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E20 Japanese Thread

18-02-2006, 15:58
Republic of Japan

Government: Parliamentary Democracy
Political Parties and their power:
Progressive (49%)
Greens (7%)
Nationalist (40%)
Imperialist (4%)

Population: 75 million
Military: none
Economy: 35 Points
Tokyo: 5
Nagoya: 5
Kyoto: 5
Osaka: 5
Hiroshima: 5
Fukokoa: 5
Niigutu: 5

Rebuild: 12 pts.
to China: 5 pts.
U.S: 2
Australia: 1
Social Safety Net: 15 pts.

The Japanese government is open to any diplomatic negotiations/relations with nations, particularly in Asia
18-02-2006, 17:02
Communique to the government of Japan

We in the USEA feel that it is time to forgive our neighbours for their past mistakes and extend diplomatic relations once more to the Empire of Japan. We hope that one day the terrible events of this century can be forgotten.

Also as a founding member of the Seoul Conference Treaty Indochina extends Japan an invitation into this Military and Economic alliance.


Prime Minister,
Vinh Binh Tuan

Link to the SCT thread: Linky (
Welcome to E20.
19-02-2006, 03:26
The Japanese government will gladly accept this invitation, as it has no military, but will contribute with a naval force when it can
20-02-2006, 23:57
Japanese Prime Minister gives speech on SCT

The Japanese Prime minister issued a sppech today announcing his hope that the SCT would allow Japan to enter. A clip of his speech is as follows:
and so in order to create a stable continent, the SCT must allow Japan to enter. This move will have incorporated all major Asian nations that want to enter admission into this treaty. Japan cannot hope to threaten any nation, it has no military, and its economy is badly damaged. We must move forward into the future and ensure peace and stability in Asia...

OOC: basically he's staking his career on Japan's entry, kind of like the Turkish prime minister in real life
21-02-2006, 03:03
Japanese Mid-Term elections

The mid term elections saw a lot of upset wins by new parties. The Unity and Justice party gained a large amount of power at the expense of other groups, the Greens grew, and the Imperialists disappeared

Unity and Justice: 27%
Progressives: 33%
Nationalist: 25%
Green: 10%
Isolationist (because of the SCT acceptance): 5%
05-04-2006, 11:43
March 24 1953

The Asian Space Programme's first launch was a certified succes as the Gio Dong module contaning various Hi tech electronic sensors was launched from the Asian Space Agency's launch facility at Hat Yai in Thailand via a Korean Sejong IRBM.

The launch went off without a hitch and the module, which contained a radio transmitter and reciever and several sensors for studying conditions in near earth orbit, achived sub orbital altitudes over mianland China before and landing in the middle of the sea of Japan.

Whilst in flight communication between the module and a series of purpose built ASA tacking stations, built in member countries, was achieved.

The next launch is scheduled for April 3