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Hunger’s Curiosity – A Thirst of Insanity (FT - Invite Only)

12-02-2006, 03:31
The Exus-Hykrica…
Amidst the shadows, amidst the darkness, in the dark corners of a galaxy where the light only barely pierces its dangerous sword into, a pantheon of dangerous worlds and even more dangerous systems. This was the home of malicious empires, horrendous murders and slaughterhouse genocide. Yet, it was life, it was to everyone, normal. But there were kingdoms, empires, that worked alone.

There were empires that posed a threat to reality itself – to order. Situated by burning stars, vortexes of never-ending death, one of these empires only crawled alongside the edge of known space with a dangerous fervour. Nobody knew what it was called, what is was named, except for the people who learned of it, who went to it. Yet no one would ever return from it, no one would live to see what they saw, and it only heightened the fear of everything around it. It was as if it was a massive black hole, a giant gravitational force of fear, sucking people into its terrible abode.

This empire, was called the Exus by its minions, its people and its warlords. They were a tall, powerful, but manipulative people, conquering and assimilating poor and unfortunate worlds before them, increasing the potency of their damage. Their red eyes only held centuries of pain and torture, their tongues licking their fervent cracked lips with the ancient millennia of war. They live for it, they fed off of it, and they depended on it.

They all had their price, their price for survival, but so far, they have never met it – so far, the only fools to fight them, were the fools of the arrogant, to only have their worlds crushed beneath a blanket of steel and iron. They called them Exuses, the children of the Totals, the previous empire name, ruled by the terrible Lord Totalius, his great vestige of hunger a rip within the social order. No one stood before his might, his hunger for chaos, and his armies swept forth many times to fuel the never-ending power, as he leered always from his crackling eyes.

Then there were the Joint, the seeds of annihilation, touching and drinking and eating all around them, consuming up even the most resourceful worlds into a bleak wasteland, so thoroughly that deserts looked like paradise compared to their handiwork. Powerful, mechanical, and heavily armoured, they worked with strict discipline and calculations, never letting a single chance slip by. For centuries they waned and waxed, their power growing and falling, with every world they burnt, every single star they fed from – until the two, the Totalians and the dreaded Joints, came as one.

Now lurking in this bleak, vast, steady empire, were two children born of the same womb in destruction, one of organic and symbolic meanings, the other a strong, violent society built on steel and alloys. This was the Exus-Hykrica, the Hybrids.

<Scout ship, Class name 1-Z>
Standing in his normal position, back bent, hands shaking, fingers bleeding, Kerenus watched as the droids prickled and picked their little tiny metal fingers, drenched in a thick glutinous liquid, stabbing into his ripped fingers, the pain searing up in a blinding motion. He could barely keep his voice shut, as his yell echoed through the whole of the small, tiny and weak ship. In fact, his yelp of pain was so annoying, the many squandering and loitering fellow soldiers on the ship had to tape his mouth shut, a grey band stuck over his mouth as he watched in horror his fingers being torn apart, flesh stripped from the bone, new flesh growing out in their place, like rotund strands of red liquid bound in a thin layer of transparent fluid. Barely breathing, he felt as if he would pass out, but that would be out of the question. If he ever did pass out, if he ever did fall down in fear or pain, or even loss of blood, he would be shocked back to unconsciousness, and that certainly would prove to be more painful that watching his finger, while null of any sharp activities, become cut open and dissected apart, muscle by muscle, bone by bone.

Whimpering like a little starving dog, he tapped his feet in wonder, as finally the last strip of muscle replaced his cut and gangrene hand, the purplish and black flesh from his original hand in flames aboard the trash compactor, sleek and silver. In this ship, its long nose-like cockpit, its wide spanned wings and its small compartments, life was harsh, life was difficult. They always had problems with the machines, and entire trips and scouting missions would take days upon days to reach, and they were always sent out in the middle of war to watch. Why did their superiors order them to go? Why not the machines? Would it simply be cheaper?

No, it apparently wouldn’t be. They had their reasons, they would say. They have calculations to think out, the machine Lords would agree. Bullshit was usually the first words that come out of Kerenus’s mind, and this was where he was put now – whimpering on a cramped scouting ship, his fingers being torn apart and ‘replaced’, only to be sucked into an endless void, with no known routes back. He had been tracing every part of his route, returning the information always back to the nearest headquarters, but it was a horrible trip. Twice his roommate had caught a strange fever, and for two days his mechanical leg began to rust violently. Now, in the process of fixing his friend’s leg, he was cut by the loose shards, and his hand infested with gangrene aboard the nasty conditions of the used ship.

