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Black Reich resistance to United Vikingland Take over

United Vikingland
17-03-2006, 03:52
The nation of 32 million people was happy that they had won the conflict with Black Reich and with the lost of 2,000+ soldiers. Thousands of Black Reich citizens also were dead from the conflict but now with their officials now in a United Vikingland prison the United Vikingland people were now in control of this nation.

Most people took this with a sigh of relief since both nations had been connected and had peaceful relations for a long time. However, others didn't.

In the capital of Black Reich four armed men entered and ducked behind the counter of a local resteraunt. When a United Vikingland convoy rolled by, they tossed grenades and opened fire with machineguns at the United Vikingland patrol.

This touched of a massive gun batlle that left 5 civilians, 3 of the rebels and 3 United Vikingland soldiers dead. Violence like this also occured elsewhere across the country leaving 30 Black Reich citizens and 4 additional United Vikingland soldiers dead.

United Vikingland International Request:

We ask foreign nations to assist us in installing a free and fair democratic ruler of Black Reich since the last two were malicious and were against the United Vikingland. What turned from a border war has now become an occupation that we want to end as soon as a leader is selected. With your assistance we can allow Black Reich people to be free again.

OOC: Black Reich hasn't responded in several days to a week, so I have done ths RP, and this will be considered moot if he has gone on holiday and has decided to come back. But until that is decided I will continue like this.
United Vikingland
17-03-2006, 06:53
San Haven
18-03-2006, 07:44
We are not ordering but are persuading United Vikingland to leave Black Reich! Don't you think, the people of Black Reich are capable of getting themselves up and running???

However we are taking peace-keepers out of United Vikingland to assist the people and former government of Black Reich! We will sent a few additional numbers to help the government get back on its feet.

We are sending the following to Black Reich:
12,500 Soldiers
25 Pheonix Tanks (San Haven Model)
12 B-52 Bombers
22 F-17s
22 F-18s
San Haven
18-03-2006, 07:50
Please note United Vikingland our Forces are in Black Reich to assist their nation! We will not provoke or fire at your troops, but if we are fired at or seriously threatned, the government may class this as an act of war!
However we just want peace and want Black Reich up and running!

Even though we have nearly nine million troops (not including conscripts) we just want peace and not war.