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Star Forge Cyberware & Genetic Enhancements Hospital version 2.0

14-02-2006, 00:06
Star Forge Cyberware and Genetic Enhancement Hospital version 2.0

After the unsuccessfull first version the Star Forge Cyberware and Genectic Enhancement Hospital has been remade. As an add on to the new version, people may create their own character for Rp purposes, or as a clone template to base your army.

Rules and Regulations

1) Calculate your own purchase please! I have little time to spend, and I'm not a calculator(lol). I could find out what your military budget is, but that is about it. I'll know whether or not you have an Umpteen Trillion military budget. There will be honesty here. If you don't know your military budget, here is a suggested economy calculator: Economy Calculator (

2) "LOANS"
(continued from rule #1) However, if the items you wish to purchase are beyond your budget, there is no need to worry for the process is simple. You may take out "Loans."
I will have a list of nations for those who take out loans and how much they owe us. To pay off the loans, you could send a TG to either me, or Fal (depending on the product you bought. SW me, 40k Fal). You must make sure that if you do take out a "Loan" you must pay it off consistently to gain reliability. If we deem you trust worthy, your nation will be granted a "Shopping Spree" as a special reward. Failure to continue paying off loans will result in being banned. A nation may take out one loan at a time. Loans consist of up to the maximum price of a product in our store front, excluding packages unless you’re purchasing a package.

3) When purchasing products, you MUST put down the product costs. Failure to do so will result in a warning. There will be a 3 warning MAXIMUM. If this is repeated after the 3rd warning, then the nation will be banned without questions. We (me and Fal) simply don't have the time to double check the product's cost. Most computers (if not all) have a calculator. Most Window calculators are located under “Accessories” and Macintosh calculators (G4 and up) are located under “Applications” within Macintosh HD.
(I know this is unfair, but this helps with security and reliability)

4) Sales/discounts:
A person with a discount (you know who you are, lists are/will be provided)
may add it to the sale event. Essentially, on our 50% off weeks, you could save a maximum of 70% off of any items (suggested to be used on packages as it is they are very expencive).

5) We accept any CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions/comments about our store front. If you have any suggestions on to improve it, just simply post it down. If there is something you don't like (like, pricing or ship specifications) please post it up.

6) There will be no reproductions of our products unless purchased, or is considered to be primarily old ships/fighters (list will be provided).

7) Shopping Sprees
A shopping spree is given out to the nation which has spent over 100,000,000,000,000 Credits at our storefront(s) or to those who have remained honest.

8) We promise to not ban our costumers based on: Religious point of view, political point of view, government form, former confrontations (such as debating on a certain position and having either me or fal getting furious...) ect. The only reason why the nation has been banned would be that the nation has broken rules #3, #6 or delayed in #2.

Special Sales (you may use your discounts to help you get a higher % off any items, 70% maxiumum)

January: New Years Week Sale = 50% off
February: Presidents Week Sale = 30% off
March: St. Patrick's Week Sale = 10% off
April: Easter Week Sale = 40% off
May: Memorial Week Sale = 20% off
June: Summer Sale Event = 20% off all summer long
July: 4th of July week sale = 50% off
August: TBA
September: TBA
October: Halloween week sale = 10% off
November: Thanksgiving week sale = 30% off
December: Christmas two week sale = 50% off


Discount Cards: 15% off
Huntarian Embassy: ( 10% off
Aphotic Galaxy "Member" ( = 10% off
Ally = 20% off
G.E. Member ( = 15% off
Joint-Military Defense partners = 30%
14-02-2006, 00:12
Cyberware Enhancements
Here is where you purchase your Enhancements. There is an item cost for each Cyberware, and at an optional choice, you may have us do the surgery for you.

A table has been provided:

Surgery Cost
Very Easy 5,000 Credits
Easy 11,000 Credits
Moderate 20,000 Credits
Difficult 50,000 Credits
Very Difficult 70,000 Credits
Heroic 100,000 Credits


Night vision eyes
The night vision eyes features electronic light-amplification, allowing the user to see in anything but total darkness. Fog and smoke affect as normal.
Model: Electrobody 648/C night vision eyes
Type: Cyberware eyes
Surgery: Moderate
Difficulty noticing: Easy
Cost: 4,000 Credits

Parabolic Hearing Chip
The inside of the ear is removed and replaced with a advanced sound chip. The user can ”zoom in” on a particular distant sound or area, filtering out background noise.
Model: PH chip
Type: Cyberware hearing aid
Surgery: Moderate
Difficulty noticing: Difficult
Cost: 2500 Credits

Thermografic eyes
The user of thermografic eyes is able to see by sensing temperature differences between objects. When using the thermografic vision the user suffers no penalty for fog, smoke or darkness. However, thermografic vision is colour-blind, and objects of same temperature show no contrast, generally a ten degree difference in heat is needed to distinguish objects from their background. While using thermografic vision the user cannot see the normal visual spectrum, and switch counts as an action.

