Thank you,
Comrade Alex,
(new)Supreme Comrade of the NSSR
The USA-
22-05-2006, 19:31
We will help to rebuild the public transportion in your country, Scherbgrad and New Moscow.
22-05-2006, 19:33
(OOC: That offer is purely by LifeWyze BioTech as Cruxium itself is preparing for war. The request is also for 400 hospitals & 4 universities across your country. *grins*)
The USA-
22-05-2006, 19:45

We will install tram and metro systems in New Moscow and Scherbgrad. The routes will follow the old routes. We will install these for free becaus eyour country is in need of such things.
22-05-2006, 19:59
We would like to join the alliance.
The USA-
22-05-2006, 20:03
We would to. We have a small army, so we would need defense.

Do you need public transportation? Go to the thread "united public transportation now open" and buy some now!
22-05-2006, 20:21
From: The United Socialist States of Mirhuell

We, The United Socialist States of Mirhuell, would like to offer you a hand in rebuilding your country, and strenghtning your defence abilities.

In that light we are prepared to offer you 50 billion Dollars, 500,000 G3's, and 600,000 Desert Eagles. We would also offer your troops a small tuturial on Guerrila warfare (How to engage and how to combat) and Urban Warfare (how to capture buildings with minimal casualties), given by our finest Instructers.

We also wish to iniciate an Embassy Exchange.

Please contact us should you wish our help and/or an Embassy Exchange.


Erathon Raiter, President of The United Socialist States of Mirhuell and Supreme Commander of the RMAF, RMN and RMGF.
Good Happiness
22-05-2006, 20:22
I wish to join
22-05-2006, 20:26
I wish to send some soldiers to train your police. in my nation, crime is unhaerd of.