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.. a dark portal would open..

The Fedral Union
20-02-2006, 04:30
June first ..... far above a world a medium sized grey ship floated above, its Rough grey hull gleaming with the light of the reddish star, The spear like shape of the medium sized ship was emphasized with the light of the planets atmosphere. On board were 2 individuals, a young man about 18 - 22, and an older man around 35 - 40... they were both new transfers from the geo labs on Terran prime, the planet the ship had just went in to orbit of was... a rather strange place , it was so far from it star it almost received no visible light.

the ship slowly began to descend in to the yellow black air, below the air was thick with ash and smoke, the world was pitch black , brown and grey and black were the only colors the planet had, the ship made its way towards a small out post, 4 spires of grey, were well lighten, a cylindrical shaped building was in the center of a small complex it was walled with force fields, the ship hovered over the complex its engines swooshing as it slowly descended in to a small open pad, the ships landing gear oping up with a mechanical sound, and a swoosh as it landed, the ceiling then closed, lights shined upon the ship, as the figures disembarked.

Greetings an old shaky voice called out as a rather old grey haired wrinkled man stepped in to the light. the middle aged man grinned and took the hand with a firm shake, "a pleasure to meet you, im doctor Ross child, this is my understudy mark,lamprey..."

the younger boy nodded with a response " nice to meet you" the old man grinned back with a rather cold shaky voice "welcome to... hell.." he chuckled with an evil hint.

the two raised there eyebrows, but shrugged it off, the old man lead them in to the main complex, it was ill lit, dim lights shined on metallic brown floors and the grey dull walls, the two walked along flowing closely a tour was given in a timely fashion.

Ross man didn't know what to think, this isn't exactly what he had in mind when he filed a transfer from geo labs. he was rather spooked by the whole notion of the welcome to hell greeting, and with the coupled grim and ill lit image of the place...

the younger mans thoughts were more focused on the excitement of the labs, he wasn't mature enough to realize what was going on, he didn't even care that this whole complex was one suspicious place.

The 2 finally parted at an ill lit junction , both going in opposite directions down poorly lit dark corridors.

(next chapter will be the unleash )