Finally taking the tape off his face, and throwing it into the blazing trash compactor, he sighed heavily, before heading out of the dank and tiny medical room and across the grey hallway into the cockpit, where his friend sat in the control seat, as the ship lunged forwards from a small tug on their end, Kerenus falling to the floor, the hard ground cold on his bottom. “What the hell did you do?” He asked in rage, the first words coming out of his mouth.

“We’ve hit some sort of gravitational signature. There’s something big nearby.” His partner replied.

“Big? In this void of space?”

“We’re not in a damn void, K. We’re just stuck in a place that the empire’s never scouted out before, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. Save me the lectures, I know where we are.”

“Then why did you ask if it was a void?”

“I just did, okay? Can you drop that?”

“Why should I? You’re the one being fussy.”

“Shut up.” Kerenus said with a tone of finality in his voice, sitting down at his sit, the soft leathery feeling pulsing warmly in his body, comforting sensations encompassing his form. He sighed with a glance, when his partner opened his mouth again.

“So how’s the crew?” He asked, of the others on board all of whom were asleep at the moment. Kerenus shrugged. “You’re as clueless as normal.” He said.

“Yeah? We – “ But before he said anything, he saw a small dot, standing out from the normal twinkling of the stars in the dark void that laid before him. Leaning over a little, he looked a bit more carefully, pressing the controls forward a slight bit, as the tiny dot appeared to grow larger to a spherical planet.

“The hell…” His partner murmured in amazement, pushing forwards as well, the scout ship swiftly blasting towards the object.

“We’ve found a planet.” The scout said. “And it’s not in our records, so we can begin the tracking.” Kerenus replied, punching in their co-ordinates into the beeping control panel, as the lights flared up in a brilliant display, a long line appearing on their window and their interface.

“This will be another addition to our empire.” The partner replied. “Shame. Looks like a nice planet. Oh well, it won’t be so pretty after the Joint gets through with it.”

“Fifty credits say Totalius will harness an academy of War here.”

“The fifth academy of War. Nope.” His partner said defiantly.

“We’ll see.” Kerenus said.

At that moment, a ship never seen before, emerged on their panel, as they watched in surprise, a ship, leaving the planet’s atmosphere, with what seemed to be an angel, and a strange flag a dotted feature of this oddity.

“Holy crap. This place is sentient. Let’s get out of here now!” Kerenus said, as his partner agreed, and the scout ship ran for it.
12-02-2006, 04:01
The ship was a cargo-class freighter. A Octa-Class (smallest) freighter that was about half a kilometer in length shuttling a large amount of ingots from the mine to the space dock far above the planet. The ship detected a strange signature on its scanners at the very edge of the system.

A beep went off as the computer did not recognize the ship and thought the ship was lost, sending an automated message on every frequency it could, the reading was in Elvanish.

"Zenno. Zenno. Hijan meto, liota versito. Zenno. Zenno. Hijan meto, liota versito."

It kept repeating the message as the ship left the scanner range, in which the ship alarm went off waking the pilot and asking for permission to transmit a state of emergency to the space dock. The lazy pilot pushed the button, a human worker who didn't really care, or realize what the computer was asking.

A signal went out recording the position of an unknown ship at the far edge of the system. The space dock recieved it in a completely different way. As the communication came in a sweet Elven woman, the commander of the dock, answered it with shock.

Ayame Toreador got up and sent out a communication to the palace. The Palace of Leo’Stuk was built by the prince and was centered on the Planet Carat (right next to the Mining Operation). Leo’Stuk personally sent the call to Qe'lio's. Qe'lio was the head of many noble families and the Qe'lio family is one of the seven noble families of Tanthan. The second most powerful government influence on the planet.

Qe'lio governed the northern sectors (his family has the crest of power), and Toji Qe'lio personally called for two scout ships to chase down the ship. Fearing that aliens had been in the ship. Natural instinct told him, a ship doesn't speed away if its in trouble or turn around.


"What the hell are we doing!?" yelled a pilot as he left the Floating Space Dock N65PC.

"Well....obviously we're cannonfodder if they are violent..." said a cold voice.

