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Nippon (Earth: Turtledove)

13-02-2006, 00:50
Counrty Name: The Empire of the Rising Sun
Short Name: The Empire of Nippon
Common Name: Nippon

Government Type: Militaristic Monarchy
Government Name: Nippon Gundan
Government Description:
The rikugun has attained full power of the state and the military, Headed by Mystic Won. The emperor of Nippon is now nothing more than an over-exalted figurehead as the armed forces have taken over most of the profitable ports while destroying most British Island holdings. The polpulance considers dying for Nippon something that only the lucky can do. The fanatical crack force has marched un-opposed with and instobable carrier and flight force.

Gunshireikan: Mystic Won
The Rikugun:

Singapore, Sumatra, Bejing, 1/2 of Jalchalin Island, Yuzhao, Salkhalin Islands, Manchuria, Kowloon, Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Shantou, Macao, Suzhou, Karil Islands, Belan, Guam, Mariana Islands Marshall Islands, Midway, Phillipines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bismark Archpeliago, North and South Korea.

Nippon doesn't own Manchuria technically, but it controls it in everything but name.
Paupa New Guinea is under dispute with Australia.
Burma is also under dispte.