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Armageddon Exported.

The Freethinkers
20-02-2006, 19:48
OOC: Well...

Official Communique of the Freethinker Government

Taking the line of the neo-realist school of international relations and emersing ourselves in the books of Waltz et al, we are plased to announce in our bid to end conflict world wide, that we are extremely happy to announce that we will supply, free of charge, the plans to basic ICBM and nuclear weapon technology to any country who desires it!

Why, may you ask, are we doing this insane plan?

Well, quite simply, think about how everyone says crime will go down if everyone has guns? Yes? Cos of detterence! If you have nukes, no ones gonna attack you! No ones gonna dare! National government, guerrilla groups, anti-Freethinker terrorists, why, we're happy to give you whatever you want (within reason mind). After all, everyone's safe when we all have a gun :D

Posts your requests and we shall see what we can do.

Fulla Bull
Minister for Arms Manufacturing
20-02-2006, 20:15
Otagia would be quite interested in any high-grade biochemical delivery systems you have available.

OOC: Mostly because I have no idea how to design the things myself...