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O'er the Hills of Italia we fight (Earth Napoleon)

10-02-2006, 03:49
The Second Italian Campaign of 1800


Since the year of 1792, the fledgling Republic of France had fought itself to a standstill among the powers of Europe. Although in the beginning, its armies were no match under the combined strength of the British, Russians, Prussians, Dutch, Austrians, and Sardinians, the tables had turned as the decade progressed on with the new tricolor of the Republic expanding into the lands of Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, somehow, as if through God's own Divine Grace, defying all odds against the most formidable coalition on the planet.

In the year of 1796, the First Coalition, far from defeated and still hardpressed against the 'Natural Borders' of the French nation, final defeat would be first tasted by members of allies in the most unexpected of places: Italy. During the spring of that year, 40,000 conscript levees, under the command of the newly promoted General Napoleon Bonaparte, streamed into the mountainous lands of Piedmont, winning one victory after another. Montenotte, Mondovi, Arcola and Rivoli, each one devastated the Allied advance and proved that the Republic was a force to be reckoned with. Soon the bonds of the Coalition fell to pieces, with Sardinia submittng in May, 1796, as the young Bonaparte smashed through the central highlands of Italy. Finally in Apr., 1797, the preliminary peace of Leoben with Austria was signed by Bonaparte and later confirmed by the Treaty of Campo Formio.

However, the peace was anything but secure. Through the foundation of the Cisalpine Republic and other fellow Italian satellite states, the courts of Europe were once again outraged at such a blantant affront. Combined with this insult was France's unprovoked invasion of Switzerland and the subsequent foundation of the Helvetic Republic. In pure rage, the Second Coalition was hastily formed to undo this mess created in western Europe and for once, Divine luck fell upon their shoulders. In the spring of 1799, General Bonaparte, under orders of the Directory in Paris, had left for Egypt, leaving his recently secured nation-states in peril. At once, the Coalition marched her armies into the lands of France, with the Russians and Austrians driving deep into the Swiss countryside. Meanwhile, in Italy, the vassals of France fell quickly and without much resistance to the Austrian juggernaut. And although the Russians and Austrians would be thrown from the northern Alps yet again, their grip on Italy as the year 1800 dawned was resolute.

At this juncture Bonaparte returned from Egypt, yet again victorious, and by the coup of 18 Brumaire (November, 1799) became First Consul, replacing the corrupt and ineffective Directory. Now, without the support of Russia, the Second Coalition is weak, but eager to once again face Napoleon on the field of battle.

It is now that the Second Italian Campaign is joined and only through clever wit and sly strategy shall one side be victorious. Will the young Napoleon finally meet his end at the hands of the vengful Austrians, or will the old order of Europe be shattered once and for all?

Current Campaign Deployments:

The Republic of France:

- 40,000 Soldiers under the Army of Italy, commander currently by General André Masséna holding the city of Genoa and blocking any possible advance into Southern France.

- 50,000 Soldiers formed into a Reserve Army under the command of Louis Alexandre Berthier centered on Dijon, now advancing south towards the Helvetic Republic

* First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte to assume command of the Armies of France

The Dominions of the Habsburg Monarchy:

- 100,000 Soldier Army of Northern Italy under the command of General Melas defending the Austrian possessions in Northern Italy, and the Po valley
10-02-2006, 04:58
Napoleon, assuming command of the Army of Reserve, orders it to move toward the Great Saint Bernard Pass and cross into the Po Valley.
10-02-2006, 05:03
Batavian Republic supports Italy and wants all the Dutch in the French army to not fight. We will not bow down to the tryant of France.

OOC: Kilani I still need a respond to batavian's revolution
Kamy kamy
10-02-2006, 05:13
Sardinia, still looking to gain more power, is offering it's support to both Napolean and the Austrians, and will side with who ever gives it the best offer.
Ottoman Khaif
10-02-2006, 06:09
Batavian Republic supports Italy and wants all Dutch men in the area to run to Italy and fight for them.

OOC: Kilani I still need a respond to batavian's revolution

The Dutch men that serving in the French Army, would not defect and join the Austians. Not going to happen, because the Dutch can't stand the Austians, that's who they are fighting in Italy atm. So I don't see this happening and plus there is no way that message would reach them...since the French will keep a close eye on those soilders too.
12-02-2006, 09:03
OOC: I wouldn't be suprised to see a dissertion of Dutch soldiers, especially if they are stationed near a neutral border. While they would likely not go to the Austrians either, a decent number of them would be interested in getting home, or at least out of the employ of the French army. However, this should only be marginally larger than standard rates of dissertion, as most, if not all, of the Dutch members of the French Army are not fighting out of any sort of loyalty to their nation, but rather for pay.

It might not be enough to turn the tide of war by itself, but it should be a consideration.
13-02-2006, 18:23
OOC: Umm... So... What I said in my News Thread has no meaning then? I thought we were free to deploy our troops at the beginning... *confused look*
13-02-2006, 18:54
Batavian Republic wants any Dutch soldiers to desert the French Army and join the Italians or Austrians. For so long we have been under the oppression of the French. We must crush them!
14-02-2006, 03:31
Bonaparte beigns sending peace feelers to the Austrains. His army, however, continues it's march towards the Po Valley.

He wishes to negotiate peace with the Austrians so he may turn his attention to other matters...
Of the council of clan
16-02-2006, 00:15
17-02-2006, 18:26
Austria is willing to start peace negotiations, the only condition beeing that no elements of French military are presented in Italian soil, beyond France's legitimate borders.
25-02-2006, 08:33
[ooc: i'm not sure if this is a legit thread, so please tell me if it isn't]

His Holiness Pope Pius VII demands that France ceases its aggressive stances on fellow Catholic nations, brewing war with the The Holy Roman Emperor. It is no way that good members of the cloth should act towards one another.
Of the council of clan
25-02-2006, 17:35
[ooc: i'm not sure if this is a legit thread, so please tell me if it isn't]

His Holiness Pope Pius VII demands that France ceases its aggressive stances on fellow Catholic nations, brewing war with the The Holy Roman Emperor. It is no way that good members of the cloth should act towards one another.

OOC: your in the right thread ;-)
25-02-2006, 20:57
Napoleon has led his men to the city of Milan, threatening the Austrian's supply lines and hoping to break the siege of Genoa. He begins digging in along th Po River, confident that the Austrians cannot hope to maintain the sige.
Of the council of clan
27-02-2006, 19:32
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Lachenburg, I have orders for the rest of Austria as well as this Campaign.