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Operation Onslaught (Closed MT RP)

The Phoenix Milita
12-03-2006, 03:04
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Amazonian Beasts
12-03-2006, 03:25
The wind blew cold across the harbors of the homeland, the flotillas of warships stood silent and drifting, tied to the harbor poles at the port city of Nova Oceana. Emperor Kyp Droma stood quietly, still, his hands at his side as he slowly scanned over the inactive battlefleet. The Dominion was a rising power, to be sure, but the war machine had been at rest at times, such as now. Droma hated inactivity...ever since the Federation's demise had been engineered, coinciding with the development of the Dominion, Emperor Droma had been driven on a path of conquest, to make Amazonian Beasts the next great superpower of the world. This mere derelict fleet was not an example of a prime military power...this was a disgrace.
Droma fretted for a minute. Standing outside his naval headquarters, he wanted a good war to set things right again. None of the covert things which had seemed to be a common norm, a good fight with soldiers and to make the graves of soldiers long dead smile with joy. He stepped inside his HQ, where several of his fleet admirals were standing over a map of countries. Droma glanced over the map for a few seconds before speaking to the group of officers.

"Find me something to kill." was the Emperor's simple remark.

The fleet admirals glanced around for a minute, before one of them, Line Admiral Ulic Faramay, collected his words.

"We have no real reason to invade anyone, my Lord..."
"I don't care about reasons," spat Droma, "Conquest is the essence of power. We haven't done much conquest recently, have we? Is it any doubt that that is the sole reason we are frequently overlooked? Our domination should extend over more than simply our homeland and colonies. We need to hold others down. Suppression is certainly something that can be flexed over others. I want to suppress someone. Fabricate an excuse."

The admirals were slightly sweating at this point, glancing at each other nervously. The Emperor overlooked this small annoyance, he was no locked in to an invasion, and no one would defy him. A mere frigate captain then spoke up his ideas on the matter of invasion.

"Surely the prospect of invading without provocation will get us looked down upon by the international community, and possibly invaded, my lord?"

Droma had enough. He grabbed the other man by the neck and began shaking him vigorously.

"Do you think I care for the thoughts of others besides that of fear and subservience? Do not defy me, dog!"

Droma threw the captain to the floor, before he glanced up to the map again. His first glance fell upon a nation which had little connection to the Dominion, Malkyar.

"What nation is that, Admiral Faramay?" asked Droma quietly.
"Ma-Malkyar, my Lord."
"Tell me about it."
"It's not a nation which we have had much contact with. They have some colonies out and about."
"A vulnerable target, would you say?"
"Possibly, my Lord. They have a decent sized military."
"I think ours could take them down. Do you agree?"
"Of course, my Lord."
"I want it under my control. Find a reason to invade."
"We have little connec-" the Admiral's voice faltered under the Emperor's stare. "Of course my Lord. We have evidence they are harboring Dominion terrorist groups."
"Good. Issue them an ultimatum. Their unconditional surrender, or imminent invasion by Dominion military forces. Leave it open for the international community, I want everyone to know."
"It will be done, my Lord."

Droma stormed out of the Headquarters building, heading off to his personal helicopter. Sometimes dealing with subordinates could be so infuriating to the Emperor of the Dominion.
Back at Dominion Intelligence, a message was sent out on all channels to Malkyar, open to the International Community to hear. The ultimatum read as follows:

To the nation of Malkyar, from the Sovereign Dominion of Amazonian Beasts

Evidence has been found that the nation of Malkyar is harboring and providing for the Dominion terrorist organization Black Claw, responsible for several major attacks against high profiles and sights in the Dominion. This has been deemed unacceptable by Dominion command. Your nation has 48 hours to surrender to Dominion sovereignty and to provide the criminal group for public execution, or face imminent invasion from Dominion military forces.

The first move was drawn. The response was awaited.
12-03-2006, 03:53
To the nation of Malkyar, from the Sovereign Dominion of Amazonian Beasts

Evidence has been found that the nation of Malkyar is harboring and providing for the Dominion terrorist organization Black Claw, responsible for several major attacks against high profiles and sights in the Dominion. This has been deemed unacceptable by Dominion command. Your nation has 48 hours to surrender to Dominion sovereignty and to provide the criminal group for public execution, or face imminent invasion from Dominion military forces.

Alexei sat impassively on the edge of his desk as an aide read the Dominion ultimatum. After he finished, silence hung over the room for a moment. Finally Alexei stood, and walked to a cabinet along the wall. Opening it, a wide array of liquors were revealed, some of the finest whiskeys and brandies in the world. Selecting a particularly expensive Scotch, he took it off the shelf and handed it to his Defense Minister. "Drink," he ordered.

Shaking his head, he meandered over to the window, overlooking Government Square. "Well, this is obvious for what it is, isn't it? An overtly imperialistic land grab. Damnable attention-seekers."

"Aye, m'lord," agreed Prime Minister Kilroy. "It seems you were right when you said that no matter how much we want to leave the world alone, it won't leave us alone."

"It does look that way, James. I just hope your enlightened Progressive Party hasn't slashed the military budget too deeply," he said, relishing the embarassed flush on the PM's face. "Anton, I want the military put on high alert. Never mind there's no evidence of us harboring any terrorist group from a nation we've never had any connection with, I don't think they'll stop short of war. We have to get ready to hurt them, and badly. Davis," turning to his Foreign Minister, "send out an urgent communique to the Dominion. Try to stop them."

The Foreign Minister was about to say something when another aide burst into the room. Looking briefly from the Anton Girerd, the Defense Minister, to the Emperor, he nearly shouted in a paniced voice, "My lord! Military installations in the Northwest are reporting massive incursions in Imperial waters and airspace."

Alexei's expression darkened further. "Christ. Davis, don't send that message. We're facing something much more than a pissant dictator demanding the world pay him homage. Hit them back..."


Alarms screeched as pilots scrambled to their planes. Airmen ran chaotically, trying to figure out what was happening. After a few moments, flights of interceptors began lifting off, heading for the incoming aircraft, the unidentified hostiles.

A full wing of fighters had been scrambled, and were now in the air. Below, mobile anti-air missile batteries took up positions to shoot down enemies. Enemy signals were jammed, and missile batteries were alerted to incoming enemies.

The planes came into contact with enemy bombers. They had the look of stealth craft, meaning their speed and manueverablity would not be on par with conventional aircraft. Missiles flew toward the bombers, and gatling cannons roared, spewing fire at the bombers. Below, batteries of AM3 launchers worked desparately to shoot down incoming missiles. Some would get through the grid, but most would not. Behind the coalescing line, the cruise missiles hit targets both civilian and military, wreaking havoc on the unprepared Commonwealth.

The interceptors tore through blimps, weapons obsolete since the Second World War, as hastily assembled brigades fought against enemy landing forces below.

Markings had shown these invaders to be of the Phoenix Milita, and while they certainly had strength and courage, their commanders appeared to lack common sense. Marine units headed for the shore, only to find the rough cliffs and dotted islands of the Pacific Northwest slowed their advance, making the landing craft easy targets for mortar crews and recoiless rifles. A few boats made it to what passed for beachs, and were met with rifle fire and machine gun barrages from regimental "flying companies," light troops with armored personal carriers, ment to speed around the battlefield, hitting the enemy and disappearing. The Phoenix Milita would gain ground this day, but it would cost them mightily.
Ottoman Khaif
12-03-2006, 04:42
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12-03-2006, 04:47
OOC: A stealth bomber that can compete with fighter-interceptors in terms of speed and manueverability? Right. And where did you get anti-aircraft artillery from? I didn't use any. Just missiles, and gatling cannons on the fighters.

IC: As the enemy bombers turned to flee, the flights of interceptors continued to pursue them, breaking off only after running out weapons. The bombers were faster than expected, but air-air missiles and 20mm cannons tore them apart just as easily as it did to slower aircraft, though the munitions hit far fewer enemies than was hoped.

On the ground, the enemies' amphibious transports tried zig-zagging to avoid Malkyeri fire, but even though a modern amphib was faster and more manueverable than a Higgins boat, so too was a cruise ship faster and more manueverable than a supertanker. Recoiless rifles needed less time in the air, and their crews were ordered to concentrate fire on the transports. Mortar teams took cover from helicopters, and infantry began shooting at helicopters with Eier rockets. The Eier was a nasty weapon developed during the Malkyeri Civil War, and was a man-portable rocket designed to knock out the treads of tanks, rendering them immobile. It also had a limited capacity against helicopters, and was fully capable of knocking one out of the sky. As Phoenix helicopters flew over the forests and rocky cliffs by the sea, their pilots were forced to be on constant alert, else they be shot down. Sharpshooters and experts among the infantry also took potshots at the choppers, though they realized that only a very lucky shot would actually kill the pilot.

As the surviving transports approached the cliffs, the troopers inside rejoiced, believing that bombardment had reduced the cliffs to little more than ramps. This was foolish, of course, since blowing up a cliff only makes...more cliff. Recoilless and MG teams were still able to rain fire down on the Phoenix transports, and were able to take their time picking nice targets.

A roar slowly built up, as cruise missiles came over the horizon and headed out toward the ocean. The nearest Royal Navy ships were with the Third Fleet at Seattle, but that did not mean the defenders couldn't strike back at the enemy's navy. Today had begun with blood, and looked to continue that way.
Ottoman Khaif
12-03-2006, 06:13
The when news of the TPM attack on Malkyer, reach Sultan in Istanbul. Sultan Suleiman al Bashir II order all arm forces of the Khailfah to be place on red alert, which was the highest alert for the arm forces. Within a matter of hours, the Sultan order the compete and total mobilizations of all the arm forces. It was going to take nearly two months for every branch of the arm forces to be fully ready for anything.

Also the Sultan sends a message to KLM Envoy to Malkyer , stating the KLM will do everything in its power to help the Malkyer in their war against this Imperialist states.

