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A Small Dispute ((closed))

15-02-2006, 07:29
Planet: Anumun
Location: Shuttle Craft “Titrus”
Time: Mid Morning

The Craft skimmed across the ground, its shape that of a crescent moon. The craft was a shuttlecraft, used to ferry diplomats to the various locations that where needed among the higher Levels of the Empire. As the craft shot across the ground, Inside sat the Diplomat, the Imperial Governor of one of the newly colonized Anumun. His rank was Equal to an Immortal. He looked to his left and right, seeing the immobile form of the Pariahs, the warriors causing him no fear, for he held on his person a Nullifier, which he was thankful for, as he had been in their presence without one before, and he had no wish to do so again.

“We Are approaching the City now Governor.” He heard the shuttle say, and gasped as the floor below him allowed him to see through. He looked at the city with a small tad of interest, it was tiny, his own Colony...he could see in the middle the Fortress, and he knew that inside would be the Gate that allowed for faster transport of ground equitment.

His craft went skimming, over the base, and began to approach the landing pad, as the craft took care of the Necessities of Landing.
15-02-2006, 07:47
Stupid pirates.

It wasn't the most eventful campaign, but important none-the-less. The Emperor Constans had assigned the Predator, an Imperial Class Battle Cruiser to the task of hunting down some of the bolder pirates that ventured into Taledonian territory more than usual. The recent redeployement orders that moved most of the fleets away from the western half of the Empire had made it a prime target for the scum, thus why a vastly superior ship was sent to a job un-fitted for it, a quick strike to take them out and spred fear into the others. Could work.

The ship emerged in a blast of light. It was an uncharted area of space, but was suspected to be a pirate world considering its close proximity to the Empire and the recent amount of activity lately. Intelligence had all its best agents working on the new Seperatist forces, meaning all the second level ones were left for other duties, but all the same....Could be right.

But everything would be clear in less than three hours, when the ship would land, and the deadly legions of the great Republic would sweep the world, enslaving many of the villinous scum that would pay for their crimes. That is, if the reports on their numbers and location were right. Could be true...
15-02-2006, 08:06
In space above the planet, there was no fleet, only a single Heavy Lifter, no space ships had been deployed, for the colony did not warrent the attention of a battle-craft. With so few within the Necrontyr, it was not considered safe to deploy a battle craft on a world in first stage Development. In the Transport, Several Thousand Necrons stood, not yet awoken to do the bidding of the Govoner Below. Unlike ships, Necrons could spare several thousand of their kind for ground defence.

The Predator had been detected the moment it had arrived in system, and even now activity within the Colony. The Governor had already prepared a message.


This System is under Necrontyr control, we are requesting why you are invading out Space. We Request you leave, or explain your reasons for being here.

Governor Arinra.

Yet already, the Colony was reading for the possible event of battle. The Necrons had been deployed, readied, for any possible landings. Hopefully, it would not resort to that however.
16-02-2006, 04:18
The ship had been prepared for a fight, a rough struggle to the surface, or even an empty planet, but not a diplomatic transmission. It caught them off guard, but didn't leave them unable to respond.

This planet is within Taledonia's influence, therefore will be subject to our laws and colonisation, regardless of who you are or if you got here first. We will be landing shortly, and an inspection of the current colony of the planet will be conducted.


It was peculiar. A foreign peoples, just colonising a useless planet. None-the-less it was close enough to the Empire to pose a threat, and no clue as to their intentions was known. It would have to be played by the book, meaning a full inspection and the installement of a Taledonian governor to ensure the control over the populus. So much for a small pirate hunt.

The Predator moved closer and closer to the planet, noting the foreign ship in orbit, but took no concern by it, as it was clearly in no position to pose a threat to the great battle ship, so they took no further notice of the craft and continued into the atmosphere of the planet. The instruments among the bridge began to buzz and sing as the scans were being conducted of the terrain, afterall it's not as if they would have a dock large enough for the ship yet and you couldn't set her down just anywhere, a suitable spot would have to be found.
16-02-2006, 06:30
Excuse me? What do you think you are doing? This is Our Soverign Space! You have no right to be in here without our is such I am hereby using my Authority to call you an Enemy of the Necrontyr, come on, try and take us.

Instantly the city burst to life, as civilians where huddled into the Fortress. Around the City, the Ship from above began to cut into the ground, forcing the enemy to cross the one plain. One massive barren plain, which the enemy would have to cross.

And what would oppose them? Faithful Necrontyr warriors, who with stunning speed for normal, dug themselves into the ground, ready to ambush the enemy that would arrive. The Entire area, was readied, Monoliths hiding under great piles of sand, for all intents and perpouses hidden.

