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The Darkest Side {Jagada Returns, MT)

05-04-2006, 03:10

Suffering. Pain. Humiliation. Betrayal. Death. Those were the words that drove the last remnants of the Jagite Civilization on. The 'Dark Days' were gone, the last remnants of the Jagite Peoples had fled via a small fleet of frigates into the vast Pacific Ocean--bound for nowhere. York, Bradley II, Halibard, all of them dead. Bradley II had commited suicide while invading Malkyeri after hearing of Kraven's Declaration of Extermination. York and Halibard suffered faits worse than death at the hands of Kraven. The people had no hope, they had no desire to live. Nine-thousand years of Jagite Civlization, the old ways, the great nation that was the Symbol of Christendom in the World was gone, burned to ashes beneath the jackboot of the Capitol Police and its allies. All hope was lost. Christianity had lost its biggest and most powerful ally and now it was only a matter of time before it too was cast into the void of history.

Imperator Undren walked threw the halls of his metal and stone castle. The wall covered in darkness and shadow, with the sound of his leather boots sending echoes down the halls as they were lined paintings of various leaders including Lord Jagada, Alfred Benning, Remington Pierce, and of coarse Franco York. He glanced at these pictures like he had a thousand times before over the countless years. These men pulled Jagada threw their darkest times. Lord Jagada united the lands under a single banner, Alfred Benning fought and won the Divinity Wars and ensured Jagada stayed One Christen Nation, while Remington Pierce brought the nation out of the dark ages of corrupted democracy, and finally Franco York who'd brought the nation to its highest point of popularity and prestige--he brought it to the become the Symbol of Christian Might. Yet all these men failed to achieve everlasting glory outside of Jagada. Lord Jagada died of natural causes, Alfred was killed by the plague, Emperor Pierce was executed by Fanatics, and York suffered a fait worse than death at the hands of Kraven. All had eventually taken that final step into the void of history, much had the Jagite Civilization these many, many years. For countless moons the Jagite people were gone from the eyes of the World. Setting up their civilization in secrecy upon the lands of Imperial Armies, far from the other nations in the region. As Imperator Undren continued his walk, thinking about the Kraven invasion of Jagada, about the Imperator's before him, all going threw much grief and suffering to keep the ideal of a Independant Jagite Civlization alive, he walked by various windows in his large castle where the sunlight dawned upon his black armor which would remind one of a Midevial Knight, with his helmet under his arm and his red cape fluttering behind him. He appoarched a large metal door and next to it stood two troops in uniforms, old Kraven designed uniforms but were grey. They gave him a salute as he opened the door and stepped in.

He stepped into a large room which various computers, monitors, but the room was empty save a handful of men also adorned in black armor standing in front of a large screen pointing certain things on the map off. Suddenly one of them noticed him, and immiedately spun around.

"Imperator!" he exclaimed and came into attention giving a crisp salute. The others followed in similar fashion.

"So what is this about?" said Undren with a clear sign of dissent in his deep voice, as his stone face and grey-black hair stood a sign of his authority. The men pondered for a moment before one of them managed enough courage.

"Sir...we sent a team to the old lands of Jagada," one of them said timidly.

"What?" exclaimed Undren taking a step foward, "Consider all of you executed!"

Undren turned around to order then guards when one of his generals grabbed his shoulder, Undren turned around with fire in his eyes. The General knew he was more than likely dead just because of that, but he had to inform his lord. "Imperator Undren, forgive us, but we were not tracked by Kraven. They had no standing army in Jagada, nothing was there. Only dust and wind. Though we did find something buried in the sands of Southern Jagada," said the General.

Undren turned around with the fire in his eyes subsiding, "And that is?"

The Generals all got a mixed look on their face, happiness but sadness at the same time, "Imperator Undren...we have found the body of Lord Protector York," said the General.

Undren's eyes widen and he took a step towards his soldiers, "God help you if you're lying to me." His deep voice booming.

One of the Generals, whom had kept quiet most of the time, took a step forward, "How he escaped Kraven's torture and death is unkown to us, or if he didn't, we don't know why Kraven left only him. No other corpses were found its almost like it was in...decent...condition. We suspect the sands of Southern Jagada and its unchanging climate may have preserved him." stated the General.

Undren looked down at the ground in grief, "I'd hoped he'd somehow lived and made his way to The Trannslyvania or Kahanistan. Appearntly not."

The Generals looked around at each other, more surprised than anything of their Imperator's grief. "Sir, what is your command?"

Undren sighed, and straighted himself back up, "We'll hold a State Funeral for him tomorrow. Do nothing to the body, simply have it placed in a coffin." The General bowed their heads and made their way out of the room--they had much to prepare. Undren lowered his head again, Lord Protector York was really dead. He'd guessed and hoped he'd somehow made it to The Trannslyvania and the Count was keeping him company in his last days. Obviously not. Undren raised his head, much had to be done.


One Day Later...
The streets were filled with many faces, most unknown on a national level. Though every major politican in Jagada had came out, the Nobility as they were. Since Jagada reverted back to a Monarchy following its Extermination at the hands of Kraven. Soldiers adorned in their grey uniforms armed with AK-74s stood in perfect formation, as the White-Star flags of Jagada drapted from every window and was held by hundreds of officers. This State Funeral would also be Jagada's announcement of its existance in the World. After so many moons of Jagada being gone, it now was going to show the World that Jagada couldn't be exterminated, that the people would live on forever.