(OCC: Lets just said the Ambassador when thought the defense clearances and etc to see the Emperor)

Ambassador Karl Landsteiner ( bow in respect to Emperor Alexei and said the following

“Emperor Alexei, the Sultan is very outraged on this uncalled for attack on your nation, and he’ll offers his support to your nation in its time of need. We will do everything in our power to help your nation defend these Imperialist pigs. Rest assured, we shall together crush these invaders and being glory to our nations…” Then the Ambassador pause…” Well that’s basically what the Sultan said in his message to me…just tell us where you want the troop, Emperor…and we’ll send within a moment notice.” And the Ambassador waited to hear the Emperor reply.
Amazonian Beasts
12-03-2006, 23:58
Emperor Droma walked around the tactical headquarters building at Nova Oceana, glancing at TPM air advances across Malkyar. TPM seemed to be striking in towards the heart of Malkyar...a foolish move by Droma's standards. Striking the fortified heart of a nation without first weakening surrounding forces was suicide. Droma scanned over the strategic maps that were surrounded by command and logistics staff, small icons representing air sqadrons or naval ships. The Emperor took his sight away from Malkyar itself and looked over the colonies of the nation, particularly at the colony of Guyana, which looked slightly more vulnerable. Droma silenced the staff around him and pointed to the Malkyan colony.

"Center our initial attacks here. With Malkyar preoccupied by TPM's drive on the mainland, we should be able to strike with impunity on this colony of Guyana."
Amazonian Beasts
13-03-2006, 02:57
OOC: we are attacking the outer edges not the heartland
OOC: But you're attacking Malkyar, nonetheless. I'm attacking the colonies.
13-03-2006, 02:58
Alexei reciprocated Landsteiner's bow, and smiled as the promise of Khailfah troops was made. The Khailfah al Musilmeen had aided Malkyer in every war the Commonwealth had fought, only pulling troops back during the Civil War because of extenuating circumstances at home. This time, however, the two nations would stand together.

"Mr. Ambassador, if you'll look at this," Alexei said as he gestured to a globe on his desk, "Here is the general area where the attackers are coming into. I'll have the Staff draw up a more detailed report for the Sultan and your High Command."


Guyana was a lightly defended colony, surrounded as it was by no nation powerful or brave enough to risk the ire of the Imperial Commonwealth. Unfortunately, this attack came not from any aggressive neighbor, but from a distant power. While Guyana was not itself a vital colony, its loss would weaken the Malkyeri position in the Carribbean and Mid-Atlantic. Resources that should have gone to defending North America and keeping the sea lanes open for Commonwealth shipping would have to be diverted to defend Africa and Central America. Losing Guyana was not losing the war, but it would make winning all the harder.

The Fifth Fleet, stationed in the sunny Carribbean sea, could not come to aid the colony without leaving the strategically important Carribbean Viceroyalty vunerable to naval and air attack. The same was true for the Sixth Fleet in the African colonies. A brigade of Colonial Marines, stiffened by a single regiment of Royal Marines from Australia, were the sole defenders of the colony. As radar installations detected the incoming Dominion warships and squadrons, Marines dug into fortified coastal positions as weapons and supplies were cached in the jungle and anti-air missile batteries were set up in towns and cities.
Ottoman Khaif
13-03-2006, 04:14
After the Malkyer Government send a detail report to the KLM General Staff and to the Office of Sultan. After reviewing the reports and after a number of high meetings with the General Staff, The Sultan order a massive deployment of KLM forces to support Malkyer in this war.

Thought the KLM Southeast Asian Bases, a massive fleet gathers and was deploy to Portland, Oregon, Malkyer. The massive force will take up to three weeks(three rl days) to reach Malkyer from their bases in Southeast Asia.
Ottoman Khaif
15-03-2006, 01:27
15-03-2006, 01:34
Across the Commonwealth, forces were mobilizing. Reserve units were being called up in North America, and troop ships began to fill in Australia and Africa. Hundreds of thousands of military personnel were preparing to fight, just as thousands of civilians made preparations to flee their homes as fighting increased.

All of this mobilization would cause trouble, though that fact was widely ignored. Australia was a loyal Viceroyalty, and no one suspected that the African colonial separatists would be able to accomplish anything under the watchful eyes of the Royal Intelligence Agency and Colonial Marines. it was widely underestimated, though, the resentment that simmered in Africa, where the nations had struggled so long to be free of European rule, only to fall under Malkyeri domination less than a generation ago.

Forces were moving, and not all of them were directed by the Crown.
Space Union
15-03-2006, 03:18
Federate Satpul Singh scanned through the reports of the day. There was incoming news of someone committing genocide, someone starting a war, someone getting bombed, and so on. The only thing that really he was focussing on was the conference in Czarda against the CAD. As he flipped through the stacks of paper, suddenly something caught his eye. He stopped to look at it and gave it a good read over. His eyes opened up widely as he looked at it.

Malkyer was being invaded by two seperate nations: The Phoenix Milita and Amazonian Beasts. Malkyer was a known advocate of democracy and there fall would be a disasterous blow to the international community. Satpul immediately phoned in to the Defense Department. The Secretary of Defense, Sukhtan Brar, picked up the phone.

"Well, hello, Mr. Federate," said Sukhtan.

"No time for formalities, Brar, we have a urgent problem in Malkyer," said Singh, "Did you hear about it?"

"Yes, sir, what shall we do?" asked the Secretary.

"Get ready for war," responded Satpul as he turned off the comlink and got ready for a conference.


The SUS Yarsh sped toward the nation of Malkyer. It had been over three days since they had left the Space Union homeland. The 1st Federal Armada was here to wipe out and help the Malkyer's against the enemy. As they neared the Malkyer shore, Admiral Sidhu linked up with the government.

"Sirs, this is the Space Union Naval Fleet," said the Admiral, "We are here to provide support. We wish for clearance to anchor in your waters to help defend your national territory."

The Admiral waited intently for the response from the Malkyerian officials.

OOC: Sorry for short post, but need clearence before I can start the fun.
15-03-2006, 03:42
"Sirs, this is the Space Union Naval Fleet," said the Admiral, "We are here to provide support. We wish for clearance to anchor in your waters to help defend your national territory."

The Admiral waited intently for the response from the Malkyerian officials.

"M'lord, foreign naval ships requesting docking privileges. They belong to Space Union." The aide's face was torn, between excitement at aid and fear of unexpected warships approaching his homeland.

Alexei grinned. Help. "Well, had they wanted to attack us, they would have done so. Inform the Defense Minister that we've got more help coming."


Space Union Naval Fleet, permission granted for docking piers at Royal Navy port of San Fransisco. Forces to be assigned and deployed from there. Glad to have you
-San Fransisco Port Authority
Space Union
15-03-2006, 04:01
As the Admiral received word of confirmation he signaled for the fleet to anchor in the area while his personal ship landed at the docks. He got out immediately as he walked over to a convoy that was headed to the Malkyer headquarters. The convoy sped through the landscape as he watched intently with a building coming into view. The guards stopped the vehicle and he was escorted into the building where he met the Emperor, Alexei.

"Your majesty, I am honored to meet you," said Sidhu as he bowed, "I am here to represent the Federative Sikh Republic of Space Union in the interest of defending a fellow democracy from tryanny."

"If I may be allowed, my plan is to first establish air dominance in your airspace. This will be accomplished by having my fighters take full control over the airspace of the bombing raids. Then with the Malkyer Air Force, the Space Union Air Force will arrive and take up positions to further help you out and ensure that your people will no longer have to fear air attacks," said the Admiral, "The best defense will be controlling the air, in my books."

"Would this be acceptable?"
15-03-2006, 05:18
Franco York...Reichmarshal of the Corporate Imperium of Jagada sat alone in his War Room. The Jagadian conversion to Kraven was coming nicely. Already the Old Religions were destroyed, and in their place the ideals of Kravenism established firmly across the land. It had been years since Kraven offically took over Jagada and now the Capitol Police were ready for war--most of them anyway. York just needed something to test his military might on. Something to test the power of his Capitol Police, something to show the world that Kraven was very much alive. He wanted to make a big bang entrance.

One the round metallic table next to him was three sheets of paper, nicely lined up from left to right via importance and probability. York decided to look over the least probable first, to see if 'The Eye' knew what they were doing. The top of the paper read: "The Golden Throne of The Macabees". Yes, technically, Jagada could launch a war of vegence on the Most Hated Macabees for causing the Fanatical Civil War--even though it was now known that it was really Kraven behind it. The population had been filled with so much anti-Macabee propaganda in the recent years that no one from the Golden Throne could come to Jagada without fear of being killed by a mob. York tossed that paper back on the table. He knew if Jagada marched against Fedor they would simply run into a wall of battle hardened Macabee Soldiers, who could actually route the Capitol Police. The second paper read: "The Democratic Soviet Republic of Kahanistan". Also a very probable target. A border skirmish which ended in a Jagadian victory had resulted. So a full scale military invasion may actually work just as well. York tossed it back on the table. He couldn't, for as soon as he did the Anti-Kraven Alliance and Automagfreek would pounce on him. The last, and most probable target, was the unknown name known as Malkyer. It was already in war with two other nations, one being the Amazonian Beasts, a Jagadian ally from the World Anti-Communist League. Prehaps they were then of some use to Jagada.

York smirked, he'd found his target.


Offical Corporate Imperium Statement

Malkyer, you have dared to resist our allies the Amazonian Beasts. No doubt if they are at war with you then you have done some evil than demands punishment. I order you to immiedately stand down and surrender to them. Should you resist you will face the overwhelming might of the abominations known as the Capitol Police. Do no resist, or we shall spare no one.

Reichmarshal Franco York
Corporate Imperium of Jagada
Reichmarshal of the Surpreme State of The Kraven Corporation
16-03-2006, 01:17
Alexei looked up from the map he was studying as the Space Union Admiral entered. He waved for an orderly to fetch tea and coffee, and listened intently to the Admiral as his plan was outlined. After the foreign officer was finished, Alexei straightened, cracking his back. He opened his mouth to speak as the orderly returned.

"Admiral Sidhu, a pleasure. I trust your trip to the capital from San Fransisco went pleasantly enough? Would you like coffee or tea?" He paused to take a cup from the orderly, who then waited with the beverages, cream, milk, and sugar on an ornate tray. "I'm sorrying if I seem a bit harried, but you'll understand I hope."

A weak laugh preceded his next comment. "Of course you're allowed to send your aircraft wherever you believe they are needed! The RAF took higher than expected losses during the initial attack a few days ago, and your planes would be much appreciated. Naturally your Navy and any ground troops can be found something to do, as well."

With that, Alexei looked down at the map. Red pins showed the known positions of enemy units in North America, with probable and estimated positions outlined in white. Blue pins were outnumbered in the North, but there was a reassuring plethora of blue spread across the Empire. If that strength could be brought to bear, the invasion could be repelled. Alexei grinned. "I suppose it's not as bad as it seems at first, is it?"