"Is that why Ayame picked humans to go?" said the pilot.

"Obviously, our lives are worthless compared to hers. you expect that beautiful flower and divine perfect body--"


"--with those soft supple--"


"and those perfect half crescent moon tight--"

The first pilot cut the communication off and growled, following the signature at light near light speed, standard procedure in emergencies with downed craft or troubled ships.

The two ships had much better scanners then the cargo ship and picked up the engine trail in space and persued it, like dogs tracking a person by scent.
12-02-2006, 04:17
“Get out of here, now!” Kerenus said, as the ship began to blast swiftly into hyperspace, as the quick tug pulling upon their body transverse, as they held on quickly for dear life. While the scouting ship indeed was armed, it was nowhere near armed to fight off any attacks in case it was under attack itself – in this case, it could be a potential target, they would be prudent to outrun and escape, not stay and fight. Bravery was commendable, but suicide was not. Pushing it through, they could only hope to reach the fleets of the Joint and the aristocracy to let them know of their progress.

Meanwhile, atop the winding, windy, blood red, sand blasted planet of Minarus, Totalius held a massive council of his greatest Lords, all in dark red robes, hoods over their gleaming eyes, watching the others with a distinct uncertainty and faithlessness, their lightsabers gleaming in their hands as they watched for any sign of possible betrayal. From the large center of the circular council came the tall, bony, shadowy figure of Totalius himself, drenched in a red silky robe, cut and torn and ripped in pieces, as his collection of lightsabers dangled at his skeletal waist, his pulsing gloves showing a slight inch of dominating strength.

His presence could be felt in all parts of the council, long purplish tentacles breaching out to slightly flicker every face there, as the Joint watched menacingly, their eyes a dark red, creeping, emotionless fervour, metal hands clicking in their fury. They seemed to be human, wearing nothing but a small robe over their head and covering their shoulders slightly, spikes piercing out of their arms, their veins of steel pulsing with electricity as they cackled in their immaculate language.

“Arrun Nish kathria.” Totalius ordered his legions, as they sat down and watched, the councillors speaking amongst themselves. It was the order of war, the preparation of the end of another planet.

“We will bring these down.” Totalius said once more, to the murmur of others.

“There is a route found to another planet, rich with resource, they say.” Totalius said once more, as the Joint leaders clicked in anticipation. Clearly any planet with resource was a planet worth while conquering to them, it seemed. A planet worth while slaughtering anybody in their way for it.

Clicking quickly, the Joint leaders only nodded to Totalius, who nodded back. “The Joint will be accompanying us on our scourge to this system. We will bleed this planet dry.” He said, as the roar of approval echoed throughout the halls of the chamber, marble floors lit with the dawn of fresh blood – the blood of war.
12-02-2006, 04:46
The pilots saw the ship disappear and couldn't exactly follow the trail, their scout ships were unable to use the new 'hyperspace' travel system, only large ships could.

As they returned to the docks, they learned the Empire was in chaos. A small ship had gone hyperspace and it was not of the Empire. The news was kept quiet, though it wouldn't be for long.
12-02-2006, 04:59
The fleet was assembling – capital warships, boarding transports, warpods, everything. Nothing was to be left behind, nothing was to be underestimated. Although there was enough of the fleet left behind to be a veritable defence for the empire, most of the armies would be in the destruction of the planet recently found. The Totalians meant business, and the Joint meant destruction.

Standing aboard his helm, his capital ship, The foremost General, Lord Axus watched with dreary, piercing eyes, his fingers a creeping bony skeleton, as he glared behind his gas mask, the familiar clicking of the breathing like a humming vibration. Immediately, as he watched, the familiar bluish tunnel was surrounding them on all sides, and the tug of hyperspace was abound. The fleet had begun their journey, and it would be only a short little time before they would turned the world into a cinder ball.
12-02-2006, 05:14
Prince Leo’Stuk recieved word to send a capital ship to deal with the trail. The two pilots returned to the dock only to see a massive .8 kilometer ship leave the huge space dock.

"WHOA! What ship is that?" asked the first pilot, returning to the dock.

"Elven doing the work...hey wait? THAT'S AYAME'S SHIP!" yelled the second.


The ship was like a giant shield, with a convex tower in the center. The pentagon shaped ship pulled out of the dock and massive engines in the back and shot a blue flame out which quickly faded out to nothing. A black flame of Jino Fuel....this was no scout ship.

