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20-05-2006, 22:14
Free Imperia News
New film stirs controversy in Republic...

Recently the Republic has been shaken up by a new controversial film titled: 'Dorthia'. Dorthia was an island in the HailandKill Imperial Commonwealth which saw the first blood shed which has started the infamous Jagite-Killian Blood Feud. It began when Killian President Thomas Dolby executed five Jagite diplomatic personnel for no apparent reason. In retaliation, Highest Minister Hunter Norris sent the Crusaders to Dorthia. The island was quickly seized by the Crusaders and they began the task of liberating the people. The island of Dorthia turned out to be a vital strategic point for the Imperial Commonwealth, this forced Dolby to send troops to Dorthia to dislodge the Jagite Liberators. Due to poor military tactics on the part of the Killians and superb tactics on the part of Major Dour led to the Killians being delivered a swift defeat at Dorthia's capital city of Evermore. However, during the battle most of the city was damaged and almost the entire population killed in the crossfire. Seeing Dorthia has no longer of any great use to Jagada or HailandKill, Highest Minister Norris ordered the Crusaders home--not before razing the remnants of Evermore though.

The controversy behind this film is the rather violent content it portrays. Jagada has for long been known for its extremely strict control over what can and cannot be in a movie. The film includes war scenes, light gore, and even suggestive language--all of which are sensitive issues in the public. Highest Minister Riyabuo has stated that she advises all parents to think long and hard on weather or not to permit their children to watch the movie--but says that most mature adults will be able to handle the movie easily. Though some of the Preachers and Churches have stated that this movie, if allowed to show, may give the impression that Jagada is OK with these types of movies--which the Republic is firmly against. However, most Pastors, Preachers, and Church officials have stated that due to the historical and educational accuracy the movie is supposed to portray--they will give their general approval, but many stated firmly that it would be extremely unwise to allow children and especially teenagers to watch the movie.

Due to those concerns the National Movies Rating Council (NMRC) is expected to place the legal age to watch this movie at around twenty-five with strict fines if anyone under the approved age tries to see the movie. Due to the strictness and controversy the movie portrays, the motion pictures producer known as 'The Oracle' as stated that they will not even attempt to get the movie placed on DVD and sold privately.

The movie itself stars two stars in the Jagite Film Industry. One is Yoshi Kuro, a twenty-five year old male of Japanese ancestry who played in notable films such as 'The Journey of the Jews' and 'The New Crusade'. The other is Ping Da; she played in notable movies such as 'The Last of the Templars', 'Malaga', and most famously 'A Search for God'. In Dorthia, Yoshi plays a Major Dour, who is an externally strong man, but weak internally--not what the history books tell us about Dour. He is seen as a man you wouldn't expect to want to kill, he is deeply religious. Ping Da plays a Killian woman who eventually meets up with Yoshi in the movie and informs him of how bad it is in the Imperial Commonwealth, and gives her life story.

Despite all this, the movie is expected to be a blockbuster in Jagada.
05-06-2006, 06:35
Churches Condemn King Fedor of MacabeeChurch Leaders call for Jagite Intervention in War of Golden Succession

At various rallies held across the Republic today, most notably Pax Topazia and Inn--Church leaders from all faiths including Catholicism, Protestant, Mormon, Non-Denominational, Buddhist, Islamic, and more rallied together to call for a 'Justified War' against the Golden Throne. They have citied the obvious liberalization of the Empire has a clear sign that Fedor is hoping to forge the first Libertarian Police State in the region and use the Macabee's already primed War Machine to impose his Anti-Religious views upon the region. This is, however, not the first anti-Macabee rally to be held, hundreds were held during the reign of Franco York and the Trinity Empire, and some where held in the early days of the Kraven Conversion until the Capitol Police announced protest, be it for or against the government, was illegal. It is also not just the religious majority of Jagada whom have called for Jagite intervention--several human, civil, and political rights groups have pressured for Jagite intervention into the war, citing that such an intervention could tip the balance back into Havenic Pact favor.

