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Birth of a New Dark Breed.....

03-05-2006, 02:32
EDIT: OOC: Note, this is FT as I forgot to mention in the Title.

Darth Trilkan walked about on a old, rotten Kirtir Temple on the Orbiting planet of the Huntarian Capital: Huntaria. Hunxa, a lava like planet still reviving from magic wars of old. Trilkan was ontop of a platform, which was ontop on a river of molten lava which had begun to cool down. Slightly solidifying. He spotted what he was looking for, a pair of Breeders and Kirtir Masters. They had metal polls extended into the lava, mixing it up.

Trilkan walked closer for a bit, and observed the activity. There was a lava bubble forming up, and exploded. Trilkan's eyes began to burn. He therefor cut off his eyesight and used the force to see instead. He could see a hand extend out of where the bubble once was. The Breeders extended another poll which connected itself to the arm. The arm pulled violently and the breeder was pulled into the lava with it.

The Kirtir Masters quickly dropped their polls, and extended their arms and made a motion as though they were lifting something. The arm slowly rose above the ground, but fell. The Masters began again when Trilkan stepped up, ::Step aside you fools.::

Trilkan lifted his hands, and began to chant. Starting up with a mere mumble, then growing to be loud and audiable. If the sky's weren't dark before, they were now. Lightning began to form.... And struk at where the hand disapeared from. Repeatedly. Trilkan continued to chant, and the hand appeared again. Moving. It was followed by a scarred, scabbed arm. Then a head. It was a bizzar thing. It's ears looked as though they were brutally ripped from a Vulcan's head and slapped on. It's eyes were large, and blood red. No white, just blood red eyes. Almost devil like. It's nose was made up of snake slits for nostrals.

It was scarred all over. Burnt, like it's arm. Trilkan can sense the Dark Side within this creature. And... There was something else. He took out his lightsaber and sliced at the stomach at a nearby Kirtir Master, who bleed. The creature sniffed, and smelt the blood. It went bezerk, and began to charge it waiving it's hands wildly. It stopped suddenly as Trilkan lifted his hand in front of this beast.

::Ahh.... So you are born. What are you?::

" ThrrrNecromanrrr...." The beast growled it's answer.

Trilkan was satisfied but there was one more issue, ::To whom do you serve?::

"Darrrth Trrrilkan, Emperrrorrr of Huntaerrr."

And so, the Huntarian Empire's new Dark Warriors.... Were born.

OOC: As things progress, more knowledge of the Necroman will be learned.
03-05-2006, 22:43
Umm... bump.
Colorado and Texas
03-05-2006, 22:56
ooc: Sounds interesting. I take it whomever plays will have to be in the star wars universe?
03-05-2006, 23:12
ooc: Sounds interesting. I take it whomever plays will have to be in the star wars universe?

OOC: Point. It's open to anyone who's FT. It doesn't have to be in the SW universe (though it's connected). It's actually in the Aphotic Galaxy, where my nation and it's light side puppet is located (as well as Kyanges, and No Endorse). However, for now just detect something going within the force. Or something similar. Can't exactly go into the Aphotic Galaxy since my nation hasn't encountered you before.
Colorado and Texas
03-05-2006, 23:29
ooc: very few nations have. I had not much time for rping so I just concentrated on growing my nation.