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20-05-2006, 10:02
Raleigh, Australasia
The sun was shining, which was probably a good thing, all considered. It was one of those charmingly warm days in Raleigh, when everything smelled like Eucalyptus and the legislature didn't do much except soak up the heat that filtered into their chambers. Prime Minister Andrew Strathairn, on his sixth cup of coffee, was tying his royal blue tie. Not much time left. He looked out the window, and could see the Guards setting up for arrivals and photo ops on the lawn. Television cameras were being hustled to the sidelines after this morning's speech, and the cigarrette butts that TV crews left behind were being meticulously picked up by groundskeepers.

He really, really hoped everything went well.


Christina Lloyd was, at twenty eight, a bit young for the post of Foreign Minister, but what was it to you? The pink hair was also a bit of a shock, as was the entirely black pantsuit. She was one of those punk-made-good-kids, who'd never quite lost the punk. An unusual choice for a diplomat, perhaps, but she was surprisingly capable.

She was also a bit of a caustic bitch, but so long as she kept the treaties coming in, and the wars away, Strathairn's government let her alone. Unfortunately, this attitude didn't rub off on her, so much.

"Yes, you unmitigated fool. The red carpet does, in fact, have to run straight. The fabric that it's made of is straight, thus it is straight, understand?" The frightened orderly ran off, and she went back to her notes with a sigh. At least it was only the meet-and-greet that took place in the sun, else she might burn. She burned a lot.

Invited delegations... let's see. INU, Spyr, China and the Bedgellans were all invited. Although she couldn't personally see any of the Igovians putting up with having a clear strategy, Catherine was fairly confident that the others would show. The invitation was cautiously extended to Rocyelandia as well, in addition to Dai Nippon Koku.

At first, she'd asked herself why they were bothering. Of all the invited nations, only the INU and China seemed to be the sort who would be interested, but the situation in the world was deteriorating so rapidly, that Prime Minister Strathairn, as though siezed with the need to do everything, right away, had called a conference to discuss what he termed 'global conflict avoidance and strategy'. Catherine termed this to mean, 'how to screw the Holy League while they aren't looking and make Louis-Auguste suck his own... thumb'.

But those, of course, were her words. And she'd never go on paper with them.

Everything was ready. The North Hall of the Prime Minister's Residence was to be the main hosting site of the event, and it was filled with seats, mahogany desks and security men. The front lawn was still crawling with civil servants, but they were clearing out fairly quickly. Catherine twirled her bubble-gum hair, chewed on her pen and wished that the damned delagates would show up.
20-05-2006, 15:49
The Lieutenant-Governor of Roycelandian East Africa, Robert Kiff has indicated he will be more than happy to attend the Australasian Conference on behalf of the Roycelandian Empire.

Anyone who wondered why the Lt. Governor of REA was attending would simply be told that it was Kiff's turn to go to a Major International Conference- especially since most of the rest of the Diplomatic Corps were trying to avoid WWIII in India and South-East Asia, His Majesty and the rest of the Government were in a meeting somewhere, and Kiff was therefore the most qualified person available.

Naturally, Roycelandia was keen to avoid a war- "I've read The Postman" His Majesty had said in a recent interview on Good Morning Roycelandia. "And we don't want to go down in history as the Nation that made the events in a Kevin Costner movie a reality, thank you very much. Although the book is excellent, I might add."

Kiff had high hopes for the conference, especially since he so rarely got to attend anything more exciting that cocktail parties and, occaisonally, one of the Emperor's legendary parties...
AMW China
21-05-2006, 00:59
Chinese foreign affairs minister Hu Jin Tao will represent the Republic of China at the conference.
Walmington on Sea
21-05-2006, 16:06
(Curious Walmingtonian tag)
22-05-2006, 00:42
OOC: Then let's get this started...