This combined with mounting pressure in the Council and Chambers to do something about the current regional war--which up until recently Jagada has remained completely out of. Councilman Chao of Pax Topazia had this to say, '...we have remained out of this regional war for far too long--simply hoping that good will prevail. Though with Safehaven itself under assault, we cannot stand back any longer. If we don't intervene, then I'll ask the Highest Minister to go ahead and write Jagada's request for annexation into the Golden Throne'. This is only one of a string of comments coming out of the Nationalist-run Congress. Though not all in Congress feel this way about intervention, such as Councilman Tian from New Hope, '...this regional war is something new to Jagada, prior to the Extermination we had no neighbors, no one to worry about. If we rush into this war simply because Fedor makes some ridiculous egoistic claims to 'Imperial hegemony' than we are just as foolish as he is. We must remain neutral.'

Though with pressure on all fronts--Highest Minister Riyabuo had activated the Ninth Fleet, the only fleet currently maintaining war-time functions, and the only Offensive Fleet the Republic has ready for duty. There are rumors and some unofficial leaks from the military which suggest that the 12th Army had also been activated at its current base, located outside of the city of Inn.

At the present it is unclear of the government's intentions but with mounting pressure, and an increasing costly war looming ever closer to Jagada--it seems the Republic will sooner-or-later become involved in some manner.
05-06-2006, 07:14
New Battleship Commissioned!
Genesis-Class Battleship completed...

Months ago, the Naval Command announced it would be requiring a local, domestic warship design company to begin the process of designing a new warship for the Republic. The call was answered by a variety of companies, but using its already monolithic control of the Arms Manufacturing Industry, Inn Industrial, and its sub company of Inn Shipyards were the first to complete the new battleship which they christened 'Genesis' meaning 'In the Beginning'. This is triumphed by both Highest Minister Riyabuo, and Congress as a national achievement--rivaled by the first domestic tank design, that being the now retired Legionnaire Main Battle Tank. The Battleship itself has replaced the JGFS Alchemy in the Ninth Fleet due to a recent electronic malfunction of the Alchemy which has effectively made the ship less than reliable. The Genesis and its crew sailed out from the shipyards of Inn to the Ninth Fleet, which currently hold position off the coast of Inn itself.

Highest Minister Riyabuo made this comment at the christening proceedings, ’This is truly a display that the Republic is strong, that it is reliable, that it will maintain.’ Even Congress is undivided on the development of the ship, due that the Navy has been a long under funded branch of the Armed Forces. Following the Extermination, the Army received almost fifty percent of the entire defense budget, rivaled only by the Air Force while the Navy was left to sit in harbor. Only when Highest Minister Riyabuo took office did the Navy receive new funding. Head Councilman Takada made this comment during a regular meeting of the Council, ’Today, with the christening of the Genesis, the Grand Navy can finally begin the long path of becoming one of the most respected Navies in the World’.

Grand Admiral Bradley III, the Highest Commander of the Navy, has praised the christening of the Genesis has ‘a step in the right direction’. The Grand Admiral himself pushed for the backing of giving the contract to Inn Shipyards citing that the Genesis was exactly what the Navy wanted and needed. Though the Genesis itself isn't simply a ship the Grand Admiral pointed out--it is a class all its own, and soon the Genesis-class Battleship will replace the older, generic classes of battleship which currently make up the bulk of the Grand Navy.

The Captain of the Genesis, Reynolds Lex, has stated that the ship is one of the best he has ever seen and is sure to become feared on the High Seas. He also states that no electronic or mechanical problems have arisen in the ship, save a few minor problems regarding the door to his own private quarters.
05-06-2006, 23:11
War Declared!
Republic Declares War on Golden Throne...

Months of political and domestic pressure have slowly, but surely, been pushing the Republic towards direct involvement in the War of Golden Succession--more commonly known in Jagada as 'Fedor's War'. For months protests against King Fedor of the Golden Throne, combined with pro-Havenic Pact rallies and even Free Weigar Rallies have kept the Highest Minister under fire to get the Republic involved. Though despite this, the Highest Minister stated several times that she would not involve an economically unsound nation in a war that had already cost those involved some forty million lives, something she reminds the public that the Republic itself cannot be sustained under. Using her overwhelming power in the Congress, most notably in the Council, the Highest Minister had kept Congress itself at least partly at bay. Though when recent economic statistics came out of the city of Inn, the Industrial Heartland of the Republic, showing that the Republic's economy is growing at an astounding rate--due in part to trade deals with the Beltway, Kahanistan (and its trade links), installment of Absolute Capitalism (a Macabee idea!), along with a very strong work ethic which was restarted by the Churches and their drive to rebuild the crippled nation. These economic statistics show that even during war, if the Grand Navy kept control of at least Jagite Trade Routes, than the Republic could easily fight a war and sustain the high economic growth rate. A spokesman for Inn Industrial pointed out, however, that the corporation (Inn Industrial) would not stop trade and/or design projects with the nations of the Northern Alliance, despite Republic policy--as Inn Industrial has began the former policy of Kreigzimmer.

