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12-02-2006, 07:10
These are drugs that come from the Gilabadian Drug Corporation. These are the best quality that money can buy. allof them have a benefit on your troops giving them, in a sense, super-human strength. They have some longterm side-effects, but its a drug, it feels good! They can also be used as practical purposes as well. They are meant for small, less organized and fortified militaries, but they're available to anybody. Warning some longterm effects include partial brainloss, but who cares.

-Crystal Methamphetamine
Also known as "Ice" or speed. In small doses they give your troops a sense of invincibility. They suppress pain and stress by profound amounts. They give the user a sense of wellbeing. It comes in crystal form that you can either take like a pill or smoke.
50$ perkilogram

This is a classic Narqoutique, that greatly increases your troops aggressiveness. Some won't even be able to tell if they've been shot! Warning: this turns your troops into rutheless killing machines in the longrun. It is inhailed through the nose, or can be smoked.
50$ per Kilogram

Also known as weed, this will temporarily increase thinking ability. it gives your troops a sense of loyalty (they do just about anything anybody tells them to) its smells like a strong grass fire. It's great if you're worried about a coup in your government.
30$ per Kilogram

a processed plant that comes from Somalia. It is chewed in the mouth, and after about 30 minutes, your troops are more aggressive than they could ever be naturally. Great to improve your troops' battle performance.
20$ per Kilogram

This is a processed "Poppy" seed. It is meant to be smoked. It has a property to it that manipulates the brain into a focused, brutal fighting machine. It gives your troops the utmose intensity and focus to fight.
40$ per kilogram

a new inhailent invented that mixes a number of gasses into one spray can. It is a canister that has a nose piece attached to the end of it. The gasses include Nitrosoxide, Benzene and ammonia fumes. It gives your troops a fealing of well being and a side affect of aggressiveness. It nullifies some of the brain so that they will do just about anything you tell them to, because of its zombie affect. It gives your troops an aggressive, superhuman Zombie effect (if you know what I'm talking about).
50$ per kilogram

a liquid halleucinagenic. It gives your troops a complete berserk mentality. They will go crazy and stop at nothing to attempt to anniolate the enemy. He will seemingly go crazy. This is due not only to the halleucinations but also to the high created by it gives the consumer the mentality of not caring about anything else but annialating the enemy.
30$ per dose (30 mg)

-anabolic Sterroroid
Artificial hormones that are fed into the body via a shot. With a small amount of workout, your troops' strength will increase immensely. The hormones cause the body to repair the ript muscle tissue several times bigger and stronger. (lt might shrink your troops testicles a little but that doesn't really matter)
50$ per dose (20 mg)