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19-03-2006, 13:10
In this thread I will post newspaper extracts, general information, internal business info, exports/imports etc etc. You may also request an embassy (and I'll provide a list) or offer trade. For example, you could even (if you TG me about it first) RP one of your companies outsourcing a major textiles company, or something like that. You could even sponsor a political party <.< Yeah, and I don't really use calculators.. I prefer to RP my country how I'd like it to be.

Newspaper Articles
The Empire Chronicle - 22/3/06 - Questarian Troops Fight for Freedom (

Exports (and percentage of the economy)
Steel (13.1%)
Coal (12%)
Shipbuilding (11.8%)
Nuclear Power Services (11.5)
Textiles (9%)
Retail (8.4)
Telecommunications (8.2%)
Electronics [Computers, TVs, etc] (8%)
Foodstuffs (7%)
Light Metals [Aluminium, Copper] (6.9%)
Healthcare (6%)
Chemicals (5.4%)
Heavy Metals [Titanium, Tungsten] (5.3%)
Petroleum / Oil (1.4%)

Imports Needed
-Petroleum / Oil
-Heavy and Light Metals
-Motor vehicles

GDP: 101 Trillion est
GDPPC: Ranges - Inner London 241,000 USD, Industrial Liverpool 18,000 USD - Average 32,000 USD
Economic Growth: 3.25% annum
Taxes: Income, Council, Road, Sea, VAT, Property
Currency: Pound Sterling (2.348.24 USD)
Workforce: 4.1423 Billion (est March 06)
Unemployment: 19 Million (est March 06)
Unemployment due to Outsourcing: 7 Million (est March 06)

Political Parties (and percentage of parliament)
Empire Party (71%)
Liberal Reform Party (19%)
Socialist Workers Party (8%)
Mad Raving Loony Party (1.7%)
Communist Green Reform Party (.2%)
Questarian Nazi Party (.1%)

Languages: Questarian English, Indian (Internal Commonwealth - anyone that speaks a language native to India), Japanese, Latin (official)
Ethnicity: (Discounting internal commonwealth):[/b] Questarian 73%, Japanese 15%, Jewish 9%, Arab 3%

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State: HM the Queen Clarantina II, house of Harborough
Prime Minister: The Right Honourable Sir Anthony Eden
Constitution: None
National Anthem: For King (Queen) and Country (
Capital: London
Capitol Building: Whitehall
How an Act is Passed
House of Commons with 1,000 MPs from all over the country vote.
If said act is passed, the House of Lords with 131 Lords of Nobility vote.
If said act is passed too, the reigning Monarch signs the act.

If the reigning Monarch does not sign, the act does not pass. A vote in the Commons is then held to eject the Monarch. If the Monarch is removed from power than the next in line will take over as Head of State.

Age of Consent: 16
Age of Suffrage: 18
Every woman and man, unless they are
a.) mentally ill
b.) a convicted criminal
c.) a foreigner
d.) renting or not owning property worth £100 per year
Is permitted the right to vote for their local MP who will represent their borough in parliament.

Embassy types:
Embassy: A full, diplomatic exchange between nations. Helicopters, limos, the full deal.
Consulate: A smaller embassy, somewhere where governments can make quick contact.
Cultural Council: A building where citizens can go to find out information, get legal help, etc.
Attache: an advisor to your/my government, from your/my government.
Embassy Exchange
-Ato Sara (Commonwealth)
-Comatica (Commonwealth)
-Ftang (Commonwealth)
-Omz222 (Commonwealth)
-Praetonia (Commonwealth)
-Saint Fedski (Commonwealth)
-Sarzonia (Commonwealth)
-Skinny87 (Commonwealth)
-Truitt (Commonwealth)
-Velkya (Commonwealth)
-Yoboland (Commonwealth)
-Juumanistra (Cultural Exchange)
-Mekugi (Consulate)
19-03-2006, 14:53
In the intrests of improved international relations both home and abroad, we have been authorized by the Ministry of Foriegn Relations to request a Consulate and audience within the Questarian homeland for the betterment and improved political communications beween our two nations.

We request only a small parcel of land capable of houseing 30 personnel, includeing the ambassador (as yet un-appointed) his assistant, and office staf and five guards to be armed as possible within the restrictions of such an appointment in the commonwealth.

If this is agreeable I hope that we may help both nations grow overtime and weather the odds of the world together.

Senator Marcus Saito
-Miniter of Foriegn Relations
Speaker of the ADRM
Beth Gellert
19-03-2006, 15:36
Glad to see that there are still some others not relying on those silly miscalculators. A question of little real importance, if I may: Indian? Is that a particular language; a reference to any or all of the dozen-plus official languages of India; or something else, of which I am ignorant?
19-03-2006, 18:52
Ah, it means anyone that speaks a language from India - there are many languages in India (as you know, which is why they have English as their official languageO.o) so it refers to anyone that speaks a language from India (except English), eg Hindu. It represents that India is the biggest internal commonwealth nation and we get loads of immigrants (not a bad thing!)