Combined with all of these factors, along with a War Hawk Congress and a population eager for revenge against the Golden Throne--whom they blame for the Fanatical Civil War--not even the Highest Minister's eighty-eight percent approval rating could hold back the tide of war-feelings which have swept the Republic. In an emergency session of Congress earlier today, Highest Minister Riyabuo Kalia made this speech:

’I have come before you--the representatives of the people of the Republic--to make a proclamation. For many years, we have fought with ourselves, with foreign powers, and with our faith in God. For years we have struggled to rebuild an economy which despite being almost abolished in all but deed by various regimes, as rebuilt itself due to the strong work ethic which each Jagite has within them, given by the grace of the Almighty God. We have sat in complacency watching as our lives improved, as our lives grew more luxurious--while outside of our borders a war is raging which effects us weather we become involved or not. The War of Golden Succession is a poor name given to this war--the War for Greater Dienstad is more accurate. That is because whomever wins this war, whichever side, be it the Northern Alliance or the Havenic Pact, will decide the future of the region--regardless of the wishes of those whom remained neutral. The Golden Throne is ran by a dictator which we cannot allow to control us once more--we need to remember that it was Fedor who ordered the assault against the Republic, that it was Fedor who, essentially, sparked the Fanatical Civil War. We have a chance now, to oust this would-be King from his impure Golden Throne and in its place reform the Macabee Empire into something that can finally be respected--rather than feared. Something that will benefit the region--something that will benefit the Republic. We shall storm their beaches, we shall fight them in their cities, in their streets, and in their homes, and we shall prevail--for there is no other way.

With that in mind, combined with the gross human rights abuses combined with civil rights and political rights suppression, that I, Highest Minister Riyabuo Kalia, ask that Congress of the Monotheistic Republic of Jagada to make an official declaration of war against the Second Empire of the Golden Throne of The Macabees--effectively immediately.’

Following quickly was the vote, which passed in the Council forty seven-to-three, and passed in the Chambers two hundred and forty four-to-six. With that vote having passed, an Official State of War exists between Jagada and the Golden Throne. Highest Minister Riyabuo Kalia has ordered the High Command of the Armed Forces to go into full mobilization--as Inn Industrial and its vast industries have voluntarily given the Republic a discount on all arms manufacturing and has begun to turn itself from a primarily peacetime weapons supplier, into a vast war-time industrial giant, as already thousands of acres of northwest Jagada, which is lightly populated have been bought by Inn Industrial and factories are already in the process of being made.

As one Councilman stated, ’The Republic is marching for war.’
02-07-2006, 04:37
Petroleum Privatized!
Years of nationalization ends as
Petrol industry is freed...
By: Hiro Yoshiyuki

Since the establishment of the Monotheistic Republic the ideals of capitalism, free-market, and corporatism have been upheld to some degree or another. One can dispute that Jagada is not necessarily capitalism at all--it is rather a new age communism. This idea, however, stems from Jagada's own history which includes embracing Absolute Capitalism not long after the Republic's foundation. This system effectively gives Jagite Corporations advantage over foreign competitors in the country, at the expense some say of corporate sovereignty. An example of this came when the retail franchise Numori's willing embraced Absolute Capitalism when it came to be and fully exploited it, though not long after its entire board and C.E.O was technically 'overthrown' by an internal coup of sorts. It was a startling event to the entire corporate world in the Republic as not long after the coup--the corporation seemed to follow government policy in every direction it has taken--including potentially disastrous ones.

Though not all the corporate world was intimidated by the government, as staunch free-market capitalist Nibori Shichiro, owner and overall controller of the Inn Industrial Corporation. This capitalist used his pre-Republic established connections, combined with his wealth to hold the government at bay with the fact that he controlled the entire Defense Industry, Agriculture Industry, and made great headways into other vital industries of the Republic. This allow Nibori to force market fluctuations on his own by allowing false rumors to slip, the most notable that he may shut down a sizeable portion of his company's farms around Christendom and build factories upon those lands. This would force the government to buy the necessary agricultural products from the foreign market at much higher prices. The fear from the public was so great that the Kalia Administration was forced to withdrawal a number of bills which would seriously injury Inn Industrial's capability to resist government influence.

