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Help me structure a military.

13-02-2006, 19:12
This is my military. We are near future technology. Everything must be based on hard science that may be happening today. We are sea age technology. Meaning we have very advanced oceanic technology 20-30 years in the future, but we are not space age yet. We also have high grade lightweight submarine composite armor capable of being used on aircraft as well. Our main advantage militarily is advanced electromagnetic weaponry-- specifically gauss weapons, rail weapons, microwave emission technology strong enough to fry electronics, vircon bombs, ball lightning missiles, ecm, etc. Most advanced military technology is available to us.

The standard military outfit is a kevlar mesh singlesuit, an automatic gas fired dart rifle that can be used underwater and on land which is very reliable, a variety of standard grenades, maybe some grenade launchers, and some light handheld antitank and antiaircraft weaponry.

Most of our technology will be a mix of present day stuff, except for new purchases which we will upgrade. I am assuming some of our automobile plants have been retooled for light military production, as well as one of our companies being able to mass produce submarines. There is a huge army with conscription between 18 and 21 and a standing army we should have a way of sending lots of people quickly to shore-- I was thinking a mix of military catamarans (not the dreadnought type but a small lightly armored double hulled troop transport with a variety of platforms, as well as some fast attack boats, and with mass production of submarines-- a few light attack submarines.

We are rebuilding our military because we are terrified of the submarines which have launched nuclear missiles from international waters. Also we run into pirate attacks frequently. We are military isolationists with a strong bent towards trade.

Central Airforce -- Recently Upgraded by Purchases from Willink

We bought the yak fighters for $100 million.-- then upgraded them.
50 Yak 38 VTOL Fighters-- Weapons Replaced-- Multibarrel Long Range Gauss Cannon 30MM, (2), Antihoming Microwave Emitters (2), 2 Ball Lightning EMP Missiles, 2 Hardpoint penetrator missiles. 4 Small EMP explosive bombs. 1 ECM anti-radar jammer. Optical Skin. 5 recently disassembled for reverse engineering.

We bought the AHX for $36 Million-- then we upgraded with our technology.
20 AH-X Attack Helicopters (Upgraded)-- Multibarrel Long Range Gauss Cannon 30MM, 20 Regular Missiles, 20 EMP Ball Lightning Missiles, 10 Hardpoint Penetrator Missiles.

We put $2 Billion into building an electromagnetic launch system. This reduces costs of launches afterward about 80% to about $6 million we charge a lot more for foreign powers.

Satellites-- 5 General Imaging Satellites, 2 Radar Satellites, 3 Communication satellites used for both military and civilian purposes. These are up to 1000 KG apiece we are using older off the shelf proven technology to make them affordable 80s tech.

Sea Armor-- A New Concept -- Purchased from Willink
These cost us: $1.6 million apiece or $64 million.
40 IKV- 91 Light Amphibious Tanks Regular Gun, (Refitted) 1 30 MM Multibarrel Long Range Range Gauss Cannon, 1 Light Machine Gun, 1 Antihoming Microwave Emitter. 2 Mortars.

Recently Purchased 100,000 APS Underwater Assault Rifles for Special Forces-- Willink $175 each $1.75 million.
Recently Purchased 250,000 White Phosphorus Grenades $1 million.

Central Submersible Navy-- Classified build plans.

2 Hammerhead Submarine Carriers (classified)-- both of these are new.
2 Narwhal Submarine Carriers-- This is the result of taking two aircraft carrier shells and turning them into submarine carriers.
10 Squid Undersea Jet Torpedo and Missile Carriers-- 4 of these are salvaged refitted submarines recovered by the International Undersea Salvage Cooperative.
10 Jaws Undersea Jet Torpedo and Undersea Rail and Gauss Gun Ships (Gauss and Railguns can function underwater if built right.)-- These are new no one else has them.
40 Sea Scorpion 2 man attack fighters. -- These are new no one else has them.

To make it interesting we have salvaged 2 nuclear warheads from the remains of older submarines on the bottom of the ocean-- these may or may not work as well as 1 chemical warhead which we have no idea what it does (I think it is a drug madness aerosol). Also we have a very powerful ball lightning EMP and microwave radiation warhead which is experimental.

50 Undersea Troop Submarines-- Stealthed Unarmed capable of landing up to 100 soldiers anywhere.-- This is the result of converting a civilian 120 ton cargo submarine which costs $9 million into a stealthed submarine with ECM and other electromagnetic technologies.

8 ECM and Special Operation Submarines-- This is a redesign of an 80 ton civilian cargo submarine with stealth magnetic grapples and lots of tech built into it. The civilian sub costs $6 million.

100 Freebooters
Freebooter class- fast patrol surface effect boat (FPA)
Dimensions: 20m length; 7m width: 0m draught
Speed: 50+ knots cruising, 500+ knots with afterburner (short term only, maximum advisable speed for manuevering is 155 knts)
Engine: Wuller and Farthing MHD-2 Hydro jet (starter), 2x Shrak B-21s w/afterburner (cruising)
Armament: 6x stabilized .50 caliber Machine Guns 2x 81mm mortar, 2x stabilized Air to Air/Air to Surface rocket launcher, 4x mounted grenade launchers 1x 35mm stabilized console operated deck gun (SA, SS)
Price: 2 million
The Freebooter fast patrol boats offer speed and firepower in one must have package, utilizing the surface-air effect these ‘boats’ actually cruise about 4 meters Above the surface of the water. The ‘boat’ looks like a weird Sci-Fiesque hover vehicle with a boat stuck through it. The FPAs use MHDs to achieve ‘take off speed’ after which they rev up the two custom designed turbo jet engines that allow them to cruise in excess of fifty knots or kick up to 400 knots with out after burner. The Freebooters are designed for limited amphibious ability as well; smooth beaches and wide even roads could both allow FPAs significant overland range as long as it doesn’t attempt any steep inclines over three meters high, also, if it stops over land, it must be hauled back to sea to start up again. In rough seas it can easily take anything up to a six meter wave straight on. The Machine guns are attached to gyroscopically stabilized mounts that allow a gunner to fire with reasonable accuracy over longer distances and the two missile mounts are equipped to fire the ‘Swallow’ multi-role surface to air/surface to surface missiles.

Purchased enough arms to support 12,000 Guerrilla Fighters

5000 AKSU-74
1000 AK-47
2,000 AK-104
4,000 AK-74
10,000 RPG-7
24,000 MKII Grenades
12,000 C-4 Plastique Explosives and detonators
12,000 Smoke Grenades
$2 Million dollars.

Each city has a Grange broken into several buildings to avoid being easily destroyed-- a kind of mutual military association and training grounds. There are also small arms depots built into the police buildings in case of invasion. This is attached to a harbor which contains a mix of small fast attack boats, 60 man double hulled armored catamarans with five basic builds-- Gun ship, troop carrier, anti-submarine boat, Torpedo and Missile Boat, and Anti Aircraft Battery, and recently with the mass production of submarines most city states will have a few medium 80 ton armed submarines, and 40 ton submarine mine layers and sweepers. The domes of the city states are armored and can take tidal waves, volcanic ash, typhoon force winds, light arms fire, and some heavier arms fire. There are gun emplacements, anti missile antiaircraft, and antisubmarine emplacements on most cities. It is hard to calculate numbers because these have been in place for a long time. They do not represent the newest technology, but an accretion of weapons over years. The satellite system tracks all ingoing and outgoing sea traffic. Also some satellites use radar to track submarines.

With Conscription between 18 and 21 there is a huge number of soldiers available 12% of the population, Plus an officers core, Special Forces, and Regular Military-- a very large navy.