Model: Cydeal v.05 thermografic eyes
Type: Cyberware eyes
Surgery: Moderate
Difficulty noticing: Very easy
Cost: 4000 Credits

Zooming eyes
By using the zooming ability of these cyber eyes the user can have his eyes zoom in on objects of interest. The user may perform certain analytic and scientific tasks without instruments.

Model: Cybernology outcome zoom eyes
Type: Cyberware eyes
Surgery: Moderate
Difficulty noticing: Easy
Cost: 4500 Credits

Adrenaline increaser
An adrenaline increser is placed in the head of the patient to artificially increase the level of adrenaline, when the increaser is turned on. The result is more strength and better reflexes.

Model: Cybernology V2 Adrenaline increaser
Type: Headware
Surgery: Difficult
Difficulty noticing: Impossible
Cost: 2000 Credits

Balance enhancer
The balance enhancer is a piece of electronic balance equipment, operated into the brain and connected to the users balance nerve. The electronic balance will give the user near perfect balance, but if the device for some reason shuts down the user is left with no sense of balance at all.

Model: Electrobody 464/F Balance enhancer
Type: Headware
Surgery: Very difficult
Difficulty noticing: Impossible
Cost: 7500 Credits

Cable jack
A cable jack in the head allows the user to read from and operate datapads and pocket computers by thought. The user needs a cable to connect to the datapad or pocket computer.

Model: Cybernology V5 cable jack
Type: Cyberware cable jack
Surgery: Difficult
Difficulty noticing: Difficult
Cost: 2000 Credits

By installing a comlink in the head, connected to a speaker in the inner ear, the user is able to receive radio transmissions. The user can switch the comlink on and off, and change frequencies by thought. The comlink can only receive not transmit.

Model: Eylan 0111001 Comlink
Type: Cyberware comlink
Surgery: Difficult
Difficulty noticing: Impossible
Cost: 800 Credits

The ECS, or experience chip slot, is among the most advanced technology in the galaxy. The chip slot is used to hold ”experience” chips (EC) that gives the users brain access to lots of artificial ”memory” about a specific subject. With the ECS you can do and know things you never have learned. Because an experience chips ”memory imaging” encoding differs radically from actual memories or learned experiences the user may already have, the ECS must override the users own reflexes, experiences and memories, forcing the user to rely only on the ECS and EC.
Other Notes: Each experience chip holds information about one subject. When a Experience chip is put into the ECS, the user must use the chips encription code, when using the chip. The ECS can only hold one chip at a time to avoid brain damage.

Model: Catal/05 ECS
Type: Headware
Surgery: Very difficult
Difficulty noticing: Moderate
Cost: 17,000 Credits

Slave module
The slave module is a cruel invention, used by few slavers and corporations. All parts of the brain containing personality and memory, is removed to make room when the module is inserted into the users head. The user is left only with the brain parts controlling the body and the most basic instincts and reflexes.
When fittet inside the head, the module works like a simple droid “brain” using the “host” body to carrie out the commands of the modules owner.
Persons controlled by a slave module is sometimes refered to as cyberzombies, and is often used as guards, or labor workers. The use of slave modules is illigal in most systems.

Model: Catal/01 Slave module
Type: Cyber headware
Surgery: Very difficult
Difficulty noticing: Impossible
Cost: 2600 Credits

Cyber arm, simple
Replacement metal arm. Servo assisted hydraulics allow the carrying of heavier items. It also gives a small increase for the user's arm

Model: Electrobody 834/D Cyber arm
Type: Cyber limb
Surgery: Difficult
Difficulty noticing: Auto
Cost: 9000 Credits

Cyber arm, heavy
Extremely heavy cyberarm making the wearer a deadly opponent, even if unarmed.

