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The Islamic Arab Nations Wish to obtain wepons

Islamic Arab Nations
20-02-2006, 17:28
Current Army stats:
Army 257,000 Men:
Light Infantry wepons:Regulars
300,000 YQ-2004 Assualt Rifles
RPG Infantry:regulars
52,000 SIG X-five
20-02-2006, 17:35
And I want a pony and a plastic rocket.
The Scandinvans
20-02-2006, 17:47
We are willing to supply you with the YQ-2004 assault rifle. The rifle is a high performance rifle that is durable, powerful, can switch between full auto, burst fire, and semi auto. Its 86 cm long and is fitted with a scope, bayonet mount, grenade launcher, and can be deconstructed into nine simple to put together pieces. Its firing rate is two hundred and fifty round a minute. The caliber is 11.2.

We are willing to supply you with three hundred thousand a year at no cost. Yet in turn for supplying you our weapons you must agree not to enter any wars save in your own defense.
Islamic Arab Nations
20-02-2006, 17:49
We will agree if you throw in 5000 pistols for are officers and 50000 rpg for hevey infantry
The Scandinvans
20-02-2006, 17:55
We will supply you with 52,000 SIG X-Five's then.
20-02-2006, 17:56
Pale Rider Arms would be happy to supply your nation with our M22 line ( of high velocity assault rifles. Both variants are of excellent quality, and fire the PRA 6mm x 45mm high velocity caseless round. The M22A2 starts at 2500 USD, while the M22A4 carbine starts at 2600. Both are compatible with the PRA Smartgun system (, which we heartily reccommend.
20-02-2006, 19:08
We have our new multi role assault rifle. But if they don't know how to use the guns it is pretty pointless for them to have them.

We will send advisors as part of the deal.

we will send bactches of 25,000

we recommend 275000 of our IAR-1's '

each batch comes at a price of 250 Million

and if you take the whole production batch it will be 2.75 Billion.

We also reccomend our body armour with batches of 25,000 for 100 Million

for a combine total of 1.1 Billion for 275,000 Units.

For a total Pricing for amour and main assault rifle at 3.85 Billion.

2 billion rounds 12mm rounds at 1 Billion

Spares and other required equipment is provided as part of the package for a total of suggested for a 10 year contract, with 10 year train perioid with 2750 advisors.
We will provide training in these systems as well, for a grand total of 5 Billion