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Fall of the Peacemakers, OOC / Sign-Up Thread (MT, Open)

03-05-2006, 22:41
Right, so I started this RP a few days ago and haven't got alot of interest yet, so I figured I'd have a few roles for other nations/groups to play, but first...

Pretty Much The Story So Far
The Chevrokian Vice President, Joseph Derekson, was riding in an Air Force bomber, prior to their planned bomb run exercises at the Minot Testing Range. Before it arrived, however, it was shot down by a terrorist group within the country. The government is sending out a message to the world, asking for help to track down the terrorists and bring them to justice. Meanwhile, the terrorist group has hijacked five passenger cruise ships, and wants to find other organizations in the world that will aid their cause.

Roles To Play
Leepak Tupo ---- leading member of the National Focus Organization, the legitimate front for his terrorist organization. Even though the NFO is a political group that preaches national isolationism, his real agenda leans towards anarchism. He's also a well-known hypnotist, and has a way of "controlling" his members. The NFO itself has roughly 10,000 members, the vast majority of which were recruited because of their ability to be put under hypnosis quickly. Around 100 or so of the members share Leepak's views, and are really his lieutenants. Lastly, he's a relatively intelligent man, but every so often will make horrible strategic decisions.

Arms Dealer ---- like the name says, it'd be helpful to have somebody RP as an arms dealer. Around this time in the storyline, the NFO is going to need some armaments, especially since there will likely be military forces out to capture them. Preferably not major items like WMDs, aircraft, or capital ships; but things like guns, missiles, and small combat vessels would be alright. They may be trying to fit weapons to the hijacked cruise ships as well, so keep that in mind.

Anarchist Group ---- if you'd like to RP as another anarchist group who wants to join forces with the NFO, that role is available.

Allied Nation ---- this is a pretty major role, those who want to RP as their nation, and willing to help track down and capture the NFO members.

Link to the In-Character thread:
03-05-2006, 22:42
*Saved for later information.*


Allied Nation ---- Gruenberg
Anarchist Group ---- Franberry
Arms Dealer ---- The Aeson, Aesonic Arms
04-05-2006, 01:29
05-05-2006, 02:42
05-05-2006, 22:08
Anybody interested?
The Aeson
05-05-2006, 22:12
Aesonic Arms might sell some weapons. Probably mostly American or Russian equipment, as I'm not much of a designer.
05-05-2006, 22:34
That'll work fine. Plus it would probably be easier for the NFO to aquire those.

Note for later: The NFO's revenue was about $30 million USD last year, and that's about what they have to work with regarding purchasing arms, etc.

Added: Actually, I might allow a little leeway and have the NFO able to purchase aircraft, perhaps helicopters or small fixed-wing aircraft. I think some creativity regarding how they'd deploy them from the hijacked cruise ships would definetly add to the RP.
05-05-2006, 22:37
Looks interesting, maybe one of the arnarchist groups, not sure yet
06-05-2006, 00:32
OOC: I think I'd be interested in this, most probably in the capacity of "allied nation". However, RPing an anarchist group would also whatever, really.
06-05-2006, 00:43
Alright, I put you down for allied nation, and for the moment I've got Franberry as an anarchist group.
06-05-2006, 00:51
Ok. I've read the IC thread now - can I post yet? Our State Department could issue a statement of solidarity, perhaps.
06-05-2006, 00:57
Go right ahead.
06-05-2006, 22:44

Still need somebody to play our lead anarchist, Leepak.
08-05-2006, 03:41
*bumpity bump*
09-05-2006, 01:25
Anybody else interested?