Offical Corporate Imperium Statement

Malkyer, you have dared to resist our allies the Amazonian Beasts. No doubt if they are at war with you then you have done some evil than demands punishment. I order you to immiedately stand down and surrender to them. Should you resist you will face the overwhelming might of the abominations known as the Capitol Police. Do no resist, or we shall spare no one.

Reichmarshal Franco York
Corporate Imperium of Jagada
Reichmarshal of the Surpreme State of The Kraven Corporation

Official Imperial Response

Reichmarshal Franco York,

The Imperial Commonwealth of Malkyer will not concede to these unjust demands levied against us by a jingoistic warmonger state. The Imperial Commonwealth has been bloodied, but is far from beaten, and will not stand down in the face of aggression.

We have commited no ill deed toward Amazonian Beasts, and shall not accept any end to this war other than the defeat of those nations which began an unprovoked war against ours.

[signed]Prince Matthew Saarad
Amazonian Beasts
16-03-2006, 01:46
The naval fleet of the Dominion pulled out from harbor ports amidst the dead of night, silently waking around the star-studded seas. The battlegroup moved out into the open ocean, wake trails moving behind. An AWACS aircraft flew slowly above the fleet as it headed off towards Guyana, making circles while on the lookout for potential incursion.
Ottoman Khaif
16-03-2006, 01:53
After two and half weeks at sea travel the massive KLM expeditionary force finally reach Malkyer….

On Board the A.M.S.S Osmanieh(Hunter-Class Command Battleship), flagship of the Grand Fleet.

Flag Rank Fleet Admiral Shaykh Taj ad-Din al-Hasani was in his cabin and was busy reviewing the latest reports from the Malkyer and he was also reviewing the readness reports from his captains thoughtout the Fleet. Then a naval officer knock on his door and the Admiral just looked up and said “Come In”

“Sir, the fleet is within range of Seattle, Washington, Malkyer . You are needed at the brigde to issue the request to dock.” Report the officer

“Very well then.”reply the Flag Rank Fleet Admiral

He got out of his room and headed to the Brigde. All the officers rose up when he enter the Bridge, and walk over to communation station and send out a transmission to the Port Authority of Seattle, in English.

“Malkyer Port Authority, we request permission to dock and unload our troops. We are standing by.”

If one was to look out to the sea from Seattle, they would see the massive KLM fleet with all its might plus 100s upon 100s of troop transport waiting to dock and number of MIG-35 FULCRUMS patrolling the skies around the fleet.
16-03-2006, 02:03
"Admiral, the Seattle Military Port Authority has granted permission for your ships and transports to dock. When your troops land, we will have military laisons on hand to assist in getting everything where it needs to go."
16-03-2006, 02:20
[OOC: Malkyer. TG coming in.]

Franco York smiled. He had expected that response. Immiedately word was sent to arm the forces, prehap the tanks, and fuel the aircraft. The Capitol Police was going to war...


Offical Corporate Imperium Statement

So be it. We Shall Spare No One.

Oberst Stadt Furher Franco York
The Corporate Imperium
The Surpreme State of The Kraven Corporation
Ottoman Khaif
16-03-2006, 02:22
With permission being granted, the Flag Rank Fleet Admiral give the order to the troop transport ships to began docking. The first troops to make land off in Malkyer were 17th Marine Rifle Division of 4th Marine Corp; it was mainly compose of Germans, Russians, Arabs, Persian and Turks. When the ship landing bay doors open up and when the officers and troops start to march out of the ship…the Malkyer officers were assign to meet the KLM forces, heard at full blast Amerika by Rammstein.

At the same time, another ship docked and began off loading; they were made of the 24th Marine Rifle Division of the 3rd Marine Corp., they mainly made of Bulgarians, Greeks, Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians, Ukrainians and Turks.. they were also playing at full blast Iron Man by Black Sabbath

This scene was being repeated over and over has each division of the KLM force landed. It was reported that they playing many kinds of music, mainly Classical Rock and Roll…
Ottoman Khaif
16-03-2006, 02:26
ooc: ahem, before docking you might want to take losses from the 1,632 Shkvall MK3 supercavitating torpedos heading for your lumbering transports and battleships ;)
didn't see that post when I was typing my up...will make a post on that attack.
16-03-2006, 02:41
At first the Malkyeri officers at the Seattle Docks were taken aback by the angry German music blasting from the KLM landing ships. Fortunately, a major from the 55th Freidland Armored Division was present, with several of his tankers. Grinning, the men responded, blaring Rammstein from a tank's comm unit, and breaking into a resounding chorus of "Feuer Frei."

"Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt
vom Feuer das die Haut verbrennt
Ich werf ein Licht
in mein Gesicht
Ein heisser Schrei
Feuer frei!"

OOC: TPM, how many paratroopers are you dropping?
Space Union
16-03-2006, 02:44
Sidhu watched the hologram of the troops around and observed their locations. Most of the troops were spread around the nation and would be hard to mobilize in the area within days. But still, if capable they would repel the forces. They just had to hold on for long enough.

Sidhu stared back at the Emperor with a smile.

"Sir, I think I have a plan. I would like to ask if you could have you troops gather hear to prevent the invasion. I understand it will take a while but the Ottoman Khaif and us can help against them. We will delay them and defeat them as most likely capable."

"Also, this is top secret but the TPM is about to be hit with a surprise."

Sidhu grinned as he looked out at the window and at the blue sky.


200 SuB-1C Hurricane bombers soared at past Mach 1 to their targets. They would need to get within 5,000 km to get the job done. As they approached the TPM fleet from 5,000 km away, the lead pilot motioned for the operation to begin.

Each SuB-1C opened up as missiles shot out and declipped from the pylons of the aircraft. 2,400 of these gigantic missiles that could hit a target from 5,000 km away would slam into the TPM fleet and hopefully damage the ships. They soared into the sky as they got near the fleet they would go into a near 90 degree skydive, making them impossible to hit by the fleet of the enemy. The missiles roared as the enemy was about to feel over 1.5 million kg of explosives hit them all at once.
Ottoman Khaif
16-03-2006, 02:58
The KLM radio officers on board the many ships of the grand fleet, pick a massive group of enemy torpedoes heading their way on their sonar screens. The Flag Rank Fleet Admiral Shaykh Taj ad-Din al-Hasani send out the orders for his ships to use their jamming signals from their sonar to disabled most of the torpedo communications and just preventing them from hitting most of the ships. Yet around 200 made it though and it 24 ships in total were sunk by the attack. 12 of them were destroyers, 10 were supply transports and 1 heavy cruiser.

Within minutes after the attack, Flag Rank Fleet Admiral Shaykh Taj ad-Din al-Hasani order his fleet to fire their long range cruise missiles at the TPM fleet. Within minutes of issuing the orders, the KLM missile cruisers began firing their long range cruise missiles (18 each), the Battleships fire their long range cruise missiles (20 each), then finally the SSBNs and SSGNs began firing their SLBM(non-nuclear warheads) at the TPM main battle group. The grand total of missiles fired was 2,200 missiles in total…all Long Range Cruise Missiles and 200 SLBMs.

After firing the missiles, Flag Rank Fleet Admiral Shaykh Taj ad-Din al-Hasani order passive and active sonar sweeps to keep on the look out for any enemy subs in the area. Also he order the deployment of 10 E-3C Sentry and plus four air wings of SU-37 to patrol the skies for attackers.
Space Union
16-03-2006, 03:14
OOC: Only 9 out of 484 hit a target? That is plain unrealistic. At least half of those should have hit the fleet. Also that is over 4,600 missiles coming at you. Unless you have an incredibally, incredibally huge fleet, you could not destroy all those missiles like that. Please revise that and make it more realistic. Also how do you create an EMP effect using sails? One thing to note, if you hit a missile with a projectile over your fleet, it will most likely still hit something, even in fragraments. Do you also know that it is almost impossible to hit missiles flying at a complete 90 degree angle from above? Your gunfire would not have worked. You would have needed missile interceptors to have actually defeated them.

As for specs, here:

The second missile down and those were humongous strategic bombers, not attack planes.
Ottoman Khaif
16-03-2006, 03:15
Amir of Jihad -Field Marshal of the Al Muslimeen Army Musa Kazım Karabekir, was send to meet Emperor of Malkyer, and discuss with him the next plan of attack. He was commanding officer of the entire KLM Expeditionary Force, so therefore he was one to be talked to on the matter of planning new attacks and etc.

He was accompany by the other commanding officers of the Expeditionary Force, they were Overall Commander of High Guard Corps and Army Corps- Field Marshal of the Al Muslimeen Army Jaffa Yaqub Bin Almohad, Air Force overall commander- Air Chief Marshal Kazem Vaziri Hamane, Overall Commander of Marine Corp- General Jasmin Imamović, Overall Commander of Paratroop Core- Major General Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu. They waited for the Emperor to see them and so they can get debriefed on the latest news from the front and how to plan according.

OOC: TPM what was your looses from my missle attack?
Space Union
16-03-2006, 03:22
OOC: not sails, masts, big radar dish-like strcutues on the top of madern warships. and im sorry but there is no way u can fit enough fuel in a missile that short and expect it to go mach 4.5 for 5,000km.
And yes we have an incredibally huge fleet and most ships have tactical high energy lasers capable of shooting a mach 5 projectile the size of a soccer ball out of the sky not to mention the fragmenting flak cannons, regular countermeasures and FCLAS most of which VAPORIZE, not fragment incoming missiles.

Highly impossible. Using lasers is very impractical especially considering how much energy they require to work at such degrees. Also the missiles are very reflective and the laser beams would most likely bounce off and not cause as many casualties as you stated. Even with the rest of your countermeasures, it is almost near impossible to kill over 4,600 missiles and say only around 20 actually hit their target.

And yes it is impossible. Don't believe me? Go ask Omz222 who made the missiles.
16-03-2006, 03:35
[OOC: Malkyer, if its cool with you, I'd like to bypass the useless posts about loading troops, and such.]

The Jagadian Second BattleFleet steamed ahead in the waters of the Southern Atlantic. The Capitol Police crew went about their business preparing for what many would see as their trail by fire. Then again, Capitol Police didn't think, they just followed orders. The conditioning of their minds due to genetic makeup, influeneced while they were still in the womb stripped them of 'humanity' and replaced it with 'Kraven'. The Jagadians were useing the Kraven BattleFleet designs which called for both Super Dreadnaught design, along with quick and fast moving destroyers and cruisers. They steamed towards the South African coast.