And on the other side of the feild, more of the Necrontyr Readied to begin the forward march. Once they where given an enemy, they would march forward, a unnerving sight, for an enemy who didn't die apporoching you was never a good thing.
16-02-2006, 06:41
The ship landed in what looked like a barren desert, with a few sand hills and dunes, and an entrenched army sitting before the city. They landed quite a ways away, well out of sight of the enemy forces and out a days marching distance. Now it was time for something Taledonians were famous for, mass deployement.

Hangers opened, and the troop transports sped out, soaring high above in the sky, out of the eyes of any on the ground, and ready to swoop in and deliver their cargo, deadly shocktroopers. Following closely with all speed were the armored devisions, leathal battle tanks, and the towering mechs that possessed great power. They would arrive soon, and the world would be taken in the name of the Empire.
17-02-2006, 04:33
The last few rays of sunlight fell over the red rock of the far off mountains, and the planet was shrouded in darkness, only to be suddenly re-lit by the blasters of the troop transports. They came down hard and fast, both turrets and shocktroopers inside blasting away at anything that moved. Surely the enemy would begin retaliatory fire soon, so they had to get down on the ground fast.

They came in low, some even scraping the ground as they skidded to a hault in the air, the men inside pausing from their firing and hopping out of the craft, only to re-commence with a barrage of blaster fire which sent rays of red sprawling everywhere across the darkness. Hundreds of these craft came, landing thousands of troops, six thousand to be exact. All of them digging in behind sand banks and other obstacles that could afford cover, or simply going down onto one knee and continuing their blind fire into the darkness.

They switched on the night-vision within their battle helms, giving them the ability to see their foe, and enabling them to take more accurate shots. And as if the sudden arrival of the shock troopers wasn't enough, from above a high hill came the battle tanks, their great cannons letting loose huge blasts of energy that created craters in the ground where they struck, and set men and sand alike flying. The mechs were slower, but would arrive soon, perhaps too late to join in the battle, but perhaps these defenders had some fight in them. Perhaps.
18-02-2006, 02:00
Green ripped across the field, as Gauss Flayer, Gauss Blaster and Heavy Gauss Blaster let loose a hail storm of fire. The Necrons began to advance, the time of day having no meaning to them. They advanced, laying forth their weapons before continuing. Warriors fell, but they where for the most part inclined to rise again, only those hit by the heaviest weapons did not self repair. The Metal Undead continued to march forward, their faces impassive to those who stood before them.

But this was not all. Moving above the battlefield the great Monoliths began to move. Lighting Arcs let loose hell on the enemy, their shots tearing apart anything that got in their way. These moved against the Tanks, with Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers Escorting them. Gauss fire ripped across the battle field, with deadly effect, when the Gauss Flayer had the ability to damage tanks, the Heavy blaster could render one compleatly usless.

Several Monoliths moved towards the infantry, their bodies slowly decending, soon they would reach the Taledoinain Ranks, and let loose even more units.
18-02-2006, 07:03
The brave Taledonians ran across the field, blasters firing rapidly into the oncoming enemy, and then a clash. The two forces intertwined, and the shocktroopers activated their energy swords. The blue blades sliced through the metal opponents, cleaving off heads, weapons, bodies in all.

The cohort commanders, centurions and all others of importance were made out by the coloured horsehair crests that adorned the tops of their helms, and because they wielded double blades, which they twirled and swung in deadly arcs and twists to dispell the enemy. Blaster fire continued, and true retribution was being brought upon those that resisted.

Aineus, a cohort commander, thrust himself into the fray of battle, swinging his blade around to catch one of the necrons, and turning his blaster to fire into the chest of another. And Diocletian of the loud war-cry, whose great frame harboured godly strenght, struck at the foe at the fore, and Centurion Orion threw his broken rifle to the ground, and drew his plasma pistol to empty the burning blue hell into one who came too close. And it was Horus of the wise coucil that lept into the fray and heat of battle, and swung his deadly blades in mighty arcs around him, creating a barrier that destroyed any who came within reach, and Marcus of the planet Faith thrust the butt of his rifle into one of the metal beasts then quickly recovered and unleashed a deadly barrage into it. And all around, the pennats of the legion, the Empire and the Republic fluttered magnificently in the dry breeze, and the golden eagles perched atop some soared through the air in swirls as the bearers struggled to hold their ground against the onslought.
18-02-2006, 07:29
As the Taledonians entered combat, their energy swords began to work. As they shot the Great Metal warriors, they rose again, or phased out of their very existance, to be repaired within the fortress. Those warriors that where incapitated by the blades, loss of Torso phased out, however, those that lost arms usually managed to be back together, or continue on. Gauss Flayers where let loose in close range, and the Blades on the Edge of their rifles where swung like axes.

And then the Monoliths touched down. From them, out rushed flayed ones, who's deadly claws began their work. Flesh and skin hung from their bodies, and once they found their enemies, their claws began to work, skinning the entire body within an amazingly short time. In the time it took the enemies around to react, the skin was off the man and on the warrior. And this was not all, from the Portal the Wraiths emerged, injecting poision, slicing apart, shocking, burning. The Wraiths let loose horrors no human enemy ever would on the enemy troops.