The Hall of Confluence was not terribly large, but it had a certain elegance that some larger structures lacked. The primary construction material was marble, imported at great expense from Europe during the time when Australasia was a colony of Walmington. Its architecture, neo-classical in design, evoked visions of the Roman senex meeting to discuss policy of the Empire. At the centre of the room was a large mahogany table, ovoid in shape. Each delegate had a seat reserved, and on the table in front of it was a notepad, a pen, a glass of water and a piece of official looking paper embossed with the seal of Australasia.

The sheet bore these words, in a bold, black typeface based upon the works of Claude Garamond:


i. to prevent further incursions by the Holy League upon sovereign national territory.
ii. to promote peace in the world, as an answer to calls for aggression.
iii. to decide upon a unified action plan for the nations here assembled, in promoting peace and defending freedom.

i. made up of representatives appointed by the governing body of the nation which they represent.
ii. for the purposes of mandating joint action by the nations assembled herein.
iii. for other purposes, further detailed in this document.

i. of nations assembled herein from outside aggression, esp. that perpetrated by the Holy League.
ii. of nations not assembled herein from outside aggression, should such defence be warranted, and not without a full vote by representatives to the advisory body established above.

Lunatic Retard Robots
22-05-2006, 02:40
Mumbai, as the Australasians correctly guessed, is quite interested in the concept of an organization meant to stand-up against the Holy League, even if it isn't sure about just how kindly the Bedgellens and Spyrians will take to the idea. The INU is certainly excited about the prospect of kicking the Leaguers off their pedestal, especially since it brings the prospect of uniting the INU's two houses of friends, represented by Great Walmington and Beth Gellert respectively.

Habib Jungarh, the INU's delegate to the Raleigh conference, arrives in Australasia aboard an IAF Tu-154, empty after delivering a load of medecines to Timor. He is a sensible choice for delegate, with military experience (although a military man is easy to find in the INU, after fighting the Indo-Bedgellen War for 40 years), fairly moderate beliefs, and a good background in history. In addition to attending the conference, Jungarh also means to use the opportunity to explore diplomatic and economic ties with Australasia, which looks like a nation that the Union could get on with.
Dai Nippon Koku
22-05-2006, 19:42
The Japanese dispatch esteemed diplomatic expert Sato Hotaru to the Australasian conference due to her excellent people skills and...'considerable personal magnetism', as Prime Minister Minase so tactfully described know.

Ms. Sato is charged with discerning exactly what the Australasians want and how it might benefit Japan; she is also asked to extend Japanese foreign relations by either cosying up to or ignoring specific delegates.
24-05-2006, 01:20
The delegates were ushered into the Hall of Confluence by the Australasian Marines, resplendant in their blatantly Walmingtonian inspired scarlet dress uniforms. Each man wore a tricorne hat, tall, black boots and the bright blue trim of the Royal Guards. The only concession to modernity made was that of their slung Chester PW-10s, the standard assault rifle of the Marines.

Already seated at the large, oval table were Prime Minister Andrew Strathairn and Foreign Minister Christina Lloyd. As the other delegates took their seats, Strathairn noted with a certain amount of dismay that not all seats were filled, although he was hardly surprised. When the last squeakings of shifting chairs died out, the Prime Minister leaned forward slightly and took a sip of water.

"Thank you all for coming," he said softly, his tone warm and personable. "I deeply regret the late warning, but the recent French withdrawl from Palawan, despite being seen as overall an excellent development, does change the balance of power in the region. I'm sure you agree with me, the withdrawl does not denote a change in French imperialist policies, but only shows that they are refocussing their efforts elsewhere." He paused for a moment, reviewing his talking points.

"I would like to point out, despite the somewhat militaristic goals set out on the list of goals, that this conference is about peace, and promoting it throughout the world. I am committed to the idea that the people of this world can live in harmony with each other.

"That being said, I think it is important that there be a unified group of nations willing to stand against the Holy League should they attempt to carry out the goal of creating a world empire. While views about the Holy League vary greatly in each of your nations, I think we would all agree; nobody here wants to become a client state.

"It is for these two purposes, which I believe to be inextricably linked, that we have called this conference. If you would all review the sheet in front of you, I would like to begin." He gave the delegates a few minutes to peruse the sheet, leaning over towards Christina.