Neo-Jagada, the capital city of the new Jagite Imperium, was modern in its look but showed the scars of a desperate people. Various buildings looked quickly built, others showed pieces of metal holding them together barley, and the general look of the city was one of dispair--save the Imperial Palace. This Palace was magnificant compared to the city, made of stone and metal and with hundreds of Jagite flags flapping in the wind and it stood several stories tall. On top of the long flight of stairs was Imperator Undren adorned in his black armor stood ontop the stairs. In the ceremony the coffin would be brought up the stairs to him, there he would personally placed the flag of Jagada over the coffin and then it would be taken into the Palace and then into the tomb underneath where the Imperator's of old were laid.

The ceremony was started with a thunderious roar of music. The music was slow and sad, to set the feeling that the nation needed to mourn the loss of one of its civilizations greatest leaders. Thats when the coffin appeared from down the street as a group of six men carried it towards the Palace. The people wept, York was a great man, even if he did sell Jagada out to Kraven and lead the nation to its current state. Despite his genocide of the Moslems and refusal to stop the Bhuddists from burning themselves alive in protest, right down to his theory of 'Armed Christianity' which was extremely unpopular--he was nearly a figure of worship for his people. Neo-Jagada had dozens of statues of his men, while the nation had thousands. As the group of six men continued down the street, they started looking at each other and giving comments as the coffin seemed to move. Once they were about one-hundred yards from the stone stairs the coffin started shaking violently, the the men set it down and took a step back. Suddenly the door swung open and up sat the semi-pale body of York, his cold eyes staring forward. Soldiers dropped their weapons and people screamed and fainted. Imperator Undren's eyes widened in horror--York was alive.

York looked around, something was different about him. He was adorned in a different attire. He slowly got out of the coffin and after stepping out of it he looked back at it with anger in his eyes. He then turned around and looked directly at Imperator Undren. York stared at Undren with cold, uncaring eyes.

Adorned in a black hat and a trenchcoat, Yorkk began walking toward Undren. As he passed, soldiers looked on in horror, the people wept, not for his loss, but because something what wrong--the dead do not live twice. York did not glance at the people, his eyes fixed upon Undren as he made his way towards the stone stairs. Has he foot touched the first step, the torches at the top of the stone stairs, next to Undren went out. York continued up the stairs, as Undren could only stand and watch as his dead hero--a man who suffered at the hands of Kraven and was persecuted by many now walked up to him. Has York reached the stop of the stairs and he walked towards Undren who still stood in seemingly paralyzed state--so much was going threw his mind, like how the dead could live again. York got right in Undren's face, and the Imperator realized that York didn't looked decayed--he didn't look a day older than the men who first founded Neo-Jagada said. Something had happened to York, someone or something had given him a second chance. Undren in horror and honor stepped to the side and kneed before York. York looked down at him and then turned around, noticing the cameras from the various medias.

He looked into all of them, knowing that his face was being shown to Killian President Mark Revello, Jenrakian Leader Saerus Annirak, and most of all to The Kraven Corporation's 'Father'. He knew they would see him, and they would by no means be undisturbed by this events. They had brought great suffering to his people, humilated them, cast them out, and tried to exterminate them. His plan to unite Jagada unto his autocratic fist and to drive Jagada ruthlessly into a position of great power by using the Capitol Police as his cheap labour force had backfired. Though now, something dark inside of him existed, something evil. Something that demanded one thing---vegence.

York in a deep voice that would cause children to weep and soldiers who fought against Jagada to be paralyzed spoke but one word.

The Transylvania
05-04-2006, 05:03
The old lands of Jagada…a lone figure stood in the middle of a road. He walking towards a castle, one that look like ruins of old. But it was not from the old times, it was built during the modern age. This man passed through the outer wall, which was falling apart. The Kraven forces did hell to the wall until it fell. It was his order for the men to stay and fight for save Jagada. Only ten thousands of his men survive the fight, those men escaped down to underground bunker. The last men made sure the Kraven freaks never knew where the entrance was. Those men and the families of the other soldiers sat and waited until the Dominion rescued them.

The man’s black leather duster danced in the wind as he walked. His eyes were covered by a black cowboy hat. He growled as looked at the command HQ, it was hit by Kraven artillery round. About fifty feet of the top half was gone. The man looked at buildings as he walked through the outer wall and center wall, it looked like Hell on earth happened here. He passed through the center wall and saw more horror, more building destroy by Kraven artillery and missiles. The base was outnumbered and outgunned, the Kraven forces were cruel. They would have killed the woman and children in the bunker, if they knew they were there. Bunker busters could not reach it, it was 400 yards under a bunker buster’s range.

The man stopped in the ruins of the command HQ building and looked back at the gate he walked through. The Count had a look like could kill. Something started ringing in his duster, he address his cell-phone. “What?” he asked, with anger tone.

“My lord, check your PDA now.” said the voice on the other end, there was fear in the man’s voice. “It is about Jagada.”

Taking out a black PDA, he turned it on. New mail flashed a couple of times. He pushed the button to open his mailbox. He clicked the mail that was titled Jagada. Another screen popped up with a live fed to the state funeral. He watched as a body rose from the coffin. “York?” said the Count, out loud.

