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Tree Hugging Lesbians: Factbook V.3.0 ((Finally!))

Tree Hugging Lesbians
01-05-2006, 08:46
Section 1: Government

Official Name: The Federal Republic of Tree Hugging Lesbians

Motto: Licentia , Justicia , Parilitas. (Translated from Latin: Liberty, Justice, Equality.)

National Anthem:

Official Language: English

Capital City: New Lesbos

President: Naomi Roderica(R)

Government Style

The Federations Government is broken down into three areas. They are:

The Presidency

Among her many responsibilities, the President controls the military. While she cannot officially declare war on another nation, she can attack any nation, with valid reason, at any time. She also controls the Executive branch of the Federation.

The Presidential elections occur every four years. At the moment, there is no limit to the amount of terms a single president may serve.

The Congress

The Congress is the legislative branch of the Federation. It has the power to adopt new resolutions, laws and amendments. How ever, these can be vetoed by either the President or the Supreme Court if they do not agree.

The Supreme Court

The Highest court in the Federation is made up of 10 justices. The Supreme court is, over all, the most powerful entity within the federation, having the right to impeach any President immediately given good reason, as well as veto any resolution passed by congress and approved by the President.

Executive Departments (Ranked in order of current funding):

1:The Department of Defense
2:The Department of Commerce
3:The Department of Justice
4:The Department of Health and Human Services
5:The Department of Labor
6:The Department of Agriculture
7:The Department of Energy
8:The Department of Transportation
9:The Department of Treasury
10:The Department of Education and Urban Development

(It should be noted, how ever, that due to the sheer size of the economy that no areas are under-funded)

Section 2: Culture and Demographics

Population: 2,469,000,000

Racial Census:(It should be noted that this is an extremely rough estimate, and given the size of the population and frequent surges of one ethnic group, a truly accurate census is impossible)

70% Caucasian
10% African-descent
9% Asian-descent
1% Misc. (Pacific Islanders, Arabs and others)

Religion: Due to the nature of the Federations inhabitants, Religion within the Federation is a confusing issue. Most of the population is atheist or agonistic, while there is a large percentage devoted to neo-pagan religions. Monotheistic Religions like Christianity and Islam are nearly non-existent within the Federation.

At a glance: With a 100% Female population, The Federation as an interesting social structure to say the least. At first, with no real masculine influence many citizens grew up "confused" about their very identity. How ever, with the economy soaring to new heights in recent decades, it has allowed one partner to stay at home at assume what could be seen as a traditionally feminine role, while the other assumes what can be seen as the traditional masculine role. This has fixed several of the problems the Federation faced within the first few years of it's existence.

((More to come later...I am tired.))