In command was Riechmarshal Bradley II. He by no means agreed with converting to Kraven, and hated it dearly. Though that is exactly why York had sent him out here, if he returned and refused to do his duty he would have a bullet in head faster than he could even reach for his pistol. Not to mention that if he attempted to surrender the fleet that the Capitol Police would know about it before he realized it and in a matter of minutes he and all of his officers would be executed and the Capitol Police would simply take over, and in turn hand control of the BattleFleet to another command. He had with him two Capitol Police battalions. Which equaled 2,000,000 men. Though only 1,200,000 actually fought, the rest were support troops along with logistics. Though with him, Bradley also had two Brigades of Sardaukar, Phase 4. This encompassed only about 20,000 men, including support troops and crews for the tanks and/or pilots for the aircraft if there were any. Luckily Sardaukar didn't need logistic troops. They were generally suicide warriors, they were extremely hard to kill and could several hits to critical areas and keep going, armed with Pulse Carbines these were deadly troops which could route the enemy forces simply by their presence. Though that could only happen once they made their inhumane entrance by killing everything they saw--though Capitol Police and Jagadians wen't killed, only the enemy and his people.

The BattleFleet sailed with the destroyers and cruisers in front, behind them were the SuperDreadnaughts along with the capital ship of Bradley II himself, called the World Ender. Behind them were two tiers of logistic and repair ships. Though underneath the fleet was several sqaudrons of Torment-class submarines. They used the latest in palma fields which effectively made them invisible to enemy radar or sonar, but not to enemy infrared. Though sadly, this plasma unit also let off a lot of heat and would be picked up as such. Though unless the Malkyeris knew what they were looking for, it would be clear sailing for the Torments. Though if it wasn't for the fact that Torments were virtually blind, to use radar or sonar or even fire its weapons it had to lower the plasma field which would in turn make it light up like a light in a pitch black room to enemy senors, if it was close enough. Though thanks to communication and various other equipment the Torments stayed close to the BattleFleet--ready to pounce at any time.

Bradley II knew that the Malkyeri had pulled their fleets back to protect their South American and Carribean possesions and hoped that South Africa was virtually undefended in terms of naval ships. Though at the same time, on several dozen (small carriers, not large ones) which had been brought, there were a handful of bombers (small, not large) that had a special cargo onboard. It was papers, on these papers was propaganda directed towards the blacks of South Africa saying that the whites had oppressed them for too long and under Jagadian and in turn Kraven rule they would be set free or they could join Kraven and Jagada and feel the overwhelming since of security that the Capitol Police brought.

These planes would only launch upon the landing of the troops. Though it was hoped that the blacks, whom Jagadian Intelligance had reported were being oppressed due to racial violence, would rise up and in turn cause a lot of problems for the Malkyeri forces in Africa.
Space Union
16-03-2006, 03:39
Omz222's description doesnt state any reflective coating, and the tactical high energy laser is a real life weapons system and can be truck mounted. Tthey succesfully destroyed several small, fast missiles in tests in Israel. And most of my ships are nuclear powered, power is not a problem.

Uh, it does. Read the second missile description, not the top one. It states it pretty clearly.

As for the laser, what I"m saying is that it is pretty unlikely you can get a laser powerful enough to go through the materials of the missile and the reflective material.
16-03-2006, 04:07
OOC: Missile technology and countermeasures are not my forte, but destroying over 4000 missiles while taking minimal losses, and using "high-energy lasers" does seem a bit unrealistic...


Office of the Viceroy, Pretoria
"His Imperial Highness, Lord Alphonse Perides, Viceroy of His Majesty's Dominions in Africa."

The military officers and civilian officials stood as the Viceroy entered the briefing room. Alphonse was young as far as royalty went, having replaced his aging father as Viceroy a year ago. He was two years older than the current Emperor, though he looked older. His face was pale and his palms clammy. His sandy brown hair was disheveled. He had, unlike the Emperor, never seen war up close, and was now staring it in the face.

The assembled military officers presented the situation; essentially a large Jagadan fleet was sailing for the Cape with overwhelming force. "Do we know their full strength?" Alphonse looked very worried.

"Not exactly, sir," many of the officers of former African militaries had not adopted the practice of calling royalty by accepted titles; dislike of the Imperial Government was one of the few things in which whites and blacks were united. "But given the size of that fleet, I would not be surprised if it were upwards of two million soldiers."

"Can the Sixth Fleet stop them?"


Alphonse looked as if he was going to speak, but then felt as if his voice would crack under the pressure and witheld his thoughts. Finally, he spoke. "Inform the capital that we will be needing reinforcements. Call up the reserves and the Kommandos. We will need them, I think."


Amir of Jihad -Field Marshal of the Al Muslimeen Army Musa Kazım Karabekir, was send to meet Emperor of Malkyer, and discuss with him the next plan of attack. He was commanding officer of the entire KLM Expeditionary Force, so therefore he was one to be talked to on the matter of planning new attacks and etc.

He was accompany by the other commanding officers of the Expeditionary Force, they were Overall Commander of High Guard Corps and Army Corps- Field Marshal of the Al Muslimeen Army Jaffa Yaqub Bin Almohad, Air Force overall commander- Air Chief Marshal Kazem Vaziri Hamane, Overall Commander of Marine Corp- General Jasmin Imamović, Overall Commander of Paratroop Core- Major General Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu. They waited for the Emperor to see them and so they can get debriefed on the latest news from the front and how to plan according.

Alexei sent an orderly for a fresh tray of coffee and tea as the Khailfah officers arrived. He nodded and smiled at the arriving soldiers. "Field Marshal, gentlemen. Please, be seated," he said, indicating several chairs facing a large wall map. Alexei had had a series of increasingly big maps placed in his office since the beginning of this war.

"I suppose you're familiar enough with the situation? We were attacked seemingly out of the blue by two nations, who've recently been joined by a third. All seem intent on crushing Malkyer and dividing our territories amongst themselves. So far, there are three major fronts, aside from the naval battle around Seattle. The first is in our northwestern provinces, but we lack any conclusive information so far. The second is our Guyana colony, which is severely underdefended, and the third appears to be South Africa, where a Jagadan fleet is moving to attack. Any assistance there would be most appreciated; our active garrison is only about 216,000, though there will be more with the reserves activated. Question, gentlemen?"
Ottoman Khaif
16-03-2006, 05:00
The Field Marshal and his generals look at the map in great detail and took some mental notes. The Field Marshal who was in early 60s…took a moment to let the information sink in..before saying anything..

“Emperor, rest assure the General Staff in Istanbul will be sending aid to your garrison in South Africa, soon…I believe they are sending two Marine Corps from the East Africa Front Command and maybe a few other units…I have to check with the General Staff on matter.” Reply Field Marshal Musa Kazım Karabekir,

“When it rains it pours…as the saying goes…as the Field Marshal stated our nation will send aid to South Africa as soon as we can.. but I must ask…I have some matters that must be address, Emperor..such as the loyally of most the citizens in South Africa….I heard there is a general distaste for your nation rule of that region, would that be a factor for a rebellion during this invasion of South Africa?” ask General Jasmin Imamović

When news reach the General Staff on the coming attack on Malkyer South Africa. The General Staff order the East Africa Front Command under the command of Flag Rank General Said Bin Taimur to send a taskforce to aid the Malkyer in South Africa. General General Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi who was the overall commander of the taskforce being send to South Africa. Send word that his forces were on the way to support them soon.
16-03-2006, 06:59
[OOC: Makyer, I take it that since you didn't attack me with the Sixth Fleet, that they're not going to stop my landing?]
16-03-2006, 23:24
OOC: Actually, Jagada, I meant to have them attack, but completely forgot. I will correct that now.

The Sixth Fleet of the Royal Navy of Malkyer was spread across the southern Indian Ocean, dots of steel-grey against a vast blue-green expanse. Destroyers and cruisers ringed the true fist of the fleet, its two carriers and command dreadnaught. The HMS Vigilant was not a true dreadnaught like the great Remembrance-class ships that led the Second, Third, and Fifth fleets, but rather a smaller semi-dreadnaught of the Halcyon class. Like its sister ship, it contained enough eletronic and communications equipment to make it an effective floating command center, though it lacked the raw firepower of a true battlewagon.

Below the fleet, a dozen submarines patrolled, pinging away with sonar, searching for enemy ships. Surface ships were to be found in plenty, but strangely the sonar detected nothing under the surface; no submarines. While it boosted confidence, it made many commanders nervous. Only fools did not have submarines, and the Jagadans did not appear to be fools.

Admiral Willem Stein paced the bridge of the HMS Vigilant. The Viceroy had allowed him discretion in the field, but he was struck with a perplexing conundrum. His fleet was outnumbered and outgunned, and to attack the enemy fleet would be suicide. To stay and wait, though, was to only made that suicide last a little longer. Either way, the best he could hope for was to bloody as much of the invading force as possible before his fleet was destroyed.

"Mr. Cairn, general orders to all ships. Launch aircraft and missiles. First priority are Jagadan troopships, followed by carriers. Kill them." Across the fleet, fighters launched from carriers and missiles roared from their tubes onboard the cruisers and his battleship. He thought about what one of the generals had told him, after being informed that the Sixth Fleet would not be able to hold back the Jagadan ships.

"Kill their troops, if you can. Buy us some time. Their navy is strong, for sure, but it doesn't matter how many missiles or airstrikes they throw at us if they can't follow that up. They can shoot, burn, or even sterilze our coastal areas, but they won't own any stretch of land until they stand a seventeen-year-old kid with a rifle on top of it. Or one their Capitol Police. But I imagine one of those will die just as easily as one of our boys.


Alexei's face fell as the Khailfah officer mentioned the suspect loyalty of the Cape Viceroyalty.

"Well, General, Malkyer isn't hated quite so much as some would believe. The Commonwealth is fairly popular, actually, out on the fringes. Security and prosperity, all that. Problem is, there are cities in South Africa with more people than the entire colony of Botswana. South Africans and Rhodesians hate us; they see us as favoring whites over blacks...I won't say there'll be a general uprising against the Commonwealth, but it mght jappen just the same.

