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Durnin Castle (Closed, Feudal RP)

20-02-2006, 17:47
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Durnin Castle is a reletively new castle in the year 800, having been built only 30 years prior by it first lord, Cadman. His son Alric De Durnin has just recently became its lord. He is 33 years old and he thinks of himself to be just and fair, but he is naive and idealistic at times. He currently has four children, his son Drew, 10, his illigitimate son Gifre, 9, and his daughters, Audrey, 12, and Cate, 8. Alric's wife Darel, 31, is pregnant with her fourth child. Gifre lives in the manor, much to the dismay of Darel.

Durnin is a motte and bailey style castle, with the manor at the top of a small, manmade rise in the center, which is protected by a simple wooden palicade. It is protected by about 60 veteran soldeirs who had served under Cadman. The nearby village is home to about 120 tradesmen and 100 peasants, with anouther 200 peasants scattered about the country-side in smaller comunities.

The countryside around the castle is mostly flatland, but a substantial portion of Alric's land (25%) is a dense forest in the northern part of his relm. A small river runs through the woods.

(I'll be adding more later. I am open to any sugestions.)