"Chris," Strathairn whispered. "After we're done at the table, over dinner, I'd like you to talk to the Roycelandian representative, and the one from Nippon. See if you can get an idea of what their respective viewpoints on things are." Christina nodded in assent.
24-05-2006, 10:31
After some delay, a delegate is dispatched from Spyr... Reiden Harsk, friendly face of the Strainist Party through the Cold War era. Harsk is certainly not an unexpected emissary from an international perspective, having represented Spyr at most gatherings of import over the past several decades, but irregularity appears in the difficulty of his selection, made possible only by intervention from the Party's central committee to head off a Sujavan motion to dispatch a far less amenable negotiator.
25-05-2006, 15:47
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27-05-2006, 07:50
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AMW China
26-07-2006, 08:19
Minister of Defence Chiang arrived in Raleigh today to discuss post-war plans regarding French Caledonia and to submit a tender on behalf of the Sino Combat Aircraft Corp in response to a request for mid-ranged air-to-air missiles.
26-07-2006, 20:14
Raleigh, Australasia

The diplomatic limousine pulled up in front of Number 12, Churchill Avenue. After passing the sparse wall of anti-war protesters, it was met by a pair of uniformed marines, six men in black suits and Prime Minister Strathairn.

The head of the Australasian government looked tired. He'd been up all night for the second night in a row, and had just woken up from an hours' catnap stolen on a bench in the Jansz Room. Despite that, he managed to be fully dressed, clean smelling and cheerful.

"Welcome to Raleigh, Minister Chiang. If you would please follow me inside?" He motioned with his hand, indicating the panelled doors of the Ministerial residence. "I trust that your flight was plesant?"
AMW China
01-08-2006, 08:23
After having being mobbed by protesters condeming the occupation of Tibet, Chiang arrives Churchhill Ave. He was tired, having not being used to the full fury of protesters, having simply opted to have them arrested back when he was at Liu's side. Chiang shook his hand and spoke in fluent, if accented, English.

"Thank you Prime Minister, the flight was excellent. How have you been, aside from politics?"
02-08-2006, 19:37
Raleigh, Australasia

Strathairn smiled grimly. A loaded question, if ever there was one.
"I've managed," he said laconically, pointing the way into the Grenville room, where a large oak table was set with drinks, small munchies and pads of paper.

"Please, General," the Prime Minister said. "Sit down." As the Chinese defence minister took his seat, Strathairn reached for a cucumber sandwich before doing the same. "Please excuse me; this happens to be my lunch."

"As you well know, we've asked you here to discuss one or two issues, namely the procurement of certain munitions and Sino-Australasian policy with regards to New Caledonia.

"If it isn't too great a bother, we'd like to add a third topic to our list, the Southern Confederacy." He gestured to a map that dominated the east wall of the room, framed with stained mahogany and embossed to show topography. It listed general Australasian, allied and enemy force distributions, drawn in on a sheet of glass that covered the map.

"The Confederacy has recently undergone a major re-armament, not just from China but Germany and Beth Gellert as well. Besides the carriers and fighters that China recently exported, some form of hitherto unseen Eurofighter Typhoon has been sighted on manouever in Confederacy airspace, and Geletian frigates have supplemented the Confederacy's navy.

"All that, in addition to the indigenous production of a new, advanced main battle tank leads us to assume that the Confederacy is arming for a comprehensive land, sea and air war. Australasia is the only area power besides the Southern Confederacy, and they've been nursing a grudge since the mid eighties. I fully expect an attack to come as soon as their rearmament program is complete.

"Recently, Australasian intelligence operatives have intercepted outgoing communications from the Southern Confederacy to, well, to you, General." Strathairn took a breath, and a sip of water. "We don't make a habit of spying on our allies, but this is a special case. It seems clear to us that the Confederacy is arming for war, and we need to take steps.