"I had this drafted two days ago," he said, sliding a piece of paper across his desk to the KLM officers. "It's a proclamation ordering plebicites to be held in every African district, with autonomy and eventual independence for any territory that wishes it. I'm going to have to save it against a major Malkyeri victory, in order to prevent an image of weakness in the Viceroyalty."
Ottoman Khaif
17-03-2006, 00:50
“Interesting, offer them lands some more rights and even total independent from your nation…as long as they fight for you in return…ingenius..if I must say.” Said General Jasmin Imamović

As they spoke, Field Marshal of the Al Muslimeen Army Musa Kazım Karabeki PDA light was blinking , just meaning he got a message from High Command or Form the Sultan himself. It was from High Command, the Field Marshal read the message and look up at the Emperor

“Emperor, I being you some good news a taskforce from Arabian and East African Front Command has been put together under the command of General Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi, it totals around 240,000 troops and tanks. Its on its way to South Africa…hopefully in time to prevent South Africa from falling….I know General Ibrahim very well..he is good man, he lead 124th Amour Corp in the Sino Jihad and he is Somali…and also Emperor…the Sultan is calling his Atlantic and Mediterranean fleets up for duty and to help your forces in South Africa and destroy this invasion fleet..Yet I can’t give you date when that new naval taskforce will be ready to help you.” Said the Field Marshal
18-03-2006, 02:04
[OOC: Ouch, I knew this may get brought up, and I didn't make it clear in my opening posts. Kraven Naval Stratgey calls for ships (battleships, super-dreadnaughts, ect, ect) to be big enough to hold the landing invasion force itself. Yes quite a task I admit, but that only means that instead of picking off 10 troop transports and killing 200 of them, you can take out on Dreadnaught and take out a 1,000. If you need proof of this, I will have Kraven supply me with a link or two of previous roleplays. So, for you benefit I'll say those were aimed at the Dreadnaughts. If you disagree I can edit the post. Or if you suspect me of godmode, please simply point it out.]

Sirens went off across the Jagadan BattleFleet. Red alert was always active, but in the event of an actual attack the sirens sounded to give the officers and Capitol Police crews the chance to prepare their ships and in the officers case--themselves. The ships prepared themselves as well. The LMAMS System, an anti-missile system, sprung to life from the Crusiers, Destroyers, and other such vessels. As the missiles, which would be faster than the aircraft obviously, began to come in all generally coming in about the same time the anti-missile system of LMAMS spat out hundreds of thousands of rounds collectively.

Though with hundreds of missiles coming in, there was only so much that could be done to prevent them. A missile cut threw the air and slammed right into the command tower of a Cruiser, the officers were vaporized in a milisecond, along with the captain of the ship. Normally the ship was lay lifeless without commanding officers, but the Capitol Police, sprung to life with EER 134, the 'oldest' Capitol Police trooper on the ship taking command and running the ship with the limited naval training all Capitol Police were given. Though with his command tower, and thus its eletronics pretty much envoloped in whiping flames the ship dropped anchor and the Capitol Police troopers began to repair the ship.

Two missiles slammed into the starport side of a Super-Dreadnaught the metal screamed as it tilted portside, but did not fall into the ocean, the dreadnaught came back up but began to fill with water. Quickly though the Capitol Police crew began to repair the ship, closing off some sectors of the ship and allowing water to overtake them, while repairing others. It was, all in all, a masterful job of crewmenship.

Three missiles managed to get to the second, where the Super-Dreadnaught lay. Though the Super-Dreadnaughts also had the LMAMS system and two out of the three were blown up, the last one slammed into one of the 670mm ETC EM naval guns cracking threw its armor and detonating it and sending the barrels into the air, landing harmlessly back into the water.

Though the missiles of the Imperial Commonwealth simply did not stop coming. The LMAMS system failed to hit a missile before it got out of its effective range. The missile was a lucky one, being lucky enough not to be targeted by the system of another LMAMS. It headed straight for the World Ender's Command Desk. Bradley saw the missile coming and hoped it hit, better to die in combat than to continue following Kraven. Though suddenly, about a hundred yards before the Command Deck the missile exploded. Bradley sighed, the Tracker Ships had done their duty this day. There were various numbers of these Tracker Vessels, onboard was a system, which most countries may or may not have. Jagada has suffered from this system during the Colonial War where the Macabees used this system. It has also been used by Kraven during the Invasion of Xirnium. It was a system which caused eletronic missiles to detonate before they reached their target. Of coarse, just like the LMAMs system it couldn't handle huge targets. Though the Trackers were the heros this day, they combined with the LMAMS allowed for most of the missiles to be taken down.

Though the radar picked up the aircraft of the Imperial Commonwealth, and the ships lashed out at the aircraft. Anti-aircraft weaponry, including a limited supply of anti-aircraft missiles along with the LMAMS system. Of coarse there was only so much the ships could do. Though as the aircraft came in their missiles were the first to come under Jagadan defensive attack. The LMAMS worked the same they had before with the the missiles being targeted and quickly taken out.

The a Super-Dreadnaught as Imperial Commonwealth missile came into range of the LMAMS, as the tower of metal reactive it aimed it barrels into the air and moved at a slow speed for a moment before hammering away at the missile with hundreds, if not thousands of rounds. The missile was not seen by the naked eye, only the trail of smoke, though suddenly it detonated and even the naked eye could see it.

Even the Super Carriers had on them at least five LMAMS guns, thought it also meant that the flak cannons were gone, along with any anti-aircraft missiles. Though even with this system not all the Super Carriers were safe. The LMAMS came to life and worked as effectively as they could given the cirumstances.

Though two missiles managed to get threw the defense system. One nailed the command tower of the Super Carrier, while the other slammed into the deck. The Capitol Police rushed to put out the fire, though it was clear the Super Carrier would be out of action. It stopped dead in its tracks. While in the 2nd Tier of the BattleFleet two Imperial Commonwealth aircraft swooped down and launched a barrage of missiles at a single Super-Dreadnaught, which was extremely intelligant considering those cheap missiles would cost the Jagadan State trillions to replace or repair a crippled Super-Dreadnaught. Though the missiles immiedately came under attack from the LMAMS system of surronding ships and the ship of the Super-Dreadnaught it aimed at. The Jagadan Super-Dreadnaught was no completely lucky as a missile hit the starport side of the ship, and another barley missed the command tower before being destroyed by a LMAMS system. The missile had only missed because second before it hit the Super-Dreadnaught leaned towards port due to the missile which hit starport. A lucky break for the Super-Dreadnaught and its crew.

Though even with the enemy aircraft attacking the Jagadans, the ships pressed on. They finally, after going threw the hailstorm of missiles, and continuing to be harassed by the Malkyeri Aircraft, the Jagadan ships managed to get into gun range of the Malkyeri fleet, though with it being dotted it would be harder to hit them in a first strike and deal them a crippling blow.

Though despite that, the Cruisers and Destroyers and their 280mm ETC with EM rifiling cannons gave a full salvo towards the scattered enemy fleet. Soon the Super-Dreadnaughts and their 670mm guns came into range and unleashed their own earth shattering salvos. The first objective was now to terminate the threat of the Malkyeri Fleet. Though Jagada was known for going for two objectives at once.

While the Malkyeri Aircraft would quickly run out of missiles they would probably return to their aircraft, anyone of them that stayed and tried to engage the Jagadan ships directly would come under a hailstorm of lead from the LMAMS system. Now was the time for the Capitol Police to take off. Troop transports were lowered from Super-Dreadnaughts, Super Carriers, and various other ships and they steamed off towards the coast. Under the protection of the LMAMs from their mother ships which would provide protection for a period of time. Though to protect them for the rest of the time, on the Super Carriers groups of VTOL Transport aircraft along with dozens of VTOL Attack Aircraft sprung into the air. The VTOL attack aircraft would provide defense being equipped with 110mm ETC cannon, with Inertia dampeners and Recoil suppressors.
19-03-2006, 07:48
OOC: No worries, Jagada. Though I did panic when I read about your 280mm and 670mm guns, until I remembered that millimeters are a lot smaller than inches...Are you attacking a specific city, or just a stretch of beach?

The Royal Navy fighters were eventually forced to break off the attack on the Jagadan fleet, in order to return to their carriers and rearm. Numerous fighters had been splashed, but losses were lower than expected, primarily because the Jagadan anti-air fire had been so heavily focused on the missiles rather than the planes. Just before the first planes returned to the carriers, another flight was launched, this one a fighting patrol and smaller than the attack squadrons; it was meant to keep enemy aircraft at bay and harass approaching ships, rather than directly attack them.

ETC cannons roared as the Jagadan ships opened up on the Royal Navy. Twenty-six inch projectiles smashed into armored hulls, rending steel and destroying gun turrets. Damage-control parties rushed about onboard the various ships as the Fleet's own guns fired back at the Jagadans. More missiles were loaded into tubes from storage racks, and another volley was fired. The first wave had shown that firing a mass of rockets was more effective because the enemy defense could not cope with the sheer volume; however, at this rate of fire, the Fleet's available missiles would be mostly used up in a few salvoes.

Below the surface of the ocean, RN SSNs moved toward the Jagadan fleet, still searching for enemy submarines, but also preparing to attack. The subs split into three groups, with a third preparing to strike, a third floating still to scan with passive sonar, and another third loading tubes to launch torpedoes from different locations, so that after the first group dived another wave of torpedoes would hit, and the sources would be more difficult to pinpoint. After a moment, the first group fired, and dove. The second group moved into position, and the cycle began.

Back on the surface, as transport ships full of Jagadan troops sped along the water, in concordance with VTOL transports and fighters above them, the Sixth Fleet's own anti-air batteries of surface-to-air missiles and high-velocity gatling cannons. While the larger ships of the Fleet battled with the enemy, smaller frigates fired anti-shipping missiles at the transports, hoping to waste a few before they were able to land.

At the shore, rocket batteries opened fire, targeting aircraft and ship. A few such batteries, along with numerous mortars, were trained on Royal Army defenses along the beach, ready to fire should those positions be overrun. It was a redundant measure, given that the beach was already overlooked by large bunkers, and lined with razorwire and mine emplacements that were laid out to force landing troops into funnels, narrowing their field of fire while allowing the defenders maximum effectiveness.
Amazonian Beasts
19-03-2006, 18:56
OOC: Gah, sorry I haven't been too active here, guys, but I think I gotta pull outta this one...too much stuff (NS and otherwise) going on.
20-03-2006, 23:39
Off the coast of South Africa...

