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Marijuana sales opening

21-02-2006, 04:51
Today the Head Governer of Hippycomunistrastaland, Dr. Mustafa Flower-Sparkle III sent out bundles of posters and flyers to many nations, each bundle contained a short typed note which read.

"Duuudes, buy some!"

The posters and flyers advertise that Hippycomunistrastaland is launching a worldwide sales offensive marketing marijuana.
21-02-2006, 05:49
Prince William shook his head at the flyer that Minister of the Interior George Carroll had placed on his desk. The flyer was a tie-die swirl of colors circling around a marijuana leaf. The only message upon it were the words "Duuudes, buy some!"

The Prince raised an eyebrow in bemusement. "And you say that a nation is attempting to sell their weed to the nations of the world?"

"Yes, your majesty," replied Minister Carroll, "they call themselves Hippycomunistrastaland."

The Prince let out a short laugh. "Sounds like a mouthful."

"Indeed, your majesty. I had to repeat it to myself a few times to get it right."

The Prince grinned. "And who is the leader of this 'totally rad' nation?"

"He goes by the name Dr. Mustafa Flower-Sparkle the Third."

For a moment there was silence in the office. Then the Prince and the Minister burst out laughing.

"Oh god, ahahaha!!" laughed the Prince. "Mustafa..."


"the THIRD!" the Prince finished as the two began to crack up again. For the next few minutes they laughed.

Finally they calmed down. Then things got serious.

"This guy is crazy." said Prince William.

"I agree." said Carroll. "This is only going to backfire on them. There are laws against drug trafficking, and they're breaking them.

"Indeed." agreed the Prince. "By the way Carroll, how is the hemp research going?"

"Very well your majesty. The crops are beginning to grow. We're picking out new locations to plant. And since we took over Machinist, efforts are under way to turn the place into farmland for hemp production. It won't take long before the Principality has enough of the crop to go through with our innovations. Before long, people will be writing on hemp paper, wearing hemp clothes, and putting hempseed oil in their cars!"

The Prince grinned. "There will be a great deal of innovation because of this, I know it!"

"Yes my lord! And as you commanded, we will keep things within the boundaries of the law."

The Prince's face grew serious. "No smoking, right?"

"Y-yes your majesty."

"Good!" the Prince's face became happy again. He tossed the flyer into the wastepaper basket. "Now, what's next on today's agenda?"