Diplo response later Mekky, coursework to do.
20-03-2006, 22:10
AS OF 20th March 2006, Her Majesty's Government expresses its greatest thanks that Mekugi wishes to expand relations with our nation. We would be more than glad to provide sufficient consulate space in the city of London. From this consulate you can contact our government directly via telephone, fax, instant messenger, email, or hand message.

Each of your workers will be given a Visa and a Work Permit. If they lose these or they become unclear, they must immediately request one. It is illegal to work in this country under any circumstances without a Work Permit, and a foreigner may not stay more than 2 months without a Visa.

I hope that this is the beginning of many excellent relations between our nations.

Thank you,
Signed Foreign Minister Sir John Deltborough
23-03-2006, 00:07

Today, the brave troops of the 31 Royal Marines Division landed via chinook helicopter on Port Khufi Airport to support allied efforts in Czardas. With Lieutenant General Michael Terrus VC in command, the airlifting effort began with helicopter transports from HMS Orwell and Ocean. It is expected that our troops will be supporting Skinnian efforts to defend the area from Warmasterian forces based in Palma.

Our armoured forces, comprising of battle tanks, troop carriers, and artillery also landed by amphibious craft and were welcomed by locals as they thundered across Czardaian roads to combat the CAD menace.

Our military deployed to the region as part of an international effort to rescue Czardas from the grip of CAD interference. The once free democracy is under turmoil as forces from Woodstock Pact and other various nations attempt to lift the Czardaian people from the veil of fascism.

The Queen herself congratulated our military on their actions. Earlier today she spoke on national television, saying 'I am glad that our armed forces are fulfilling their duty across the seas. My prayers tonight go out to our soldiers, sailors, marines, and the citizens of Czardas, and everyone fighting for freedom. God bless.'

The first transmission from the ground forces in Czardas was received ten minutes after they landed, and reads as follows. 'Be pleased to inform Her Majesty that our armed forces are combating evil in the name of Questers and her Monarch. We will not faulter in our duties. God Save the Queen.'

The EMPIRE CHRONICLE itself wishes our boys the best of luck. God Save the Queen!
23-03-2006, 00:13
Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs
It has come to our attention that the nation of Questers is presently offering embassy exchanges and trade programmes with those nations that express an interest. Speaking on behalf of both my ministry and the Imperial Ministry of Trade and Industry, I am happy to say that we are very much interested in pursuing both options to the fullest extent possible.

Our Foreign Ministry would like to establish an embassy upon Questarian soil. In exchange we would, of course, admit a Questerian Embassy on our soil in the river capital of Tashkiuhan (Sun City); at present, there is available a plot of land almost directly opposite the Imperial Parliament building, allowing your staff ready access to our various ministries should the need arise. The embassy may be, of course, of any type you desire; however, we should like to inform you herein that embassies are permitted at the most a complement of 160 defence personnel, and that no heavy vehicles or heavy weapons such as ATGMs, SAMs etc. may be kept within the complex. Of course, these conditions are negotiable, but if you do have any security concerns we would most strongly advise that you inform us, and allow us to contact the Imperial Security Bureau and make appropriate arrangements for your security.

Our Trade and Industry ministry has determined that we have several areas of potentially highly lucrative trade with Questers. We have a healthy heavy metallurgical industry, exporting raw materials, finished and semi-finished products; we export significent quantities of flax, cotton and wool; we have, at present, significant oil reserves (some of which are untapped); and our chemical industry, while not as large as some foreign competitors, is capable of producing chemicals to the highest standards and in significant quantities.

We, for our part, import large quantities of civilian electronic equipment, finished and semi-finished textile goods, foodstuffs, lighter metals (including copper, tin and zinc) and timber products, and are open to suggestions regarding other products.

I look forward very much to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,
Haruko Shiota, Foreign Minister.
23-03-2006, 00:15
OOC:...Are we EVER gonna finish that post-ViZion diplomatic conference?
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Dear Sir/s to whom this concerns of the nation of Questers,

Our nations have never been particularly close however we like to think we've been on very friendly terms for a while. Our two nations share an aweful lot in common, our Navies follow the same British approch, we have a monarchy and follow a British code of conduct and British oreintated flags. But never have we pushed towards any kind of diplomatic relationship. Stevid now approches thee in an attempt to better our relations futher. We request a full embassy exchange in your nation- you may accept or decline as may wish and we shall not think any less of you if you decline.

We hope you will accept our offer and we hope our two nations will continue a close diplomatic relationship for many years to come.

Thank You for your attention.

Stevidian Foreign and Commonwealth Office