"Anyway, we intercepted a communication requesting BVRAAM technology and production rights sent perhaps three days ago. I strongly request that your government choose not to fill such a request, because the Air Corps is, at the moment, Australasia's first and most capable line of defense in the Americas. We will fight on the ground, but it would result in heavy loss of life as we defend Buenos Aires. A decisive victory at sea and in the air is our only option."
AMW China
04-08-2006, 04:51
General Chiang was stunned that Strathairn has just admitted spying on him, but generally did not feel the outrage that newspapers would have described. He chuckled a little, perhaps understanding the unease that the Southern Confederacy's recent military buildup would have caused to Australasia.

"Well, at least you've admitted it," Chiang said. "It's understandable given your predicament, but we would have let you know full of our military dealings with the Confederacy had you asked."

Chiang looked at a dossier he had prepared earlier - a report detailing the tension in South America.

"We know that your nations haven't gotten along well in the past, but do you have any other significant proof of the confederacy's intentions aside from the military buildup? Let's not forget there is a world war going on and an engagement in the Atlantic."
04-08-2006, 19:46
"The Southern Confederacy has declared neutrality in the current war effort, so the possibility that their rearmament is so as to take a defensive stance seems to us unlikely. Furthermore, the procurement of aircraft carriers suggests at the very least a desire for force projection, since as a defensive unit the carrier class is somewhat lacking."

Strathairn sipped his water, before unfolding a smaller version of the wall mounted map, this time with estimated force-counts of Confederacy, Colonial and Imperial Roycelandian forces.

"These," he indicated a wide orange arc with his forefinger that had formed a half-circle around Buenos Aires, "are Confederacy artillery, armour and infantry positions." He gestured to a second, smaller line inside the Australasian control-zone. This one was white, and made up of small boxes. "These are Australasian infantry and artillery bunkers, while these," and here he pointed to a small blue column inside Buenos Aires, "are Roycelandian Imperial Guard forces engaged in cleanup work inside the city."

"Recently, as per a request by my government, the Confederacy has begun a small drawdown of its border forces, which have been increasing for the past few months as a result of rearmament. In addition, high altitude scout aircraft and satellites have photographed both J-12S and Eurofighter IIs being moved north into sortie range of Colonial Argentina. They were followed by Carpincho tanks, which have been steadily supplanting the older Osorio models."

"We cannot imagine an alternative use for these munitions and vehicles. There are no hostile powers on the continent, no territory that the Confederacy could have alternate designs on. Neo-Anarchan nations to the north are just that, far to the north. Brazil, such as it is, forms a buffer zone and seems largely intent on being friends with everyone. Our two nations have a history of armed conflict, and we suspect that the Southern Confederacy seems intent on some kind of Argentinian Anschluss."

"Honestly General, our position is this." Strathairn took a steadying sip of his water. "This is an emerging matter of national security. Our two nations have made great strides recently in diplomatic relations. But if it comes to the safety of Australasian citizens, we will not hesitate to cut all ties with China, forbid trade between our nations and close our ports to Chinese vessels. In the end, it will be a question of who you want as an ally, the Southern Confederacy or the Free Colony of Australasia.

"Now, on the other hand, if the Chinese were to cease further arms deals with the Confederacy, something could no doubt be arranged with regards to arms deals between us. At the moment, there are two kinds of long ranged missiles for fighter use. There is the BVRAAM, and the Roycelandian ALRAAM. Both serve the same purpose, both have similar designs and capabilities. But I have no doubt that a special arangement," Strathairn put a nearly undetectable stress on the words, "could be reached whereby all Australasian long range air-to-air needs went through China. Certainly, your government would look favourably on those involved in brokering such a moneymaking deal."
AMW China
05-08-2006, 13:04
Foreign diplomacy was still a skill that Chang needed to work on as well as differentiating between personel comments and international diplomacy. He found Strathairn's tone quite arrogant and rude to be honest - heck, if one of his subordinates talked to him like that back in the old days he would find himself dragged outside and...made uncomfortable. It was his first meeting with a Prime Minister of another nation, and generally in the past Zhang had utilised his personality to deliver threatening messages to other smaller and less important nations such as the now defunct Bonstock.