In fact the entire economic front of the Kalia Administration has been marked and scared by sharp economic declines, most of which of artificial inclination. The constant 'war' between the Government and Inn Industrial as kept the Jagite growth hovering at only eight percent, which due to heavy subsidization of domestic corporations (except for Inn Industrial) should be a ten percent considering the Jagite economy need only take various examples of development from other nation's. As a wise man once said, "It is easier to get stronger, than to already be strong and get stronger."

Though in a surprising move, which some experts feel is directly relating to the recent assassination of Hikaru Shichiro, son of Nibori Shichiro, the petroleum industry which was nationalized into a single corporation: Republican Petrol has been effectively privatized and the massive corporation slowly being bought out and broken apart by various smaller corporations--Inn Industrial one of them. For years Inn Industrial fought for the privatization of the petroleum industry upon the grounds of a free domestic market and that nationalization went against Absolute Capitalism--though since his own corporation fought against such a system, his words were ignored by the government and the public. Though while this occurs, Inn Industrial seems to have signed a sort of 'cease-fire' with the Government as it restores its discount in military arms to the government--which was recently, and very quietly removed.

The privatization of such a vital industry has not been without criticism as some feel that the move will only serve to increase Inn Industrial's seemingly absolute control over the economy, as Dr. Heike Isamu of the Dome Institute of Politics has summed up what he believes the Kalia Administration has done: ’It has paid for the noose that will be used to hang it. Like the Communists say: when they go to hang up the capitalists, they will sell them the rope. Same principle in essence. Needless to say, Riyabuo may just become another Sorantanali in politics.’
12-09-2008, 05:40
Riyabou Is Out!
High Minister abandons Office ...

When High Minister Riyabou cancelled her public appearance on Tuesday she cited no reason, something that while not all together surprising or uncalled for, was nontheless uncharacteristic of a woman who had a track record of keeping herself in the public eye. This constant desire to be seen has stemmed from Riyabou's own personal politics, in which she believes the people should always see their government and know what it is doing. She has often times proposed a remodelling of the Congressional Halls to include a glass portion for the ceiling so that the public may view the processions freely. All attempts have of coarse ... been rejected. A battle in which the public continues to fight, a battle for 'clearness' between the people and those that govern them. However, at this time, this battle is all but lost.

Despite her raincheck on Tuesdays public appearance, the general feeling among the media was that come Friday, she would make up the public appearance by coming to the opening match between the Ricksburg 'Bullies' and the Dale-Dell 'Tritans', in the opening game of Jagite Football season. Even offical sources from Riyabou's Administration assured the public that she would attend the game -- when she did not show, a general uneasy set in. Rumors of sickness, over-stress, and even insanity became to surface from the lowest of political rings. When Riyabou make a brief public appearance on the following Monday, when journalists from the AP spotted her outside of the Ministerial Palace the media coverage of her seemed to drop as she displayed no signs of sickness or insanity. She even spoke a few short words to the journalists saying she was fine and simply overwhelmed with "paperwork" as she called it.

Few could believe or even understand the news as word leaked out the following Sunday that a plane from Gladenburg Airport in southern Jagada has departed, with rumors of the High Minister on board. The public immediately put heavy pressure on the Administration to respond and two weeks later they did by stating that High Minister Riyabou had in fact departed the country, her bound destination was, in fact, HailandKill. The news immediately sparks demostrations in all major cities as the public demanded to know the reasons as to why, and thousands of letters, pleas, and demands were sent from concerned citizens to the Killian Government to ask for Riyabou's answers. No reply came, and Riyabou's only short messages to New Christendom were simply "let me live in peace". These words sparked a massive conspiracy theory which accused the High Executive and the Congress for intimidating Riyabou out of office. There has long since been a standing tension between the all male Congress, the High Executive, and former High Minister Riyabou.

The government has since simply ignored these theories and announced that a new High Minister election will take place in a few months -- in the mean time the High Executive will be the temporary High Minister.
10-10-2008, 05:52
Nation of the BannedA One-Party State?