The battle waged on. The mass of rockets that was launched by the Imperial Commonwealth in a second salvo zipped threw the air. Immiedately the LMAMS system sprung to life and began its coordinated task of destroying missiles. Three missiles zoomed in towards a Cruiser, and to its captain surprised its very own LMAMS system managed to take out all three before they arrived in a hailstorm of lead and fire. Though some ships were lucky as a Destroyer right next to the Cruiser suffered five hits to nearly the same area by a group of missiles. The Destroyer may have stood a slight chance of survival if the missiles hadn't hit the ammunition chambers. In a fireball and massive explosion the ship lifted up out of the water and half of it was thrown high into the air, while the other half fliped over just inches above the water, and slammed down into the sea.

That may have been demoralizing for anyone who saw it. Though the Capitol Police remained cold and heartless in its face, going about their tasks as if nothing happen. When the piece that flew into the air landed back on the water in a huge splash and began to sink, engulfed in flame and molten metal, the Capitol Police, on fire and their flesh and armor melting to become one went about the futile job of trying to keep the ship afloat. They thought not of their own lives, but the Coporation and its goals. They all parished as even while the water went above their heads and their lives were doomed to end, they continued to work without success. This was the coldness, the efficently, and the terror that was the Capitol Police of the Corporation.

Though it wasn't over. As the missiles continued to stream in more and more. The LMAMS spat fire and lead at alarming rates taking down more and more missiles. Though sadly, like before, only so many could be taken out. As one missile managed to stream back all the ships and slam into the end of a Dreadnaught, causing light damage which the Capitol Police were able to repair. More missiles streamed in and hit various targets, in all three more ships were damaged. Luckily thanks to the Capitol Police and this disregard for their own lives and their desire to expand Kraven, along with the LMAMS system the missiles were largely ineffective this time, and while damage was still done and more so than the first salvo it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The salvo from the Imperial Commonwealth ships were rather light, considering they were scattered and dotted. This actually allowed the Jagadan Dreadnaughts and their massive 670mm ETC EM cannons to coordinate salvos and send almost a dozen shells at one ship. With the BattleFleet being much larger than the Imperial Commonwealth's it was only a matter of time, or so thought Bradley, before the Sixth Fleet realized they were doomed and withdrew.

A Cruiser suddenly tilted to the left as a torpedo slammed into the side of the ship. Immiedately though other ships Anti-Torpedo systems activated and immiedately explosions where seen as water towered in the air. Another torpedo hit a Super-Dreadnaught but the mighty ship shrugged it off and continued to unleash 670mm shells at the enemy ships. More explosions occured and more ships were damaged, along with a Destroyer actually sinking. Though under the waves of the South Altantic and South Indian Oceans were the Torment-class submarines they had waited for this oppurtunity. With the enemy submarines firing and diving it made them clear as day as the Torment class shut down their plasma fields and immiedately the sonars and radars lit up with several different targets. The Torments quickly found their targets which would be in position, or at least the Torments hoped, for a surprise enemy attack. Torpendos cut threw the salty waters of the oceans as several of them, dozens even, flew towards the enemy submarines. Even ones whom hadn't fired yet were being fired upon in a hope that the Torments could catch them by surprise.

The troop transports came under assault from a hailstorm of enemy shore artillery, including shells and rockets. Along with anti-shipping missiles. Immiedately the front 'wave' of transports, one by one detonated in a fireball of molten metal and CP armor. Though with the enemy firing primarily at the transports the Jagadans had hoped for. The Second Front Wave (both the first and second front are in the first wave) and its transport landed on the shores of the enemy troops. What stepped out of them were abominations, more machine than man, these were the dreaded Sarduakar. Infamous across the world for being nearly impossible to kill, or so say the soldiers of the former enemies of Kraven. The Sarduakar rushed up the beaches.

Immiedately they came under heavy enemy fire. A bullet hit a Sarduakar in the chest, which should have been fatal, as blood and a liquid oil-like substance oozed out. The Sardukar shrugged the shot off and and continued to run up the beach. The Saduakar were hit severals times in the head, legs, gut, and even in the neck. Though they never stopped they continued right up the beach heading straight for the concrete bunkers of the enemy. Running threw razor barbwire with their armor taking the brunt of the damage. A Sarduakar stepped on a mine and was blown into the air, he landed on the ground, on his back. Despite the fact that his leg was twisted mess of flesh and metal, it rose to its feet and strugged. Though after a machine gun burst hit it in the head it fell to the ground--dead. The Sarduakar rushed up threw the narrow clear pathways, easily going threw the razorwire. Some Saduakar fell but more came the fallens place. These troops never stopped, they lived and died for the Corporation. You could hit them in every vital part of the body and they would not stopped. Some had called the Demons, others had called them Abominations. Though all feared them. The Sardukar eventually reached the concrete bunkers, despite the heavy fire that rained down death.

A Sarduakar reached the concrete bunker, swung his Pulse Cannon around and opened up a hailstorm of fire at the bunker, at about twenty yards. While he did this, his comrades went around him and made a charge their own in an attempt to punch a hole threw the Malkyeri Lines.

[OOC: I have taken a lot of losses. I just made it out for the psyological factor. Also I'm attacking Cap Cod if possible.]
21-03-2006, 04:37
OOC: I will try to have a post tomorrow, as I'm out of town right now and my access to a computer is limited. I'm not familiar with any Cape Cod in South Africa; just the one in Massachusetts. Is it near anything?
21-03-2006, 06:56
[OOC: My apologies, I had a 'stupid moment'. I mean Cape Town. Check the CIA WorldFactbook for a more exact location, but from what I know its in southwest South Africa, and is definately a costal city.]
Ottoman Khaif
21-03-2006, 18:09
OOC: I am still in this rp...yet schoolwork is killing atm...and plus my front is quiet atm..anyways my forces for South Africa should coming within the next day or so.
22-03-2006, 04:53
[OOC: My apologies, I had a 'stupid moment'. I mean Cape Town. Check the CIA WorldFactbook for a more exact location, but from what I know its in southwest South Africa, and is definately a costal city.]

OOC: Oh, I know where Cape Town is. It was the Cape Cod that confused me. No worries. Ottoman, if you want to find someone to replace TPM, go ahead.

As the Fleet continued to trade shots with the Jagadan navy, launching more missiles and a rearmed flight of airplanes, the ground war was just beginning. Jagadan ships were close enough for shore batteries of missiles and rockets to open fire, easing the burden on the Royal Navy's dwindling supply of munitions.

Smaller launchers and self-propelled guns opened up on troops landing at the beach, implementing a "shoot-n-scoot" doctrine to avoid counter-battery fire. As the Jagadan soldiers broke through the initial defenses and seized a couple of bunkers, the Royal Army began to fall back to the dunes and escarpments higher up. It was a loss, as those bunkers were strongpoints and would well as machine gun nests and forward medical bays, but they could be easily surrounded and cut off from reinforcement, losing any tactical worth. Perhaps the Jagadans would take them as fortified command posts.

Two squadrons of Royal Air Force fighters flew in overhead, leading the primary elements of the RAF wing stationed at Cape Town. The fighters were heading out to assist the Royal Navy, but would not return to Cape Town, insteading going further inland to the main CP at Praal. Simonstown at the edge of the Cape had been abandoned, and while Cape Town would be fought for, it was not expected to hold either.

Three divisions of Royal Army and two divisions of Colonial Marines held the area around the Cape of Good Hope, and two more RA divisions were moving from the inland. They were outnumbered, but they had bloodied the enemy and would soon receive reinforcements from the Khailfah al Musilmeen. The coastal plain was not expected to hold long, but once the fighting moved into the plateaus and high escarpments of the inland, the Royal Army and its stalwart light infantry would bleed the enemy to death, death by a thousand cuts.
Ottoman Khaif
22-03-2006, 05:29
Elements of the 9th Marine Corp., 10th Marine Corp, 25th Marine Corp., 26th Marine Corp, 7th Paratroop Crop and 8th Paratroop Crop. Were coming into Bloemfontein via Rail or Air. It was going to take 48 hours for all the corps to be battle ready.

General Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi order four of the AA regiments of 2S6M Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Artillery to set up a defense line to insure that any air attack from their enemies. The General decide to make Bloemfontein his Headquarters, most of his officers were Arab or East Africans background and mostly Muslim plus there a number of Persian and Turkish officers along with them. Yet a number of the general officer including him had a strong distaste for the Boer officers of the Malkyer South African Army. It mainly because of the past views and actions that Boer did, that influence them to have a strong distaste of the Boers, yet they didn’t show it when working with was only when they were off duty , they want nothing to do with them… the only group of Malkyer officers they will have anything to do with off duty where the Non Boer whites and the Black South Africans.


5 Air Wings of SU-37s were deployed in the air to secure the skies around the HQ, plus
1 Air Wings of E-3C Sentry(40 planes), also 10 Air Wings of MIG-35 FULCRUMS were assign to help the Malkyer Air Force in defending the air space of Malkyer South Africa.
22-03-2006, 09:46
The Shore of Cape Town

The Saduakar had captured various concrete bunkers. It was only a matter of time until the beach was captured compeltely as more Saduakar fired their pulse cannons into the conrete bunkers on the beach, shredding the flesh of the defenders itself. Though once the Malkyeri retreated from the concrete, the Saduakar didn't give them a chance to run. They charged at top speed and try to follow the beach defenders right into the dunes and such. They had plenty of Saduakars to achieve this. As more and more landed on the beaches. Over all, thus far close to six hundred had landed, with more streaming in by the second. Though finally the black jackboot of a Capitol Police Trooper hit the wet beaches of Cape Town, only to have him and his transport hit by a Malkyeri shell. The Malkyeri soldiers gave a small cheer as they attempt to picked up the launcher and move. Though from the flames and molten metal of the transport. Three Capitol Police, badly maimed with half of their faces gone and their helmets blown off--emerged. Flesh on fire and body slowly turning into a crisp meat.

The three, in their last duty for Jagada, and the Corporaton charged right towards the men with the launchers. Who were stunned by the fact that three flaming corpes were now running at them. One man screamed, pull out his pistol and opened fire on the Capitol Police. Despite the weakness of the burning armor, it absorbed the round and bounced off. Suddenly another soldier joined in and fired his assault rifle at the Capitol Police. One of them finally fell as his flaming head was covered by a red mist. Another one fell after that, his body turned black as the soul within the body. The last one, didn't stop. He he pulled the trigger to his GPMG and let it hammer away at the enemy troops. Three quickly fell. The one trooper who'd taken down the other two Capitol Police lifted his rifle and let out a burst, it hit the Capitol Police square in the chest and it staggered. Though with its last breath it launched at the nearby assault rifle wielding soldiers and clentched his molten, metal hand on the soldiers face and tightened his grip. As he died, he hand stayed. The soldier tried to fight the hand off, but eventually died. Be it threw suffication or simply being burned alive. This was the absolute devotion of the Capitol Police to their cause.