Model: TokoTecnology Heavy cyber arm V3
Type: Cyber limb
Surgery: Difficult
Difficulty noticing: Auto
Cost: 13,000 Credits

Cyber leg
Advances in foam-metal technologies have produced this cybernetic limb system. Constructed of a lightweight plaststeel core, with iron outer coating. These artificial legs provide immediate improvement to the patients speed.

Model: Cyber legs
Type: Cyber limb
Surgery: Difficult
Difficulty noticing: Auto
Cost: 12,000 Credits

Cyber chest
A metal chest cage. All internal organs are shielded by metal casing. Acts like body armor or light armor. The Person's strenght is also increased.

Model: NoPainReg. Cyber chest No.6
Type: Cyberware
Surgery: Very difficult
Difficulty noticing: Moderate
Cost: 20,000 Credits

Cyber weapons
A cyber weapon is placed in the users body, often replacing an arm, and is connected by wires to the users brain. Many types and designs can be found throughout the galaxy, but generally any ranged or melee weapon can be found as cyber version.

Type: Cyber weapon
Surgery: Difficult
Difficulty noticing: Auto
Cost: Weapons price x2 (See Star Forge Infantry Store Front (

Heart regulator
Heart stimulator. Monitors and maintains the heart rate of the individual.

Model: Onelife 569 Heart regulator
Type: Cyberware
Surgery: Moderate
Difficulty noticing: Impossible
Cost: 1500 Credits

Genetic Enhancements
Here is where we can increase your height, strength, dexterity, speed ect.

Increased Speed:
x2 = 100,000 Credits
x3 = 400,000 Credits
x4 = 900,000 Credits
x5 = 1,500,000 Credits

Increased Strength:
x2 = 5,000,000 Credits
x3 = 11,000,000 Credits
x4 = 30,000,000 Credits
x5 = 70,000,000 Credits

Increased Height:
(depending on species's height, maximum increase of 7'0")
5'0" = 2,000,000 Credits
5'5" = 10,000,000 Credits
6'0" = 25,000,000 Credits
6'5" = 45,000,000 Credits
7'0" = 98,000,000 Credits

Increased Body Toughness(how long a person can last in a fight and blaster resistance):
x2 = 10,000,000 Credits
x3 = 20,000,000 Credits
x4 = 70,000,000 Credits
x5 = 100,000,000 Credits

Increased Hearing:
x2 = 100,000 Credits
x3 = 500,000 Credits
x4 = 1,500,000 Credits
x5 = 6,000,000 Credits

Increased Sight:
x2 = 600,000 Credits
x3 = 1,400,000 Credits
x4 = 6,800,000 Credits
x5 = 14,200,000 Credits

Bacta Tanks
Treat your wounded here.

Indavidual: 10,000 Credits

Squad: 80,000 Credits

Platoon: 100,000 Credits

Company: 500,000 Credits

Battalion: 800,000 Credits

Division: 2,000,000 Credits

Leigon: 6,000,000 Credits
(~14,000 troops 4 leigons at a time per nation)

Army: 15,000,000,000 Credits
(~350,000 Troops. One army at a time per nation)

Creating your Template

Say, you know what you want for your army. You know how tough you want it to be. You aren't satisfied with the tratitional clone templates used.
Fine! Now, you can create your own person for your army or for indavidual Rp purposes. Select one of the following military ranks, and if you wish him/her to be enhanced genetically, follow the "genetic enhancement" section.

Private: 400,000,000 Credits

Corporal: 900,000,000 Credits

Sergeant: 1,000,000,000 Credits

Captain: 8,000,000,000 Credits

Colonel: 15,000,000,000 Credits

General: 200,000,000,000 Credits

National Leader (IE: emperor): 100,000,000,000 Credits
14-02-2006, 00:27
Now Open. Hopefully, I won't forget this one.
14-02-2006, 00:42
The Chukaconions are happy that this has finaly been created, a storefront for mutations! We are wishing to spend 6 trillion credites to use some of your cybernetics implants for private use. If not we want:

1-National Leader (IE: emperor) for $100,000,000,000

ps. Can you put the whole price on the cyberware instead of the price on the appliance being put in and then the surgery. Also if all posible lower a few prices.
14-02-2006, 00:48
The Chukaconions are happy that this has finaly been created, a storefront for mutations! We are wishing to spend 6 trillion credites to use some of your cybernetics implants for private use. If not we want:

1-National Leader (IE: emperor) for $100,000,000,000

ps. Can you put the whole price on the cyberware instead of the price on the appliance being put in and then the surgery. Also if all posible lower a few prices.