The ship appeared to be unarmed, but under the pentagon shaped slats of thick adaman armor roared a massive engine, with an output of 20 SS (converted to Gigawatts around .2 exawatts). The ship had significant energy shields and power.

At the helm was Ayame, with a cold stare she looked at the monitor, sensing something was not right at all.
12-02-2006, 05:20
The planet was ripe for the picking, at least they believed. It would fall quickly, at least they hoped. Whether it would or not, was to be seen, as from the darkness of Hyperspace, millions of ships and hundreds of larger warships began to encompass towards the planet found by the scouts earlier, their raging energy cannons preparing to fire, turbo lasers gearing up. Floating amongst the fleet, like a swarm of hornets around a mobile hive, mechanical, squid-like entities were skittering around like insects, a single, one eye, dark and luminous, watching, waiting for the perfect moment. Immediately, as it loomed with a dark sense, a dreary sense, a triumphant horn was heard.

Firing would commence.
12-02-2006, 05:34
Ayame read the screens and realized a massive energy signature in hyperspace.

"The holy book was right...dear Kajanta....protect us."

She sent a single message to Qe'lio: "The holy book was right, send assistance"

Ayame looked at the control panel and around to her 5 assistances. She placed her hand in the lock, intergrating into the computer of the ship.

"Maya radio the planet, have them on the alert, someone is going to attack us."

She subconsciously prepped three faster-then-light torpedos. They would not be special in hyperspace, but would still send a message that the planet was not going to be taken.

The lone ship turned and fired three torpedos, blasting out of the current space almost instantly after firing, the torpedos reached hyperspace by their own engines, an expensive missile, but one that allowed armor-piercing and area infilitration effects on stationary targets or attack ships in transit.

Ayame was prepared to go to phase-space, she was an Elven and would not die when she could defend her homeland from a closer location, in greater numbers and stand a better chance. Ayame did not know who was in hyperspace, or what they were, but one thing was clear, they were not from the Empire.

The military was in red alert, the ships were mobilizing. The massive Tnemada was preparing to enter phase-space to move right to the planet, but it would take at least 2 hours to arrive.

12-02-2006, 05:44
When the fleet had finally placed it ready, the transporter ship the Talius was found to have three large, cleanly pierced and distinct holes in its hull, as well as the transporters beside it. Oddly, nobody saw any attack, causing a certain curiosity in the fleet. Perhaps there was some sort of invisible marauder? Some unknown attacker? Whatever it was, it evaded Axus’s eyes, which meant it was dearly something worthy of his attention. Nevertheless, the plan would continue, as the fleet had finally, with damage done to a few transports, assemble, the turbo lasers began their bombardment.

In a dazzling display of light, lasers and missiles, flaming bulges of energy rained down against their enemy, in hopes of killing them. “Destroy every single living thing on this planet.” Axus replied, still thinking about the odd damage to the couple transporters in the back of his mind.
12-02-2006, 06:09
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12-02-2006, 18:45
Ayame's ship faced the direction of the incoming barrage. Her ship began to glow like firey red star. Something was happening on the ship...


"Kajanta, in accordance with the anicent pact I offer myself to the bloodpact." was a chant on the ship as it faced the barrage. Ayame pulled the control on her ship and the ship's thick adaman walls shot off in a set of explosions, firing a wall of projectiles (reinforced adaman sheets) at the barrage. At this close range it would deflect the lasers away from the planet and scatter the projectiles to burn up in the heavy atmosphere, buying enough time for the people on the planet to mount a resistance.

The crew bowed before each other and Ayame smiled and said, "Thy will be done." The crew compartment exploded up, thrusting the triangluar pod above the ship to reveal the real ship dimensions. A medium-class fighter that was heavily modified with a capital ship engine.

As the crew compartment seperates from the ship the engine begins to have a core meltdown, the massive engine with the power of the stars was rapidly going supernova. Just as the barrage headed towards the ship and Ayame's quickly retreating medium-class ship a flash of light enveloped the crew compartment as the engine went critical.

Inside the engine, the beehive network of the hyperfusion drive began to collaspe under its own gravity, making a small singularity, drawing all energy into an anti-matter explosion mimicing a black hole. The gravity would distort time and space, messing with slower then light or light-speed projectiles with a powerful gravitional pull and antimatter shooting from the core.

