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The Ansurian Empire; Revolution Era

Clan Ansu
18-05-2006, 20:40
Conventional Long Form: The Ansurian Empire
Conventional Short Form: The Empire, Ansuria
Government Type: Elected Tyranny
Territory: (Until I can make a map - England, Scotland, the surrounding small islands, Denmark and islands.)
Capital: York, Angleland
Head of State: 'Mandalore' (Upon election to ruler, the former name is discarded and the name of Mandalore adopted. This is done in honour of the first man to unite the native clans, who is remembered as "Te Sol'yc Mand'alor" - Mandalore the First.)
Population: Approx. 12,500,000
Ethnicities: Mostly white of Mandalorian descent and Celtic natives.
Languages: Mando'a (Mandalorian), Anglish (English), Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic), Cymraeg (Welsh)
Religion: The Ansurian (Mandalorian) religion is a largely private affair. There are no priests, and wedding ceremonies consist solely of the man and woman exchanging private vows with each other.
Standing army: Approx. 370,000 - Peacetime Status
Infantry - Ansurian Infantrymen of the 2/45th on Exercise (
382 Battalions (330,048 warm bodies, 864 per Battalion. 1 Battalion = 1 Lieutenant-Colonel, 1 Major, 8 Captains, 24 Lieutenants (1st and 2nd), 72 Sergeants and 758 Men in eight companies.) - Consisting mostly of the poorer classes, officered by the gentry and those few rankers who prove their ability to lead, Ansurian infantry are ill-mannered, thieves, drunkards, rapists and murderers almost to a man. They are flogged for the slightest infractions and paid a pittance from which any issued kit they lose is meticulously recorded and deducted. For all this, though, they are hard fighters and well-trained. The Ansurian army drills with live ammunition to harden new recruits, favours a line of three ranks and arms it's skirmishers with the expensive, breech-loading Ferguson rifle.
Cavalry - Ansurian Dragoon Uniform (
32,000 (18,000 Dragoons [Heavy], 14,000 Light Dragoons [Light]) - Ansurian cavalry consists of the more middling tier of Ansurian society, officered by the high classes. They has a reputation for reliability and discipline, though like all cavalrymen are occasionally subject to overconfidence. Dragoons carry a carbine and a heavy, straight-bladed sword, whilst Light Dragoons are armed with carbines, lances and sabres. All Ansurian cavalry wear the distinctive Mandalorian 'T' mask, which offers considerable protection for the head against bladed weapons.
8,000 (220 12-pounders, 56 20-pounders, 32 28-pounders, 18 36-pounders, 74 10in to 13in mortars, 45 howitzers of varying age and calibre. [16 men per gun in the field, list excludes guns mounted in fortresses or aboard ships.]) - Little store is set in the Ansurian army by the use of field cannon, regarding them rather as a weapon against morale than a battle-winning force. Still, those cannon present are well-served and efficient.
Standing navy:
102-gun Darasuum
92-gun Parjir
92-gun Jorso’ran
32 74-gun ships
5 68-gun ships
Frigates and Below
58 Frigates
29 Sloops
56 Various Gun Boats

Political Relations:

Terror Incognitia - Non-aggression pact, Indian Ocean.

Current Deployments:
British Isles (Total National Deployment) - 'Mandalore'
30 Battalions of the Line
2,800 Dragoons
2,000 Hussars
42 12-pounders
Voltair/Danemark Border Garrison - Field Marshal Sullic Kamal Hanson, Earl of Warwick
312 Battalions of the Line
10,800 Dragoons
8,600 Hussars
150 12-pounders, 42 20-pounders, 32 28-pounders, 18 36-pounders, 74 mortars, 45 howitzers
Indian Expeditionary Force - Lieutenant-General Sir Govon Blackmoor
40 Battalions of the Line
4,500 Dragoons
3,400 Hussars
28 12-pounders, 14 20-pounders
IEF Convoy Squadron - Commodore Jallen Ilford, Captain of the Jorso’ran
92-gun Jorso’ran
5 74-gun ships
1 68-gun ship
Clan Ansu
19-05-2006, 11:46
Bump. More fluffed out.
19-05-2006, 11:54
Bump. More fluffed out.

ooc: humm.. where are you geographicly? Britain?

edit: oops. a few pages back in the main thread and i found the answer. you're not on the most recent map i have, that's all. still, you might want to add that little fact to your fact book there.

i'd start interacting with you, but unless you send fleets into the pacific, there is basicly zero chance of us comeing into contact. well, mabey some merchants, i have been around the world after all. but that's it.
Clan Ansu
19-05-2006, 11:59
you might want to add that little fact to your fact book there...

OOC: Damn. Good point.
19-05-2006, 12:05
OOC: Damn. Good point.

i do make them from time to time, yes :D
Clan Ansu
22-05-2006, 20:33
SIC: A considerable number of troops (Forty battalions of infantry [34,560], 4,500 Dragoons, 3,400 Hussars, and 700 artillerymen serving 28 12-pounder cannon and 14 20-pounders) under the command of Lieutenant-General Govon Blackmoor have departed the army stationed across Jutland county for the port city of Aarhus. From there they will embark for Southhampton, Angleland where they will be barracked until orders are given to take ship again.

OOC: Thus begins the Empire's first foray into the Indian subcontinent. Spies, or informants (Civilian or military) are welcome, but should be covert. The eventual destination for the army will be the Mahratta Confederacy (
24-05-2006, 00:42

OOC: this is the first time i have seen this, anyways it's been added to the list...nice fact book.
Clan Ansu
24-05-2006, 15:26
Unannounced, but probably no longer secret: The force under the command of Lieutenant-General Sir Govon Blackmoor has departed Southampton harbour on a good westward wind, the convoy of troop-ships is guarded by a number of ships of the line, and should reach it's target destination of the east coast of India within three months.

OOC: Look out for a landing thread.