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13-02-2006, 22:20
Firstly let me thank you for your interst in buying from us.

Now on to buisness here we have some of our latest antipersonel mines from the government department of munitions.

The MK 2 flechete spring mine is a must if you are facing troops well equiped with body armour. When pressure is applied to the prongs at the top it activates the mine which when pressure is removed springs up to waist/chest height and explodes firing a spread of flechettes out in a circle around the site of detonation. For those of you estemed customers not familliar with flechettes they are small bolts or arrows with barbs down their length, it has been found that body armour (paticulaly of the fibre based kinds) while hard to penetrate with normal projectiles (bullets, shell fragments) is extremely vunerable to arrows and bolts. The barbs are there to make removal from the wound difficult, this has the advantages of increased chance of infection, crippling injuries and death as well as tying up valuble medical resources and also the psycological affects of such a devestating effect. (note kind friends that the Mk 1 flechette spring mine is a remote detonated version of this weapon but is in other terms identical)

The Mk 2 area affect upburst mine is alos a recent development, it is really a shaped charge that fires thousands of small pellets (in a rather simular manner to the claymore mine) upwards and outwards to disable and cripple enemy infantry. So far testing has proven very intersting with good results being achieved with those nearby to detonation having extreme leg injuries with descriptions of what happens to the man who steps on them to be as one witness reported "shreaded". (again the Mk 1 of this version is a remote detonated version the differences being slight)
Drexel Hillsville
13-02-2006, 22:33
13-02-2006, 22:42
OOC:sorry I knew I forgot something

Shall we say $25 for the Mk 2 area affect upburst mine per unit and $30 for the Mk 2 flechette spring mine per unit.

minimum order of 1000 units bulk orders (10,000+) will recive generous discounts and may I interest you in our special national discount offer (buy 1000 Mk 2 flechette spring mines and get 50 free Mk 2 area affect upburst mines)