Since the mysterious resignation of High Minister Riyabou from the office of High Minister there were rumors thrown around in small circles of businessmen and citizens alike in regards to how the Morality Party would handle itself -- due in part that Jagite Law demands that the resignation of a High Minister dictates a popular election be held to elect a new one. Almost immediately after news of Riyabou's resignation reached the mainstream media the Morality Party stepped forth and declared that elections would not take place and that the High Executive, Chugl Korori newly appointed to the office, would serve the rest of Riyabou's term. No mention was made as to weather elections would take place once the former High Minister's term runs out in three months.

The news, however, did not sit well with many voters, especially those in the eastern mountains, whom have always been more autonomous and rabble-rousing than the rest of the country. Already sporadic protests and quiet demostrations have broken out. All of so-far been peaceful. The Morality Party's response has been both good and bad. Congressmen Ndurul Ricamor, a representative from the eastern mountains, was quoted two days ago while dining at a luxury resturaunt, '...these people do not understand the complexities of running this monolithic country of over seven billion people. They cannot be expected to understand that a one-party state runs more efficiently ...' the comment was not well recieved by the public. Millions in the eastern mountains have begun to organize demostrations to call for Ricamor's resignation in light of his comments and local officials are being bombarded with similar demands. In an effort to rebound from this move, many in the Morality Party have labeled Congressmen Ricamor as being mentally fatigued and have assured the people that there will be no one party state.

Though one cannot simply dislude themselves from the obvious signs around them. Military formations have been seen roaming the grounds around their bases and on more than one occassion local media and news outlets have received stories from terrified country folk about soldiers raiding their homes and even rumors of rape and torture. Police actions have spiked to an all new high not seen since the downfall of Franco York, and local governments seem to have a more mob-like grip than every before with local militias being turned into hired thugs.

As the tensions grows one question continues to plague the country. Why did Riyabou leave?
18-11-2008, 03:05
Pirates on the High SeasRogue New Imperial Fleet raids Confederate merchants...

Savannah, Jagada - The downfall of New Empire was unexpected at best, and at worst a downright act of God. One day the New Imperial government was proclaiming support of Jagada in its blockade of Cruxium, and the next it had fallen into civil war following a series of suspicious deaths in the Imperial family. The following months and years became chaos as nuclear weapons launches destroyed several of the city-states, leaving the others with a destablized trade-system. The region has all but forgotten about the poor souls residing in the nuclear holocaust's aftermath. If perhaps because of karma or nessecity, the New Imperials have struck back at a uncaring Greater Dienstad. This has come into physical form with the recent attack on Confederate merchant ships attempting to transport goods between Jagada and The People's Freedom. The New Imperial pirates have no known origin.

Rikhard Johnson, a senior adviser of the former Riyabou Administration does not believe the pirates are supported by any particular city-state, "for one, the attacks are disorganized and at random, at least from what public reports have stated. Not only that, but their lack of any clear objective, since they have reportedly attacked both The People's Freedom and Jagada in the last few weeks ..." Rikhard is now a professor at the Galveston University of Political Sciences.

Due to the lack of central authority in the Confederacy -- the resignation of Kalia Riyabou made that possible. Several corporations have petitioned the government to take immediate action, even if it means making a Congressional act to move the Navy into position to thwart the piracy. As of yet, there has been very few responses from the Morality Party. The only one of note was from Congressmen Wilters from Louisville,

"...these pirate raids are a symptom of a much larger problem and that is with the corporations themselves. Policies inacted by various corportions in the former New Empire city-states have caused a backlash effect."

To date, there is no actual recordings of any Jagite corporation having strong ties to the New Imperial economy.
10-12-2008, 21:49
Riots in Galveston
Elections postponed! Morality Party installs Johnson!

Galveston, Jagada - Downtown Galveston Proper, near the 'Theater District', citizens have taken to the streets in protest of the recent installment of William Johnson as High Minister of the Confederacy. The riots have already taken the lives of seventy-four people, with police being forced to use tear gas and water trucks to keep the crowds from spilling out of the Theater District. The riot started at around noon today when most business' released for lunch, many construction sites, office buildings, and service stores emptied as people flooded to the Morality Party Headquarters on Braun Street. Police have since formed a barricade around the building to keep looting from occuring.