He placed the phone back to his ear. “Find them.” he ordered. “Find the Jagites.” He hung up the phone and turned off the PDA and ran out of the former Dominion base.
05-04-2006, 06:29

"Hail York! Hail the Lord Protector!" shouted the troops in one single voice which deafed the weeping of the civilians. York, with the same uncaring eyes looked upon his troops with disguist. Not about their loyalty, or their surprise of his living, but because they looked rag-tag. He remebered the Crusaders and Kreigsmarines, those were men armed to the teeth with modern equipment, these troops carried outdated AK-74s. He could not blame them, he had not been there to ressurect the nation--he had been laying the sands of Old Jagada wasting away. He wasn't sure how he was alive, so many moons ago, such much darkness. Whatever gave him life did so abundantly, he felt in his prime. No longer was his mind bent and confused due to overstrain, not longer did his body feel like it belonged to an old man. He was new, he was--immortal. Suddenly he heard the annoying sound of metal and stone grinding together. He turned his head to see Undren crawling towards him.

"My lord," he said. York had a good mind to kill this man, who he knew was the leader of Jagada, for allowing the Soldiers to become rag-tag. York had already see the city and was by no means pleased. Though in all this, he realized Undren had done what he could--he couldn't expect every Jagite leader to be as good as himself.

"Your name," said York in a deep voice. Undren kept his head down by now straightened up and stood before York.

"My name is Undren, I am the former Imperator of Jagada," said Undren.

"Former? Good," said York now realizing Undren just voluntarily gave up his position, saving himself the trouble of killing Undren.

"Come," said York again before walking away, inside of the Palace. Undren rose to his feet and made a hand gesture to the crowd, and soldiers, signifying for them to go about their business. As the people did, the coffin remained undistrubed, no one brave enough to venture to it. As York and Undren made their way inside, troops who'd been guarding the interior of the castle were shocked as they saw York walking by--the dead Lord Protector had risen.

"My throne," said York. Undren bowed again, and signaled the Lord Protector to follow him. Walking down the hall, the troops moved out of the way, and a general aura of evil surronded the hallways York passed. They eventually reached two ten-foot tall stone and steel doors which the troops, despite seeing York, opened and saluted. York walked into the room and it was vast and large. It was decorted in gold and splendor and had protraits of great battles fought during the Divinity Wars. York looked around as the sound of his boots against the floor sent echoes in the large room. It was at that moment that he spotted his throne, it was made out of stone and steel. Undred bowed and motioned for York to sit in the throne. York slowly walked towards the throne and sat down it in the same. He suddenly felt a surge of power. Power not felt since he sat in his office in Jagada's Keep, which was surely destroyed by Kraven. He could just imagine the horrors his allies: The Translyvania and Kahanstan suffered at the hands of Kraven. Though now was not the time to worry about nations whom would surely come to him. He leaned back in his throne and the soldiers posted in the room kneeled before their new lord.

"Lord Prot-" said Undren before getting cut off by York.

"No...the days of Good are gone. No more will we take the high road. The nations of this world will bow before us or they shall parish by our weapons. I am to be known as the Dark Lord. May all whom hear it shake in fear. For that title will make the hearts of mothers race, the souls of men shatter, and the enemies of Jagada bow in submission," said York, "This World Will Burn."

Undren took a step back but quickly realize the folly of that and bowed in forgiveness. "Dark Lord, what is your command?"

York pondered on that for a moment. There was always the option of simply declaring war on The Macabees, they were in the middle of a situtation that would by no means help them in anyway if Jagada entered the conflict. Though Jagada was by no means in a position for immiedate war. There were plenty of more days left in Humanity's Existance for War. Now was a time to consolidate his power before the people realized they had a chance to usurp that power. York looked at Undren with a sinister look on his face.

"Order all soldiers to report to their respective military bases. Inform them its for a distrubtion of equipment. Increase police presence in all cities, any civil protest or demostration against me or anyone it to be put down with brutal effecientcy. Civil and Political Liberties do not exist," said York.

Undren bowed and began to walk away until York's booming voice stopped him in his tracks, "Also, send a message to Count JWolf, I believe I owe him an apology."
The Transylvania
06-04-2006, 19:32
A black SUV drove on the roads to Sibiu, Romania. It was snowing outside but not to bad. The plane waiting for the man in back could take off in this take of snow. It had been ten years after the fall of Jagada and the Dominion war on the Kraven Corporation. The horrors of that war, the deaths of that war. It all started in Jagada, at that base.

There were many folders on the seat next to man, who looks like a wild west gun fighter. The Count picked up a folder labeled Mutants in Jagada. He started reading the papers inside of it. The first paper was the list of who was alive or who was not alive.

Major Logan Allen KIA

Sergeant Major Vladik Zaitsev MIA

Second Lieutenant Lance Ironhawk Alive/ Stationed in Germany

First Lieutenant Luis Perez Alive/ Stationed in Germany

Captain Stefana Clerides MIA

First Sergeant Dracomir Geitler KIA

Sergeant First Class Giovanni Mordasini Alive/ Stationed in the Czech Republic

The next paper in the folder told what the alive one were doing.

Captain Lance Ironhawk Lead a small group in the 7th Dragon Slayers called Ironhawk’s Raiders.