Such pain for the Taledonians, brave though they where, was inspired in the Form of the Lord however. He marched across the battlefield, his Staff of Light cutting through armour as if it where not there, and with a calculation, he deployed a group of Pariahs, the great 8 foot tall warriors appering on the battlefield to wreck havock. Any of the Taledonians would feel fear just to look on these creatures, terror unknown, would make warriors run, to beg for mercy, none would save them. The Warriors where impassive, regarding the enemy with their white Metal faces, cutting apart anything that stood before them.
18-02-2006, 07:47
Great swarms of shocktroopers were destroyed by the newly deployed forces of the droids, but the brave Taledonians continued to push into the fray, slicind and hacking wildly with their blades and firing frantically with their rifles and pistols. And then reinforcements arrived.

Like the plague they spread across the land, and the ground tremled under their enourmous weight. The raptors were the first to join battle. The agile beasts that when standing straight up were as tall as three stories, but usually were slouched. Their massive claws powered up and glowing red, along with their eyes. They flipped into the middle of the necron forces, crushing many underfoot, and with great twirls knocked many more away, or obliterated them with the claws. Mighty roars emerged from the jaws of the beasts, and their glowing teeth were shown momentarily before the shoulder hatches opened and horders of missiles were released, flying in all directions at large concentrations of enemy soldiers, and the massive arms were raised into the air, and energy mines released to cath those machines who had the ability of flight.

And as if shot by Talean's own mighty hands, great beams of light flew towards the back ranks of the necrons, creating craters the size the planet had never yet seen, and leaving a trail of black ash behind. These were the energy cannons wielded by the Commando mechs, in equal height and greater weight to the raptors, and who also let loose salvos of missiles from their shoulders, and who lifted their left hands and released round after round of automatic fire from their massive blasters. They stromed into the fray, knocking aside any who was unlucky enough to be caught in the path, friend and foe alike. With speed and accuracy reserved only for the best functioning machines, they released their fire on those that flew, and the deadly cannons on those unholy machines that upon being released struck fear into the hearts of many.

And the armoured devisions, weakened down to only twenty odd battle tanks, drove inceasently into the battle, trying to make it more difficult for their tormentors to make clear shots at them, while their own blasters fired at the troops around them who were not crushed under them, and whos cannons still fruitlessly fired into the airs to attempt to aid the mechs in destroying the pesky flies.
18-02-2006, 09:32
As the Lord cut his path through the enemy, he saw the Raptors. He mentally signaled the other lord of this force, the one mounted on the destroyer body, to begin his operations. The Pariahs ran forward, War Scythes flashing. They began to climb onto the Raptors, War Scythes slicing into the leg armour of the machines, while Destroyers left the tanks to take care of this new threat, Gauss fire began to cover them, as Monolith rear Cannons ((Which held just as much power as the forward ones)) let loose their horrible green fire upon the machines. But below, the Necrons continued without caring.

And this was not all, from behind the Taledonian force, behind their furthest extended forces baring the ship, The Metal Warriors rose silently. No one would notice the advance elements of this force, but the later elements would be quite noticable. From behind, a storm of Scarabs launched forwards, blocking out the sky, the little mechanical machines biting into the back ranks. Following, more Wraiths, more Flayed ones hit the back ranks, both of them hidden to allow the back ranks to think themselves. Screams came from the back ranks. More Destroyers began to swarm around the Armour, as those they drove over either phased out or reformed. For the time, the Necrons had suffered less combat casualities, however, they had started with only half the opposing forces. For the moment...the tatical considerations where studying, they still had troops to spare...but if nessersary they could do a large scale phase out, withdrawing back to the Keep...but at the moment that idea was not ready.
19-02-2006, 19:21
The shocktroopers took the distraction of the droids as a chance to regroup. They sliced their way out of the fray and formed a solid wall, and even tho many of them fell, their comrades in the back rows came in to replace them and put up another barrage of blaster fire. The mechs followed suit. They moved to a position directly infront of their friends on the ground, and dug in. Heavy weapons were released upon the enemy, energy cannons carved create craters in the ground, making a large hole the enemy would have to cross to engage; and hundreds of missiles flew at concentrated groups of the robot warriors.

Blasters had proven inefficient thus far, so the men switched their energy cores to their more powerful counterparts, while the missile troops fired, reloaded, and fired again, adding to the barrage of the mechs who stood tall. A few of the raptors had cuts and chunks missing from the legs, but the droids that tormented them were shot off by the shocktroopers, and they fell noisily to the ground. It was now a full on bombardment, and the area between the two forces was covered in weapon fire, it would be a miracle if anything could get through.