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Fact File: The Rouge Nation Of Bjoernar

20-05-2006, 21:53
The Rouge Nation Of Bjoernar

Government Information
Conventional Long Form: The Rouge Nation Of Bjoernar
Conventional Short Form: Bjoeren
Government Type: Constitutional parliamentary democracy
Capital: Bjoerstone
Head of State: A parliamentarian system that do not have a Head of State
Head of Government: Prime Boss Heile Melassen

Social Information:
Population: 300 million (and slowly rising)
Languages: Bjoernari (Official), citizens of Bjoeren are fluent in many languages
Religions: No official, people are free to choose any religion they want
Ethnic groups: Bjoerians (80%) and native Indians (20%)

Geographical Information:
Region: Hyper Nordica
Location: The Isle of Radoe and The Isle of Saeboe
Major Cities: Bjoerstone and UnderSea
Terrain: Blue seas and white beaches, a lot of jungles and mountains
Climate: Due to favourable ocean currents and winds Bjoeren has a tropical climate
Natural hazards: Hurricanes and volcanoes

Economical Information:
Currency: Spennitos
Taxes: 100%
Prices: Relatively low
Interest rates: Above average
Export commodities: Uranium, aluminium, rum and pharmaceuticals
Import commodities: Electronic, petroleum, foodstuff

Natural resources:
Agriculture: Sugarcane, bananas and coffee
Minerals: Uranium, bauxite and some gemstones
Maritime: Shrimps, squids, lobsters, crabs and oysters
Others: The jungle of Bjoeren contains many medical valuable plants

Industrial resources:
Brewing: Bjoeren is famous for its rum
Chemical: Biopharmaceauticals (due to research on medical plants)
Energy: Electric power (produced mostly by sophisticated windmills and solar panels)
Metal: Aluminium

Service industries:
Entertainment: Bjoeren is widely known for their reggae music and their soccer league
Transport: The Bjoeren Monorail System (TBMS) and BjoerAir
Mass media: The Newspaper El Mondo and Bjoeren Broadcasting Network (BBN)
Tourism: Eco-tourism and extreme sport events (climbing, diving, rafting and surfing)

Intellectual resources:
Natural sciences: Environmental science, hydrology, meteorology and oceanography
Social sciences: Linguistics, archaeology, history, anthropology and cultural studies
High technology: Biotechnology, genetic engineering and molecular engineering
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