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Elections in Zactarn Prime.

Zactarn Prime
11-02-2006, 03:28
Galactic Supreme Court Judge Election.

Yuunktay - Wookie judge that spent much time as an appointed advisor of Leader Darth Vaclavious and was elected as Attorney General for the Cru System.

Ulk Ingvald - Gungan Prosecutor who also served as System Congressman (SC) for the Sunan System.

Runk Spacerider - Human 18 year-old with no experience as a Judge or Attorney but was a part-owner of the famous Homegrown Hash Incorporated company, but he sold all his shares and bought ships and attempted to raid many planets. All attempts were turned down and he was caught and jailed. He did however represent himself on the trial and made-up a fake allby that stuck and he was found not guilty at the age of 15. He was once again caught, but this time for murder and was locked up for two years at the age of 16.