Major Luis Perez Commander of a Dominion base in Germany

First Lieutenant Giovanni Mordasini Former an Embassy Guard/ rejoined his old division, the 27th Hellspawns

The Count put the folder down and picked up another one labeled Jagites in the Dominion Armed Forces. He center of four names. The first name was of a soldier that was at the battle of Transylvanian base.

Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Windfell A former Jagite Sergeant/ A member of 12th Blood Dragons

The next three names were Jagite soldiers that hide in the ruins of the base. They were rescued by the remaining Dominion soldiers after the Kraven a week later.

Brigadier General Xavier Byron A former Jagite Major/A member of the 2nd Silver Foxes

Major Gabriel Collins A former Jagite Corporal/A member of the 16th Shadow Foxes

Second Lieutenant Drake Jackson A former Jagite Master Sergeant/A member of the 9th Black Rhinos

“My lord, we are here?” said the driver. The Count looked up to see his plane through the front window. Four men stood on the outside, waiting from him. As the SUV stopped, Second Lieutenant Jackson opened the back door and backed away from the vehicle. The Count steps out and looks at the men, drop down to an knee. “My lord.” said Franklin. These men have lived and fought for the Dominion during those ten years. JWolf has became their leader, now. “It it true? Is he alive?”

“That is what we are going to see about. Raise.” said the Count. The four men rose.

Franklin was wearing set of Transylvanian body armor in the Blood Dragons’ colors, a black long coat sat over the body armor.

The Brigadier General was wearing the same thing but the armor was the Silver Foxes’ colors and the coat was brown. He had a fuzzy hat that would called a Russian hat by a few people, it was gray fur. He had the hat because he was a commander of a Dominion base in Dominion Russia.

Major Collins was wearing a set of Transylvanian body armor in the Shadow Foxes’ colors, two swords sat in their holders on his back. A dark gray cape, ran from his neck to the ground, sat between the swords. Collins joined the Shadow Foxes, the best Spec ops division in the Dominion and maybe the world. His stealth was what made him a Shadow Foxes, the only Jagite that is part of a Spec ops division.

The Second Lieutenant was wearing the same thing as Franklin but in his division’s color.

The Count heads onboard the plane followed by the four men. York would be shocked by his former men becoming the Count’s new soldiers. He could be mad or be okay with it. The Count will see that when the time comes. The private jet shot down the runway and entered the air. Heading to the new Jagada.

After countless hours of flying, the plane made into Jagite airspace. They had not enter the airspace but were close to it. “Jagite air command, this is Wolf012. We have the God-Emperor Count JWolf on board.” said the captain of the plane. “Can we enter your airspace?”
07-04-2006, 06:06

Permission was quickly given to the aircraft. It landed at Norris International Airport. Though as the Count would look out his window he would see a group of soldiers dressed in black armor with Hali-42 Assault Rifles advancing towards the plane and surronding it. Though a car quickly followed in behind the platoon and stopped. A stairway ramp was rolled up the jet. As the Count would come out of the plane, a man wearing Jagite 'Automail' Body Armor stood at the bottom and was saluting the Count.

"Count JWolf?" asked the man.
The Transylvania
07-04-2006, 14:50

The Count steps out of the plane followed by his four former Jagites. JWolf adjusted his duster and hat as he looked at the man in front of him, “Nope, I’m King Jolly Roger the First.” said the Count. Being in the Dominion for those ten years, the former Jagites have changed. They laughed at what JWolf said.

“Yes, I’m Count JWolf. And you are?” asked the Count, as he riased a hand to quiet his men.
07-04-2006, 22:32

Since the Unjust Extermination, Jagites had lost their natural sense of humor. This soldier was no different. He worse the Jagite Black Body Armor and also its helmet, covering his entire head and giving off a cold impression.

Not betraying this impression the Undertaker spoke, "I am Major Enrin. If you will follow me--Dark Lord York awaits your arrival."

Enrin noticed the men coming down with the Count were Jagites. How? Bafflign scientists was something Jagites did. All Jagite's natural hair color was silver, but this could be changed--save the eyebrows. You can of coarse remove the eyebrows and leave no impression of being Jagite, but in doing so also showed a sign that they were without honor. These men maintained their eyebrows, and Enrin was curious as to how they had go to the Count.
The Transylvania
08-04-2006, 17:26

“Well take me to your leader.” said the Count, his voice cold and dark. “I have many thing to talk to him about.” The Count and the four men waited to be showed to a vehicle or vehicles.
08-04-2006, 20:33

Major Enrin allowed the Count and his personel to enter the black SUV brought specifically to pick them up. As a curitousy he placed the flag of The Trannslyvania on the car's radio antenna. The black SUV took off, Major Enrin entered another vehicle and it followed close behind them. The vehcile drove down Neo-Jagada, all of it looked like slums--the economy was still in it infante stages and was hardly able to keep up with the civilian demand. Though as the vehcile reached the center of the city the Imperial Palace came into view. The structure rose stories into the air, but was laid our like a Roman Temple. With lights constantly flashing on the Imperial Palace giving it an almost mystical aura.

As the convoy of vehciles drove beside the steps of the Imperial Palace, Major Enrin quickly rushed up to the Count's vehicle and opened the door and extend his arm with his finger pointed at the top of the stairs. As the Count would look up he saw standing at the top of the stone stairs the one whom he'd come to see--Dark Lord York dressed in the attire he'd been in when he came out of his coffin.
The Transylvania
09-04-2006, 17:35

The Count never looked out the SUV during the drive to the palace. His personnel did, they were sicken at what the city looked like. How can this happen to Jagites? They asked themselves. Then as the convoy arrived at the palace, the personnel were somewhat mad. The city looked like slums and the palace looks like a lot of money was wasted on it.