These grievences started two days ago when the Morality Party Chairman Bruce Norfman, announced that by majority vote by the party that William Johnson would be the new High Minister to replace Riyabou for the remainder of her term -- which is, as of now, a total of thirteen months. In most countries this is considered standard protocol, but the High Court has ruled that this policy by the Morality Party is in violation of Jagada's Constitution, a document which the Morality Party helped pushed forward. The Constiution clearly states, so say the High Judges, that in the event of a resignation, and without a High Executive to replace him/her, then the party's surpremecy is obviously in question and a new election must be held to maintain the legitmacy of the ruling party. Chairman Norfman, has since, denounced the High Court has corrupt and against the will of both the people and God. Several Morality Party spokesmen have stated that the party will face the High Court on this matter, with several lawyers for the party bringing forth evidence of laws passed during the time of Hunter Norris that were never offically scratched from the books.

One such law, was the Divine Authority Act of 2002, which gives sweeping powers to the Morality Party specifically. Including the authority to change the Constitution, without the need for a popular vote from anyone but Party members. Since the announcement, the Party has called forth a vote to be held to determine weather or not the Constitution should be banned and a new one drawn up. With only six percent of the population actually holding sustainable membership status in the party, this has caused an uproar across the country.
Morality Party Chairman Bruce Norfman announcing the postponment of the National Elections

With this call for the banishment of the Constitution, Bruce Norfman announced that the national elections would, " ...need to be postponed for the results of the Party vote, to ensure that clarity of resolved on the matter of the Constitution ...". The Chairman's call has not been universally approved by the Morality Party itself, with Norfman only achieving the status of Chairman with the mysterious death of several key party members, not least among them Quinn Zork, a prominent pro-direct democracy adovcate from Independance. Ismael Young, a Congressmen from Corpus Christi, also a member of the Morality Party has announced his disapproval of Norfman's "undemocratic" actions and is calling upon the Morality Party to vote against this banning of the Constitution.

"...Norfman's actions are not just a clear sign of the leadership of this party's desire to shift this country to a totalitarian state ... but also an intent to return to the days of theocracies. I, and I hope this party, will stand against this ..."

Some members of the party has reportedly secretly met with Young to discuss a possible resistance, but nothing can be confirmed at this time. It does, however, appear that most of party intends to, at the very least, vote on the issue. As a gentlemen, who wished his name not be disclosed, stated in downtown Westheimer, "... the [Morality] Party is the oldest party in the country, we do have a right to change a document we made. We've been around since forever ..."

The newly appointed High Minister William Johnson announced his approval for the Party's actions and has called them, "... more than fair."
08-04-2009, 00:52
Courts Approve!
Surpreme Court rules in favor of Morality Party in Young vs Norfman!

Sienna, Jagada - The sprawling, yet uncluttered city of Sienna stands shellshocked today as the continued war over the appointment of not only High Minister Johnson, but the ruling Morality party's attempts to ban the Constitution. Not unexpectedly came the lawsuits, some says in the tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands, all against the Morality Party and its members. Nearly all of the cases were dismissed in local courts by whom many believe to be judge's in league with the Morality party. Those thats happened to make it to the Appeal courts were slowly, but surely defeated. It came down to one lawsuit that managed to make its case time and again and even though each time threw the judicial circuit the case was batted down, the lawsuit of Young Vs. Norfman seemed to stand tall.

Initially the case was presented to the Surpreme Court a few weeks ago and was soundly rejected by all members -- many of whom are lifelong Morality members. Though with riots burning downtown Galveston, Neo-Jagada, New Christendom, and nearly a dozen other cities, the Supreme Justices announced they would compromise and hear the case out. Only a the beginning of this week was the case of both sides presented before the Court. Since the doors closed on day one to the public, the people have eagerly waited. The riots in Galveston continue, but for most of the country the people are watching with anticipation. The people themselves are of coarse divided on the subject with a little under half supporting the Morality party.

Earlier this morning the Supreme Court's doors opened and a flock of reporters rushed them, eager to hear the Court's final decision. As everyone stood still, the stoic faces of the Justices were all that greeted those who waited. Finally, Supreme Justice Hannienberg gave the decision of the Court -"the Morality Party by right of law as the ability to assume dictatorial control of the country so long as it passes a party vote".

As Ismael Young and his cohorts left the Supreme Court he vowed "to fight on".

The news stunned the entire country and immediately widespread demostrations of support and opposition occured across the country. The demostrations soon became riots and riots soon began all out mass fights between supporters. Dozens are reported dead and hundreds are wounded in just last nights fighting alone.