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(E2)Operation Déjà vu

19-03-2006, 00:37
With the fall of Liebermonk government, Lichenstein was in chaos. Rioting and total anarchy devastated the country. Millions of women and children killed in a bloody civil war of political factions. Various foreign nations are volunteering to get involved in peacekeeping in order to cease the suffering.

It was with the news that the Panthean military would make their move on to Liechtenstein. This would be a shining moment of Panthean history. A moment where the Pantheans would return to their long lost home of Europe. In an effort to restore peace within a burning nation

The aggressive airsault would be launched in the middle of the night. Although the number of committed troops was not known yet. The number of air force was also a mystery. Their objective would be to stop the anarchy and return a sense of normalcy to Liechtenstein.

The Republic of Panthean will not make the mistakes of the previous communist government and have left all channels of communication open to the public.

ooc-more to be continued
19-03-2006, 01:15
OOC: You haven't launched anything yet, right? Because if you have, then you're violating North Germania's airspace and he won't agree to that, even if you have the best of intentions.
19-03-2006, 01:33
Official Statement

"The Realm officially condemns this blatant act of imperialism and demand an immediate cancellation of all Panthean plans to annex the territoriy of Lichtenstein. We also warn Pantheaa against any attempts of voilating the airspace of our ally the Fourth Reich, as that will result in Cottish intervention on behalf of the Fourth Reich. This is your first and final warning."

Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Realm of Cotland
19-03-2006, 02:03
First of all, we are peacekeeping force. What is Norway bascially saying here..that its worth countless lifes of millions of Lichensteins people just to wait for the Germania leader who is on vaction while the Lichen people suffer? Doesn't the Germania leader already have enough land to deal with. (ooc-isn't he to his max land)
United States of Brink
19-03-2006, 02:06
Why are millions being kiled? Lich Isnt a third world country, in fact its very wealthy.
19-03-2006, 02:16
Official Statement

"First of all, Lichtenstein is a nation with a population of roughly thirty-three thousand souls, inhabiting a territory which is 160 square kilometers large. We are curious as to how Pantheaa makes that population turn into 'countless millions'. The population also tends to be pretty calm, since the GDP is pretty high in Lichtenstein. Secondly, Lichtenstein is surrounded on all sides by the Fourth Reich. As such, any attempt of entering Lichtenstein would have to be across Germanian airspace, something which, considering the past relations between Pantheaa and the Fourth Reich is not likely to be approved of. As such, any attempt of Panthean entry to Lichtenstein will have to be done by violating Germanian airspace, something which will be considered as a de facto act of war from Pantheaa against the Fourth Reich and will result in the Realm entering on the side of the Fourth Reich, as per the mutual defense agreement the Realm and the Fourth Reich has maintained for quite some time now. We therefore repeat our stance: Any Panthean violation of Germanian airspace will result in Cottish intervention. It all depends on you."

Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Realm of Cotland

[OOC: Information collected from Also, NG is D13 so you can't attack him. You'll have to wait for him to get back before you try anything stupid.]
19-03-2006, 18:47
OOC- i never said i would attack North Germania

Ok so our intelliegence was wrong...but their is still anarchy in the streets. The North Germania nation already has reached the max amount of land allowed by international laws. Therefore he can not possiabilty invade Lichenstein with the hope of creating a puppet government

We can still inspire order and restore peace without violating Germen airspace. If that is what your problem is. Fine then we won't send troops flying through his airspace...we have other ways!
19-03-2006, 21:21
Shadows of Liechtenstein

It was a cold rainy morning when Natasha finally reached her destination, just 10 miles south of Vaduz. Holy shit my feet hurt hurt was the only thing she can think about as she had to walk 7 miles to here secret location. But life as a Panthean spy was never easy, and since most of the Panthean spy agency loved to use woman for their operations, she was always doing something whether it was documented movements of the Layertab navy or making deals with mafias inside Norway. Natasha was sent to Liechtenstein just prior to the last invasion and had come an expert in located where the various military bases are. She spent most of her days learning the Germen language and the local customs. With her black dress and beret she looked like something out of a classic Russian spy flick, but the locals never bothered her much. Probably cause the Liebermonk government never had any enemies to fear.

Finally in the cold dark night she could see meeting point. A lone house on a hill with lights on and the fireplace burning. In the blackness of the night it seemed like the only visible thing for miles. But now was not the time to be concern with the tranquilly of nature. Natasha’s time was precious and at any moment the Brinkan, Germania, or Norwegian armies could be rolling their tanks over the hill just beyond yonder.

When she got to the small cabin she quickly approach the door making sure that she wasn’t followed. Even though the Liebermonk government was failing their was still factions that attempted to police and govern the populace. Rape and murder was becoming all to common now and days, as the government could no longer enforce its rule over its people.

Natasha knocked 8 times on the door. The eight knocks where in the melody of the Panthean national anthem. The door cracked open a bit and out pop a head that smelled of vodka. The familiar smell of cigars is also present from the doorway.

“Password and name” said the man

“Vendetta, Nike” responded Natasha whose code name was the Greek god of Victory. It was a common thing among Panthean spies to name themselves after ancient gods.

The man responded with a nod and allowed Natasha to enter the room. She was frisk and a sniper was posted near the nearby window to assure she wasn’t followed. She sas led to the very abyss of the house, the basement where her contact was. A fat man with a bread and military cadet hat sat at a small coffee table. He welcomed Natasha with a nod and Natasha sat down to begin their meeting. Natasha begin to speak

“My friends have shown increable interest in you and we are proud to say that you are hired. You start tomorrow, 9 to 5 shift.”

“Excellent! Tell me how is the Eastern Scorpion?”

“The falcon flies over the Scorpions nest. The scorpion hides choosing to live another day”

The man smiled. For he was impressed by Natasha’s skill at sending coded messages. But at the same time he realized that Panthean help was not going to come. Natasha started to speak again. Just to make sure that her contact was truly ready for the revolution that would come.

“Any interest in shooting a shining star.”

“Aye, the Northern star. Just off of the Little Dipper.”

“Ahhhh going right for the heart of the sky.”

“Yes the brightest area of the sky will be first to falter.”

Natasha shared a shot of whiskey and a cigar. Hearing all that she needed to know, she left. She would have to lay low for awhile, for a storm was about to come through Liechtenstein. Not from the East as predicted but from right under Europe’s nose.
Rome West
19-03-2006, 23:53
OOC: That's better. However, I'm curious how you managed to get Pantheaan spies in there.
United States of Brink
20-03-2006, 03:00
How do we do this. We are both aiming for this land and both without the military.
20-03-2006, 06:17
ooc: whoever claimed it first gets it unless they are feeling rather generous.
United States of Brink
20-03-2006, 21:22
Yay. Thats me ^