The Count got out followed by his personnel. JWolf looked up at the stairs at York, an evil glare across his face. The five man started up the stairs. The Count in the lead with Xavier behind him to his right and Franklin behind him to his left. Gabriel was behind Xavier and Drake was behind Franklin.
10-04-2006, 08:32

Dark Lord York watched as the group of men walked up. He could see the disguist in the eyes of the personel--while the Count appeared to not have noticed the slum conditions of Neo-Jagada. Though he knew the personnel were angry--he saw their silver eyebrows from far away and realized their disguist. He walked for the Count to come to him, as he appoarched he extended his hand.

"Greetings, my friend," said York extending his hand, "Its good to see you once again."
The Transylvania
10-04-2006, 14:39

The Count did not shake his hand. He just stared at York like a wolf watching at his prey. “Don’t friend me, York.” said the Count. “I’m not your friend. Not at what has happened.” His voice was cold and dark, no sign of being happy. “You did something that I told you not to do.” said the Count. “Piss me off.”

He looked back at his men. “Meet four of the countless Jagites in the Dominion. I loss 15,000 soldiers at the battle in old Jagada but gained many more after the war.” said the Count. “I will say one thing that is good, Jagites are smart. They know were to hide.”
10-04-2006, 22:09

Dark Lord York stood and listened, with his hand still extended to what the Count said. His dark expression and complextion, which had faded to a look that a friend would give, returned. He got right in the Count's face--disregarding the Jagites who would probably be reaching for their weapons.

"I really don't care what I made you," said York, "You know nothing of pain and horror. You watch, helpless, has two billion of your people are exterminated all because you wanted to saved them and made a deal with evil itself. You watch has your people, your cultural, and your very life is taken from you and you're cast out into the sands of some hellish region. You know Count, the Jenrakians turned southern Old Jagada into a vast desert. Hundred of millions of Jagites are now slaves in Jenrak. Millions more slaves in Whyatica. So you can keep your attitude to yourself. Beucase I really couldn't care less."

York had no intentions of angering the Count. His goal was to show the Count that he had little room to be angry with York. As the Count didn't personally see Jagada up in flames--he came to view the aftermath. York looked over the Count's shoulder to the Jagites.

"I'm glad to see you kept some of my people alive. You have my thanks for that," said York.
10-04-2006, 23:46
Saerus looked at the news with surprised eyes, his face in a small chuckle, like an amusing slice of news that had at long last broke him from his quake of solitude of mind. “So, the dead refuse to die.” He said, walking along in his long golden robes, his sword branded on his waist, his rocket launcher perched on his back. “He is back, and he is certainly full of hatred. Good.” Saerus complied.
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 02:39

Yes, JWolf’s Jagties did go for their weapons but the Count stopped them with wave of his right hand. “Really, York.” said the Count. “You need to hire better military officers to tell you what happen. Our base was attack, forcing me to declare war on the Kraven freaks and their goddamn slave states.” He knew what he just said would piss off the old York, don’t know about new darker York.

“The only time I saw Jagada go up in flames was on the TV. At that time, I was in Jenrak. Dealing with my grandson’s wedding.” he adds. He smiled because he knew York would be mad after that. Jenrak was their enemy. “I have more ties with Jenrak then I have with you, York. The king is my son-in-law.” The Count backed away from York. He turns his back to him and looks at the city.

“Tell me how you survived the Kraven freaks?” he asked.
11-04-2006, 03:19

York could feel his rage rising, the old him wanted so badly to attack the Count for using the Lord's name in vain. Suddenly, all together his anger subsided, an a feeling of calm came over him. He would not look his composure.

"I'm glad you see it in your interests to consider Jenrak above Jagada. I'm curious Count, if you were so eager to help me and save my people. Why do you align yourself with Jenrak, who enslaves my people?" asked York, knowing it would catch the Count in some complex reply.

"As for my survival...I didn't," said York with a smirk forming across his face.
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 03:46

“Read a history book sometime.” said the Count. “The Dominion and Jenrak have been allies for a long time. Three royal family members are married to Jenrakian nobility.”

That is when Xavier, the former Jagite Major now a Brigadier General in the Dominion Armed Forces, said something. “The Dominion soldier fought against old Jagada during the Naar incident. A large part of the west coast is now in the Dominion’s hands.” he said. “They were the enemies before becoming allies.” He walked at York before he was stopped by the Count’s voice. “Xavier! If I want York dead, I would do it. Back off!” He said all of that with his back turn to everybody.

Xavier stopped and looked at the Count. “My Lord, he is one that made everything happen. He was the one who made the deal with the devil.” said the General. “He makes me sick. I lost my father and mother during the war.”

“I know.” said the Count. “But this is not time or place for any of that.” JWolf looked back and eyed York. “York, look at what you did. These men would have been loyal to you, now they want to dead. All because you wanted those fucking freaks.”
11-04-2006, 03:58

York glared at the Brigadier General--the Jagite turned Translyvanian. "Not my concern. Your parents should have been a little quicker on their feet."

