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Bloodshed in Godhaven

South Lizasauria
19-05-2006, 05:11
Bombs bursting in air, the smell of dead bodies, smoke rising from town to town, Godhaven was left in wartorn havok. :mp5:

:gundge: <Kill all South Lizasaurians in the name of the Light)

:sniper: <YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!)

A peasant runs to the border screaming for help and forighn aid

War thread (

( just a heads up A few opponents messed it up with their WoW obsession:headbang: )

Souht Lizasaurian forces attempt a counterstrike on the village of Bralkin.

"We need help, these fundamentalists want to brainwash us into their kind, they neglect OUR religion and want to burn the traditions we've kept for hundreds of years"-South Lizasaurian peasant