The General tried his best, cracking a smile and concealing his sense of annoyance at the arrogance he percieved in Strathairn's tone.

"Both Zhang and I do not count the Confederacy amongst our list of allies after they rebuffed our requests for co-operation against the Holy League. They are more of a money-spinner for us as you can tell from their purchases of our older and less capable equipment.

You can rest assured Mr. Prime Minister. I had no intention of signing off such advanced technologies as the TC-4 BVRAAM given the political circumstances. The existing hardware that we have sold them, from my knowledge anyway, would be easily brushed aside against the likes of your aircraft, fortunately for your troops. However the information you have shown me is enough to get the next shipment of the 50-odd J-12S fighters we have in Hong Kong suspended. Is this enough to allay your concerns?"
05-08-2006, 16:14
Gurguvungunit, I have told you several times that I dont want to go to war with you, in here and in the draftroom, and I'm not nessesarily re-arming, im upgrading, the number of equipment I have is more or less what I had when I began the game. I DONT WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH YOU, how more clear can I make it? Of course I want BA and the surrounding territory back, but im not going to invade you over it, I have stressed this many times. The only thing I have more of now is tanks, and that is a mere 100. As per your request, I removed several units from the fronteir, and redeployed them to the interior.

EDIT: I would completely disarm as to make you happy and stop all this hostile agression against me, but then I might get invaded, so I wont. Also, I never really agreed with the original "Me missing BA" thing, but meh, a challenge is a challenge. Maybe Australasia would like to organize some sort of Diplomatic way of sorting this out?
Yugo Slavia
05-08-2006, 20:04
OOC: Er, if you're talking OOC-only, how do you expect it to change anything IC? Come on, newbies, let's see some fundamentals out there!
05-08-2006, 21:28
OOC @ Franberry: You have to understand what it looks like. I don't care what you've said OOC as far as this is concerned, although OOCly I know that you're not trying to kill me (or rather, I mostly believe you). But you're rearming and this is what it looks like to me ICly. Before you cry foul, you should have thought about how my politicians would take this. If you want to organize a diplomatic mission, sure. I'd be happy to have our diplomats try to work it out. But at the moment, all I've heard from you ICly is that you want guns, aircraft and a navy that can teh pwnz me. That isn't a good position for me politically to request diplomacy, it makes us 'look weak', as it were. If a diplomatic effort is to come, it will have to be from the Confederacy, not Australasia.

EDIT: You seem to have stated several times OOCly in the Draftroom that you had aircraft that could put up a fight with my fighters. I assumed that you have them. Hope that cleared up the zomg!fighters references.


"It very much is, General Chang, and I thank you for your assistance in this matter." He took another sip of water befor continuing. "About the operations on New Caledonia, I'd like to officially request Chinese assistance in the francosectomy* of the island chain. As you know, Anglo-australasian forces in the area have capable shore-bombardment capability, as well as air projection. On the other hand, we lack sufficient forces for a land war against large numbers of French troops, which may well be there." He unfolded another small map of the islands.

Map (

"We will be approaching from the southeast, with plans to establish a base in the Loyalty Islands, most probably on Ocean Island." He gestured to a small island in the Loyalty chain marked Ile Mare on the map.

"Wabao city has an airport, one capable of supporting fighters, Vulcan and Lancaster II bombers. This will be our initial base of operations, from which we will secure the entire Loyalty chain and then the southern part of New Caledonia."

"It would be a great help if the Chinese fleet dispatched to attempt the same were to assist us. There is a small island off the north coast of New Caledonia called Art Island, which posesses a small airstrip, as well as Lifu Island** in the Loyalty chain. Both would make for effective military bases. If we can count on your support, it would be much appreciated."

"Oh, and as a last question regarding the Confederacy, our intelligence has heard scattered mention of a pair of Chinese carriers being shipped to the Confederacy? We're not at all sure what's going on with those, I would be much obliged if you would elucidate."