York then turned his concern to the Count, "Remeber, you're in my country. A country I haven't ruled since my death. If you have nothing more to do than mock a country I've ruled for less than a month. Then I'd advise you take your turncoats and leave. If you have anything intelligant to discuss. Then speak now."
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 04:08

The Brigadier General bite his lip to hold him back from attacking York. The Count glared at York, “You’re the one who sent a message to me.” said the Count. “I’m not talking about this county, I was talking about your old one. Old Jagada, a place that was good before the Kraven freaks set up shop.”

“Now, what do you want from me?” asked the Count. “Why did you sent a message to me?”

“And one more thing, what are you? Something made you come back to life. I don’t think it was God who did it.”
11-04-2006, 04:22

York smirked. The Count was right, a message had been sent and the Count was summoned to Jagada. York sighed and took a few steps down and looked out over the city with the Count, never even making eye contact with the Jagites-turned-Translyvanian, and simply stared.

"Old Jagada. A place even I miss. Times changed. You are a supposed god-Emperor yourself, no? You know his dissent is, and you have dissent in your country regardless of how you play it down. Things turned bad in Jagada. We never won a single major war we were in, the people began to realize that prehaps the rule by One Man wasn't working. You of all people know how Democracy is a failure, simply a guise for the rich and well-born to rule the masses. I didn't want that for my people. I feared it would-" said York for sighing again and motioning towards the slum city, "I feared it would turn out like this. Save this Palace would be some kind of Democratic House where the rich and well-born Parliament would preach to the masses about how well off they are. Kraven was a tempoary solution until I could firmly plant my foot on the people of Jagada--for their own good. Autocracy, that was my goal. As you can see, I made a huge error allying with Kraven. I may as well allied with Dreadfire--prehaps he would have left a few alive."

York removed his hat, "I'm here to fix that mistake. Whatever force brought me back to life--be it God, or some other force. I am here, and that is all that matters. I want to make right what I lost. I will give these Neo-Jagites a chance for a better existance than those of Old Jagada. I will do that--even if I have to turn the World into ash. They will have better than those before them. I will do this. There will be no failing."

York then turned his head towards the Count, "This is where you come into play. Jagada needs allies. We need strong ones, not ones who betray us later on. I do read my history books, you appear to have never betrayed an ally. I know of your strong alliances due to marriage with Jenrak--I couldn't care less so long as you stand aside when I turned their country into sut and ash. You can keep the land you took from them, you just leave them to me. I want you as an ally Count."
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 04:47

The Count listened to everything York said. “I’m the God-Emperor for one reason. I’m an god to the mortal of this world.” said the Count. “Good speech, York. But it sucked at the end.” JWolf looked at slum of the city, he was not sicken like the Jagites-turned-Transylvanians were. He really did not care about the people.

“If one of your Neo-Jagite soldiers touches a foot on Jenrakian soil, the Dominion will in your face and invaded your land. If you want the Dominion as your allies, you will do nothing to Jenrak. Understand, O dark one?”
11-04-2006, 04:59

York turned his gaze to the city. This was quickly becoming a waste of time and effort. He'd remeber the last discussion him and the Count had, and the Count hadn't changed. Arrogant, cold, and stubborn beyond end. The qualities York would have enjoyed in his Generals--but not in a man whom he considered to rule one of the most powerful Empires in the world. It was unbecoming of a so called 'god'-Emperor to be so short and closed minded.

"What draws you to them?," asked York, "The Jenrakians. What have they done for the Dominion? What have they done for you? Do you owe them some kind of debt or prehaps there is something more...personal in the matter, and I mean more personal than just family bonds."
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 05:08

The Count knew he was getting under the skin of York. He like messing with people’s heads. He was an arrogant person but who blames him for being one. He had survived through many things in his lifetime, making him into a god-like being to his people.

“You want to know what draws me to them. They are like me. I feel normal around Jenrakian then I do anybody else.” said the Count. “My daughter, Selene, is the Crime Mistress of Jenrakian crime. A good piece of the money she makes is send back to me.”

“Hell, York, the heir to the Jenrakian throne is a Dominionite. My grandson is the heir.” said the Count. “If Saerus is kill and his brother is alive, my grandson will take the throne from his father.”

“You want to know what they have done for the Dominion, gave me something I needed. Slaves, York, slaves.” said the Count.
11-04-2006, 05:21

York would have been mad--by now the Count and him would have been in a fist fight--but that was the old York. He wasn't that way anymore, he was something more, something greater. York smirked and laughed a bit, shaking his head. In a calm and collective voice York spoke up.

"You like them. Interesting," said York as he glanced at the Jagites-turned-Translyvanian. "I'll admit. Then Jenrakians are interesting. Freaks, everyone of them--be they by marriage or natural birth. Though JWolf, I am curious. I know you have plans for your grandson to ascend to the throne. I know you have your own agenda with Jenrak. You don't care about your people, you or the rest of those psycos at the WGADAHR Club. I know you could care less about the Jenrakians. You'd enjoy seeing them parish in a hell-flame. You'd smirk and laugh as your sick and twisted mind is pleasured by their suffering. That is your legacy, O god-Emperor."