The Capitol Police began to get on the beachs en masse and quickly followed the Sauduakar. The tactic of Kraven, and thus Jagada, was to strike fear in the enemies hearts to make their mentality and their reality collapse around them in that darkness of fear--bind them. The Capitol Police moved with cold efficiently, their motions, tactics, and teamwork flawless in nearly every respect. If only one soldier was left in a squad, he would not stop and run in fear for Capitol Police did not fear he would keep going until his own life was ended.

Out as sea, the barrage from the shore was to be expected. The LMAMS system, which had recently been replished with more ammunition by the crews onboard the ships sprung to life and unleashed a hailstorm. Missles were effective against Jagadian ships...rockets were not. As the LMAMS took down both rocket and missiles, primarily focusing the missiles mind you, the rockets hit various targets. Though to gain. The rockets damage and dented and even knocked a few holes in the hulls of some of the ships, but with such armor bohemoths it was rather hard to dent them.

Bradley had been reserving his own special supply of a secret weapon he was now going to use.

"Kriegsmarine, inform the Super-Dreadnaughts to begin Phase 2 Shore Bombardment. Skip phase one, the Sauduakar have eliminated the threat and gained up a beachead," said Bradley II. The Kreigsmarine nodded.

The Super-Dreadnaughts turned their massive 670mm guns towards the shore. What was loaded into them was knowledge gain from Jenrak, or at least the idea was derived from their warfare doctrine. Shells filled with acid were loaded into the huge guns. This would rain the death that Bradley II wanted. With a eardrum piercing boom the shell were blasted out of the huge barrels of the Super-Dreadnaughts. These shells were actually aimed at the Malkyeri Divisons stationed around Cape Town, and the city itself. These huge shells would down to a about 500 yard above the enemy and detonate and would unleashed a 'splash' of acid across an area of a thousand yards. The Super-Dreadnaughts did not stop with a single salvo, no they had brought plenty of these acid shells, for this very purpose. More salvos errupted from the Super-Dreadnaughts and soon the idea of 'acid rain' for the South Africans and Malkyeri's would be changed forever. Jagada showed no mercy, and Kraven showed even less.

Though this wasn't the only surprise Bradley II had. The Cruisers and Destroyers weren't limited to their smaller caliber naval guns. They were Jagadian in design, instead of Kraven, and thus had missiles of their own. Jagada had waited in hopes of allowing the Malkyeri's to waste their own missiles, and now it appeared the time had come. Missiles came out of several ships and a barrage at least ten times bigger (due to fleet sizes) than the Malkyeri's flew into the air towards the Malkyeri. Faced with such overwhelming numbers, along with Dreadnaught, Crusier, and Destroyers continueing their rapid naval shell firing on the Malkyeri Sixth Fleet. It was now only a matter of time until the fleet was completely sunk. Surely it couldn't hold out against naval shells, missile barrage, and submarine attacks by a fleet much larger than its own.

[OOC: Malkyeri, any word on what my attack on your submarines did? I assume I would have destroyed a good deal of them. And no disrespect meant of coarse, but your fleet should be rather--crippled considering the naval gun battle between me and them would be ond-sided in general.]
23-03-2006, 04:44
Below the sea, the Royal Navy submarines, hopelessly unprepared for the sudden appearance of the Jagadan submarines, and caught off-guard, were wiped out by the surprise torpedo attack. Four were destroyed outright, and three were hit, probably fatally so. Another three managed to turn around and flee along the Cape, toward the relative safety of the deep, open waters. Two submarines, the HMS Hermosillo and Intrepid, had vanished from sonar in the confusion, probably destroyed as well.

The Royal Navy, having fought so hard, fared no better on the surface. The Sixth Fleet was out-gunned, out-numbered, and out-manuevered. Several ships were sunken hulks by now, others listing badly. No ship was undamaged. Another missile salvo was launched, conincidentally at the same time the Jagadans were launching more missiles and shells. Admiral Stein smiled hollowly as he watched the enemy's superior firepower tear through his ships. A line of poetry stuck out in his mind as he watched fireballs erupt across his fleet from the bridge of the Vigilant:

"We have fed our sea for a thousand years
And she calls us, still unfed,
Though there’s never a wave of all her waves
But marks our English dead:
We have strawed our best to the weed’s unrest,
To the shark and the sheering gull.
If blood be the price of admiralty,
Lord God, we ha’ paid in full!"

He muttered the lines quietly, pupils contracting somewhat at the light from the missile incoming.


The shore defense had held some ragged hope of salvation when word came of Khailfah forces arriving in the north, and at the seemingly protracted battle in the Table Bay off the Cape of Good Hope. That hope was lost, however, when a Jagadan anti-shipping missile slammed into the command tower of the HMS Vigilant. With that lethal blow to the command structure, it became painfully clear how close the Royal Navy was coming to absolute defeat. There were so few ships flying the red-on-blue Malkyeri banner, and some many with the blue and white of Jagada.

With the death of the commanding Admiral, the option of surrender fell to the individual captains, or their XOs, had the captains died. Each ship was now on its own, channels open for parley and surrender. Surrender was not a dirty word, was not synonomous with "coward" in the Royal Armed Forces lexicon. It was understood that sometimes, in situations where death would not serve the Cause, other paths may be taken in order to preserve the lives of the men.

Thus far, every Royal Navy sailor and pilot who had died had died facing the enemy. With the full knowledge that they would be defeated, they had stayed and fought, bloodying the Kravens until they could fight no more. Surrender was acceptable in some cases, but abandoning friends and dishonoring the dead carried the weight of great shame in Malkyer. No, the Royal Navy would not win this day. It would, in all likelihood, be the single greatest defeat the Royal Armed Forces would ever face. But like their comrades, the Royal Navy survivors would die fighting. By Jesus, one officer thought, Jagada will know they've been in a fight. Battered and weary, the final ships of the Sixth Fleet continued to fire on Jagadan ships and landing troops.


Jagadan super-soldiers and Capitol Police continued to swarm the beaches, cutting down retreating Malkyeri. As they swarmed after them, the ground erupted under their feet, as command-detonated mines were set off under the loose sand of the beach, set along the avenues of retreat. Artillery further inland opened fire, the guns zeroed in on the bunkers lining the beach-head., hoping to catch enemy troops inside.

As Capitol Police swarmed out of the warm blue waters tinged red, and up the beaches which weeks before would have been covered with tourists, the Seventh Light Infantry Division dug in behind prepared positions in Cape Town itself. With a division of Colonial Marines in reserve, and two armored divisions outside the city to contain attempted breakouts, the Royal Army was more than prepared to meet the enemy, and punish them for attacking the Imperial Commonwealth.

A battalion of Colonial Marines marched down one of the main thoroughfares in the city, heading to reinforce the old legislative building. As they marched, they sang, their harmony strained by musical Bantu accents, guttural Afrikaans speakers, and rich English voices.

"When your officer's dead,
And the sergeant looks white,
Don't give in to dread,
Just march to your front like a soldier."
Ottoman Khaif
23-03-2006, 05:13
At Bloemfontein

The 9th Marine Corp., 10th Marine Corp, 7th Paratroop Corp and 8th Paratroop Corp. Were fully battle ready and General Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi order the four corps to be sent to Cape Town and help the Malkyer Force hold off the invaders.

It was going to take the two Marine Corps at least six hours to at maximum speed to reach outer limits of Cape Town.

As for the 7th Paratroop and 8th Paratroop Corps, were able to get to Cape Town faster then the Marine Corps. Nearly two hours since the Transport plane carrying the two corps left Bloemfontien, they already 20 miles away from Cape Town outer limits. Their Transport planes were being guards by 4 wings of MIG-35 FULCRUMS were escorting the Transports. When the transport were in the landing zone, the Paratroopers began jumping out of the planes, and from the ground one could see nearly 12,000 Paratroopers Para dropping from the many transports and landing within a four mile radius. Also 200 MI-28A/N HAVOC ATTACK HELICOPTER and 200 Ka-52 HOKUM B / Alligator Attack Helicopter were linking up with the Paratroopers, plus the paratrooper corps 9P148(Anti Tank Amour) and BMD-3 Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle were quickly being off loaded from the planes or para dropped by the transports. It was going to take the Paratroopers nearly two hours to organize and head to Cape Town which was only about 25 miles away. Overhead the MiG-35 Fulcrums were watching the skies for any enemy aircraft.

The Commander for the 7th Paratroop corp. radio in highly encoded transmission to Malkyer commander and say “ We are on our way…hold on.”
24-03-2006, 01:16
General Andrew Fitzmorton stepped outside of the division command post on the northern outskirts of Paarl. Lighting a cigarette, Fitzmorton paced along an open space between to buildings, lost in thought. He had five divisions under his command, along with various air wings. Add to that reserves and reinforcements, and he was reasonably confident of the Royal Army's abilities to hold off the Jagadan onslaught.

A young lieutenant ducked out of the CP, and looked around for a moment before he spotted Fitzmorton. "General! Dispatch from the capital!"

Fitzmorton quickly took the envelope from the lieutenant, who saluted. Absently returning the salute, the general walked a short distance away to read the messages. He'd received a message from the commander of the KLM 7th Paratroop Corp earlier, reporting that the Ottoman troops would be at Cape Town soon. Hopefully this dispatch would contain more good news.

General Fitzmorton,

I have good news, my friend. Our front is quiet, so the Emperor is able to concentrate on other areas of trouble. He's issued an order to Pretoria allowing the Viceroy to call up the reserves. Expect several divisions of Royal South African Army to be ready for combat in two weeks' time.

Another thing: Nothing official yet, but there are signs of trouble in Jagada. Discontent among Kraven. I don't know how it will affect your theater, but the RIA is looking to make some trouble in the enemy's homeland.

