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The International Mall

21-05-2006, 03:12
Yes, its back for you oldsters who remember it.
Your ultimate resource for anything and everything you could possibly want or need, the International Mall is cross-temporal for your convinience. We carry Future Tech, Modern Tech, Post-Modern Tech and Past Tech, plus some other techs.
Legends speak of lost tribes of newbies from 2003 when the Mall first opened, forever wandering through the massive ventilation system, seeking for a way back to their familiar stores.
Sadly, mall security has not been able to find them and we cant get rid of the smell.
Regardless, the IM has just about everything. And if it doesnt have it, you dont want it.

For those with something to sell, please check the Individual Units forum, or if you have a more permenant store in mind, look under the FT, MT or 'Other' sections for information on how to get a forum of your own.
We welcome everybody at the IM, as long as you have cash.
21-05-2006, 03:29
I wish to place my mega storefront in the International Mall.

Mega storefront (
Space Union
21-05-2006, 03:31
Hey, can you open up a sub-forum for me in the Modern Tech category for my storefront (Space Union Defense Industries)? I've been meaning to open up a storefront there, but lost the link a while back and since couldn't find a thread that routed me there.
21-05-2006, 03:36
Heh, i remeber it, long time heh ? Oops, missread :P anyway, i suppose i could open a subforum for CAI.
21-05-2006, 05:14
Its nice to have you all on the Mall. Hopefully this will revive it from its current slump due to a year of no advertising outside of my sig.
21-05-2006, 06:13
Bump in the name of cash!
21-05-2006, 18:41
Bump again.
Many storefronts do contract work as well, so contact the nations running them to ask about contracting :)
Space Union
21-05-2006, 19:47
Posted up request for storefront in that "Request Storefront" link.
21-05-2006, 22:16
Posted up request for storefront in that "Request Storefront" link.

As have I.
21-05-2006, 22:22
Nice to have you :)
23-05-2006, 15:41
23-05-2006, 15:53
I'll save the link for when I start my Underground Storefrontâ„¢.
28-05-2006, 03:17
Wheeeee bump
28-05-2006, 17:59