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Revolution & Reorganisation (MT)

19-02-2006, 22:08

Official Proclamation of the Takmenistani Republic


The People of the Takmenistani Republic, once bound by the shackles of a corrupt and weak democracy unable and unwilling to take a stand on the issues that plague our nation every day, has placed in the hands of our glorious armed forces the duty to resolve our horrendous democratic weaknesses and corrupt officials and install a regime capable of acting upon the needs and the wills of the population, when and where such action is required.

Rejoice today, for a truly democratic regime has been installed in the Takmenistani Republic - a regime that truly represents the needs and the will of the population, a regime that will act upon this will and these needs where a weak, democratic government would be afraid of acting. A regime of the people.

Taking the country with little opposition, our glorious armed forces are now installed and are enforcing a curfew for the public good until further notice, so as to route out those traitors loyal to the former regime. For further information, please remain listening to your televisions and radios, where further news will be given as it develops.

Even now, the Regime is moving to defend the people of the Takmenistani Republic as it seeks out the corrupt traitors of the former government in a bid to bring them to trial in a People's Court. Over two-thirds of the so-called Senate that once governed this nation with relatively no accountability to the population has been found and detained in one of several classified locations. The hunt for President Karmichael still continues, but it is only a matter of time before we bring this Overlord of Corruption to trial against the people.

Rejoice, Fellow Takmenistanis! Rejoice for we are free!

Field Marshall Alexander Taylor
Chairman of the Takmenistani Junta
President of the Takmenistani Republic
Sniper Country
19-02-2006, 22:23
[How was the former president corrupt? I'd like to make a post, but I'd need a tad of background information.]
19-02-2006, 22:33
[How was the former president corrupt? I'd like to make a post, but I'd need a tad of background information.]

OOC: Well, he wasn't really - it's just propaganda from the new military junta to justify its coup against a government that dissatisfied it in some way. However, as shown in your post, other people do not neccesarily know that. The military will probably come up with some mickey-mouse charge when they catch him, most probably treason or something like that.
Sniper Country
19-02-2006, 22:45
Senator Steven Bennet, the acting Senate Speaker while John Philips was traveling to Automagfreek for a conference with Damien Dreadfire, watched intently as the news of Takmenistan's new regime came across the wire. Almost immediately, he got on his phone, and rang the local assistant.

"Yeah, this is Senator Bennet. Hey I need a patch through to Takmenistan. Yeah. T-A-K-M-I-N-... yeah. Right. Thanks," he said as the assistant patched him through to the Takmenistani officials on the other side. As the phone began to ring, Bennet thought to himself.

Military takeovers are never nice, especially when dissolving an entire governing body. They've got to be in a wreck over there. But that's the way propoganda rolls... he thought, waiting on the line to answer.
19-02-2006, 23:07
Takmenistan City

The country was almost completely subdued without confrontation. The key to the success had been the almost total secession of the armed forces in following their Commanders rather than their elected leaders, trusting their Officers more to look after their interests than the distant politicians. The only areas that had resulted in open conflict were some rural areas of Takmenistan where survivialists had taken it upon themselves to declare individual freedom, and the loyalist Presidential Guards around the Takmenistani Presidential Palace. This had been subdued quickly, and the new military Junta had been easily installed in the Capital.

Field Marshall Alexander Taylor walked through the large double doors into the President's Office, nodding to the two guards on the door whom shouldered their weapons and saluted as he passed. The President's Office was a large room with massive wall-length windows along the wall opposite the double doors. A large desk used by the President was in one corner of the room, whilst the majority of the floorspace was taken up by the Cabinet Desk, where the former Ministers had sat until today, and the Junta would sit from now on.

Waiting for Field Marshall Taylor was General Donald MacIntyre, the man appointed Vice-President of the Republic and Deputy Chairman of the new Junta. He saluted his superior formerly. "Field Marshall."

Taylor stood opposite him and responded in kind. "General"

The two men then smiled, relaxing their stances and firmly shaking eachother's hands. "Congratultions Sir," MacIntyre said, grinning.

The Field Marshall grinned back. "Thankyou, Donald." He then walked across the to the President's Desk, which had several files still spread across them warning of a possible military action. Taylor smiled at the irony of the former President's notes at the bottom of the file, which said, 'Not Immediately Important'. Taylor took his seat at the desk. "How goes the curfew?"

MacIntyre handed over a brief report. "All successful sir, we have had no problems yet with regards to any civilian reprisals."

Taylor nodded, taking the report and reading it. "What about rounding up the remaining former politicians?"

Donald leant against the desk. "We are indeed getting closer to finding them all - we discovered three more Senators in hiding in the last two hours, with less than fifty more to find."

"What about the President?" Taylor asked.

Donald hesitated. "Nothing as of yet, although we have some ideas that they're may be some small groups of loyalists hiding the President somewhere."

The Field Marshall nodded. He was about to speak when a red telephone on the desk rang. Taylor looked at Donald momentarily, and then picked up the reciever. "Hello?"

A Conscript working the switchboard answered. "Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt you, but we have a diplomatic call from a Senator from a nation called Sniper Country."

Taylor hesitated, considering whether to get into international relations so soon. "Put him through," the man eventually said. He then waited for the switchboard to connect them.