Forgot to specify that. Yes, for the template use the appliance cost (you're not enhancing anybody after all). If you are refering to the creation of the templates, possibly. Everything else in the store is fairly cheap, so those won't be lowered.
17-04-2006, 15:11
We would like to purchase:

4 Generals: 800,000,000,000 Credits
with -
Night vision eyes -16,000 - surgery cost - 80,000
Parabolic Hearing Chip - 10,000 - surgery cost - 80,000
Zooming eyes - 18,000 - surgery cost - 80,000
Adrenaline increaser - 8,000 - surgery cost - 200,000
ECS - 68,000 - surgery cost - 280,000
Cyber arm, heavy - 52,000 - surgery cost - 200,000
Cyber leg - 48,000 - surgery cost - 200,000
Cyber chest - 80,000 - surgery cost - 280,000
Cyber weapons - SoroSuub Laser Bazooka 96,000 - surgery cost - 200,000
Heart regulator - 6,000 - surgery cost - 80,000

Surgery Cost: 1,680,000
Sub Total: 2,082,000

Increased Speed X5 - 6,000,000
Increased Strength - 280,000,000
Increased Height - 392,000,000
Increased Body Toughness - 400,000,000
Increased Hearing - 24,000,000
Increased Sight - 56,800,000

Sub Total: 1,158,800,000
Total: 801,160,882,000

Total With Discounts: 240,348,264,600
18-04-2006, 18:35

I haven't seen this one in a while....
21-05-2006, 07:10
the empire of sephrioth would wish to purcase a clone of the kitirlord / warrior king josh sephrioth also known as darth sephrioth 100,000,000,000 Credits money wired on confirm plz take frome govet waste
12-07-2006, 00:52
FR: Lhoell Government

Our Goverment would like to have out 4 Grand Armies we bought from you to have enhancements to the max and I would 1/10 of the Armies to be Generals, 1/4 Officers of very ranks, 1/2 of very Non Commission Officers and the rest to be enhanced troopers. I am willing to pay for everything for them. Every enhancement in your Hospital for my armies. Thank you very much.
12-07-2006, 01:06
EDIT: We request that you please calculate your total purchase.

~SFSF CEO/Chairman~
21-01-2007, 04:54
the imeprium of sephrioth has 2 critical space marine brother captains in need of healing

Indavidual: 20,000 Credits
Pure evil 767
21-01-2007, 15:05
I would like to order 1000 cyber chests and 1000 slave modules at a total cost of 22,600,000
21-01-2007, 23:42
Sepherioth, Confirmed.

Pure evil 767, Confirmed.
Pure evil 767
26-02-2007, 20:28
I would like to purchase 100,000,000 cyber weapons(light repeating pulse rifles) and 10,000 ECS at a total cost of 120,170,000,000
26-02-2007, 21:59
eh... confirmed...
Seti Prime
07-03-2007, 22:09
Seti Prime would like to purchase the following units to upgrade its healthcare facilities:

4000 Company Sized Bacta Units: 2bil Credits
800k Cap

4000 Battalion Sized Bacta Facilities: 3.2bil
2.8m cap

4000 Division Sized Bacta Facililites: 8bil Credits
12mil cap

4 Legion Sized Bacta Facilities: 24mil Credits
(64k cap)

Total: 13.224billion credits
(costed from healthcare budget)

Thank you

Seti Prime Dept of Health
08-03-2007, 02:20
14-11-2007, 18:06
For Purchase:
100,000,000 M9Blaster Cyber Weapon Implants
Total: 5,100,000,000,000
15-11-2007, 00:42
confirmed. Didn't think anyone remembered this thing, so I stopped bothering to bump it...
13-12-2007, 07:39
the corpation would like to order 400 jem'haddar privates total cost160,000,000,000
13-12-2007, 23:26
13-12-2007, 23:41
The Kingdom of Werkan wishes to purchase the following items:

2 Legions sized Bacta tanks = 12,000,000 Credits
3 Individual Bacta Tanks = 30,000 Credits
2 Adrenaline Increasers + Surgery = 104,000
1 x3 Strength = 11,000,000

Total = 23,134,000 which will be wired upon confirmation
14-12-2007, 00:56