York then turned back at the Count, "As for the slaves. Regardless of what these fools, the turncoats, think. You're not god, and Jagites will see that. You see, Count, Jagites have a natural ability to become freedom. I advise you watch those slaves very closely. Including these so called loyal soldiers--for a Jagite gives his alligence to no man but a Jagite. You'd best consider yourself lucky or one night you may just find yourself before the Almighty."
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 05:39

The Count was having fun. York was making him laugh in his own mind. York always made him laugh in his own mind, York was joke to him. But now, his new self was not a joke. He was a fool. Maybe he knew that the Count would not trust him after what happen. Maybe he knew the Count would not betray the Jenrakian over an alliance with Neo-Jagada, a crappy little nation trying to rebuild itself.

“The slaves I have are not Jagites, York.” said the Count. “They are from Sanduras, located in the north of Jenrak.”

“You question the loyalty of the Jagites that live in the Dominion, York. The Jagites have changed. Not the same one that you knew ten years ago.” adds JWolf, he looked at the four men on the stairs. “Those four men have moved up in rank in the Dominion Armed Forces.” He points at Franklin. “Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Windfell was a Jagite Sergeant, one of the Jagites that was a battle of the Transylvanian base. He saw the horrors of that battle and the horrors of the war.”

“Those four men are loyal to me not a Jagite, York.” said the Count looking into the eyes of the Dark Lord. “They have changed. They still look like Jagites but they have not. They are Dominionites.” The four men cheered at that.

“You know what, fuck you. Why should I ally myself with you again? You betray your people and me once. Who says you will not do it again?” asked the Count.
11-04-2006, 05:47
Neo Jagada

York smirked. The Count was always the same. Jagada was, and probably always would be, a would-be dictatorship that wanted to do great things but just simply didn't have the extremes it took. York knew Jagada wasn't a genocidal freakish Empire bent on killing everyone, nor was it a pot-smoking democracy that used self-righteousness to promote its beliefs. Jagada was inbetween, it was a people country, a principle about politics. Jagada could never be a great power, for it seemed Humans were naturally medicore and kind--it took the extremeists to forge fearful or respected Imperiums.

Though York never let that bother him. Count may have proven his worth in a thousand difference situtations, across countless lands. Though no man lasted forever. York, in the middle of the Count's statement turned his back on him--an effective insult to some, though prehaps not the Count. Then again, JWolf never was the calm type. York looked at the Jagites-turned-Translyvanian.

"Has he treated you all well?" York asked, compeltely ignoring the rest of the Count's statement.

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The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 05:58

The Count just stood back and listened. He did not care that York turned his back to him. Back in the ancient times, York would have got a sword through his back for it, but it was the modern days.

“What do you think, York?” asked Franklin. “The Count has treated us like we were born in his nation. Allowed Jagites in the armed forces so we could get more training and get revenge on the Kraven freaks.” He pointed to Major Collins, the shadow ops soldier.

“Major Collins was just a Jagite Corporal, now he is shadow ops soldier. He is a Shadow Fox. Brigadier General Byron is commander on his own base in Russia. I’m a commander of a Dominion base in Latvia.”

“The non-soldier Jagites that the Count had rescued, now live and work in the Dominion like Dominionites. We are treated nicely there. The Count saved us and you betrayed us, York.”

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11-04-2006, 06:07

York's expression stayed the same--this was a rather hard meeting for York despite his natural ability to maintain his composure. He had no kindness towards the Count, he never had. He'd only considered the Dominion a good tempoary ally--just like he'd considered Kraven. Though the Count had some precious to him--Jagites. York may have betrayed them, but he was brought back to make amends and lead Jagada to greatness. He sighed.

"You're right. I did sell the people out to Kraven," said York taking another step down the stairs and thus towards the soldiers, "And I know I will never have you abilities in this country--your country. I accept the fact that your a servant of the Count now. Though my loyalty to the Jagite people never wained. I did what I thought was best, and you can tell it didn't turn out for the best. And as you can tell, I paid dearly for it. I have been brought back to make amends."

Seeing the Jagites in Dominion uniform, and hating him so much was a painful thing to take for York--he'd worked for so many years to keep Jagada above the water. He motioned towards the city, "What about them? They are the decendants of a handful of Jagites. The people you fought for in Old Jagada. Do you no longer hold alligance to them at least?"

Not allowing them to answer, York turned back around. "Very well--JWolf. You have done me a great service. You saved some of my people from Kraven, and you have kept them in good mental and phyiscal health. I suppose its time to swallow some pride. Very well, JWolf, you have my word--you keep the Jagites you have safe and give them a good life and Jenrak is spared my wrath. I do not ask for your nation's alligance or friendship. All I ask is that you keep the Jagite people safe. Can you promise me this JWolf?"
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 16:31

“Deal.” said the Count, still looking at the city. “I have done it for ten year. Why would I stop?” He turned around faced York. His face was calm and had a smile on it. Well not smile but a small grin. “The Jagites within the Dominion will be safe. If you need help rebuilding , I will send over some crews.”

“I will only help your non-military side. I will help you rebuild the cites.” said the Count. Before York could answer, the Count adds “And one more thing, don’t steal my clothes. I have been running around like this at the start of the Wild West period of time.”
11-04-2006, 18:51

Dark Lord York laughed at the Count's last comment. This meeting hadn't gone very well, and the Count by no means had to accept his proposal. Jagada wasn't in a position, and wouldn't be in a position for quite some time, to challange the Dominon or the Chemical Lords of Jenrak.

