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Socialist Victory in Timor Island

Timor Island
10-02-2006, 16:39
Socialist Party of Timor
Leader: Hands Unterdo
Age: 51
Nationality: Ukraine


Timor Island Foreign Affairs:

The Socialist Party of Timor has won the election and is in control of the country of Timor Island with a slim lead of 19 seats to 17 seats in the parliment. Now will anyone recognize this parliment in this newly created nation of Timor Island.
The Pan-Soviet Union
10-02-2006, 16:56
Official Statement From Soviet Premier Comrade Vladimir Kuschev Of The Iron Curtain Soviet Imperium Of The Pan-Soviet Union:

The Iron Curtain Soviet Imperium Of The Pan-Soviet Union officially recognises the victory of The Socialist Party of Timor Island in the Timor Island elections, and congratulates The Socialist Party on a glorious victory for the proletariats of Timor Island.

Long may it continue!

In Solidarity,

Soviet Premier Vladimir Kuschev Of The Iron Curtain Soviet Imperium Of The Pan-Soviet Union
Chechen Republic
10-02-2006, 17:05
The Chechen Republic leader, Amur Shanz, a islamic leader but also a socialist supports and wants to congradulate another socialist party on winning the elections in Timor Island and will support the island in any way necessary.
10-02-2006, 17:27
President Hunda of The Dictatorship of Sterino worries about the state of destruction Timor Island will fall into with so much political freedom giving to its people. Political freedom for civilians is always the fall of a good leader.
Timor Island
10-02-2006, 23:42
The Socialist Party of Timor thanks people support for their victory.

Their plan for the nation is:

Begin the publicization of all private industries with regards to oil and gas, minerals and healthcare and other service industries.

Allow for Universal health care, education and other government services

Allow poorer people to take up large chunks of land from large foreign owned estates.

Build up the military, and change its name to the Soviet Timor State Army.
10-02-2006, 23:54
Your plans for your region are too dangerous. Giving land to the poor may make them happy for the moment, but give them propety and they will want more. Yet if you take their property and enlist them in the military, you save land and gain larger military. That is the general way of things. You must make their decisions and enforce them enough that revolts do not occur. In the rare instance that a riot happens, you must take it out with the utmost brutality. Shoot the rioteers and torture the survivors publicly. Afterwards, no one will condescend your authority...
From a worried country (The Armed Republic of Redonderon)
Commander and Chief--- Logan Wolf
Timor Island
10-02-2006, 23:59
Thank you for your information. We will discuss it with President Han Unterdo, and see if we should revise our policy.
The Mullattoes
11-02-2006, 00:13
The Republic of the Mullattoes is not fully prepared to accept the results of the Socialist Party's victory. Although this administration is opposed to socialist principles, we will accept these election results if proof of the validity of the election can be provided (i.e. statements by international election observers, official standards met be Timor Island elections officials, etc.). The Republic of the Mullattoes has only the best interest of the peole of Timor Island in mind and looks forward to favorable relations between our nations.

Sincerely, P.B.S. Pinchback, President of the Republic
Independent Hitmen
11-02-2006, 00:15
----Open Communique from the State Department----

It is the policy of the United States of Independent Hitmen to recognise any, and all, democratically elected government that exists anywhere in the world. However it is also our policy to thoughrally inspect any and all elections that take place to ensure that they are fair to all candidates and allow the people a free choice.

Certain elements of your election practice have been called into doubt, however pending a full investigation we shall not be making any official rejection of the results of your elections.

We shall continue to monitor the situation closely and hope that democracy, in whatever form, shall prosper in your great nation.

----The State Department----
West Corinthia
11-02-2006, 00:19
Official Statement from West Corinthia
On behalf of The Allied States of West Corinthia I recognize the victory of the Socialist Party on Timor Island. We do not believe in Socialism, but we would not impose our will on yours and we respect your sovereignty. We believe more in an Iron Fist Dictatorship, but again we will not intrude on your own politics. If you would like to establish free trade between our nations, we are more than willing.
Aleksandr Demorovich, Head of Diplomacy, Allied States of West Corinthia
Currently in Tbilisi, West Corinthia
All Soviet States
11-02-2006, 00:20
Message from the State Department of the All Soviet States

The United Socialist States of All Soviet States (USSASS) will recognize the elected Socialist Government of Timor Island. Tis a glorious time in the world when so many states have begun to embrace the glories of Communism and the teachings of Karl Marx.

Power to the Proletariat!

Alexander Molotov, General Secretary of the Worker‘s Revolutionary Party and Official Head of State for the All Soviet States
The United Socialist States of All Soviet States
Power to the Proletariat
Timor Island
11-02-2006, 03:20
Timor Election Commission:

After a recent review there were several irreuglarities in the voting districts of Central Timor Island. However it is not believed that this will effect the outcome of the election, and because only 5 internal complaints basically from the Islamic and Coalition parties have been recounted, votes have gone to both parties, but that still does not change the seat count from

19 Socialist
17 Coalition
5 Islamic
2 Nationalist

Outside complaints will not be heard. The first president of Han Underto as President.


Socialist Party Headquarters:

Hans said to his followers;

"We will implement the ideals of Karl Marx and Engels. This is now the socialist nation of Timor Island. We will make mostly everything public, and have universal health care and education. However we need support from the outside world, and I am glad that most nations support us."

With the Socialist Party in control, it was set for next week for the parliment to be convened.
Timor Island
11-02-2006, 04:37
Timor Island
12-02-2006, 00:30