*Literally, the 'cutting out of France'.
**Marked on the map as Ile Art and Lifou, respectively.
05-08-2006, 22:42
OOC @ Franberry: You have to understand what it looks like. I don't care what you've said OOC as far as this is concerned, although OOCly I know that you're not trying to kill me (or rather, I mostly believe you). But you're rearming and this is what it looks like to me ICly. Before you cry foul, you should have thought about how my politicians would take this. If you want to organize a diplomatic mission, sure. I'd be happy to have our diplomats try to work it out. But at the moment, all I've heard from you ICly is that you want guns, aircraft and a navy that can teh pwnz me. That isn't a good position for me politically to request diplomacy, it makes us 'look weak', as it were. If a diplomatic effort is to come, it will have to be from the Confederacy, not Australasia.

EDIT: You seem to have stated several times OOCly in the Draftroom that you had aircraft that could put up a fight with my fighters. I assumed that you have them. Hope that cleared up the zomg!fighters references.

OOC: You can take my offerings of withdrawal from your border very much ICly. I am, as I said before, re-arming, and while I'm at it, why not get the best? If it would please you, then I could set up the diplomatic talks. So i'll stop thread-jacking now.
AMW China
08-08-2006, 01:47
"We've deployed a large fleet in hope of scaring them into a surrender to save any unneccesary bloodshed. Hopefully they have the sense to accept. China's surface fleet is a week away, although our submarine fleet is less than a day away from being able to hit most of the island chain with cruise missiles. I will let my commanders know of Australasia's naval plans and prepare some sort of co-ordinated assault. You can count on my assistance."

"A year and a half ago during our naval reform, two fleet carriers were sold to the Confederacy. We had an understanding that the carriers were sold for deterrent purposes only. They're not particularly advanced or modern, but a fleet carrier is a fleet carrier."
08-08-2006, 09:18
Strathairn cracked a smile, one that humanized his otherwise cold and tired face.

"We are very glad of your assistance in this matter, I hope that it can make the job that all of our soldiers have to do so much easier. I'm glad to have you on-board for the war effort, and I'd also like to express my thanks for tying down the Russians all this time." His cheerful demeanour broke for a second, before being replaced with the universal 'game face' identifiable by politicians everywhere.

"As far as the carriers are concerned, there's nothing to be done about that, and obviously no way that your nation could have known it would cause problems. I suggest that in this manner, we allow bygones to be bygones. Hopefully, the Confederacy will honour its word and leave us well enough alone. Else, we may see quite the adventure in South America.

"Do you have any concerns, General Chiang? I'd like to take the time here to iron out any other confusion or resolve what issues might remain between our two nations before it becomes a problem."
AMW China
08-08-2006, 10:51
"There is just the minor issue of Roycelandia - in particular, the Phillipines. I understand that Raleigh considers Roycelandia one of her closest allies, however we take issue with Roycelandia's presence in the Phillipines. Of most concern is their willingness to militarize the island, a stone throw's away from China, be it with French battleships or their own dreadnoughts.

While the immediate situation is over, we would like to know where Australasia will stand if we were to impose a treaty limiting the militarisation of the Phillipines."
08-08-2006, 19:58
"Ah, yes, of course. As I understand it, the current treaty signed between the PRS, Hindustan, Roycelandia, China and Australasia holds that legislative power must be returned to a central government, and that joint military forces from Spyr, Hindustan and Roycelandia will be engaged in mopping-up efforts against communist rebels and Islamic fundamentalists in the area.

"I won't say that I would wholeheartedly support a treaty limiting Roycelandian force dispositions without knowing what that treaty entails. But provided that the treaty is reasonable, and takes into account what security threats remain in the Philippines, I am sure that our nations can come to an understanding."
AMW China
09-08-2006, 09:53
Not the response Chang was hoping for, but good enough for now.

"Excellent. Then I hope we can continue to work well together in the future. It has been a pleasant evening talking with you."

Chang shooked Strathairn's hand, and then he was off to Beijing to join the meeting with the Combine and Depkazia. His friends at SCA Corp would contact the relevant Australasian military honchos in due time to finalise the details of the BVRAAM deal.