"To be honest. I died in my military uniform," said York looking at his outfit, "How I got into this is beyond me. Its the outfit of an Undertaker. Prehaps that is what I was brought back to do. Bury my past and the enemies of Jagada. Prehaps," said York smirking himself.

He then looked at the Jagites-turned-Dominionites, "You're always welcome to return to Jagada. If not my my sake," York then pointed to the slums where people walked about, "Then theirs."

York then turned back and faced the Palace, "And next time you visit Count, this won't be here. Its too grand--not really my style. I'm sure I could jump start the economy by taking apart this Palace alone and recycling the material into the economy."

York didn't give the Count a chance to reply before turning back to the city, "I am at least glad you are willing to assist the people of this country--to help rebuild Jagada. I would offer you the grand tour of the city, but its pretty much than same regardless of where you go."
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 19:05

“I can tell that, York.” said the Count about the city. “Looks like a mess to me. One that will be fixed in time.” He watched at the people walked around the slums. He looked back at the Jagites-turned-Dominionites. “So…are you going to stay in the Dominion? Or go back to your people?” he asked. He knew the answers would be no, the Dominion is their home. The Dominion has done many things for them; more military training, jobs to feed their remaining family members, and enough land to house them.

Franklin looked at York as he began to talk. “York, we will stay in the Dominion. It is our home, now.” he paused and looked at the city. “I know those people are Jagites, from the same blood that flows through my veins. I’m an old Jagite and they are the new Jagites. I have changed, the Jagites have changed in the Dominion. We will not fit in with the new Jagites. We would be outcast to them. Foreigners to them.”
11-04-2006, 19:10

York smirked at Franklin's comment. He walked towards the Dominite Soldier and extended his hand, "Prehaps so. Though I do hope you will return to fight for us when we go to save our people, the millions of people, who are trapped inside of Whyatica," said York before moving closer to Franklin almost to where only he could hear him, "And try to get the Count to work towards releasing the Jagite slaves in Jenrak."

York then turned around to the Count, "Did you want to establish another embassy trade?"

[OOC: Jenrak does have millions of Jagites as slaves, when he took Malaga he turned them into slaves I believe.]
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 19:29

Franklin didn’t answer York. But the Count did heard what York said. He was vampire, that can hear through thick wooden door and walls.

“Nope, that last time it did not work right. The Dominion will be your unofficial ally, this time around.” said the Count. “Before you started judging the Jenrakian, the Jagites in their city are not slaves. They live in the city with other Jenrakians. They are like the Jagites in the Dominion, they just have a different leader to listen to.”

OOC: I think so but they are not slaves.
11-04-2006, 19:37

York turned back to the Count with a look that he wasn't convinced, "Jagites are Christians. I heard what the Jenrakians did the Rithman-Naar, their policy of convert or die. Jagites were the defenders of Christendom. If Jenrak has spared them enslavement and death they have my thanks, but if they kill them there will forever be hatred for them."
The Transylvania
11-04-2006, 19:54

“The only ones that I hear that were killed were…” started the Count. “The ones that fought before the city was took. I know there are still Jagites alive in the city, don‘t know there numbers but they are still alive.”

“He is telling the truth.” said Franklin. “The Count took me to the city, I seen everything with my own eyes. The Jenrakians made some type of deal with Kraven, they leave the Jagites in the city alone.”

“I think it was because the Kraven high command knew it could not deal with a war with Jenrak and the other Anti- Kraven nations.” said the Count. “The high command orders was to kill every Jagite, so I don’t there are any Jagites in Whyatica. But I do have millions in my nation. The smart ones that hide in the mountains.”
12-04-2006, 00:15

York sensed and even smelled a rat per say. Something about Franklin's attitude and the Count's was offset. He knew Jenrak wouldn't just treat the Jagites like they were one of them--they hadn't done that with the people of Rithman-Naar. York had to contain his emotional anger, he despised seeing his people put into bondage, the Jagites were in bondage for three-thousand years under the rule of Imperialists. He would not allow that reign of slavery to continue.

"Count, if my people hide in the mountains of your lands," York said, "Why not inform them that Jagada has risen again, and offer them a chance to return to our lands. You did say the smart ones hide in the mountains, did you not?"

York paused to allow the Count to reply.
The Transylvania
12-04-2006, 02:32

“Rain check, your people hide in old Jagada’s mountains not the mountains in my nation.” said the Count. “They know about it, it was broadcasted on the Dominion News Network. Each Jagite has a TV, so they know you’re back. The whole world know you’re back. But the Dominion is the only one that know where you are.”

“The Jenrakian are treating their Jagite like the lower class of their nation. Not like the Dominion but they did not kill them.” started the Count.

“Like the Kravenites.” added Franklin. “Why would we come to this back? This is New Jagada, I was born in Old Jagada. Same thing with Jagites in the Dominion. We have followed the Dominion laws, which are not that many, for ten years. We have changed.”

“If you can’t tell, they will not fit in with the Neo Jagites.” said the Count. “They would be outcasts.”
12-04-2006, 04:45

York's head tilted. "So some still live? In the mountains of Old Jagada?"

York looked at the ground. If some still lived, then prehaps not all was lost. He looked up at the Count, "Would you have reservations about me liberating Non-Jenrakian Jagada?"
The Transylvania
12-04-2006, 15:58

“They were some in the mountains. Our rescue operations picked them up.” said the Count. “You would fail, York. Your forces would be killed before they make it to Old Jagada.”