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MERCENARY WAR!!! (open rp)

The Parkus Empire
22-02-2006, 22:12
It's a war between aisian, european, and american mercenaries. State your name, age, hight, weapons, gender, and side. FIGHT!!! The japanese ninjas were crawling down the wall, they entered the window, then the attack begined! Americans fighting japanese...all over the bigest diamond in the world. "We got him, let's go!" said the leader." Six stayed behind, and held off the onslaught. Meanwhile the europeans, all armed, headed toward the japanese hostage location. "They have the american...he knows where the diamond is!" By the way folks, the diamond is in the Congo, but no-one knows that except the hostage...YET!
Amazonian Beasts
22-02-2006, 22:13
Could we get any more info here...any backround? Storyline?
22-02-2006, 22:14
very quick and to the point I see.

How about a little RP to start off?
Drexel Hillsville
22-02-2006, 22:27