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Exodian Settlements (Feudal RPG, Semi-Closed)

The Exodians
21-02-2006, 13:36
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Exodian Castle: 'Tower of the Elements'
(This because rather than going with all sorts of gods, my people's religion lies with the elements)

Standing in the center of the 'village', the Tower is a large round construction, made out of crude stone bricks. Most of it is only three floors high, but in the center stands a tower rising another four. There are four big gates in the castle, at a ninety degrees angle to eachother, pointing to North, East, South, and West. Each of these is made of the strongest wood that was around, and they are locked with sturdy iron rods as locks.

It is possible to walk on the roof of the lower part of the castle, and there is a small and narrow wall around the edge to prevent people falling off, or as protection against enemy arrows. The Tower has an excellent sight over the entire city and the adjacant area, meaning great dangers can be seen from far away.

Almost all citizens could shelter inside the Tower, and the storage could at best feed them for three and a half months(At best meaning: "Don't count on it.") In peace-time the royal family lives on the upper two floors of the higher central Tower - which was the original building before it was expanded - and the rest is open to everyone who wants to go there, although that aren't many persons.

The Elemental 'City'

This is the main village in which The Tower stands. The village itself is build in a circle around the castle. Around this is a pallisade wall with wooden gates. From North and South are two roads, each running to simple bridges over the rivers the city lies between. People mostly live close to the edges of the city, trying to be as close as possible to the element they rever, whichever one that might be. This leaves a ring of open space between the actual castle and the buildings. In this ring the animals of the village are kept, keeping them relatively safe and stopping them from running away.

All kinds of crafts are practiced inside the Pallisade, although each sector seems to be dominated by the followers of a specific element. Fire followers are usually soldiers, the followers of Earth are usually the craftsmen, farmers are in general followers of Water, and Wind followers fill in the other roles. The crop fields are to the west of the city, where the Water element should help with a good yield of the land.

Location: The most Southern Castle, directly below the mountains/hills, at the lowest splitting of the river. Map (

The Royal Family

At the moment there are six members of the Royal family alive. The Count and Countess of the castle, Rotan's old father, and their three children. Count Rotan is currently 28, with his Countess Erila being 22. Rotan is a descendant of Earth and Fire, meaning he is a capable combatant, while Erila is a descendant of Water and Wind, meaning she's a lot more peaceful etc.

Rotan's father is a relatively old man, aged 45. He was a skilled craftsman in the past, but after an accident which involved a heavy beam landing on his head, he has become a bit 'unstable' and usually locks himself in the highest room of the tower to tinker with all sorts of weird contraptions, almost all of which are doing nothing useful.

Rotan and Erila have three children, Korin(M, 17), Rina(F, 14), and Alte(M,9) Korin and Rina are growing up to become the next Count and Countess, but Alte is at this moment too young to be of any significance to the story.


-Royal Family (6)
-Population (647)
-Peasants (501)

-55 Dogs (30 Trained)
-35 Horses
-37 Sheep
-41 Cows
-17/32 Pigs (Depending on how many we want to eat each year.)

(All Approximately as I suspect maths aren't that developed here...)

-Soldiers(Male, Fire) (146)
-Max. Draftable(Fire + Earth) (+250)
-45(145) Archers (Longbows, Burning Arrows, Knives, Leather Armour)
-60(200) Militia (Variety of Polearm Weapons, Wooden Shields, Studded Armour)
-30 Knights (Mace/Sword, Iron Shields, Ringmail Armour, Horses)
-10(20) Man "Greekfire" Unit(Greekfire, Studded Armour, Wooden Shields, Knives)