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The Loyalist Chronicle

Norris Land
19-02-2006, 04:32
The Loyalist Chronicle
By: Norris Land
Issue #1
The border of Ghazaa’Saenai and Nuekallaya saw intense fighting this past week as the Nuekallayan military met the forces of the Salvation Army. The thunderous sounds of artillery and explosions could be heard in cities miles away, prompting panic and evacuations in some areas. Described by some as a “slaughter of both forces”, Nuekallayan forces have re-grouped and increased air support in the area.
The nations of Oxdrivaren and Gilead Zion have pledged their support for Nuekallaya in the invasion. This invasion is the result of an assassination attempt on Cyrus Zathuri, leaving him in a coma in the 1st Zoroastrian Hospital. The would-be assassins are believed to have been working for the Holy Republic of Gilead Zion, a former power that is only the remnants of what has become the People’s Republic of Gilead Zion.
Attacks have been reported on Nuekallayan Navy vessels, confirmed to be the work of the Puerto Royalean submarines. In response, the PRGZ Coast Guard has been dispatched to the area. The Nuekallayan ships have been confirmed to be in port, for repairs, however, some of the navy’s ships were lost in the engagement. The death toll is expected to rise, with Puerto Royalean vessels in the area. Also in response to the invasion of Ghazaa’Saenai, Chomsky-Tolstoyian forces have been reported mobilizing. More on this troubling story as it develops.

Part of the Norrisian fleet sails on towards the Holy Republic of Gilead Zion.

After intense debate in the House of Committees and among the President and Prime Minister, Norris Land has voted to go to war. Supporters argued that by not assisting their allied states, they were assisting in the deaths of their people. Many press releases across the nation criticized Puerto Royale’s ruthless attacks on Nuekallayan and allied vessels, calling them nothing more than “pirates”. Norris Land President James McUrick has boldly stated that their country will not tolerate terrorists or nations that support terrorism. Opposition of the war was quickly shut down for lack of support, stating that there was no immediate danger to Norris Land’s safety and therefore no reason was present to declare war. Despite the arguments, war was declared on the nation of Puerto Royale, and the Norris Land navy has been mobilized and currently searching the Puerto Royalean ships that attacked the Nuekallayan fleet just a few weeks ago. Recent developments in the war have led to the Zertunian invasion of a neighboring atoll recently annexed by Puerto Royale, and SlidingAlbion has declared that they will defend Puerto Royale against the invasion. No response from the allied nations has been seen thus far concerning this new turn of events.
--Northwestern Trade Agreement Set
--New currency adopted, new members apply
The NTWA has finally be established fully, and has officially adopted the “Rigino” as the currency for all member nations. The founding members have now moved onto another debate: the entry of Nuekallaya. All members have voted in favor of Nuekallaya’s admission into the agreement, except for Oxdrivaren. The Oxdrivaren government points out Nuekallaya’s military history, calling them a “militarist” nation. The single no vote of Oxdrivaren is holding Nuekallaya’s entry from being complete, as said in the veto rule of the agreement. The founding members are somewhat split on the issue, now that Oxdrivaren has spoken out about their discontent with Nuekallaya’s military history.

A nation in a high position of the military in The Honor Guard has been ejected and banned from the region for treason. Their past grievances and information given to nations within the Honor Guard was grounds enough for fear of treason. With more information from an anonymous informant, the military and President of the Honor Guard were able to piece together enough proof to question the nations actions and goals for their position as shogun. Unanimous support has been given by the nations of The Honor Guard and has sparked debates over a need for higher security in the region.

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