On the planet, the anicent machinery roared loudly. The old mining machines that seemed like modern day earth cities were retreating into their caverns and mining shafts. The powerful machines would be safer in their deep tunnels then risk taking a direct hit in the open.

On the cities however it was a different story. To compete with the harsh weather and storms that would bring 500+ mph winds they retreated into underground caverns, rising from the ground only on good days. The cities would not be as well protected and would suffer great losses if Ayame's quick action did not work as expected.

The Palace of Leo'Stuk was the only place on the planet with its own sizable shield generators to withstand the devastation of the winds and weather.
15-02-2006, 23:34
Obliteration was a word in their dictionary, surrender was not. If the enemy thought they would surrender after losses, then they would send a smaller fleet. If they were to come along and attempt to crush the entire fleet, then the defensive minions would certainly be feasted from the chaos and destruction that would ensue, and there would be so many scavenging ships left to recreate a smaller, but still amiable fleet. Glistening in the light of the dim tunnels of hyperspace, the four capital yards were blasting carefully, massive platforms without qualm nor the thought of any compassion, numbered in the millions upon millions of troops and ships, all either used before in battle or having a complicated thought on battle.

That was what they had to think about, as they strolled around, the minds flickering with thought, occasional purple tentacles coming through and through, the soldiers ignoring the draining capacity of the dark power Totalius held within him. From the large bridge, stone and metal in composition, grey and bleak in image, cracked and scarred in texture, stood imperiously the creeping figure of a man known as Lord Axus, his apprentice at his side. A quiet, brooding, but obedient child, the apprentice was only a mere fifteen years old, not even in the prime of his teenage years, yet he was an uncanny thinker, a powerful symbolic warrior within the ways of steel and light, crushing his competition to be at the Semi-Dark Lord’s feet.

“Look at all those whirring stars, those flickering lights.” Axus told his apprentice, who nodded patiently.

“They are all stars, all planets, all of them untouched by our people and the others.” The apprentice said with a sickening and distasteful emphasis on ‘them’, referring to the Joint, the machines he despised so much.

“Of course.” Axus said, not detecting the unwanted tone in his apprentice’s voice. “But the next planet is coming up. We have to keep them on track, we have to be swift.”

“Swift and steady, we will never let them know. But what is the plan of attack? Will we raze it like every planet before us?” The apprentice asked out of curiosity.

“Of course. There is no other way – the fires of the Joint plains must burn, the rocks of the wheat of sown chaos will thrive and be harvested. That is our tradition.”

“Of course.”

“Do not worry, apprentice. When you have accomplished, you will become me, and you will be greater than any Axus lived ever before. I will make you the strongest of all the previous Axuses.” Lord Axus replied. “So powerful, you could possibly be almost equal to Lord Totalius himself.”

“Lord Totalius is a powerful Lord. He is the great sun and moon together, a satellite of death and chaos and destruction. Even from here I can feel his presence attempting to probe our minds.” The apprentice said admiringly of the Dark Lord.

“He is still here.” Axus smiled maniacally, looking at his apprentice.
16-02-2006, 21:37
The black hole that had wrecked havoc on the enemy was still spiralling, asborbing the wreckage of the fleet, but little did they know the planet was not destroyed by the weapon. Commander Ayame's ship had indeed done the job, at a minor cost had destroyed the attack, but because black hole's do not light or other forms of communication through them, they must have thought the planet was destroyed.

Now that the Tnemada had arrived, almost an hour after the battle had ended in an amazing burst. The massive ship neared the black hole, it was small and its event horizon was still powerful, but the massive ship needed to get close.


"Preparing to fire the weapon, Lord Qe'lio." said a cloaked officer.

"Do it." Said the aristocratic lord, he was relaxing in his chair, looking bored. Obviously wanting a fight.

The Tnemada's main cannon was revealed from its protective armor slats. A 60 kilometer long barreled (and 5 km wide) gun turrent flashed. Out of the cannon shot a wave of intense X-ray particles, directly into the black hole.

The black hole reacted violently, spinning and shooting a cloud of debris and matter from its center before destroying itself. Now it was time to learn what they could about their enemy from the type of matter asborbed into the black hole, even anything unusual or a new type of particle would be a surprise. Though it is impossible to reconstruct the pre-destruction of their weapons and fleet.
17-02-2006, 21:55
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