Good luck and Godspeed.
Bernard Thomas
Field Marshal

Fitzmorton smiled, and used the lit cigarette to burn the message. Overly theatrically, but what the hell? He was in a good mood as he strolled back to the division CP.
Ottoman Khaif
24-03-2006, 01:42
The 7th and 8th Paratrooper Corps reach Paarl after nearly one hour of marching. The two commanders of the corps were Commander Ali Abdullah Saleh of the 7th Paratrooper Corp and Colonel Abdul Qadir Bajamal. Both were happy to reach Paarl without being attacked. The commander officers quickly set up their command post in the area. They send out word to Malkyer General that they were in the area and getting ready to attack the enemy . Also they just need to know which area of Cape Town needed them the most.

Also the two Maine Corps were still on their way to Cape Town, they were still three hours away.
24-03-2006, 02:10
General Fitzmorton sent for the two Khailfah officers, and as they arrived at the CP an orderly offered them coffee and tea. Fitzmorton himself had a snifter of brandy, but knew better than to offer alcohol to Muslims.

"Gentlemen, I thank you for your timely arrival. Your troops will be much appreciated, I'm sure." As he spoke, he gestured to a map along the wall. Blue triangles showed Royal Army forces, concentrated mainly in Cape Town and along the eastern outskirts, ready to block any advance away from the Cape of Good Hope. The Cape itself was empty of blue, and of Jagadan red. A solid mass of red showed the Jagadan fleet, and a few isolated blue represented all that was left of the Sixth Fleet.

"You'll see here that the Jagadans have forced a landing on the Table Bay shore of Cape Town; so far they haven't tried to go around the Cape and land along the False Bay shore. We've got a division of light infantry and a division of Colonial Marines inside the city, with three others held in reserve. I've also gotten word that the reserves are being called up, so in a couple of weeks I'll get another ten divisions, mostly Settlers." The loyalty of the natives was as of yet too suspect to make them a major part of the military system, outside the Colonial Marines. Fitzmorton was amused to remember that to Malkyer, "native" meant both Zulu and Boer.

"We'll let your Paratroopers rest a bit, and then send them into the city to reinforce our troops. I'll assign your marines to the blocking force, if your commanders approve."
Ottoman Khaif
24-03-2006, 02:33
Commander Ali Abdullah Saleh nodded and said the following

“Very well, our commanders will approve of your decision to send in the Marines to support your forces..they should be coming in shortly…within the next four hours at the least. I’ll tell my men to rest for now…and soon join the battle.” Reply Commander Ali

“Together our forces will be enough to crush…these blast invaders as soon as the two Marine Corps get here…we’ll began a full out counter attack on their troops…” remark Colonel Abdul Qadir Bajamal
24-03-2006, 06:04
[OOC: Malkyer, I'm curious if my 670mm Acid Naval Shells did any damage to the city of Cape Town. I mean I launched dozens of those shells into the city. Right now it should be flaming hellstorm of misery and chaos. Unless you have found a way to intercept the shells.]

Why don't they just die, thought Bradley. He watched though, as another salvo of 670mm shells flung themselves at speeds which the naked eye could not see clearly. He watched as the Command Vessel of the Imperial Navy's command tower when up in a heap of flame and molten metal. The report from the Torments were just as good, all Imperial Commonwealth submarines decimated. Now it time to just finished off the last remnants of the Malkyeri Royal Navy, or at least its Sixth Fleet. With that the Torments, having no reason to restore their plasma fields quickly moved in and fired their own salvo of torpedos at the Malkyeri ships.

Bradley watched, with admiration though as the Imperial Commonwealth tried. Even after its Admiral was dead, after they were doomed to death. He wasn't sure if these people believed in God, but if they did he hoped that God gave them a special place in Heaven--for these were prehaps the hardest sailors he'd ever had to fight. Not in the sense that they had a chance to victory and lost, but it the fact that even when they didn't have a chance, they fought and fought as though there was some small chance of their survival. Bradley could not give a salute to the Imperial Commonwealth, least a bullet go into the back of his head.

With the last ships of the Malkyeri Imperial Commonwealth's Six Fleet sinking in a heap of flaming oil and fuel beneath the deep waters of the Indian Ocean, Bradley ordered the BattleFleet into a defensive position. This that the Torments reactivated their plasma fields and quickly headed towards deep waters and waited for any enemy ship. How would they find them? Sateliate imagry and communication between the surface ships and submarines. The Super-Dreadnaughts turned their 670mm guns towards the position of the Malkyeri defenders, because no matter how entrenched they were, a twenty-six inch long shell would dislodge them. In a roar that made thunder feel only like the beat of a child drum, the Super-Dreadnaughts unleashed their deadly cargo into the air. Soon the Malkyeri defenders would feel the wrath of the Capitol Police and Kraven.

As a Capitol Police Trooper swarmed out of the artifically red waters of the beaches he rushed up the beach, fully prepared to fight for Kraven. Kraven propaganda raced threw the troopers already twisted mind and he focused on dozens of things. Though his memory went blank, his mind rebooted when he stepped on a command-activated mine and he was flung into the air. He landed on his back, and for a moment wondered what the damage was. He did not care, he sat back up. Noticed that his left arm was missing, which was of no consenquence to him, he held his GPMG in his right hand. His left leg was twisted and parts of his leg and armor merged. Again, no concern he could walk. He stood to his feet and rushed forward. A normal man would have cried in pain at such a feat, but Capitol Police did not. The Capitol Police trooper rushed towards the Malkyeri lines with the full intention of killing him. Though just as he was about to reach it, despite having four bullets in his armor. His twisted leg finally couldn't maintain and it snapped in a twisted sound that would make any man scream in agony at just the thought of it happening to him. The fact that it happened in front of Malkyeri troops would make the psycological effect even more effective.

[OOC: Sorry, didn't mean to control your navy, and destroy it. If you want me to edit it let me know.]
24-03-2006, 06:48
[OOC: The shells got through all right, I figured they were a part of the regular bombardment, so the city is pretty much on fire right now. Don't worry about sinking the navy, that battle was essentially decided the minute the RN didn't run for the Indian Ocean]

Capitol Police swarmed up the beach, heading into the city. Cape Town was no longer an idyllic tourist attraction, becoming instead a seething hell of flame and crumbled stone. Royal Army soldiers were dispersed in pockets around the city, heavily armed and mobile. While the Malkyeri could not match the Kraven soldiers in set battles, they had two advantages.

First, they possessed a strong desire to live. Like the American GIs facing the Imperial Japanese soldiers at Okinawa, the Malkyeri would take the cautious path, while the enemy charged head-long into machine gun fire.

Second, the Malkyer had, or more correctly, would have, an advantage in numbers. Soon, the Royal South African Reserve would move to the front, bolstering Royal strength to 15 divisions, over half a million men. Add to that the six Ottoman corps, roughly 175,000 men (Malkyeri units were larger than their KLM counterparts). With the war quiet in North America and ending in the Carribbean, the full strength of the Royal Army would be brought to bear on the Jagadan force. On paper, 160 divisions, and more, once reserves were included.

John Freeman came back to conciousness with a jerk. His head hurt, and his leg was numb. Lying prone, he could see the other two men in the strongpoint lying dead, blood and bone and bits of brain splattered on the ground. One of the massive naval shells from the enemy fleet had landed nearby, killing his comrades and throwing him back several meters, the shockwave trying its best to tear his lungs out of his body. He drew in a ragged breath, and coughed violently. Fluid spurted out of his mouth, half blood, half thick, clear something. Shaking his head, he coughed again, and tried to breath. Air came easier, but his breath was ragged. Weakly, he began to crawl toward the gatling gun that Corporal Harris had been manning until a moment ago. Finally making it to the firing step he tossed down his rifle and used both arms to pull himself up to the gun, wiping bits of brain off the bolt, where they sizzled on the hot metal.

Stroking the lever for a moment, he looked out the hole in the brick wall of the strong-point. Jagadan troops moved steadily up the beach, slowed by nothing. They were driven by some inhuman influence, and only gratutitous violence seemed to stop them. Coughing again, Freeman worked the bolt of the gatling. Slowly, he squeezed the trigger. Brrrt-brrrt-brrrt A thousand rounds a minute, the jarring motion of the gun set him to coughing again. He continued to rain fire on the Jagadans, sawing them down as one might do to trees. He grinned weakly as the corners of his mouth began to leak. Brrrt-brrrt-brrrt Sweeping the gun back and forth across the beach, he ignored the light-headedness, and ignored the cold creeping into his leg and torso.


Mortars fired on the Kraven troops, and snipers picked off individuals, often at the risk of a hellish torrent of returning fire. Across the city, the Royal Army withdrew into the heart of the urban setting, moving into sewers and buildings, preparing to ambush the Jagadan invaders.
Ottoman Khaif
25-03-2006, 01:55
After nearly three hours of waiting, the 9th Marine Corp. and the 10th Marine Corp under the commands of Lieutenant General İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil and Brigadier Hüsamettin Cindoruk, had finally made it to Paarl and link up with the 7th Paratroop Crop. and 8th Paratroop Corp. It took them two hours to fully organize and get ready to march to Cape Town and drive out the Capitol Police from the city. The Lieutenant General and Brigadier remain at the base of Operations. Yet Commander Ali Abdullah Saleh and Colonel Abdul Qadir Bajamal were assign to lead the forces into the city.

The massive columns of troops began to their march to Cape Town. These columns were made of Jaguar 2 Tank destroyer [with TOW], BMP-4(Troop transport) ,Type 98 main battle tanks, and plus a number of other troop transport carrying the KLM soldiers, these men were ready to fight to the death.. As for the Artillery units, they were taking up position just outside the city. They were told to hold fire for now…and wait for the order to began a full shelling of the Capital Police lines.

As the ground battle was about to began for the KLM forces. General Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi order all 4 Air Wings of B-52 (160 planes) with 5 Air Wings of SU-37(200 planes) to attack the Jagada invasion fleet with a massive cruise missile attack. The massive air group was 300 miles northeast of the Jagade Invasion fleet, the order was give for the B-52 bombers to drop or the correct term is fire their payloads of AGM-86(cruise missles), each bomber fire 20 AGM-86C(cruise missiles) at the Jagada invasion fleet, their main target was the command ships of the fleet. Nearly 3200 AGM-86C were fired at the invasion fleet, they had a range of 600 miles and were well within their range of attack. It was only going to be a short time before the missile hit their targets.

After firing their missiles, the B-52s headed back to base to be reloaded and refueled, and they covered by their SU-37 fighters escorts.